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Good Morning Revival - Good Charlotte

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7 Reviews

Genre: Rock - Pop Rock / Artist: Good Charlotte / Audio CD released 2007-03-19 at Columbia

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    7 Reviews
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      21.02.2010 13:34
      Very helpful



      Listen to Misery, it's the best song on the album

      The fourth and latest album from American pop-punk band Good Charlotte is, in my opinion, the best. Over the years, they have become more alternative rock than pop-punk, and I prefer this style.

      Formed in Maryland in 1996, Good Charlotte have released four albums so far, as well as a remixes album and 3 live albums. Good Charlotte are:

      Joel Madden - lead vocals
      Benji Madden - lead guitar, backing vocals
      Billy Martin - rhythm guitar, keyboards
      Paul Thomas - bass guitar
      Dean Butterworth - drums, percussion

      They are currently working on their fifth album, Cardiology. Their first self-titled album was more of a skate punk style music, and was released in 2000. The Young and the Hopeless was a bit more pop-punk, and this was released in 2002. 2004's Chronicles of Life and Death was probably their most famous album, and Good Morning Revival, released in 2007. It is more rock than the other albums.

      1. Good Morning Revival

      A minute long intro track, with some of the vocals of Misery but slowed down, as well as sound effects

      2. Misery

      My favourite song on the album. Upbeat drumming with an amazing guitar sound at the beginning. The vocals are great in the verse, which keeps you interested, then there's the chorus that makes me want to sing along every time I hear it. Very catchy vocals, guitar and drums. There is also keyboard which makes it more interesting

      3. The River

      Featuring M. Shadows, lead singer of Avenged Sevenfold, and guitarist Synyster Gates. This is another brilliant, catchy song. It's not quite the best, because the verse isn't quite as catchy as Misery, but the chorus is still extremely catchy, and the vocals from M. Shadows are very good. There is also a pretty good guitar solo later on in the song.

      4. Dance Floor Anthem

      ANOTHER very catchy song, with synthesizers to make it a little bit different and interesting. The verse is a little bit boring before the guitar comes in, but when it picks up, it's another very good song, with another catchy chorus

      5. Keep Your Hands Off My Girl

      One of the darker songs on the album, but also one of the most popular. It doesn't really have very good singing as such, it sounds more like talking, even in the chorus, but besides this, the song is very good, and the backing vocals are alright. The best thing about it is the guitar sound and keyboard, as well as the drums

      6. Victims Of Love

      Another brilliant guitar riff after the intro, with catchy vocals too. It slows down a little bit for the verse, then picks back up at the chorus. Once again, it's the verse that isn't very captivating, but not bad at all, just not as catchy as the chorus, which is amazing once again. The lyrics are very good too, which adds to the catchy-ness of the song

      7. Where Would We Be Now

      A slow, piano intro, followed by slightly depressing vocals, and very slow drums, but the chorus of this stunning. The vocals, guitar, and piano sound amazing together, and it's an incredible chorus, but it's a shame the verse isn't too interesting. If you want to listen to this song, I would recommend fast forwarding to the chorus.

      8. Break Apart Her Heart

      A synthesizer intro, which is quickly joined by a nice guitar sound. The guitar in this album is one of the best things about it, and without the riffs, this album wouldn't be half as good. This song isn't as catchy as the others, but the chorus is pretty good, with fast vocals and good guitar

      9. All Black

      This song starts with organ, which is different, but not particularly good different, as it takes a while to get into it, 38 seconds to be precise, but when it gets into it, it's a very good song, with catchy lyrics, guitar, and backing vocals. The drumming is good too, but this isn't the best song on the album by any means, but it's not bad.

      10. Beautiful Place

      This song gets right into it, which is good, so no boring introductions here. The guitar sound is different, and quite nice. This song is lighter, and more laid back than most of the songs on the album, and I like this, as it makes a change, so you keep interested in the album. I really like this song, and the style of music is a bit different, but still good. The chorus is pretty cool too

      11. Something Else

      Vocals, guitar and drums right from the start, and yet again a slightly different style of music. It's lighter and more pop-ish than most of the songs. The chorus is good, and the vocal style after the chorus is much faster. It's interesting and new, and a good style of different. Another pretty good song, bringing more variety to the album

      12. Broken Hearts Parade

      This is another of my favourites, with a cool guitar sound at the beginning. The drop is good, as it goes right into a good riff, drums, and even trumpet, which brings more variety, and I really like it. The trumpet, in fact, is one of the reasons I love this song. It's different and really good.

      13. March On

      A drumming intro for once, followed by slow guitar and vocals. A pretty depressing way for the album to end. The drumming is quite good, and the vocals later on, but besides that, there's nothing special about this song. I don't mind it, I just don't particularly like it


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        05.09.2009 16:15
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Bad album with the exception of two songs

        "Good Morning Revival" is the 2007 album from pop-punk band Good Charlotte.It is very different to their previous 3 albums in that it introduces a new Dance sound into Good Charlotte's normal snotty teen pop-punk sound.Fans of Good Charlotte's earlier work (I would be one of them)may be disappointed in this new direction.

        The first song is a short instrumental bearing the album name which is sort of pointless and it's followed by "Misery",which as the name suggests is a miserable song (Joel sings the line "Don't you know misery loves me" four times in a row).It's followed by "The River",which would be an average track except it features M Shadows and Synster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold which make it different enough to stand out on this album.

        No-one can excuse Good Charlotte of sticking to the same style of music because this album introduces a new electronic dance sound into their catchy pop-punk songs.The next two songs on the album "Dance Floor Anthem" and "Keep Your Hands Off My Girl" are the main examples of this."Dance Floor Anthem" was a suprise hit because of its beat and catchy lyrics but the same can't be said of "Keep Your Hands Off My Girl".The less said of it the better.

        The rest of the album,(With the exception of "Broken Hearts Parade")is absolutely awful."Where would be now" is about the singers relationship with Hilary Duff and has to be one of the worst songs I have ever heard.The only bright spot left on the album is "Broken Hearts Parade" which features trumpets in the chorus and is very catchy.

        Good Charlotte were brave to try this new Dance-punk style, but as a big Good Charlotte fan I don't think it works.I found this album to be very disappointing.The only two good songs on it are "The River" and "Broken Hearts Parade".Hopefully a member of Good Charlotte will read this review and go back to the fun pop band that sang catchy,immature lyrics.


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          21.02.2009 15:28
          Very helpful



          Good Charlotte just keep on getting better

          Good Charlotte have always impressed me they keep their fans happy aswell.

          Good Morning Revival
          When I heard this was coming out I went insane I just had to get it, Luckily I didn't have to pay My Mum bought it me.
          This album reallly made my day for two reasons One: I got the album I wanted and TWO: M Shadows and Synyster Gates from Avenged sevenfold feature in the River video and track...I love Avenged Sevenfold xD

          Good Morning Revival
          Dance Floor Anthem
          Keep Your Hands Off My Girl
          Victims Of Love
          Where Would We Be
          Break Apart Her Heart
          All Black
          Beautiful Place
          Something Else
          Broken Hearts Parade
          March On

          That is what the album concludes. All good tracks I couldn't find a fault with any of them I've had the album since it first came out and I've listened to it everyday since. There is more lyrics on being broken hearted in this album which is said to have something to do with Frontman Joel Madded Splitting up with Hilary Duff then finding Nicole blah blah blah.

          If you are a fan of Good Charlotte and your not sure wether you want to get this album i suggest you try listening to a few tracks on youtube first to see what you think, You should like it.


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          18.08.2008 20:45
          Very helpful



          A album for younger people!Good way to start to get into a decent music!

          This is another band that everyone loved back in 2003, Good charlotte have been very poplour and were always on tv!

          Its there 4th album,i was thinking it may be a bit more grown up as they are getting older,it still sounds the same as back in 2003!Not impressed!

          I never hated this band, but i feel that they should of improved since their first cd! Of course they are catchy and theirs a few alright songs on this cd,But then theres alot of not so good songs on this cd.

          'The Rive' is probably the best song off the album with appearences from M. Shadows And Synyster Gates of Aveneged Sevenfold. This song probably shows the general flow and sound of the album, but still other tracks like "Dance Floor Anthem" could still be a top 5 hit.

          This band will still attract the younger fans, its just cringe worthy when you go and watch them live. I dont feel like this band have improved in 5years! But if are young,its a good way to get out of pop bands into a bit of pop punk!Just like i did when i was 14!


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          15.07.2008 17:48
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          great album great tracks

          Artist: Good Charlotte
          Album title: Good Morning Revival
          Released: 27th March 2007

          13 Tracks

          Vocals: Joel Madden
          Lead guitarist/Backing Vocals: Benji Madden
          Rhythm Guitarist: Billy Martin
          Bassist: Paul Thomas
          Drummer: Dean Butterworth

          Good morning revival is the fourth album from Good Charlotte a follow up from Chronicles of life and Death which was released 2004 sometime. Benji madden Guitarist/Backing vocals Came up with the name.
          Most of the tracks on this album are to do with broken hearts there are some where they sing of the life one example is beautiful place.
          M Shadows (vocalist of Avenged sevenfold) and Synyster Gates (Lead Guitarist/ Backing vocals of avenged sevenfold) are close friends of Good charlotte and Featured in The River (Track and video)

          Good Morning revival 00:56: This is like an introduction to the album and has lyrics in from some other tracks off this Album.

          Misery 03:49: This is a very upbeat track Great to listen to if you want a taste of good charlotte this is a song you should listen to...it is also out as a single with the acoustic version.

          The River 03:15: This Is the Track that features M Shadows and Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold. The first line of the track 'As I walk through the Valley of the shadow of LA' was supposed to be inspired from a line out of the bible, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Synyster gates does the guitar riff and M shadows does the verse ' you're from a small town you're gonna grow up fast...' and so on.

          Dance floor anthem (I don't want to be in love) 04:04: This Track has a very strong beat to it. This is the third anthem to be made by good charlotte the first is East coast anthem which they sang on their debut album GOOD CHARLOTTE.

          Keep your hands off my girl 03:25: This is more of a rap style than singing because Joel Madden isn't really singing he is just talking to the beat...Still a great track though they actually came up with the lyrics in the studio for a bit of fun but the video makes it look/sound serious.

          Victims of love 03:45: In this track the band are trying to tell people that everybody has been hurt at least more than once in their life by love but no matter how many times it happens they always try to find it again.

          Where would we be now 03:58: This is an amazing track, Piano mixed with Guitar...Classic. This is the first song to be created with a piano...yes they have piano melodys in other tracks on other albums but they do not go all the way through the track they normally start when the guitar comes in.

          Break apart her heart 03:19: This song explains that the only way you are going to keep the one you love is to break their hearts. Most of the songs on this album that are about broken hearts have a link to Joel Maddens relationship with Hilary Duff.

          All Black 04:19: This Song was sung about how Joel Maddens Clothes seem to revolve around black and that color is the color he wears most. It also says his life is a bit black and white.

          Beautiful Place 03:50: This Track is like the Madden twins calling out to their Parents wanting to start over and they want to be young again and where they lived was a beautiful place.

          Something Else 03:19; This song sings about a man who is like Poor and not as posh as this girl who he is dating and she is like major high class, posh, been everywhere and wealthy.

          Broken hearts parade 03:15: This was origionally Meant to be the album title And they were meant to dress up in marching band outfits but before they could do it My Chemical Romance Released the black parade and did their idea so to acvoid similarity they changed the name so they wouldn't get MCR fans yelling you copied their idea and stuff.

          March on 03:13: This track was made for the fans that write to good charlotte about problems they have and to in a way write back they came up with this which tells them they are not alone they have been through it and others are going through it too.


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            17.02.2008 20:57
            Very helpful



            its amazing you should get it

            Good Charlotte: Good morning revival

            The new Good Charlotte album is groundbreaking but they have changed a little bit they have changed their sound they are still und the rock category but there is just something about it that's different.

            All Black: this song is brilliant I hope they bring a video out for It if they do I reckon it will be number 1

            Beautiful Place: Another good song. The beat to it is excellent.

            Break Her Heart Apart: this is an AMAZING song the guitar tune to it is superb. They couldn't have done better on this song.

            Broken Hearts Parade: this is another groundbreaking song if you're a Good charlotte fan you should listen to this song you will Love it.

            Dance floor anthem: Again if you Love Good Charlotte you will like this song.

            Good Morning Revival: This song has a bit of 'Misery' lyrics in it it's only about 50 seconds long but its good.

            Keep your hands off my girl: This is a brilliant song! When I first saw the video to this I thought it was a bit boring but then I listened to it with out the video and loved it.

            March On: this is an amazing song. I listen to this song when im in a bad mood and it cheers me up.

            Misery: this is another great song one you can listen to over and over again.

            Something Else: great song. Bit on the dragging side but yes great song.

            The River: this is a mind-blowing song that features M Shadows and Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold. You have to listen to this song.

            Victims of love: another Great song that you can listen to over and over again.

            Where would we be now: this is a lifting song actually probably one of the best songs they've ever done

            Good Morning Revival:Good charlotte

            Please comment this reveiw


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            16.01.2008 23:38
            Very helpful



            A poor album containing only a couple of tracks worth listening to.

            Having formed in Waldorf, Maryland in 1996, Good Charlotte are an American Pop Punk band who have to date released four studio albums. 'Good Morning Revival' is the bands most recent album and was released in the UK on the 19th of March 2007. The album was extremely well received, and in August 2007 the band went on tour with Justin Timberlake as the opening act for his FutureSex/LoveShow tour. Good Charlotte have had some strong success over the last five years and a number of hit singles which have earned them a large and devoted fan base.

            When I first saw Good Charlotte on music television five years back with their video for 'Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous', I found their Pop Heavy 'Punk' song somewhat laughable and extremely irritating. To me they seemed extremely manufactured, and therefore seeing them screwing their noses up at the lives and attitudes of the famous seemed more than a little bit silly. As the band released more and more material, my hatred for the band blossomed. In early 2005 however their single 'I Just Wanna Live' caught my attention. Once more upon first hearing the single I found it to be extremely irritating, however soon found the track lodged in my brain and took the time to download it, playing it over and over having done so. I couldn't possibly be taking a liking to Good Charlotte could I? After potentially having taken a liking to a Good Charlotte track in 2005 and avoiding investigating their music any further, fast track to 2007 and the band released the track 'The River' featuring M. Shadows And Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold. Again a Good Charlotte track had impressed me, and this time I decided that I would give Good Charlotte a proper chance and purchased their 'Good Morning Revival' album.

            With a minute long introduction in the form of opening track 'Good Morning Revival', we are soon launched into the album properly with the first real track 'Misery'. This is a track I have been extremely impressed with - sounding more like RX Bandits than Good Charlotte, the band here progress through a mellowed out track with an extremely chilled out vibe and atmosphere about it. It is an excellent sound for the band and suits them wonderfully with some superb Metal guitar riffs providing some fantastic interludes every so often throughout the tracks four minute duration. 'Misery' is perhaps one of the highlights of the album, however as the track comes to an end the album just seems to go from strength to strength.

            Directly following on from 'Misery' is 'The River', the aforementioned track featuring M. Shadows And Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold. This is without a doubt the best Good Charlotte track I have ever heard, a track in which the band replace their Pop Punk sound of old in favour of producing some straight up rock music. The rock credentials of this track are definitely helped along by the presence of the Avenged Sevenfold members here; their influence clearly apparent throughout. The vocal work of M. Shadows works perfectly alongside that of Joel Madden, with the dual vocals of the pair adding great depth which I have never known of the band before. Everything here is spot on for me, from the fine vocal harmonies right down to the booming back beat of the drums, the whole musical display is mighty impressive. 'The River' is an altogether perfect representation of what commercial rock music should sound like.

            'Dance Floor Anthem' and 'Keep Your Hands Off My Girl' progress the album from here and are a further two decent tracks. Whilst 'Dance Floor Anthem' is a little tiresome and lyrically shallow, it is by no means a bad track and from here on in is pretty much as good as it gets. 'Keep Your Hands Off My Girl' is a track which is packed full of commercial endorsements; name dropping brands such as Louis Vuitton and Dior to name but a few, this is a track which sums up perfectly just why I didn't find it believable when the band burst into popularity in 2002 with a track which seemingly snubbed celebrities and their money motivation. The track is catchy enough however, and shameless designer label plugging aside is a pretty likeable track which I quite enjoy listening to.

            After four full tracks it would seem here that the band have run out of ideas, the 'Good Morning Revival' album continues to play however nothing really ever particularly stands out. The track 'All Black' for instance has great potential, however repetition of some atrociously written lyrics means that it soon becomes old news and by the end of it you just feel that if you never heard the track ever again that it would be too soon. The lyrics of Good Charlotte have never been particularly ground breaking, however the chorus and verse lyrics of this one hit record high levels of bad it has to be said. The lyrics have to be heard to be believed, and for that reason I suggest you give this one a listen despite highly doubting that you'll find any enjoyment in the track.

            'Good Morning Revival' is a well polished album with excellent production values, and perhaps this is part of the appeal for many and the reason why legions of devoted fans love the band so. I however am not a massive fan of overly clean production on albums for the most part, and there is just not enough here to keep me entertained from start to finish whilst listening to the album. While there are parts of the album that appeal, much of it washes over me without ever leaving much of a lasting impression whatsoever. Having listened to the album a number of times from start to finish now, I would struggle to name many of the tracks present other than those I've mentioned as for the most part I can not even remember the general tune of the tracks as they are just so unmemorable and unremarkable.

            Would I recommend the album? Not really, it has a few decent tracks but not enough to really warrant the spending of money on it. Perhaps if you find it on sale particularly cheap it may be worth investing in, however even then you're probably not going to get much use out of the CD so perhaps the purchasing of it is not a massively good idea even then. Listen to 'The River' if you can, it's by far the best track the album has to offer and is well worthy of your time. For five years I chose not to listen to an album of Good Charlotte, a tradition I decided I would break in 2007 and having done so will probably never listen to an album of theirs ever again.


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          • Product Details

            Disc #1 Tracklisting
            1 Good Morning Revival
            2 Misery
            3 River - Good Charlotte & M. Shadows/Synyster Gates
            4 Dance Floor Anthem
            5 Keep Your Hands Off My Girl
            6 Victims Of Love
            7 Where Would We Be
            8 Break Apart Her Heart
            9 All Black
            10 Beautiful Place
            11 Something Else
            12 Broken Hearts Parade
            13 March On

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