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Graffiti - Chris Brown

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4 Reviews

Genre: R&B & Soul - Soul / Artist: Chris Brown / Audio CD released 2009-12-07 at RCA

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    4 Reviews
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      06.02.2010 22:30
      Very helpful



      Amazing album well worth a listen, you will not be dissapointed!

      It is a real shame when artists personal lives effect their work, after last years allegations Chris Browns career has really suffered! its a real shame because this album is fantastic.

      I had no idea Chris Brown had released a new album it was only by chance I seen it in my record store. My brother kindly brought it for me and I was suprised at how brilliant the album is especailly as his previous album "Exclusive" was breath takingly great his follow up had to be something impressive and this really is!

      Chris Brown has released the first song from his album "I can transform ya" which at first seems a bit dissapointing however after listening to it time and time again it really grows on you and is actually really catchy! So don't be put off if you do not like it first time give it another go and listen again.

      Chris has some great songs on his new album one of my favourites is "Pass out" which is very funky and a real dance tune you can not help but tap your hands and feet along to it.

      The album contains alot of new material and he has worked with some huge artists to produce a great third studio album, it is clear from the type of songs that are on the album Chris has spent a lot of time and put in huge efforts. We should give him a chance he really has put in such a huge amount of work.

      The album contains a lot of different types of music he has come along way from his pop, however there is still traces on this album, there is R n B, electro, soul and reggae. Electro is really well used on this album and is definatley different from what we are used to not many people have attempted Electro but they should as it is brilliant!

      The album has been released in two different ways you have "Graffiti" and "Graffiti The Deluxe Edition" the second album contains an extra 6 songs which are well worth having.

      Price wise it is about £9.99.

      Do not let Chris Browns personal life effect your willingness to listen and buy the album is truely is a great album!


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      30.01.2010 17:09
      Very helpful



      A Very Good Comeback

      This album has been abolustely panned by the critics, however after having listened to this, it is clear that this is only due to factors from his personal life, so I guess they are trying to make sure the album sells as poorly as possible, and with it peaking outside the top 40 in this country I guess they have succeeded. However this review will be completely unbiased and just my honest opinion on the music.

      I have to say that I thought this was a very strong album, although not as great as Exclusive, but it does come close. Strangely enough the main promotional track which is I can Transform Ya I don't really enjoy that much, but he does shine through much of the album.

      Another track that was released was Crawl, and this is a track I love. This starts of slowly, but once it gets going it really comes into its own, and I can see why it was released as a single. It is a track that many people can relate to, about being at a low point and wanting to run away to a better situation, however before you can run, you have to crawl. So lyrically I did enjoy it as well.

      One of my favourite tracks on the album is 'So Cold', which starts off with an awesome piano skit at the begininng before the beat kicks in, and Chris Brown laces the tune with his incredible singing. People complain saying his lyrics are too much about his personal issues, but what I think this doesnt really matter, after all what else is he going to sing about, and there are some awesome upbeat tunes here as well.

      A tune that I initially didnt like was Lucky Me, but the more I listen to it the more I enjoy it. It is similar to Crawl in the sense that it starts slowly and then builds up into an awesome song. It is also Chris Browns way of saying that he is lucky to be in the position that he is in, and that he knows how much the success means to him and how lucky he is.

      He has clearly expereminted a lot more on this album than with previous stuff, and following the route of artists like Timbaland and Kanye West, is willing to try different options, 'I Love You' is one of these examples, and although a pop style tune, it is pretty addictive. The last song on the album, Chase Our Love, is also one of my favourites, and sounds like it has come straight out of the 80's. Now I think about it I like each track on the album in their own way, and whilst some are better than others, overall this is a very solid album.

      Whilst I am no fan of what Chris Brown has done in his personal life, I do feel that he is too talented a musician not too recover, however he is running out of time. This album performed ok in the US, however his next will be career defining and it needs to sell well. He can either try to continue with this clean cut image style tracks which he has now ruined, or he can join P Diddy and the like and try the bad boy route, which may be an option. That way he would appeal to a completely different market, however this may be the only option he has.

      I implore fans of Chris Brown and RnB in general to check this album out, whatever your opinions of Chris Brown are, and ignore any of the reviews you have read online or in the papers, as I can assure you that you will enjoy this album. 4 Stars


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        02.01.2010 11:06
        Very helpful



        Chris Brown's third album

        "Graffiti" was released late in 2009 as the third album form the R&B singer Chris Brown. It was seen as a 'return' record for him after an eventful year and a chance to show that in spite of anything that may have happened over the course of the recording of it, he was still able to come out with an album that matched the quality of his first two.

        1."I Can Transform Ya"

        The lead single to the album, this tune is a club banger from the singer and one that I felt kicked off this "Graffiti" phase for the artist well as we see that he moves straight into the contemporary sound that he's produced since he stepped on the scne at the age of 16, and with the assistance of Swizz Beatz on the beats and Lil' Wayne providing the raps, it means that he is able to get the job done as best as he can.

        **Five Stars**

        2."Sing Like Me"

        He keeps it all rolling with another of the singles from the record, not as popular as the first, it still made an impact as we see that here he comes with a slower one with production from a range of producers that you aren't really likely to have known of, but still seem to get some decent results going here as they give him a smooth little one to contrast from the direction of the first tune and all that it had to offer.

        **Four Stars**


        With The Messangers behind it, we see that here we get a track that came as the album's second single. I have to say that I really couldn't feel this one as I had with the ones that led up to it. This one simply wasn't my thing at all and I felt that it went completely against all that I liked in previous tunes that he's done and it seemed like too much as an attempt to bring back the spark that "With You" had on his last album.

        **Two Stars**

        4."So Cold"

        Here we find that he carries through the same sort of thing as with the last one, in that we see that he dismisses the general direction of contemporary R&B in favour of some Pop ballad material. I felt that unlike the last one, this one had a bit more to it and his vocals were shown to have a bit more going on with them to get you more involved (whereas the last one was a bit too plain to have the same effect).

        **Four Stars**

        5."What I Do"

        For this one we see that we have him changing the direction back towards something that I feel that the current R&B followers would find more familiar as we see that he comes with one where he is backed by The Runners and The Monarch on the beats and brings a smooth, yet futuristic one as he uses a little auto-tuning and gets additional assistance from the Floridian rapper Plies. It is an unexpected collaboration of talent, but I can't say that it didn't work for him here as it brings you in further.

        **Four Stars**

        6."Famous Girl"

        I have to say that I believe that much of the reason as to why I like this one so much is donw to the production as we see that the R&B producer/singer/rapper Ryan Leslie gets the chance to do his thing here and offers some beats to C. Breezy directly off the release of his second 2009 album and straight kills it, and so builds great foundations for Chris as he works off lyrics by the likes of Jazmine Sullivan and his ex, Rihanna.

        **Five Stars**

        7."Take My Time"

        Tha Bizness take over with the prodcution for this one and I felt that they did a fantastic job at it as they seem to set the mood perfectly here as Chris seems to be bettering past material from his last album, and in this case he's seen to attempt to bring out an improved version of "Take You Down" with a sensual '90s R&B feel coming through, and I felt that he was just as close to making it sound like those BLACKstreet and Jodeci days as on that 2007 with this duet with Tank.

        **Five Stars**


        After things were going so well we see that he completely loses all of that here as he goes for a track that simply doesn't suit what he is about at all. He goes right against all that he stands for and it means that you really can't connect with it as others on the record as he tries out a House-styled tune. Apparently appealing to a more mainstream-based fan base, this Kanye West "808s & Heartbreak"-styled work doesn't work for him at all.

        **One Star**

        9."Pass Out"

        Unfortunately it doens't appear that things really improve all that much here as we find that for this one he tries out something experimental and something that seems to work well off the last one in that they follow the same House-styled percussion patterns, however this one seemed to try too hard with the Eric Pyrds "Call On Me" sample introduced without any real relevance and just a clutter of other things that just weren't needed.

        **One Stars**


        He is finally able to lift it all up massively as he moves on into this one. I have to say that I felt that this one was a massive suprise inclusion to the album as we see a typical link up between himself and Polow Da Don transformed as we get those two also given the chance to work with the West Coast Rap star Game (who recently rid himself of the 'The' in his name) and the R&B singer Trey Songz for a club banger.

        **Five Stars**

        11."Lucky Me"

        We see that he isn't able to sustain this high quality of things for long as for this one he comes out with a little of the more cliched Pop material that I really don't think he needs to continue coming with when you consider just how far he has been able to come in the short time that he's been active in the game. It just wasn't happening for me at all and it put me off his music yet again here.

        **Two Stars**

        12. "Fallin' Down"

        We get nothing more than another average one here as we see that on this one he tries to come out with a tune that seems to get him trying out something to make his music sound a little grittier, however I really wasn't able to get from the music at all as he goes about this the wrong way with the thing edged more towards the Pop end, rather than the Hip Hop side that suits what he does much more.

        **Two Stars**

        13."I'll Go"

        I really can't say that Chris ended the album in a way that gave a good lasting impression of all that came with this album. However I do believe that it was quite representative of the general feel of the album in that it has its peaks and then it is seen to disappoint massively elsewhere. It is quite a confusing one as he suddenly decides to do a whole Rock thing at the end of the record and it doesn't go as you would expect.

        **Three Stars**

        I can't say that I was too pleased with this album as his first two had gone so well. On this one he tries far too much to try out things that really don't suit his style at all and most of the experiments flop for him. There's only the odd couple of times where he really shines and the rest of the time its just a pure waste of time.


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          26.12.2009 20:40
          Very helpful



          Something a little different from Chris Brown

          Graffiti is the newest release from Chris Brown, after the very successful Exclusive album in 2007. After the bad press he got from his troubles with Rihanna, this album was going to have to be something spectacular to bring back some of his fans. It was released in the UK on December 7th 2009. For some reason, it was released a day later in the U.S which I thought was strange considering that is Brown's home country. The first single from the album was 'I can transform ya', released on September 29th which was a lot more successful than the second single, 'Crawl'.

          I was expecting this album to be just like Exclusive but it is completely different. While there are some up tempo songs, the majority are slower, more relaxing songs with a sexy feel to them. Is it very clear that some of these songs were written about Brown's broken relationship with Rihanna and the feeling truly comes across in his lyrics.

          I don't want to go through every single song on the album, I hate to have each song ruined for me so I'll tell you a bit about my three favourites.

          Girlfriend ft Lupe Fiasco has a fantastic beat and unlike anything I have heard from Brown before. I don't know what it is about this song but every time I put it on, I end up tapping my foot and shaking my head about to it. It is one of those happy songs that is a bit silly at the same time. Lupe Fiasco is one of my favourite artists anyway so I was very pleased with the collaboration. There are a lot of la la la la's and repetition in the song but that is one the things that makes it so catchy but not in an annoying way.

          Although Crawl didn't do very well in the singles chart, it is one of my favourites on the album. It starts off really slow and is about a relationship that is having problems. Brown sings about the fight for a relationship and taking slow steps to making it work again. The lyrics in this song are so beautiful and I'm sure a lot of people can relate to them. Although Chris Brown did a bad, bad thing and I would never condone what he did, it is nice to hear that he is channelling his feelings back into his music and that is what makes him so fantastic.

          Pass out ft Eva Simmons is set to be the third single released and samples Eric Prydz's Call on me. From the up beat start, it carries on throughout the song and I think this could be a huge hit. It will make a great club hit as well as a good chart song. I can see some crazy remixes of this song accompanying the single. Eva Simmons is an electro pop singer and you can hear the difference in the song just through her voice, which is something that sets this song apart from the others on the album.

          Track Listing
          1. "I Can Transform Ya"
          2. "Sing Like Me"
          3. "Crawl"
          4. "So Cold"
          5. "What I Do" featuring Plies
          6. "Famous Girl"
          7. "Take My Time" featuring Tank
          8. "I.Y.A."
          9. "Pass Out" featuring Eva Simons
          10. "Wait" featuring Trey Songz and Game
          11. "Lucky Me"
          12. "Fallin Down"
          13. "I'll Go"
          14. "Girlfriend" featuring Lupe Fiasco

          Deluxe edition bonus
          15, "Gotta Be Ur Man"
          16. "Movie"
          17. "For Ur Love"
          18. "I Need This"
          19. "I Love U" featuring Ester Dean
          20. "Brown Skin Girl" featuring Sean Paul and Rock City
          21. "Chase Our Love"

          You can definitely tell that Brown tried to do something different with this album and wants to prove that he is capable of all kinds of music, not the usual RnB we are used to hearing from him. I really think that this album has something for everyone, ranging from electro pop to reggae to Brown's usual smooth RnB. I loved his first album a lot but each time I listen to this one, it grows on me even more and it is soon becoming my favourite of the year. Even if you don't like Brown because of the things he has done, give this one a listen anyway...you might be surprised.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 I Can Transform Ya
        2 Sing Like Me
        3 Crawl
        4 So Cold
        5 What I Do
        6 Famous Girl
        7 Take My Time
        8 I.Y.A
        9 Pass out
        10 Wait
        11 Lucky Me
        12 Fallin' Down
        13 I'll Go
        14 Girlfriend
        15 Gotta Be Your Man
        16 For Your Love
        17 I Need This
        18 I Love U
        19 Brown Skin Girl
        20 Chase Our Love

        Disc #2 Tracklisting
        1 Gotta Be Ur Man
        2 Movie
        3 For Ur Love
        4 I Need This
        5 I Love You
        6 Brown Skin Girl - Brown, Chris & Sean Paul

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