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Gravity - Westlife

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2 Reviews

Genre: Pop / Artist: Westlife / Audio CD released 2010-11-22 at syco

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    2 Reviews
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      11.02.2011 13:33



      This album is a real heart warmer

      So the weird thing is i'm currently listening to this album as i type. I love Westlife and their music always makes me smile.

      This album Gravity really brings you into a happy place, if your feeling blue this album will always put a smile on your face. It is up beat and modern with Westlife's well known ballade music.

      The album starts with a song called "beautiful tonight" this song is very upbeat and easy listening, it makes you want to get up and dance, there is no way you could feel blue listening to this song, you can hear every lyric mark sings in his gorgeous voice.
      The album then moves on to the songs "safe" and "chances" Westlife released the song "safe" as their first single which is a classic power ballade which the boys are well known for, you can hear the lyrics loud and clear, this song is a perfect romance song, perfect for the first wedding dance it is truly beautiful, it can bring a tear to anyones eyes.
      "Chances" again is a really strong ballade with intense music the lyrics are mainly sung by shane but mark makes his voice heard in a dramatic change of key half way through.
      My personal favourite song on this album is called "I will reach you" i can not help but sing out loud to this song, marks voice is my favourite in the band and this song always sends tingles through out my body. It is my ideal perfect song, even if i am in tears this song instantly cheers me up. I really hope they release this song as a single.
      "Closer" and "The reason" are also very strong love songs these two easily make me cry, specially "The Reason" they have lyrics which everyone can relate too. We have all loved someone and done something to hurt that person and this song just says that your sorry and how much you love them. It is about regret and trying to make things better again, a real make up song.
      "Tell Me it's love" sounds very much like a classic Westlife song, "I get weak" is extremely powerful it starts very sad but as the song goes on the song is very much belted out and really heartfelt.
      "No ones gonna sleep tonight" is another favourite song of mine, i guess you could say i love feel good music and this song certainly makes you feel good inside, it makes you think about all your happy times and how you will always remember them and smile.
      "Hard to say goodbye" is the last song on this album and in my own eyes this is the saddest most heartfelt song they have ever sang, the song is about kian and nickys fathers who both sadly passed away in 2010, nicky and kian have strong leads on this song and you can really hear and feel the emotions within this song i always cry when i hear this song, it is just so, how can i explain it when words just will not do it justice, you really have to hear this song for yourselves.

      A lot of people say to me they hate Westlife but the weird and annoying thing is, is that they have only listened to one or two of their songs, they have never given them a chance and listened to their songs with opened ears.
      Recently i was out driving with my boyfriend and two of our friends and they asked me to put on some relaxing calm music so i played this album and half way threw the album they all said how good the album was and how they would like to listen to some more of their songs. These people all love club music and now, although they will never admit it they now also like Westlife.

      This is defiantly an album everyone should own and listen to, you never know how much you may like something until you give it a try. For £10 which is what this album costs, what have you got to lose?


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        20.12.2010 22:11
        Very helpful



        A must for Westlife Fans

        I have always liked Westlife, ever since their first single back in 1998 (even if I did go off them slightly just after Bryan left). I have all of their albums and so when I heard that they had a brand new album out, I just had to get it to add to my 'Westlife collection'.

        Gravity is the eleventh (!!!) album from Irish boy-band Westlife. The album was released in the United Kingdom in November 2010 and so is very recent. The album is currently available to buy from Amazon for an amazing price of just £6.99 which I think is brilliant value for money considering that the album is not even a month old!

        ~* Tracklist *~
        1) Beautiful Tonight 2) Safe 3) Chances 4) I Will Reach You 5) Closer 6) The Reason 7) Tell Me It's Love 8) I Get Weak 9) Before It's Too Late 10) No One's Gonna Sleep Tonight 11) Difference In Me 12) Too Hard To Say Goodbye

        Wow! I am impressed! If if I am honest, I did wonder whether Weslife would be able to cut it and make a top album again, as they seem to 'churn' them out. Although, this album is very good!

        There are some really good songs on here. The ones which stand out the most for me are : Safe, The Reason, Beautiful Tonight, Before it's Too Late and Too Hard To Say Goodbye. Usually, I find with a lot of album these days, that there are only a few good songs and the rest are just 'fillers', although I Can't say that I dislike one song on this album which is impressive!

        I love the guys voices and you can always tell a Westlife song by their distinctive voices (Shane and Mark). I always say that I wish Nicky and Kian would sing more ; I think they must have read my reviews on here and listened to me (hehe!!) because on this album, they definately sing more, and it's great because as much as I love Westlife, if they have got four members they may as well use all four rather than just the two.

        When I heard the boys say that 'this is their best album yet' (they always say it and by now, I was a bit like, "oh come on, you're obviously going to say that), but actually, I have to agree with them! I really don't know how they do it ; everytime they bring out a new album, it always seems to be better than the previous one, even when I thought that one was fab!

        I noticed after Bryan left, the band kind of changed and in my opinion they turned into 'old men' and seemed more mature. With this album, they have kept their maturity but have seemed to have gone back to their 'old boy band' days which I love, because that's when I loved Westlife the most, when they were in their 'early boyband days!'.

        I love this album! I would definately recommend this album to all Westlife fans!

        Thanks for reading!
        Merry Christmas!
        December 20th 2010
        xd-o-n-z-x (also posted on ciao under xdonzx)


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Beautiful Tonight
        2 Safe
        3 Chances
        4 I Will Reach You
        5 Closer
        6 Reason, The
        7 Tell Me It's Love
        8 I Get Weak
        9 Before It's Too Late
        10 No One's Gonna Sleep Tonight
        11 Difference In Me
        12 Too Hard To Say Goodbye

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