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Greatest Hits - Craig David

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Genre: Dance & Electronic - House & Garage / Artist: Craig David / Audio CD released 2008-11-24 at Warner

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    1 Review
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      24.04.2012 01:40
      Very helpful



      Well recommended for those who are fans.

      I have always been a big fan of Craig David and I'm not afraid to admit that. Although he may well have had his day, I used to love his old music back when it was around in the early 2000's. To this day, I still listen to the odd one here and there and have rediscovered my love for his music and lovely voice. I decided to buy his Greatest Hits album as opposed to the other ones, simply because it contained all of my favourite songs on one disc and was a very reasonable price.

      This CD will be available in various different stores, but I purchased mine from Amazon for around £9.00 which I think is fairly good for a CD. It is also likely to be available to download straight to your computer if that is more convenient for you. I think it is a decent price, and I was happy to pay for it because I thought the tracks listed were great. The thing that stood out most to me was that the majority of the fifteen tracks were some of his oldies, as well as there being a few newer tracks to have a listen to. The CD was released in 2008 meaning it is a few years old, however it's still up to date in my standards! However, what it comes to is how well the music is delivered, and I have decided to personally rate each song and why I feel it deserves that rating to make it a little easier for people reading this review. As many of you are aware, Craig David is an RnB singer, as well as briefly touching on hip hop, dance and pop meaning it is fairly to your tastes if you are a fan of these genres.

      ***Track 1: Fill Me In***
      Rating: 5/5
      This has got to be my favourite Craig David song ever and is quite well known to others as well when it was a big hit back in the day. It is quite catchy and has more of a pop essence to it in addition to the RnB. It contains very smooth, romantic lyrics and I think it is great to listen to when I'm just chilling and relaxing. A very popular track which I would definitely recommend everyone to have a listen to as I love it!

      ***Track 2: 7 Days***
      Rating: 4/5
      Another great track to chill out to on a lazy day. This one is probably one of Craig's most recognised songs as it was a big hit many years ago. I love the lyrics to this, again like the previous track it is quite a romantic tune as well as being extremely catchy. The only thing about this I don't like is that the verse can get quite repetitive.

      ***Track 3: Rise and Fall***
      Rating: 4/5
      This track also contains the artist Sting, so if you are a fan I would definitely recommend checking this song out. This one is a much slower pace for Craig and the combination of his and Sting's vocals compliment each other really well. This is also a good chill out tune, great for if you are just having a day to yourself. There is much less focus on the RnB element, and I think this is refreshing to have in the album. Not to everyone's taste, especially if you prefer Craig's other tracks.

      ***Track 4: Insomnia***
      Rating: 4/5
      This is a newer song compared to some of the others and is quite catchy. It has a slightly more hip hop feel to it as if you would expect it to be played in a club. This is nice as it adds variation to the album and is a great track for a night out. I have to admit that it doesn't sound like Craig as there is a lot of backing music as well which is unusual however I do love this song!

      ***Track 5: What's Your Flava?***
      Rating: 3/5
      Another popular tune by Craig which is known by many people. Very catchy tune and lyrics to it meaning it is quite a feel good tune. I find it a little bit repetitive though and that it can be quite annoying. Definitely think he has better tracks to offer than this one.

      ***Track 6: Walking Away***
      Rating: 5/5
      Another one of my favourite songs from Craig David. This song is one of his slower ones with meaningful lyrics. It isn't as chirpy or romantic as some of the other tunes, in fact this song focuses on a relationship break up. Despite being based on this, the song is beautiful and his emotions really deliver through the music. It is a great song to escape to.

      ***Track 7: Where's Your Love***
      Rating: 2/5
      This track contains Tinchy Stryder who is more popular now and this is one of the newer songs from the album. This is a bit more of a dance track and unfortunately I just haven't fallen for this track. I think there's too much background music and it isn't nice to listen to as there is just too much going on. It really isn't to Craig's style and I was disappointed with this.

      ***Track 8: You Don't Miss Your Water***
      Rating: 3/5
      This isn't as popular as some of his other hits, and this one is nice because it contains mainly just his vocals and not so much backing meaning his lyrics and vocals really deliver. It is a slow and quite depressing song and I just don't seem to enjoy this as much as some of the others.

      ***Track 9: All The Way***
      Rating: 4/5
      This song is much more upbeat than the previous one and has a feel good factor to it. It is quite a sexy and smooth track from Craig making it good for those quiet nights in (if you don't find it too cheesy). I do like this track, however just don't find it as catchy as some of his others.

      ***Track 10: Just My Imagination***
      Rating: 3/5
      Love the tune to this but just don't think it really stands out much vocally. I find it good to have a little boogie to, however it is not so much one you can sing along to as you can't make out the lyrics very well. Again this has a bit more of a dance/club feel to it that some of his RnB styles.

      ***Track 11: Don't Love You No More***
      Rating: 5/5
      Quite a sad and slow song as you may have gathered from the song title. It is however one of his older songs and I do love this one. The lyrics are great and his emotions really shine through with this music. Definitely one of his better songs and I can't help but sing along to it every time I hear it. It was one of his songs which I had completely forgotten about and I now love it again!

      ***Track 12: 6 of 1 Thing***
      Rating: 4/5
      A little different style compared to some of his other tracks. This one is really upbeat and fast and I think it fits his vocals really well in this song. A good song to just dance and feel the music too. Not as cheesy as some of his other tracks and this one is much more modern and up to date.

      ***Track 13: Hidden Agenda***
      Rating: 4/5
      Another great classic from Craig in this track. His beautiful voice shines through in this where he hits a whole range of notes. Similarly to some of the earlier tracks on the album, this is a great relaxation tune for a lazy day. Great lyrics, but more importantly a great voice!

      ***Track 14: Rewind***
      Rating: 5/5
      One of those songs which everyone will remember from back in the day. If you do not I will help you out - "Re Rewind, When the Crowd Say Bo Selecta". This one features Artful Dodger in the track and it is just a great tune! Really upbeat and catchy lyrics which would appeal to many, I have to give this full marks!

      ***Track 15: Hot Stuff (Let's Dance)***
      Rating: 4/5
      This takes the tune from David Bowie's 'Let's Dance' and Craig recreates it to give his own little twist. I think it works well and is really catchy for people who like the original. It's a great finish to the album and ends it on a complete high, I love this one!

      I hope this review has helped you get an insight into the Greatest Hits album in a greater detail track by track. I am a huge fan of Craig David, but even I had forgotten some of his biggest and best tracks from the early 2000's. I find that with a lot of this album you rediscover popular songs from back then which I think is great. Craig is an underrated artist who is extremely talented with a beautiful voice which is great to listen to!

      Overall, I am going to award this great album four stars. I have knocked off the one star because some of his newer tracks are not as good and I don't think they deserve 'Greatest Hits' status. Despite this, the album is a great one to purchase as it contains all his biggest hits and contains a good variety of genres making it an album that isn't too samey and keeps you interested. Well done Craig, and thanks for reading.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Fill Me In
      2 7 Days
      3 Rise & Fall (featuring Sting)
      4 Insomnia
      5 What's Your Flava?
      6 Walking Away
      7 Where's Your Love (feat Tinchy Stryder)
      8 You Don't Miss Your Water (Til The Well Runs Dry)
      9 All The Way
      10 Just My Imagination
      11 Don't Love You No More (I'm Sorry)
      12 6 of 1 Thing
      13 Hidden Agenda
      14 Rewind
      15 Hot Stuff

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