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Greatest Hits - Enrique Iglesias

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5 Reviews

Genre: World Music - Cuban & Latin / Artist: Enrique Iglesias / Audio CD released 2008-11-03 at Polydor Group

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    5 Reviews
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      27.09.2010 19:32
      Very helpful



      A great Greatest hits album, however I still feel he has plenty more hits to come!

      Enrique Igelsias is a well known singer throughout Europe and the USA. He is best known for his hit singles "Escape" and "Hero". Enrique released this greatest hits album in 2008 with two new unheard tracks. The album came 3rd in the UK Album Chart selling over 80,000 copies in the first week alone! The genre of the album is Pop and Latin.

      1. Bailamos
      2. Away (featuring Sean Garrett)
      3. Hero
      4. Be With You
      5. Takin' Back My Love (feat Ciara)
      6. Rhythm Divine
      7. Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)
      8. Tired Of Being Sorry
      9. Escape
      10. Could I Have This Kiss Forever
      11. Not In Love
      12. Don't Turn Off The Lights
      13. Love To See You Cry
      14. Maybe
      15. Addicted
      16. Somebody's Me
      17. Can You Hear Me

      The album itself is packed full of Enrique's best songs aswell as the two new tracks "Away" and "Takin' Back My Love). This album is ideal for people that like Enrique yet dont like him enough to own any of his albums. I myself only every Enrique Album yet I still purchased this album just so I could have the two new songs aswell as "Can You Hear Me" which hasnt been on any other albums of him.

      Personally, im glad I purchased this album so I could have all of Enriques best songs together. Some of the songs however in my opinion are not his greatest. But we all have our opinions and there not always correct!


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      08.07.2010 15:27



      Definately buy it!

      I have always liked Enrique but never really more so than a lot of mainstream artists. Then last year I got invited to go se him in concert, so I did. I absolutely loved the concert and the next morning I rushed to Amazon to buy the Greatest Hits album (for £6.99 I think).

      I think there is only one song on the album I don't like, and that's the remix of Hero. But the original version of the song is, of course, on the album also so I won't complain. I think I love every other song! There's everything you could want from slow ballads (e.g. Hero) to uptempo tracks (e.g. Can You Hear Me) and there's a great blend of old and new tracks.

      I think it's safe to say this is one of my favourite music albums now and Enrique is one of my favourite artists. I highly recommend the album and it really is worth every penny. Aside from the wonderful songs you get to listen to Enrique's gorgeous voice and look at his gorgeous face! What more could you ask for?!


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      13.10.2009 15:43
      Very helpful



      One of the BEST CDs EVER!!!

      Whenever I heard of the name 'Enrique Iglasis' , the song 'Hero' always used to pop into my head. That was the only familiarity I had. I liked the song , but I had heard it too many times to continue thinking 'oh my god , I love this song!' everytime it came on. I had never really thought much of Enrique ; it wasn't that I didn't like him , just that I didn't really know that much about him. However , a few months ago , I entered a competition on bubblehits.com which I won ; the prize was an Enrique Iglesias Greatest Hits CD. I knew my mum liked him , so I gave the CD to her. When I bought my car , I realised I didn't have that many CDs to play whilst driving , and so I 'borrowed' some of my mums. One of the ones which I borrowed (or in this case , kept) was the Enrique Iglesais CD!

      I'm sure everyone's heard of Enrique Iglesais ; I had , but I didn't know much about him , and so I thought I'd share some biographical facts.

      Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler was born on May 8th 1975 , in Madrid Spain to parents Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler. When he was three years old , his parents split. His grandfather was kidnapped by the Spanish terrorist group ; ETA , and so for Enrique and his brother's safety , they went to live in Miami, USA with their father who is a famous musican. Because his father was a very 'famous popstar' when Enrique was younger , he didn't want Enrique to follow in the same footsteps. So Enrique went ahead with his music career anway , although because his father was so well known , he didn't want the music industry to know that he was his son and so would be at an advantage ; he wanted to work hard to get somewhere , rather than be handed success on a plate. Enrique first started out , releasing Spanish albums. When he proved to be successful he then started releasing music in the English market. To date , Enrique has released eight albums ; four of which are in Spanish and four in English. He is currently dating tennis star Anna kournikova who he has been with for the past six years.Enrqiue is currently writing a new album.

      Enrique's Greatest Hits album was released in November 2008. The CD features his English singles between 1999 and 2008. The album comes under the pop , r n b and latin pop genres. There are seventeen tracks on the album and the length of it is approximately seventy three minutes (an hour and thirteen minutes). I was lucky enough to have won my copy , however the album is available to buy from Amazon at a price of £11.58

      * Track Listing *
      4)Be With You
      5)Takin Back My Love (featuring Ciara)
      6)Rhythm Divine
      7)Do You Know (The Ping Pong Song)
      8)Tired Of Being Sorry
      10)Could I Have This Kiss Forever (featuring Whitney Houston)
      11)Not In Love
      12)Don't Turn Off The Lights
      13)Love To See You Cry
      16)Somebody's Me
      17)Can You Hear Me (official UEFA Euro 2008 song)

      I will now give a brief review on some of the songs on the album.

      * Could I Have This Kiss Forever *
      A duet between Enrique and Whitney Houston. This is one powerful ballad and their voices compliment eachother very well.

      A beautiful ballad! You can really hear the emotion in Enrique's voice as he puts his heart and soul into this track.

      *Tired Of Being Sorry *
      I love this song as it has quite a 'dark' yet upbeat feel to it. I also like the sound of the guitar on this one!

      * Do You Know (The Ping Pong Song) *
      I love the sound of the 'ping pong' bouncing at the beginning of the song to act as the beat! I thought it was a very clever technique!

      *Takin Back My Love *
      This is a real girlfriend vs boyfriend kind of song! It's upbeat yet has quite a dramatic theme to it!

      * Don't Turn Off The Lights *
      When listening to this song , it depends what mood I'm in , whether or not I'm loving or just liking it! If I'm in a party mood then I love it , whereas if I'm tired I'm just like 'arghh shurrup' and the 'So Don't turn off the ligh-eeet ee-ooo-eee-oooo-ow' bit annoys me! Other than that it's a good catchy song!

      Before I heard this album , I wasn't that fussed about Enrique. But after hearing this album I've become a massive fan of his!
      I am absolutely thrilled with this album , as everyone who comes in my car will tell you ; I constantly have this CD on , playing song after song! I rarely ever take this CD out ; it's that good! Some of the songs I had never heard before , actually there were quite a few songs I didn't know of. I particularly love Takin Back My Love , Tired Of Being Sorry ,Be With You and Bailamos , however there are a few others I like too.

      I love how the CD has so many different styles of songs ; upbeat ones , ballads , English and Spanish ones! There's so much to love! It's also interesting how his style of music has changed since his 'Hero' days. I think that from listening to the CD his songs have just got better and better over the years!

      There are seventeen songs on this album , and I can't believe that before hearing this album , I had only known about five of them! Where the hell have I been ? It's an amazing album and I just can't believe that I missed out on hearing these brilliant songs for such a long time!

      Enrique certainly has his own unique style ; which I absolutely love! He really puts his thoughts into the songs! He's not like some pop stars who just sing the songs , he really does put emotion into them and he honestly believes what he's singing and that's what makes him one in a million! I think it also helps that he's absolutely gorgeous!

      I love listening to the lyrics as they're always quite catchy! Most of them are about love! I like how most of his songs are in English , but he sneaks a few Spanish lines in here and there. When I'm listening to the songs , I'm always trying to work out what he actually saying , when he sings in Spanish. All of the songs on this album are in English , although I think it would have been nice to have a couple of his Spanish songs on here , just to see what else he has to offer and show us the 'other side' of Enrique.

      Each song is of very high quality and you can tell that Enrique spent a lot of time and put a lot of hard work into perfecting each one! There isn't one bad track on this album at all. Sure , there are some which I enjoy listening to more than others , but I wouldn't say I dislike them! I also like how each song is different and how the album is muddled up. By muddled up , I mean I like how there's a ballad and then the next track is upbeat and so on as it gives the listener a change whilst listening to it. I think the reason why I love this album so much is because there is so much great variety on there and songs to suit every mood , whether your getting ready for a night out , have just been dumped , or are away from the one you love ,then you'll find something on here that relates to what your feeling.

      Because this is the only Enrique album I own and have heard , I cannot therefore compare this album to any of his other releases , although I will say that this one good album! I would definately say it's one of the best albums I've ever heard!

      Enrique has really showed some competition with this CD as it shows us all what he's capable! It basically 'gives' us his whole career .through the English language since 1999 on one CD , and judging from this CD , it's pretty obvious how he's managed to have such a long and successful career with songs and a voice like his! Looks obviously , also help!

      To me , this album is extremely , excellent value! I didn't pay a penny for this CD due to the fact that I won it , although it is available to buy from Amazon for £4.98. I would be more than willing to pay double the price for this! It really is that good!

      I would definately reccommend this album whether your an Enrique fan or not! I wasn't much of a fan before , yes I liked 'Hero' and 'Tired of Being Sorry , but I wasn't a big fan ; now though , is a different story! I am absolutely hooked and cannot get enough of these good songs!

      Thanks For Reading!
      October 13th 2009
      xd-o-n-z-x (also posted on ciao under xdonzx)


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        11.05.2009 19:46
        Very helpful



        a good greatest hits

        Now id just like to say that I'm not a huge fan of Enrique Iglesias, in fact the music I normally listen to is a million miles away from this, and I mean that in genre, not just because he's from Spain.
        However I don't know what it is about him but I'm kind of drawn into listening to his songs, and end up liking them too. Perhaps its this Spanish accent that comes through in his voice, or his, dare I say it, devilish good looks that I only wish I could have but non the less I'm drawn into him like a moth to a flame.

        This greatest hits is basically what it says on the tin, or in this case the album cover. Its all of his best songs, and it might take you a while to think of more than a couple but when you see the track listings and then start to listen to the songs you will remember a lot more than that and the lyrics just seem to come flooding back to you.

        Two new songs were added to the album as well which is good to see and they are pretty good tracks as well especially taking back my love which features Ciara, and is currently doing quite well in the charts as well.

        Away, the second song off the album is the other new song released by him off this album. It is a very slow tempo pop song however I really like the lyrics and its very catchy in deed. Especially one of the versus at the end where he really slows it down and you hear what a good singing voice he has.

        Hero, track number three off this album is probably the most well known song that he has done to date, and I still enjoy listening to it every time its playing. Its got some really great guitar running all the way through it and it shows the vulnerability in his voice, and in his lyrics and is my favourite song of all from him.

        This album truly has it all, there is some really poppy songs on here, to some really traditional Spanish root songs on here too. It really has everything to offer, every song on here is very easy listening and if you want a really nice lyrically written, and nicely sung album to put on and relax to then this is a great one for that.

        Track Listings:

        1.Bailamos (Wild Wild West/Soundtrack Version)
        4.Be With You
        5.Takin' Back My Love
        6.Rhythm Divine
        7.Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)
        8.Tired Of Being Sorry
        10.Could I Have This Kiss Forever
        11.Not In Love Radio Mix (Dave Aude Vocal Edit Feat. Kelis)
        12.Don't Turn Off The Lights
        13.Love To See You Cry
        16.Somebody's Me
        17.Can You Hear Me
        18.Hero (Christopher Lawrence Remix)


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          11.02.2009 17:06
          Very helpful
          1 Comment




          Enrique is one of those men you either love or hate. Personally I rather like him and his music always goes well when I am feeling in need of an emotional pick-me-up. Famed for his good looks and soulful voice, he can melt hearts in moments.

          Who is he:

          Spanish singer and son of legendary Jose, he rose to fame on the back of his hit 'Bailamos.'

          On this album:

          You will find all his biggest hit including 'Bailamos' which is a mid-tempo pop number with a flamenco beat and a deeply Spanish feel to it. His vocals sound assured and ever so sexy. It is a great start to the album. The obvious hit is 'Hero' which has been done to death on X Factor. Enrique pulls this off well, but I feel the track could be half a minute shorter.


          'Maybe' is a touching and emotive ballad which will wrench on the heartstrings, this has his vocals at their finest as he grapples with raw emotion. 'I'm Not In Love' is an excellent song, pairing him with Kelis for an upbeat and funky r and b pop song. Their teaming up works well and they play off each superbly. I also enjoy 'Do You Know' which is very catchy and the chorus will stay you with all day long, this was another top five hit for him.

          Weaker Tracks:

          'Somebody's Me' had him at reaching an artistic nadir. His vocals are fine but the song is forgettable.


          A classy album boasting more hits than you might initially remember. Very very good


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Bailamos
          2 Away - Enrique Iglesias, Sean Garrett
          3 Hero
          4 Be With You
          5 Takin' Back My Love - Enrique Iglesias, Ciara
          6 Rhythm Divine
          7 Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)
          8 Tired Of Being Sorry
          9 Escape
          10 Could I Have This Kiss Forever - Enrique Iglesias, Whitney Houston
          11 Not In Love - Enrique Iglesias, Kelis
          12 Don't Turn Off The Lights
          13 Love To See You Cry
          14 Maybe
          15 Addicted
          16 Somebody's Me
          17 Can You Hear Me
          18 Hero

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