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Greatest Hits - McFly

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3 Reviews

Genre: Rock - Pop Rock / Artist: McFly / Audio CD released 2007-11-05 at Island

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    3 Reviews
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      13.11.2011 19:49
      Very helpful



      A Must have!

      McFly : Greatest Hits is the greatest hits album from British boy-band Mclfy. The album was released in the United Kingdom in 2007. The CD is currently selling from Amazon for a price of £3.97 which I think is excellent value for money.

      ~ * Track Listing * ~

      1) Five Colours In Her Hair 2) All About You 3) Star Girl 4) Obviously 5) The Heart Never Lies 6) Please, Please 7) Room On The 3rd Floor 8) Don't Stop Me Now 9) I'll Be Ok 10) That Girl 11) Baby's Coming Back 12) Transylvania 13) The Way You Make Me Feel 14) Don't Wake Me Up

      Wow! I love this album; there are so many great songs on here. It is a great collection of songs. I really like this album and can listen to it all the way through with skipping any of the tracks.

      The majority of the songs on this album come under the pop/rock and pop/punk genres. Normally, I wouldn't listen to something 'punk' as it is not my kind of music, but when you throw Mcfly into the mix, I love it.

      Songs which stand out for me include: All About You, Obviously, I'll Be Ok, Baby's Coming Back and Transylvania. Each song is individual yet still manages to keep that 'instantly-recognisable' Mcfly sound.

      When I first heard about this album, I thought that it seemed a bit too 'early on' in their career for them to release a greatest hits album; however, I hadn't realised that they have actually been in the charts for around eight years now.

      Their music has changed quite a bit since the earlier days, yet they have still managed to maintain unique. When they first burst onto the scene, they were compared to Busted, however, I have to say that they are much better than Busted were.

      These lads are so talented; not only can they sing and play their own instruments but they actually write all of their songs; and they are good songs too. It is amazing when you think how young they are (early twenties).

      The boys can sing; well there is only two out the four members who do sing, Danny and Tom. I have to say I prefer Danny's voice to Tom's; it's much more rough and ready than Tom's. Sometimes Tom comes across as though he is straining his voice. He's good though.

      I like how their music is easy to relate to. I thi
      nk mainly teenagers will be able to relate to their music; a lot of it is about teenage love, although it is a topic that everyone can relate to.

      I would definitely recommend this album.

      Thanks for reading!
      November 2011
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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      18.04.2009 04:01
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Greatest Htis by UK boyband Mcfly.

      Mcfly are a boyband that isn't like any other. They sing, play and write their own music and mostly do it live. They are vibrant, fun and different and they enjoy music and that really shows. They are a spin off of Busted, remember them? They're quite unlikeable if you ask me. They have had lots of UK Number 1 singles, and a mammoth of Top 10's probably due to multiple buying from fans but they've done well to sell enough albums as well. They've done well but now they're just putting their CD's in copies of Daily Mail after they lost their record deal. Me thinks if they had the deal they wouldn't bother with the papers.

      This album was deemed to be really really succesfull. Instead it was kind of successful and so and so in sales wise. It puts together lots of their hits and misses in the charts - mainly the singles but praise where it's due there are almost 14 songs on here, and a deluxe version contains even more.

      Highlights from me include All About You, obviously an old song but a great version. Obviously is mega catchy, it's what made me interested. Five Colours In Her is the 100% best song they have ever done, it launched them. The Way You Make Me Feel is a nice version.

      I'll Be OK fits really well in between the great Don't Stop me Now which even i have to admit is good for them. Room On Third Floor had a great video, well done! lyrically it's thought provoking. The Heart Never Lies is a great mid tempo ballad. I think Star Girl was quite defining for them really, it's got a great chorus. I think that Don't Wake Me Up is one of their weaker songs for sure but it's best kept at the end. I think that Please, Please sticks out though so not sure to ignore that or keep it in but it didn't fit with the rest.

      I have to say that the album, is really really well produced and the tracklisting is genius it's got the good at the start, the middle in the middle and the bad songs at the end and the extras are Track 13 and 14. I think it sums up them really really well and i atcually like the artwork!


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        14.03.2008 22:18
        Very helpful



        amazing,brilliant,extra-ordinary,out of this world album

        Vocals/Guitar/Piano: Tom Fletcher
        Vocals/Bass: Dougie Poynter
        Vocals/Guitar: Danny Jones
        Drums: Harry Judd

        This Band are amazing it was actually my best friend that got me into them I wasn't so keen on them at first but I eventually gave them and chance and liked them so im now a huge fan and in the summer im going to see them live!

        This album contains all the best records they have ever done including a few covers that they were asked to do for charity.

        1.) Five Colors In her hair: The very first song that they did a video for it went straight to number one! I love this song I think its quite good but I do prefer some of their others.

        2.) All About You: Another great song. They sang this for charity and actually went out to Africa to sing it for the kids out there. This song made me cry especially when I first seen the video I love this song I think it definitely is one of the best they have ever done.

        3.) Star Girl: I absolutely love this song I laughed my head off at one part in the video where Dougie jumps off a roof and then at the bottom it says 'no Dougie's were harmed in the making of this video' that really tickled me.

        4.) Obviously: this is a good song and the video is great too. It was the first song of theirs that I listened to so it must be good for me to like it.

        5.) The Heart Never lies: I love this song and I think any McFly fan will. Tom wrote this song for Dougie Danny and Harry because they have been together for a while now and haven't given up but when the others listened to it they found it strange because in it, it says 'we are the lovers' and lets be honest they aren't exactly going out with each other are they!

        6.) Please, Please: This is one of their rock and rolly ones its brilliant I really cant find a fault with it I can listen to it over and over again.

        7.) Room on the third floor: this is a nice slowest song but it does pick up its pace but the good thing is it doesn't wreck the song.

        8.) Don't stop me now: They were asked to do this for sport relief a while back now it is a cover song for queens version and you get people saying you should never touch queen songs just leave them as they are but to be honest they haven't changed anything they have left it as it is only difference is that its McFly singing it which is good because there is only a slight difference ion the voices... Great song!

        9.) I'll be ok: I wasn't to keen on this song at first but once I listened to it a bit more it grew on me and now I love it!

        10.) That Girl: this is a good song. Don't really listen to it much more than the others but I still like it.

        11.) Baby's coming Back: I don't think this gets enough credit than it's actually worth to be honest I mean I love this song and so do my mates. This is a brilliant McFly song please if you like McFly then you should listen to this song its brilliant.

        12.) Transylvania: this is an awesome song I love it Dougie actually sings for once! He hardly ever sings and I got a fright when I heard his voice I was like is that really Doug? Yeah all together brilliantly amazing siong1

        13.) The way you make me feel: I like this song Its not a favorite but still its good I don't listen to this one very often like the others but I still listen to it occasionally.

        14.) Don't wake me up: Again another song I don't listen to much but I still listen to it but very, very rarely.

        All together it's a brilliant album not many weak points in it which is good and I love McFly so I love this album I think they have done a brilliant job on it and I recommend it to any McFly fan out their or anyone who likes Son of Dork or Blink 182


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Five Colours In Her Hair
        2 All About You
        3 Star Girl
        4 Obviously
        5 The Heart Never Lies
        6 Please, Please
        7 Room On The 3rd Floor
        8 Don't Stop Me Now
        9 I'll Be OK
        10 That Girl
        11 Baby's Coming Back
        12 Transylvania
        13 The Way You Make Me Feel
        14 Don't Wake Me Up

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