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Greatest Hits - Offspring

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Modern Punk / Artist: Offspring / Audio CD released 2005-07-04 at Sony

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    3 Reviews
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      19.05.2010 10:25
      Very helpful
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      A super album if you like th offspring. If you love them, buy all the albums not this.

      The Greatest hits album, complied many brilliant songs from most of their albums to make a cd with 16 tracks.
      The front cover is black with the Ofspring flaming skull in the left corner, the album title and Offspring in the top right. A good eye catching front cover. Onto the songs.

      Cant repeat - When the Offspring decided they would release a new single anticipation of a new album lingered around, and only too right. It had been many years since the band released any new material. The new song released seemed to follow in the lines of Cant get my head around you off the album Splinter. This song has a strong beat and some awesome riffs. Dexter's voice is recognisable as always and sounds in great condition. He sings the song brilliantly. The main guitar riff is really pleasing and easy to listen to whilst also being very rocky/punky. The song combines some elements of heavier rock again similar to that of Head around you.
      The only problem with this song was that it wasn't the beginning of a new album a such but instead a best of album. Which was a little disheartening. one new song on an album that fans already own.

      Come out and play - A classic song which is brilliant and found on the album Smash. Some super catchy guitar riffs and a great song all round. If you're a fan then no doubt this would be one of your top songs. For newcomers it soon will be! Get singing and turn this up!

      Self esteem - This song starts in a similar way to a classic Nirvana song, but is better by a long shot. A great bass line to get the song going which continues throughout. Some heavier riffs kick in towards the chorus and throughout it, but quiet down for the verses. Dexter's voice sounds fresh and not as a matures it does now days. But it still has that recognisable tone and sound to it.

      All I want - Ya ya ya ya ya gets you straight into this song with guitars, a super fast beat, makes this song very punky and great to jump around to. This fast paced song does not let up either. This one is picked off of Ixnay on the hombre. It's a brilliant song and shows the bands earlier stuff which you can see from the pace. Great addition to the greatest hits.

      Gone away - A personal favourite as many other people could say too. When the offspring played this song originally they would never know the impact it would have on their fans. So many people related this song to their own experiences with death within friends and families. The main guitar riff is not overly complicated but is very effective. Dexter performs lyrically amazingly, his voice and the words are just perfect together. This song is definitely one of the best songs they have ever written. Again this song is take from ixnay on the hombre. 10/10 No question.

      Pretty Fly - The single that really took the offspring into the lime light. A song that is rocky with a memorable riff that everyone knows! Probably also known for the video where a lad of one culture tries to act like another. A great more up to date song which is great in its own right off of the album Americana.

      Why don't you get a job - I personally do not like this song, no matter how many times I hear it, I just cant stand it. Although this was another single of the Americana album. There are much better songs so ill give this a miss as always.

      The kids aren't alright - A classic solo intro gets this song off to a great start. Classic riffs and an up beat tempo mixed with some clever lyrics and style of singing give this song a lot of energy. This song also came off the Americana album. Awesome song!!!!

      Defy you - Another song that does not belong to any album but is clearly amazing. This song actually went onto the soundtrack of the film Orange county. Why this song is not on any album escapes me. Its heavy , its what punk rock is about. The guitar riffs are very catchy, and Dexter's singing is undeniably outstanding. The song has a lot of power throughout. At one point in the song 2minutes 15 seconds it calms for a short while. Your left with Dexter singing a few words repeated, backed by a guitar. This soon starts to escalate into the full blown rock song it is. An amazing track which should be on more albums than this. .

      Hit that - This song starts off with some keyboard playing to give an electro style. Dexters voice is brilliant on this song throughout the verse. When the chorus starts the band really come alive together. A very catchy song which was released as a single too. The video featured a graphic style man and his dog. This song really shows how the offspring can create new songs with a different but familiar sound. Sublime. This is an instant hit, easy to sing a long and jump around to! 10/10.

      Cant get my head around you - Strumming and a clam almost whispering Dexter start this song, then from nowhere the verse starts and bam. Guitar, drum singing, blurt right out in your face. Its heavy its awesome. Great solos through the song too. Its not too fast but it rocks, and it rocks hard. Play this one loud!!! One of the best songs on the album without fail. This was also a single release. Top marks, great playing, and great singing just brilliant! A full of energy and life song!

      Next to you - After you have listened to the crap remix of the kids aren't alright you are rewarded with a super song. You could just fast forward through to 5 minutes 56.
      And here we go, another song on no album, why do they tease us. This song is again very rocky, it has a fast paced verse, with some great riffs. The chorus is slower but also makes for a great punk rock song. After the delightful second chorus you get a great solo, which ends by charging straight into another verse.

      So there you have it, the offspring's greatest hits, and yes the are hits and yes they are great. An album for old fans or new fans. The album covers every album before rise and fall rage and grace except the first and second albums "the offspring" and "Ignition".
      The songs are well chosen, although to be fair there all so many good songs to choose from this is only a short list of them. Probably the more well known songs have been chosen. Buy this album if you like the offspring, buy this album if you love them, just buy it, it really is worth every penny.


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        01.01.2010 21:54
        Very helpful



        A comprehensive collection...

        The Offspring are one of the finest punk rock bands of all time, and this brilliant Greatest Hits set just about cements it. Here are my favourite licks from the album:

        Come Out and Play = a seminal song that represents an attitude, culture and zeitgeist, it is punk through and through, from its Egyptian-style guitar work, to its frenetic drums and superb vocals. I couldn't tell you much about what the song means, but it's VERY catchy!

        Self Esteem = a carefree song that's more along the Offspring's typical longs, this talks about a man being a "sucker with no self esteem", and is reminiscent of Green Day's Longview in many ways. It really allows the bass to breathe before tearing into a very catchy chorus that's self-deprecating but still quite fun.

        Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) = one of their best known, beginning with a crowd of girls declaring "Give it to me baby!", before transforming into an extremely fun song about a "wigger" (white man pretending to be black), who thinks he is cool despite the fact he is anything but that. It's well written and often hilarious, with great guitar work in particular.

        Original Prankster = they worked with Redman on this song, and although bit unconventional for the band, it has hilarious lyrics about various pranks at a high school, and despite the stick they get for their newer stuff, this is one of their better recent-period tunes.

        Want You Bad = one of my favourite Offspring songs, this is a song about the desperate yearning to be with someone, and the anguish felt when you can't. The video was famous for having a strangely sexy foam party. It is a seminal song about unrequited love but is also applicable to relationships.

        If you love the band, or want to get into them, this is a great CD and well worth grabbing.


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        10.01.2008 07:22
        Very helpful



        A strong Greatest Hits collection from Californian Pop Punk giants The Offspring.

        Forming in Garden Grove, California in 1984; The Offspring are perhaps one of the best known and most well received Pop Punk bands of our time. During the mid 90's, it was bands such as The Offspring, Green Day and Rancid who revived a popular interest in Punk music in the U.S. - an interest which can be seen to have sustained to some extent ever since. Whilst Green Day went on to bigger and better things, having sold over 60 million records worldwide over the course of seven studio albums; The Offspring have never enjoyed quite such an overwhelming commercial success (they've still sold over 32 million albums worldwide from the seven they have released however which isn't that bad really). The Offspring have always been a fantastic band, and having hated both Green Day's and Rancid's last albums, The Offspring remain the only band of the aforementioned three to have sustained my interest over the years.

        For those looking to listen to the music of The Offspring - this 'Greatest Hits' album is perhaps a good place to start. Featuring tracks from the albums 'Smash' through 'Splinter', the first two albums in The Offspring back catalogue are sadly ignored, however this is somewhat understandable on a 'Greatest Hits' collection given that début album 'The Offspring' was only given a limited release, and second album 'Ignition' featured no physical single releases. As well as featuring tracks from five of the band's seven albums, also included here are two tracks which were previously unreleased; 'Can't Repeat', and a cover of The Police track 'Next To You'.

        Kicking off with 'Can't Repeat', The Offspring have here chosen to showcase the unreleased first, and when I first heard the track I couldn't help but feel a strange sensation of deja vu - there's definitely a feeling that you've somewhere heard the track before when you listen to this one, and I'd perhaps put this down to The Offspring's uncanny ability to sound very much the same in the vast majority of their tracks. The good thing about this is that if you like one then you therefore like them all, the downside of course is that when listening to The Offspring for large periods of time the music can potentially become tiresome. I do not have this worry however as I love the music which the band produce and for me there is enough variety on display here in order to keep me entertained. After a fantastic anthem showcasing the unreleased and 'unknown', The Offspring then begin to progress through some of their better known tracks from throughout the years.

        The album consists of the majority of the tracks you'd expect here, ranging from the hit singles of 'Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)', 'Why Don't You Get a Job?', and 'Original Prankster' right through to perhaps the lesser well known singles of The Offspring such as 'Self Esteem' from 'Smash', and 'Gone Away' from 'Ixnay on the Hombre'. One track which has notably not been included here however is 'Million Miles Away' from the 'Conspiracy of One' album. This was a strange one for me as it is my favourite track from the album, and although it was the third and final single to have been taken from the 'Conspiracy Of One' album and is therefore perhaps not perceived by the record label as the strongest from the album; I still feel it very much deserved a place in this collection.

        Whilst some will knock single 'Why Don't You Get A Job' for being a made for radio track which breaks away from the bands conventional style of song which puts more emphasis on the Punk than the Pop; I feel that it is actually a really good track. I have always enjoyed this one, and although it may be a lot poppier than the vast majority of their material and perhaps only served to further their commercial appeal and success - 'Why Don't You Get A Job' is still an incredibly well written song which is exceptionally catchy and provides for an extremely enjoyable listening experience. 'Why Don't You Get A Job' was released off of the back of the number one success which is 'Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)', another track which is perhaps open to criticism from Offspring purists. Although not as much of a Pop track as second single 'Why Don't You Get A Job' from the 'Americana' album, 'Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)' can definitely still be seen to have a heavy emphasis on the Pop element of the music and is another carefully chosen yet exquisitely catchy gem of a track.

        Perhaps my favourites of those chosen for inclusion on this album are those of 'Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Seperated)' and 'Self Esteem' from the 1994 album 'Smash', and '(Can't Get My) Head Around You' from their most recently released 2003 album 'Splinter'. Whilst the latter may not be the most obvious of choices, I just feel that this track captures The Offspring at their Punk Rock purest and therefore in my opinion at their best. Whilst I am not the biggest fan of the album's other single 'Hit That', I just feel that '(Can't Get My) Head Around You' is an incredibly well written and finely produced track from the band with a powerful guitar riff and killer chorus that has me singing along at my loudest with each and every listen. I have fond memories of 'Smash' and 'Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Seperated)', having from a young age listened to these two tracks belting at top volume from the bedroom of my brother. Although at the time a lot of the music which he played would irritate me greatly, even back in 1994 when music was not a massive passion of mine I had a great love and respect for the music of The Offspring. The tracks from 'Smash' are all amazing, and I feel that the fact 'Smash' still stands strong as the best selling independent-label album of all time having sold over 14 million copies worldwide speaks volumes.

        Elsewhere in the album tracks such as 'Want You Bad' from the 'Conspiracy Of One' album, and 'All I Want' from the 'Ixnay on the Hombre' album should prove to be more than enough to keep you entertained and hold your attention throughout the duration of the album. Whilst 'Want You Bad' continues on the theme of the Pop riddled flavours of the 'Americana' album, 'All I Want' represents the raw Punk Rock sound which was the bands original recipe for success during their early years. 'All I Want' is a classic track from the band, and anyone out there who has not heard this fine single from the band should definitely do themselves a favour and make sure they listen to this one as soon as possible. Whilst the Pop sound of The Offspring which has been heavily present from the band during recent years is without doubt excellent, their earlier more Punk Rock heavy sound is definitely on a par with this if not better.

        With an eighth studio album due for release in 2008, it would seem that The Offspring still stand strong as a band and show no signs of giving up their day job just yet. Whilst the 'Greatest Hits' album from the band contains a lot of their finest moments and is a good one to listen to, I am still rather annoyed that 'Million Miles Away' was not included and see no reason why it shouldn't have been. Although Green Day are a band I am not particularly fond of, when they came out with their 'International Superhits' collection in 2001 it featured 19 of their 'Greatest Hits' as well as two previously unreleased tracks. Clearly boasting of a larger number of tracks present, it would not have been much of a hardship on the behalf of the record label to have included 'Million Miles Away' and the other singles they chose to exclude from inclusion on this 'Greatest Hits' collection. Although more could have been included, don't let this fact put you off the purchasing of this album as it is still a great album from the band which represents excellent value for money. The Offspring have released a large number of fine singles in the past, and this 'Greatest Hits' collection provides strong evidence of this, a definite must have for anyone looking to get into the music of The Offspring, or for any fans of Pop Punk/Punk Rock in general in fact.

        Label: Columbia Records
        Release Date: 20th June 2005


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Can’t Repeat
        2 Self Esteem
        3 Come Out And Play (Keep ‘Em Separated)
        4 Gotta Get Away
        5 All I Want
        6 Gone Away
        7 Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)
        8 Why Don't You Get A Job?
        9 The Kids Aren't Alright
        10 Original Prankster
        11 Want You Bad
        12 Defy You
        13 Hit That
        14 (Can’t Get My) Head Around You
        15 The Kids Aren’t Alright (Wise Guys Remix) (Bonus Track)
        16 Next To You (Bonus Track)

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