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Greatest Hits - Tweenies

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Genre: Pop / Artist: Tweenies / Box set / Audio CD released 2004-03-29 at Commercial Marketing

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    1 Review
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      21.03.2010 11:06
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      An excellent CD for Tweenies fans

      Tweenies Greatest Hits

      Double the Fun

      It has got the point now that my daughter asks for her Tweenies DVD at least once a day, her bedroom has a number of different Tweenie cuddly toys and posters and Father Christmas is due to (if she is a good girl of course!) bring her more Tweenie toys for Christmas, so why not add yet another Tweenie merchandise to her collection.

      I was pre-thinking her birthday which is in a couple of months and came across this CD which I thought would be great to play at her small party. Not only does she adore the Tweenies themselves, she also loves dancing!


      The Tweenies is a BBC television programme, shown on Cbeebies, aimed at young children. It is set in a nursery attended by the four Tweenies themselves: Milo, Jake, Bella and Fizz. They are supplemented by two adults, Max and Judy, and two dogs, Doodles and Izzles. Within each episode they have fantastic music time, story time, news time, messy time and surprise time, all with educational purposes and lots of fun to be had.


      The Tweenies Greatest Hits CD comes with a bonus CD with an extra 13 tracks (The main CD has 17 tracks).

      CD One

      The first CD consists of seventeen tracks, many of which are seen on the Top of the Pops Tweenies DVD (see another of my reviews) so are well known to my daughter as she has and loves the DVD itself.

      1. Hey Hey Are You Ready To Play - The opening tune to the Tweenies, a very short track as it is only an opener though lets the children know what they are listening to - when played, my daughter goes mad with excitement knowing this theme tune and relating it to her favourite characters - she has even started singing along to parts of this.
      2. Have Fun Go Mad! - Around a four minute track, not the greatest track and the voices seem a little different though after a few plays; the upbeat tune brings dancing into our living room. The song is all about having a party, singing about what is at a child's party. Tries to be more older than what the song is actually aimed for - and fails I think.
      3. No.1 - Another four minute track as heard on the TotP DVD. Starts with a countdown to a rocket lifting into space in a Star Trek kind of way. Once the song actually gets into it (after a whole minute) it is a really great, with a brilliant upbeat tune and catchy words for both adult and child to learn.
      4. Do The Lollipop - A slightly shorter song at just over two minutes, also featured on the TotP DVD. One of my daughters favourite and again very upbeat and catchy with a little Tweenie rap within it.
      5. Do You Feel Like Dancin'? - A three and a half minute song which seems to incorporate actual singers with the Tweenies. Again, seems like it is aimed for older children rather than preschoolers, though not a really bad song by far.
      6. Shake Your Booties - Another favourite of my daughter and nephew, with an upbeat tune though voices seem older as does the style again, though if the children like it then Im not complaining. A three minute track.
      7. Right Here, Right Now ! - A three minute slightly slower song than the rest though just as good though due to the slower beat it isn't one of my daughters favourite.
      8. I Believe In Christmas - Has the 'Its CHRISTMASSSS' feel to the beginning of this just over three minute track though then slows down slightly for the verses. The chorus is more upbeat with a lovely song, though doesn't have the festive feel to it that many Christmas songs have.
      9. Birthday Song - Starts off very slowly and at this point looses my daughters attention. Even after a whole minute of this three minute track it still doesn't really pick up any beat and is quite a tame (and a little lame) song.
      10. Bounce - Back to upbeat and fun songs with a subject that gets my daughter dancing and bouncing every time! Just over three minutes long, this song has a mix of beats though all go well together.
      11. Favourite Time - Two and a half minutes of song about what to do today with links to Tweenies episodes. A really pleasant song which the children realte to the episodes.
      12. Best Friends Forever - Another song from the TotP and a firm favourite. The three minute song is not as bouncy as the other songs though is a beautiful song about friendship.
      13. Bananas! - This has to be my favourite song on this CD. In just under four minutes Jack sings all about Bananas. It starts really quiet and then jumps into life after about 20 seconds. It is another one from the DVD and my daughter loves singing and dancing to it.
      14. Light Up The World - Another Christmas song in just under four minutes. It is another slow one to start with though gets faster after a while and is a better Christmas one that the other Christmas song before this on the CD.
      15. Starlight - A slower three minute song again though again really sweet and my daughter wraps her arms around herself and dances along to this - and it is another one she recognizes from the DVD.
      16. Mega Mix Part 1 - Over five minutes of mixture of songs, some from the CD and other songs mixed with it - some fast and some slow though all mixes well and goes into one and another well.
      17. Mega Mix Part 2 - Another four and a half minutes to round the CD off with a mixture of songs already heard on the CD, all mixed in well together.

      You also get a bonus CD with this purchase, though with 13 extra tracks it is more like a second CD than a bonus. The tracks on this bonus CD are shorter and unlike the first Cd, this one has songs from music time in many episodes of the Tweenies all with actions for the children to learn, and in all, the Tweenies tell the children what to do in song.

      1. Can't Stop Tapping My Feet - A lovely two minute song about tapping various parts of the body to the beat.
      2. Gonna Build A House - Just over one minute of song miming and singing about building a house - this is actually a great song despite what its about.
      3. Can You Be What I Can Be - The Tweenies sing about being different professions in this two and a half minute song where the children do the actions of each profession (ie: magic man they wave their wands).
      4. Music Man - Remember this one?! I do from my childhood holidays and love it even with the Tweenie spin. Nearly four minutes worth of traditional alongside modern.
      5. Come On Feel The Music - Another upbeat and fun song with plenty of actions in three minutes worth of great music.
      6. Do It Like Me - A typical copy me song where the children do what the Tweenies say - my daughter loves this one as there are loads of things to do in this three minute song.
      7. Dinosaur Dreams - A song with not only the Tweenie voices though others as well. About 25 seconds is of talking only and then the song starts off slowly and doesn't really take off. There are no actions in this one and a half minute song which is a shame.
      8. Oh We Can Play - More of a copy the noise song rather than an action one though a good one none the less with many instruments within the just under three minutes.
      9. How Do You Feel Today - Another upbeat song about emotions rather like 'if you are happy and you know it' though with a different tune with lots of actions to copy in the just over a minute - shame it is such a short song really as it is a good one.
      10. Rhythm Of The Music - Another favourite of mine with a great beat and great actions in just over a minute (again a shame its so short as its great). A bit repetitive though this is a good thing for children to learn by.
      11. I'd Like To Be A Bubble - A three minute soft song about - you've guessed it - a bubble! Not really a favourite of my daughter and I feel it goes on too long that it soon gets boring
      12. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - The traditional song with a Tweenies style jazzed up beat to it - quite a good track. They repeat the actions for Jake who says he cant do it so teaches the children at the same time Two and a half minutes long.
      13. You Know You Have A Friend - The final song on the CD at just under two minutes long. A great upbeat song about friends with actions to copy again.

      The whole two CD's played straight through takes quite a while and have a vast selection of songs to suit all likes in children. There is also an insert though this only really tells you the titles of the songs and who wrote them if you are really that interested!


      The CD's cover art is as you come to expect with the Tweenies merchandise, full of colour and featuring the Tweenies themselves on the front riding a rainbow. The back holds the track list of both CD's with the continuing gold and rainbow theme. The art is continued through the paper insert booklet.


      Although the CD was made in 2003, it is still available on most online shops such as Amazon though I haven't as of yet seen this in any stores such as Tesco or Argos. Some CD shops may have a section where you may be able to find this though.

      On Amazon, you can pick this CD up £8.64 (at time of writing review) though keep checking as lower prices may come up. Also you can often find these on Ebay which is where I picked our copy of the CD up for £2.89 so do look around.


      This double CD has a fantastic collection of tracks. Like most CD collections, there are a few not so great tracks though this is greatly outweighed by the good tracks that both you and your child will dance to for hours. The songs themselves are catchy and fun many (especially on the bonus disc) are full of actions to learn and the children will know the Tweenies voices from the television show so if like my daughter will get excited from this alone.

      Played beginning to end, the CD's last quite a long time so is great for parties and the price if shopped around can be very low and well worth it at this price.

      If I was asked whether I would recommend this to people I wouldn't hesitate in shouting yes as it really is a great all rounder childrens CD.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Hey Hey Are You Ready To Play
      2 Have Fun Go Mad!
      3 No.1
      4 Do The Lollipop
      5 Do You Feel Like Dancin'?
      6 Shake Your Booties
      7 Right Here, Right Now !
      8 I Believe In Christmas
      9 Birthday Song
      10 Bounce
      11 Favourite Time
      12 Best Friends Forever
      13 Bananas!
      14 Light Up The World
      15 Starlight
      16 Mega Mix Part 1
      17 Mega Mix Part 2

      Disc #2 Tracklisting
      1 Can't Stop Tapping My Feet
      2 Gonna Build A House
      3 Can You Be What I Can Be
      4 Music Man
      5 Come On Feel The Music
      6 Do It Like Me
      7 Dinosaur Dreams - Various Artists
      8 Oh We Can Play
      9 How Do You Feel Today
      10 Rhythm Of The Music
      11 I'd Like To Be A Bubble
      12 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
      13 You Know You Have A Friend

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