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Greatest Hits - Whodini

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Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap / Artist: Whodini / Import / Audio CD released at Jive

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    1 Review
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      10.01.2009 16:22
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      Whodini's Greatest Hits

      Whodini were one of the pioneering Hip Hop acts and popularised the genre along side the likes of LL Cool J, The Fat Boys and Run-DMC. They consisted of three members, Grandmaster D, Ecstasy, and Jalil Hutchins (they also included Jalil's younger brother, Doctor Ice and Kangol Kid (who both found found fame in a group called UTFO). This is a compilation of work from the first rap group to go Platinum. This album takes material from their debut in 1983, to work off their 1986 release. 1. "Haunted House Of Rock" Album From: "Whodini" Year: 1983 I woudln't have said this is the best way to start the album, but since it was one of their hits, it should have a prescen on her. It has them show how naive Hip Hop was in the early eighties as they do a thmed track abouot a "Haunted House Of Rock", with descriptions of spooky phenomina in this location to go along wit the mystical production. **Three Stars** 2. "Magic's Wand" Album From: "Whodini" Year: 1983 Taking from their original concept, this one has them rap about when peoepl have a suden urge to just get down, a "Rap Attack", and have poepel all just go into a Hip Hop state of mind and start dancing in the middle of wat ever they are doing. It just shows how far we have progressed since 1983. 3. "Five Minutes Of Funk" Album From: "Escape" Year: 1984 Using hard beats, intermixed with a little Eletro-Hop, you get Whodini going for a pure Funk track, in which they you swinging grooves and stern bass to give them just what you need to get in the mood for a lively cut. **Four Stars** 4. "Freaks Come Out At Night" Album From: "Escape" Year: 1984 The Electro theme continues through this, one of their most when known tracks, in whichc they do a track about how things alter as the sun goes down and all the "Freaks" seem to immerge, filling the streets and introducing the underworld to the those who aren' famialir to it. It is a classic, and defianteyl one that you should look out for. Many have gone on to remake it, most recently the Bay Area's Keak Da Sneak with "Sneak Come Out At Night". **Five Stars** 5. "Big Mouth" Album From: "Escape" Year: 1984 The funky beat from the group, whichc never seem to go, is the main focus for me in this one as they come up with a very strong compostion of beats to match trends of the time, and giving them material for the streets to get excited about. The lyrics centre aroudn people who just can't keep things to themselves, and the annoyance towards these people is presented very well by the group. **Five Stars** 6. "Escape" Album From: "Escape" Year: 1984 Here is an energetic one from the group as it has them work with a high-tempo beat, and has them rap with urgency about the frantic situation whcihc they are gogin through as they perform it. I really liked the lyrics in it, but the beats in it very far too "eighties" for me as it sounded like it could have been used in any old Pop track from the time. **Four Stars** 7. "Friends" Album From: "Escape" Year: 1984 The first time i had heard Whodini's music, this is the song they performed. It brought me into a old school mentality, influensing me to go back and listen to some Hip Hop in its early years. The beat for this is crazy, it has the sound of an R&B song, but it fits in well for Hip hop too, possbily ther reason it was used in 2Pac's "Troublesome '96" and Nas "If I Ruled The World". The main theme is, as stated in the title, about friends and what the word actually means (they even go on to say that the dictionary definition still doesn't tell the trut , because a "true friend" has different characteristics, depending on the individual it concerns. **Five Stars** 8. "Funky Beat" Another of thier well-knwon tunes, "Funky Beat" does just as it says in the title, and although this has been basically wht they have done in all their other track, this doens't seem to get repetitive as funkiness will always liven you up, no matter how many times one hear it. Grandmaster Dee gives them a sick piece of msuic to work with , and they work off it amazingly well with lyric delivery to match the way that it was doen in these early times, similar to that of Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Melle Mel and DJ Run. **Four Stars** 9. "One Love" Album From: "Back In Black" Year: 1986 I expect that this one received a lot of attention at the time of its release, however I didn't think too much to it. I beleive that a lot of this is down to the fact that it reminds me too much of the R&B in the However the nice lyrics of love do bring it up slightly as they explain what the emotion invovles. **Three Stars** 10. "I'm A Ho" Album From: "Back In Black" Year: 1986 Used later for Eazy-E's "Boyz-n-the-Hood", this one has the group rap in a way you wouldn't expect as they basically admit to their promiscuity in how they do tend to sleep aroudn, and unlike how rappers of today would consider themesleves to be "pimps" for doing things, they submissively call themselves a "ho" for this kind of activity. **Four Stars** 11. "Fugitive" Album From: "Back In Black" Year: 1986 Here's one I hadn't hard of before I went into this album, and wished I had as it has them go and rip through a killer Grandmaster Dee cut, and show that they knwo what is needed to make a Old Schoool Rap track work with their radio-friendly lyrics and themed content. **Four Stars** Although they were amongst the first to truely populairse the genre, Whodini are often forgotten when refreing to Old School Hip Hop acts, and this one did more to just help me understand the influences of the late eighties and how Hip Hop developed as this one has them stay consistently withitn the style of the very early Hip Hop acts and not change with each relases as other ike Run-D.M.C and others did.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Funky Beat
      2 One Love
      3 Friends
      4 Haunted House of Rock
      5 Be Yourself - Millie Jackson, Whodini
      6 Freaks Come out at Night [*]
      7 Five Minutes of Funk
      8 I'm a Ho
      9 Tricky Trick
      10 Big Mouth
      11 Any Way I Gotta Swing It
      12 In the Beginning
      13 Magic's Wand [*]
      14 Escape (I Need a Break) [*]