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GTA Vice City Soundtrack - V-Rock

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Artist: Various / Released: 7 Nov 2002 / Label: Epic

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    2 Reviews
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      19.06.2012 01:55
      Very helpful



      If you loved the game and enjoyed the stations then it really is worth buying.

      Vice City was a huge addiction for me for a number of years and provided me with hours of entertainment from a number of directions. When I was in the prime of playing this game I had no internet access, computer and neither did I have a great music collection as all of my funds went into the console and this game. For an extremely long time I had no disappointments in regards to being occupied; when I had bored myself of the missions and opt towards carefree joyriding throughout the city - I would spend hours driving around and listening to each music station (You can also listen to them through the pause menu, which I often did too as there are ways of skipping the tracks, which are listed in the booklet of the game)

      After hearing the hilarious dialogue and the undeniable classics I instantly fell in love with one station in particular; V-Rock. The show is presented by a metal head who goes by the name of Lazlow who is voiced by someone of the same name called Lazlow Jones who is a real life american talk show host. He voices the character Lazlow in a number of GTA games on the rock stations and in my personal opinion Vice City served him quite well in regards to the quality of the dialogue as I recall listening to the radio stations on GTA 3 and wasn't that phased or amused by any of them. He eventually loses his job due to alcoholism and meets an unfortunate ending from another character.

      The genre of music is based around the 1980's era and V-Rock quotes on their station advertisements "while other stations were playing synthesizer-music, V-Rock was playing rock". The songs featured on the station are as follows:

      Twisted Sister - "I Wanna Rock" (1984)
      Mötley Crüe - "Too Young to Fall in Love" (1983)
      Quiet Riot - "Cum On Feel the Noize" (1983)
      The Cult - "She Sells Sanctuary" (1985)
      Ozzy Osbourne - "Bark At The Moon" (1983)
      Love Fist - "Dangerous Bastard" (Unknown. 2002 in real world)
      Iron Maiden - "2 Minutes To Midnight" (1984)
      Loverboy - "Working for the Weekend" (1981)
      Alcatrazz - "God Bless Video" (1985)
      Tesla - "Cumin' Atcha Live" (1986)
      Autograph - "Turn Up The Radio" (1984)
      Megadeth - "Peace Sells" (1986)
      Anthrax - "Madhouse" (1985)
      Slayer - "Raining Blood" (1986)
      Judas Priest - "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" (1982)
      Love Fist - "Fist Fury" (Unknown. 2002 in real world)
      David Lee Roth - "Yankee Rose" (1986)

      Love fist is a band primarily made for the storyline of GTA and have a heavy role in a handful of missions within Vice City but also make brief appearances in other games through the likes of advertisements such as posters that are secretly dotted around the city. However all of the other bands are legitimate and classic bands as many of you may know. A lot of these songs moulded my teenage years and influenced the sorts of music I listened to. I thoroughly enjoyed V-Rock's radio station as it had a handful of songs that I had previously heard my parents' listening to beforehand.

      I believe that V-Rock was one of the best radio stations on Vice City and in fact most of the GTA games all in all. The songs are brilliant and the fact that they are available on CD doesn't make such a difference due to downloads and the possibility of already owning these tracks on different albums or records; it does add to the novelty the fact that the album art work is that of the concept art for the radio station and it's host Lazlow. It's obvious that many of us can easily access these songs quite easily but for those who enjoy collecting memorabilia or album art then this is an ideal item to buy which isn't very pricey at all.


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      09.06.2012 21:07
      Very helpful



      A great soundtrack CD, less focused on the music and more on humour

      This is the first GTA soundtrack CD, and it opens with a rather sarcastic intro from the V-Rock DJ, Lazlow who actually turns out to be a washed up celebrity in the later GTA Games. The soundtrack CD does not include absolutely everything on the V-Rock station but because everything here is based entirely on the 80's and before (thats when vice city was set) it sounds quite outdated and old fashioned already, even though i bought this CD way back in 2002. 10 years on though it still reminds me of all those odd jobs i did as Tommy Vercetti.

      So you're obviously buying this because you're a fan of GTA Vice city or the V-Rock station, and if its the humour you enjoyed then this is perfect. The CD starts with Lazlow talking about how he was a rebel and never stayed in school but then you get these "half time" adverts from the stations broadcasts, these were mostly stupid re makes of real life adverts such as pogo the monkey. In this case its "while other kids are at school, we're shoplifting" and then Lazlow speaks for ages again. Tracks are over 4 minutes long, as was the way with many prog rock tracks.

      The music is entirely classic, prog, and heavy rock and has a very rebellious feel to it. For a 2002 PS2 soundtrack the sound quality is not that bad, high hats and bass quality is impaired slightly but only noticeable at high volumes. The tracks are all very popular American Chart tracks such as Twisted Sister and Slayer. There are only songs with vocals in and it gives you that sing along feel to it.

      The soundtrack has very few tracks from pre 1975 but being a GTA soundtrack the main focus is on being funny and having songs that make little or no sense. Ozzy Osbourne's "Bark at the moon" for instance. At the end you get yet more adves and funny clips. Lazlow does the outro and then you get yet another two advertisements called explorer and Thor which go on about the vietnam war, and that cheesy diety self help programme.

      Again you get the constant 80's feel throughout the CD because even in the adverts they say avaliable on record or cassette but with several GTA references which is exactly what you need on a soundtrack CD, to remind you its not an album, its a GTA soundtrack, a disaster and just downright funny


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