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Hand Of Blood - Bullet for My Valentine

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2 Reviews

Genre: Hard Rock & Metal / Artist: Bullet for My Valentine / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2005-08-23 at Tim Kerr

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    2 Reviews
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      23.02.2011 14:49
      Very helpful



      Great EP by a great band!

      Bullet For My Valentine (also known as BFMV, previously known as Jeff Killed John) is a Welsh Metalcore band consisting of Matthew "Matt" Tuck, Michael "Padge" Paget, Jason "Jay" James and Michael "Moose" Thomas. The band was formed in 1999 and Hand of Blood was their second EP which was released in August 2005. The following list is the tracks included on this EP:
      1. "4 Words (To Choke Upon)"
      2. "Hand of Blood"
      3. "Cries In Vain"
      4. "Curses"
      5. "No Control"
      6. "Just Another Star"
      On the Japanese version of the album, "Turn to Despair" was included as a 7th track and on certain special editions of the EP there was a music video included for "Hand Of Blood" and "4 Words (to Choke Upon)".

      "4 Words (to Choke Upon)" - This track has a fairly long introduction, about a minute long, but then the singing kicks in and the whole track livens up. There are several instrumental parts as the track progresses, along with normal singing and singing classed as "screamo" which could appeal to people who like the metalcore and screamo genres of music. In my opinion this is probably one of the most memorable tracks on the album because the chorus is so easy to remember and easy to pick up. The backing music is far from repetitive, changing regularly to keep the listener interested. The end of the track seems rather sudden but it leads on well to the next track.

      "Hand of Blood" - This track starts quietly for the first ten seconds or so before it really picks up the pace with the music getting faster until the singing starts. At this point, the music practically stops until the screaming starts. I think this track works well with this introduction because it progresses though the feelings of the character being described in this track. It gives me the impression that the protagonist in this is some sort of murderer looking for friends or something like that but it works well. I dont know what it's actually meant to be about though. I like the way the singer and the screamer are almost echoing each other in places. It makes the song sound almost like there are two personalities involved. Again, there are several instrumental parts in this song as in the previous one but the music is very different from one song to the next.

      "Cries in Vain" - In my opinion this song isn't as good as the rest of the ones on this album. It seems a lot quieter and milder and less likely to belong with the other tracks to be honest. It could belong on one of their other albums, maybe "Scream, Aim, Fire" but I don't feel this song is up to the standards of the others on the track. Matt Tuck's voice is still very prominent in this but I think it may be the lack of screaming that is the cause for this track being less well executed in my opinion. Nonetheless, I think it adds a different angle to the typical music produced by Bullet For My Valentine.

      "Curses" - Like the previous song, this song reminds me more of their later work but I prefer this track to "Cries in Vain". This song begins slowly, with lyrics that many people who are likely to be their fans can associate with. The song continues at this pace and the lyrics are the sort of thing that I know I can associate with at least. I think many others would be able to associate with them as well. As the song progresses, the typical sound of Bullet For My Valentine comes back, with the screaming and singing combination returning and the pace generally picks up to their usual style.

      "No Control" - This song has the typical Bullet For My Valentine screaming right from the start. This song contains more screaming than some of the songs do but nonetheless, it's still a good song that has that typical sound that is produced by this band. When you hear a song like this one you instantly know who the band is, with the pace and sound of the voices, it's hard to miss who it is. One of the main things I find is a good thing with the band is how easy they are to identify and how easy it is to hear the lyrics even though there is a lot of singing. The lyrics tend to be very catchy as well.

      "Just Another Star" - This song sounds like it has a lot of emotion in it, with every line sounding very emotion filled. I think this adds to the general appeal of Bullet For My Valentine as a band. It shows how much they feel for their songs and what they have produced. The lyrics in this song, along with the vocalists, are what makes this band what it is. The drums in this song in particular really stand out though. Without the drums it wouldn't be the same song at all. In fact, I think it would be entirely ruined. The way that the sentence is sung by one singer and then the ending is screamed by another in parts of this song makes it sound even better as well because it makes the band seem more in tune with each other. The ending of this song is really good as well, providing a good ending to the normal album that most people would have.

      "Turn To Despair" - There is screaming in this track right from the start which shows that typical Bullet For My Valentine sound again. I think it's a good thing that they keep this up to keep their sound unique to them. I don't know of any other band that can create a sound like this one. It's a shame this track was only on the Japanese version of the EP because I think the rest of the world would have liked to have a copy of this track as well because it's probably one of their best from this album.

      Overall, this EP is one of the best ones I've ever heard. I love the unique sound of Bullet For My Valentine and I think that more people should be given the chance to get to know them as a band because they deserve more credit than they're generally given.


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      12.10.2009 19:05
      Very helpful



      an extremely talented and awesome band - flawless! (10/10)


      Bullet for my Valentine (BFMV) are a welsh metalcore band originally formed under the name of 'Jeff Killed John', the band formed in 1999 and are still going strong after eleven years, the bands musical style has been said to incorporate similarities to such bands as Slayer, Iron maiden, metallica and others.


      I personally was introduced to bullet for my Valentine around three-four years ago by luck, i was flicking through the music channels on my TV and suddenly heard something that captured my attention in a positive way, and it was Bullet for my valentine - Tears don't fall.

      This was when i was around twelve to thirteen and was generally listening to rap and hip hop music, and didn't really venture outside of those four walls, but upon hearing this band it opened a lot of doors.

      I over the last few years have grown more and more distant from Rap & other similar genres and am into very heavy metal, gothic, thrash type music which i have bullet to thank for.

      This band is excellent and i think everyone should check them out, they have a myriad of excellent songs out there which i must of listened to hundreds upon hundreds of times each, and i hope to see them in concert at some point. :)


      hand of blood is bullet for my valentines second Extended play (EP) album which was released on the 22nd of August 2005, via 'trustkill records'

      Trustkill records is a record lable distributed by Universal media group that specializes in: Alternative rock/ Metalcore/ Hardcore punk

      track listings:
      1. - "4 Words (To Choke Upon)"
      2. - "Hand of Blood"
      3. - "Cries In Vain"
      4. - "Curses"
      5. - "No Control"
      6. - "Just Another Star"

      ALBUM ART:

      The Album art as you can see above is very visually appealing and of a high quality design which fits in with the codes & conventions of the type of band that bullet for my valentine is.

      it ties in with the EP title 'hand of blood' due to the guns and blood on the two people which are on the front cover of the album art.


      The genre of music is a mixture of Heavy metal, Thrash metal, metalcore.
      There is also parts of song songs which are very melodic and then some screaming, etc so it really is a nice blend of different styles which really works, and showcases all of what this band can do.


      Band Members:

      Matt Tuck - Lead vocalist, Rhythm guitar
      Mike Padget - Lead guitar and also backing vocalist
      Mike Thomas - Drums
      Jayson James - Bass guitar, vocals


      Bullet for my valentine are in my opinion an extremely talented, underrated band who have made an extremely positive contribution to the heavy metal genre and its sub-genres.

      I reccomend everyone to take a look at these guys, if this type of music is not your usual type just keep an open mind and i am sure you will enjoy listening to these as much as i do.


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  • Product Details

    Disc #1 Tracklisting
    1 4 Words (To Choke Upon)
    2 Hand of Blood
    3 Cries in Vain
    4 Curses
    5 No Control
    6 Just Another Star
    7 4 Words (To Choke Upon)/Hand of Blood [CD-ROM Track]

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