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Hello Fascination - Breathe Carolina

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Genre: Pop / Artist: Breathe Carolina / Audio CD released 2009-08-24 at Fearless

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    2 Reviews
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      27.04.2013 20:53
      Very helpful



      Not bad

      "Hello Fascination" is the second album by the electronic rock duo Breathe Carolina. It was released in August 2009.

      The cover art for this album was what initially drew me to this album. I liked the bright use of the three primary colours, and, being an art student, I guess this just made me more inclined to look at it as a whole.

      As it was on eBay for £2.50 (including delivery!) I thought I might as well buy it and see what it was like. And so, I did! It's not the best album I've ever listened to or anything, I must admit, but it's not bad.

      Tracklisting for this album is as follows:
      1. Hello Fascination
      2. I'm The Type of Person To Take It Personal
      3. Take Me To Infinity
      4. Dressed Up To Undress
      5. I.D.G.A.F.
      6. Welcome To Savannah
      7. I Have To Go Return Some Video Tapes
      8. The Dressing Room
      9. Tripped And Fell In Portland
      10. Can I Take You Home
      11. My Obsession
      12. Velvet
      13. Rescue

      "Hello Fascination" isn't the most engaging track to have as the first track on this album in my opinion. It certainly has that electronic sound to it right from the start though, so obviously it's fulfilling that side of it's brief! I do like this song, don't get me wrong, but I do feel that there are other options that might have been better suited to being the first on this album. I don't think that the 'screamo' elements of this song are really necessary, to be honest, but I like the rest of the song. I think that the beat is a good one as it makes you want to move as you listen to it, and is the kind of thing you want to sing along to.

      "I'm The Type of Person to Take it Personal" is, in my opinion, a much more engaging song that more people would be able to associate with than "Hello Fascination" is. I think that this would be the better song to have first on the album. I feel that this song has more of an electronic feeling to it as well which just gives it more of an edge than "Hello Fascination" has as well. I like the 'screamo' element to this song a lot more as well. It seems to fit more with the theme of the song, and expresses the emotions of the vocalists here better as well in my opinion. I feel that the backing music does this quite well as well.

      "Take Me To Infinity" leads on really well from "I'm The Type of Person to Take it Personal" because of the fact that the backing music is very similar. However, I feel that it sounds too electronic and doesn't have enough of the rock element for me. I feel that the music doesn't really seem to fit with the vocals at times, and the lyrics don't really fit with the music either; they sound more like the kind of thing you'd expect to hear in a pop song. This song just isn't for me at all.

      "Dressed Up To Undress" is a much better song in comparison however. I think that the overall sound of it is more appealing, with the lyrics having a catchiness to them that just makes you want to join in with the choruses right away. I feel that some of the sound effects leave a lot to be desired, such as the part that just sounds like a bee buzzing around your ear, but the main body of the song more than makes up for this.

      "I.D.G.A.F." has more of the Breathe Carolina sound that is more well known now. If you've heard any of the more well known Breathe Carolina songs ("Blackout" is probably the most well known) you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. The robotic beat and sound of the voices is exactly what I was expecting more of this album to be like. I love this song. One thing I will say though is that there is swearing in the song. This should be fairly obvious, given the title, but I thought I should add that in there anyway.

      "Welcome to Savannah" has less of the typical Breathe Carolina sound to it, and goes back to the sound of "Dressed Up To Undress" more. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just doesn't sound quite as good as the more well known Breathe Carolina sound sounds. There is quite a lengthy electronic solo in this song as well, which I think makes it sound more like the kind of music you'd expect to hear in clubs or something. This isn't one of my favourites on this album, although I know many people that love it. It's just too electronic for me.

      "I Have to Go Return Some Video Tapes" has a much slower introduction than the previous ones on the album, so the vocalists' voices come through more than the electronic sound. I like this element of the song, although there is still the 'screamo' effect that comes in later on and this effect is somewhat lost. I think that the 'screamo' works quite well here though because it is used more like backing vocals rather than the main sound of the song. The 'screamo' element isn't the predominant voice here and I think that has really worked in their favour and made their song sound out more than other similar ones for that exact reason.

      "The Dressing Room" sounds like a 'Good Charlotte' song for the first few seconds when it begins, but the Breathe Carolina sound soon kicks in and this thought is lost. I'm really glad of this because I think that while Good Charlotte are a good band, Breathe Carolina are really nothing like them at all, and therefore they should keep away from that kind of line of song. I like the lyrics of this song because they are about lives of famous people and gossip and things like that which I think is an interesting idea for a song. The chorus of this song in particular is really catchy and I think that this greatly helps this song as well.

      "Tripped and Fell in Portland" sounds more like a rock song than an electronic song which I like because it shows that they can do things that are more diverse than the electronic sound that they are so well known for producing. I think that the combination of 'screamo' singing and electronic sounding vocals work really well together here. I think that the sound of drums and an electric guitar within the song makes a nice change from the electronic sound that is so common within their songs as well, and that's why I like this song so much. You can still clearly hear that it's Breathe Carolina, but they have a rockier edge to them here. I'd love to hear them produce more songs like this one.

      "Can I Take You Home?" follows on well from "Tripped and Fell in Portland" as it has the same kind of rock feel to it that the previous song has. I think that the electronic sound is more present in this song than the previous one however, and the sounds definitely have more of a manufactured sound to them than the previous one had. The lyrics are certainly as catchy though, and had me singing along almost right away. I really like this song.

      "My Obsession" has a much more electronic sound to it right from the start. I think that this shows that this is the kind of thing that they prefer to produce, given that they had gone off on something of a rock tangent and then returned to their electronic sound again just a few songs later. I think the lyrics here suit the rock genre more than electronic though, with lines like "This condition can't be fixed, with a prescription". It just gives off the impression that it should be more of a rock song to me, anyway, although you may disagree. I just don't think that those kind of lyrics are typically found in electronic songs.

      "Velvet" on the other hand sounds just like the kind of thing that I would expect to hear more within electronic songs. The subject seems to be much happier and upbeat and therefore it seems to suit the electronic sound much better. Again though, I would say that the subject matter in this song does require parental guidance really, given what it's singing about within the song. This isn't my favourite song on here by a long way, but again, it's not bad.

      "Rescue" is the final song on this album. It has quite a slow introduction to it, which I wasn't really expecting for a final song, given that you'd expect it to be a bit more punchier. The idea of having a strong introduction and strong end doesn't seem to really apply to this album at all, as this song and the first one are probably my least favourites on this album. It's like the sound has gone back to "Hello Fascination" rather than creating a completely new song for the ending.

      Overall, I would say that there are a couple of really good songs on this album, and the rest are alright. None of them are bad. They do tend to merge into one a bit though, rather than sounding like individual songs. I'd give this album a 3/5 because it's not anything particularly spectacular, but it's not bad either.


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      20.02.2010 15:26
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Good Album! :)

      Breathe Carolina: Hello Fascination.

      Breathe Carolina, an electronic band from Colorado U.S.A.
      Breathe Carolina are a mix between Screamo and Dance and I must admit, some of their stuff is quite additive. The heavy bass beats at the beginnings of songs are really catchy and surprisingly good (especially as I am someone who loves my heavy metal music) I thought this band were different and when I heard the opening track 'Hello Fascination' which also happens to be the album title I was rather intrigued by it.
      The Band :-
      Kyle Even
      Eric Armenta
      Joshua Andrew
      Luis Bonet
      David Schmitt
      Track Listing:-
      Hello Fascination 03:22
      I'm The Type Of Person To Take It Personal 04:14
      Take Me To Infinity 03:35
      Dressed Up To Undress 03:39
      I.D.G.A.F 03:14
      Welcome To Savannah 03:36
      I Have To Go Return Some Video Tapes 03:43
      The Dressing Room 03:29
      Tripped And Fellin Portland 03:54
      Can I Take You Home? 03:53
      My Obsession 04:22
      Velvet 03:15
      Rescue 04:55

      Recommended Tracks:-
      Personally the tracks I think you should listen to on this album are
      Hello Fascination
      This track is amazing, and really catchy, it has one of those beats to it where your foot starts automatically tapping, the vocals (non screaming) are amazing and Im always singing along to this song when it is on, I highly recommend you youtube this one if you are thinking of buying this album.

      Dressed Up To Undress
      This just has one of those rhythm and beats to it that catch your attention immediately. The chorus is extremely catchy, it is honestly one of the best songs on the track, one of my favourites and most played on my iPod. Lyrics are brilliant, and easy to remember, that is one of the things I love about this band, it honestly doesn't take much effort to make sense of the lyrics and remember them.
      The Dressing Room

      The first time I heard this track was on Tap Tap Revenge, a game I play on my iPod touch, Im hooked on the game and Im just as hooked playing this on it. Lyrics are brilliant and really fit with the beat. Again this is a track that has a beat that gets your foot tapping along to it. Vocals are amazing, and the screaming behind the original have an epic effect.
      This track is more upbeat than the others and way more catchy, second most played song on my iPod, this band should be privelidged because I have 2748 songs maybe more on there and each song is listened to often. The vocals/Lyrics to this track are amazing, this track was played at my friends 16th the other week and it was just amazing how everybody got up and danced to it, Its quite an infectious song.

      My Views:-
      This band are pretty awesome, but I think that is more for the young kids out there that like to go clubbing and stuff, so from a teenagers point of view, to all you parents out there of teens too, you could get this as a gift or something for your kid. I got this for my birthday and Im totally made up with it...yet this band still don't beat Avenged Sevenfold or Alesana...Im sorry but I'm really into my rock and metal at the moment so as much as I love this band, they unfortunately don't make it into my top 5.
      Written by dooshbag08

      also posted on Ciao.co.uk under rockchick2k7


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Hello Fascination
      2 I'm The Type Of Person To Take It Personal
      3 Take Me To Infinity
      4 Dressed Up To Undress
      5 IDGAF
      6 Welcome To Savannah
      7 I Have To Go Return Some Video Tapes
      8 Dressing Room, The
      9 Tripped And Fell In Portland
      10 Can I Take You Home
      11 My Obsession
      12 Velvet
      13 Rescue
      14 Can I Take You Home

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