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City Blue - Brett Huckfield

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2 Reviews

Genre: Folk / Artist: Brett Huckfield / Audio CD released 2009-02-01

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    2 Reviews
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      16.01.2010 05:57
      Very helpful



      Brilliant music that only cost me 79p to download from iTunes

      ** Here Again Single - by Brett Huckfield **

      I came across this single mixed into an iMix on itunes called My Cooking Music. Someone had put a compilation of tracks together that they liked to listen to while cooking.

      Turns out I loved a lot of the tracks so I downloaded the complete iMix compilation. It had songs by Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, The Verve and lots of other greats. I wasn't so familiar with Brett Huckfield at first.

      I think I'd heard the single a few times on the radio because as soon as I got to the chorus I knew some of the words so I must have picked bits of it up without realising.

      I was surprised at how good the song is. It has been on my PC play list for a while now, and on my car USB. I've chopped and changed some of the other songs from the iMix to keep things fresh but Here Again remains. Somehow my drive to work just wouldn't be the same without Here Again blasting out.

      I've gifted the track to some of my friends on iTunes and they love the track as well. Everybody who hears the song asks me about it -it really is that good. We've talked about it but non of us can win the argument and persuade the others as to what the exact style is.

      For me I think there are a blend of styles mixed together in a very clever and unique way. It's pop but I'm sure I hear country and folk with just a sprinkling of rock guitar within the blend. Sort of reminds me of a fine whiskey blend distilled and matured to perfection.

      I love my music and Here Again's lyrics really speak to me about real life experience and the tune is the best thing I've heard in years. Brett's voice is brilliant throughout.

      I heard there were some early CD's of Brett Huckfield knocking round the net but haven't been able to track them down. So I'm hoping for another single or an album soon. I checked Brett Huckfield's website and there are more releases due but I couldn't see any dates.

      ** Conclusion **

      I read another review on Dooyoo that said Here Again was the best single of 2009 and I can understand why. I'm heartily impressed. A mere 79p iTunes download has brought me a world of listening pleasure.


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      27.06.2009 18:46
      Very helpful
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      I Love It, I Love It, I Love It!!!

      My review of Brett Huckfield's single; 'Here Again'

      I first heard 'Here Again' by Brett Huckfield on Global Radio 1 when it was made RECORD OF THE WEEK' by the brilliant (and brave!) radio presenter and investigative reporter Richard J. Hannah -probably best known for telling Lily Allen off on air during an interview for her 'pro-drugs' stance, (which Richard J. Hannah was non too pleased about because one of his grown up children is a recovering drug addict). Lily was upset and being told off -but my sympathies were entirely with Hannah!!

      The opening guitar riff to 'Here Again' is just so soulful classy and catchy, vaguely reminiscent in style perhaps of George Harrison's legendary guitar solo in 'Something' on The Beatle's Abbey Road album.

      The song's lyrics are stunningly well written and so emotive that they just drew me in - I couldn't believe how much I could associate with them on an emotional level... This is one of the few songs of recent years that actually sent shivers down my spine - for the first time in a good while I've had my breath taken away by a song.

      It's hard to choose but perhaps my favourite lyric lines include 'A lovers dream in passion's ghost' and 'time moves on; like a river dried in the desert sun' as for me the conjure up some great imagery and feelings. I love the multi-layered depths to the lyrics; when I first heard HERE AGAIN by Brett Huckfield I though it was a love song, as I got to know the song better after repeated listens later I came to the opinion that song was really about losing and then re-capturing lost dreams, after yet more listens I was more inclined to think of Here Again as a philosophical song about the human condition....

      Eventually, I realized that I'd been to linear in my thinking and perhaps missed the point; I believe the lyric's operate on at least three different levels, but I had to wait till I was in the right frame of mind to pick up on the subtler lyrical meanings. But it's the way the lyrics and melody weave seamlessly together that give the song its emotional impact.

      Instrumentation wise in Brett Huckfield's 'Here Again' single I can hear Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass (I'm fairly sure I'm certain I hear a Keyboard or Piano in there somewhere too) plus Percussion and Drums.

      The singing is outstandingly great in terms of its emotive qualities; this is a strong but beautiful and sensitive vocal performance. The verses are sung delicately and soulfully with a great range of vocal 'colours'. There's a rise in vocal power and intensity during the chorus and bridge sections as Brett Huckfield glides effortlessly up and down the musical scale with tasteful dexterity.

      I normally only tune in to Global Radio 1 once a week on Sunday's to hear Richard J. Hannah's show, but while Brett Huckfield's HERE AGAIN was 'record of the week' I found myself popping back often.

      So a week or two later, I made a point of catching Richard J. Hannah's interview with Brett Huckfield to find out what he was like. Too often these days, you hear a song that's good but then find out later it's been written by someone else or the producer did all the work...

      Examples of strong producer led artistes are - U2, who (and there's filmed footage of this that I've seen broadcast) will play their latest song ideas to their producer - who will then split the bits up and say 'that's your verse, and this bit is your chorus' and so on... U2 to their credit have never hidden the fact that they rely on a producer to help them, so please don't think running them down -I'm not; they're a very inventive and successful band -but they're not always great writers).

      Another band who quite literally owe their success to a producer (and metal fans are not going to like this -lol!) are Metallica. There's some great footage of the band talking about the producer of the Black Album (which shot them to stardom) and an interview with the producer too... Apparently the producer not only had to arrange the songs for the band, he even had to pull then up on playing out of time -lol!!

      After catching Brett Huckfield's interview on Global Radio 1, I had my faith in new music restored (when shows/people like The X Factor/ Simon Cowall had greatly eroded my opinion of it!!); he not only wrote, sang and produced HERE AGAIN- it turns out he also played every single instruments on the single too!!

      I bought the single as an MP3 download after the interview finished (it cost 79p from iTunes), and gifted it to some of my friends - to see if they would be as excited about the song as me. Unsurprisingly I was very popular that day :-) 'Here Again' got a unanimous thumbs up!


      I love HERE AGAIN; this is the best song I've heard in ages, and deserves to be a classic!! Brett Huckfield's single has renewed my faith in today's music scene, and my music collection would be much poorer for the lack of it. If you download only one song from iTunes today; make it this one!

      Thanks for reading my review; I hope you found it of some interest and help, and good luck with your bargain hunting!!

      CE xx


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    • Product Details

      The single "Here Again" is taken from the forthcoming album, "City Blue"

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