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Hide From The Sun - The Rasmus

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Genre: Rock - Pop Rock / Artist: The Rasmus / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2005-09-09 at Universal / Island

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    1 Review
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      13.06.2009 22:48
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      A great buy, and a must for everyone who appreciates the creativeness of Nordic music.

      The Rasmus are:

      Lauri Ylönen- Vocals
      Pauli Rantasalmi- Guitar
      Eero Heinonen- Bass
      Aki Hakala- Drums

      "Hide From The Sun" September 2005. Produced by Mikael Nord Andersson and Martin Hansen.

      Before the release of the album "Dead Letters" and consequently the worldwide megahit "In The Shadows", for seven years the Rasmus was only a household name in their home country of Finland and the neighbouring countries. The Finns suddenly found themselves exposed to the world and its critics who claimed that they were simply a 'one hit wonder.' "Hide From The Sun" was released after having toured with "Dead Letters" for over a year. Lauri Ylönen has described this album as a reflection on those years of coping with the intense pressure to produce an album to the equivalent standard. Unfortunately, after three years, a lot of people -particularly in the UK- had lost interest in The Rasmus (although they continued to regularly chant the words to I.T.S) and so "Hide From The Sun" failed to have the hoped for impact. However, this album is vastly loved amongst The Rasmus' global fan base, and hopefully this track-by-track rating will help you understand why:


      1- Shot - 9/10
      The last released single of this album, 'Shot' is an obvious step further in the right direction from their last album. Lauri returns with a slightly rougher sounding voice (in a very good way!) with lyrics full of romance and drama, along with the rest of the guys sounding just as great as usual. Maybe not such a brilliant choice as a single as it lacks that 'hit potential' but fantastic none-the-less.

      2- Night After Night- (out of the shadows) 9/10
      This song is the proceeding song to "In The Shadows," where Lauri describes in detail the emotions felt during this intense time e.g "For a moment the world in my hands." Although the lyrics are rather depressing, I see it more as imagery, with a scene of someone suddenly leaving the shadows for the very first time and struggling to cope with the strong light... Musically, this is a fantastically composed track with awesome guitar and a strong, heavy beat.

      3-No Fear- 10/10
      The first single off this album, No Fear reached the number one on the Finnish charts, and it's really no wonder why. This may seem like one of the most depressing songs on the album, but actually it's a very uplifting song about not fearing death but also, more in general the unknown. The Scandinavian sound is clear in the song and in my opinion rates very highly in the Rasmus' entire discography.

      4- Lucifer's Angel- 7/10
      One of the darkest tracks they've ever written, this is the product of Lauri's research and interest into the horrific burning of 'witches' at the stake. Within the lyrics he expresses sympathy towards the accused and disgust towards the people who are scared of anything different. It's most definitely a very creative track but isn't one which I listen to most often.

      5- Last Generation- 7/10
      This song is very much a Rasmus usual (a compliment by the way) full of beautiful poetry, great vocals and rocking guitar sound. Again, not a favourite but a good song all the same.

      6- Dead Promises- 9/10
      Very much one of the strongest and most powerful sounding tracks on the album, the Rasmus are given a helping hand by fellow Finns Apocalyptica (see my review on "Worlds collide" for more info on them) and their cellos. Apocalyptica certainly add depth to the song and once again it is a very successful collaboration with Lauri's vocals (Lauri previously recorded vocals for Apocalyptica's "Life Burns" and "Bittersweet" which also features Ville Valo of HIM.)

      7- Immortal- 8&1/2 / 10
      Again a song full of darkness and depth, (incase you haven't noticed that is rather the theme of this album) this is a rather reflective song on humanity but is a song which really does show off the talents of the band.

      8- Sail Away- 10/10
      Taking a break from the dark sound, listeners are treated with this chilled out, mellow-sounding track - "perfect for a beach party" (quote from the bassist Eero at a festival in Berlin 2008. This song has continued to be a favourite amongst the fans, especially live when Lauri joins in the guitar playing with his acoustic.

      9- Keep Your Heart Broken- 9/10
      This is a song which fits perfectly on the album, with the sadness of leaving the one you love but is equally a song full of hope. It is similar in theme to the song "Run to You" of "Black Roses" (the latest album released in 2008) and is in my opinion strongly worth a listen.

      10- Heart Of Misery -7/10
      This is perhaps a song which clearly emphasises Lauri's strong vocals and is again a great song, but is not one of my favourites.

      11- Don't Let Go- 7 & 1/2 /10
      Full of wonderful imagery and calmer than some of the others, this is one of the most poetic tracks and it is a great pleasure to listen to.

      12- (Bonus UK Track)- Open My Eyes- 8/10
      My favourite bonus track by TR, this is a track which seems to mentally send my thoughts to the ocean and is a great ending to a fantastic CD.

      So this may not be the type of material to produce main-stream hits, but then usually the best ones aren't. (Although I'm not saying that 'Dead Letters' isn't brilliant as well- see my review on that.) This album however does deserve credit as it is truly a piece of creativity and emotional intelligence.

      I will say though, I personally think that "Black Roses" (2008) is even better...so be sure to buy that as well!


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Shot
      2 Night After Night (Out Of The Shadows)
      3 No Fear
      4 Lucifer's Angel
      5 Last Generation
      6 Dead Promises
      7 Immortal
      8 Sail Away
      9 Keep Your Heart Broken
      10 Heart Of Misery
      11 Don't Let Go
      12 Open My Eyes

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