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High School Musical - Soundtrack

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11 Reviews

Genre: Soundtrack / Artist: Various / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2006-09-18 at Walt Disney

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    11 Reviews
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      09.01.2010 13:41
      Very helpful



      Buy It!

      The high school musical cd features all the songs from the first High School Musical movie.

      1) Start of something New - This is a good introduction to the movie.Performed by Vanessa Hugens (Gabriela) and Zac Efron (Troy).
      Introduces them into how much they like to sing.
      2)Get'cha head in the game - performed by Zac.It is a catchy song.Fast with some 'basket-ball playing' sounds.Not my favourite song though.

      3)What I've been looking for - performed by Ashley Tisdale (Sharpay) and Lucas Grabeel (Ryan) It's real musical! catchy! and performed well!
      4)What I've been looking for (reprise) - performed by Vanessa and Zac. This is slower than Sharpay and Ryan's version , which I prefer better.

      5)Stick to the status quo - performed by the cast - it's catchy and has a good message. Don't feel you have to live up to your name , if you like doing something - go for it! It's one of my favourite song off the album.
      6)When there was me and you - performed by Gabriela. I love this song! It's one of them songs that you sing when you feel down and feel great by the end of it! It's a ballad!

      7)Bop to the top - performed by Sharpay and Ryan! I love this song it's soo catchy and makes you want to get up and dance! There's also something quite comedy with this song i don't know why!
      8)Breaking free- Troy and Gabriella. This is a good song showing that they're breaking out of their characters of the athlete and geek , dropping the labels and becoming who they want to be! This song begins quietly but is full of energy by the end of it!

      9)We're all in this together - performed by the whol high school musical cast! There's a message in this song saying everyone is equal! It's a feel good song!
      10)I can't take my eyes off you - performed by Troy and Gabriela , and Sharpay and Ryan. Shows how Troy and Gabriela have fallen for each other! It's a sweet song! catchy too!

      11)Getch'a head in the game! It's a different version of the getcha head in the game sang by troy!
      This cd also features a karaoke of 'start of something new' and 'Breaking Free'.

      The songs on this album are catchy , full of energy and make you feel good!
      I give this album a 10/10!


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      18.08.2009 16:23
      Very helpful



      Distinctive and catchy- the soundtrack to The HSM is here

      Emmy award winning High School Musical has globalized in probably every way possible, with their merchandise spread with the smiling faces of Troy, Gabriella, Taylor, Chad, Ryan and Sharpay. And here is it- released in 2006, High School Musical was a sucess beyond belief and this soundtrack proves it. Filled with various hits from the 97 minute feature and beginning to the HSM follow-ons, it is diverse, fun and catchy.

      It has 13 tracks- all in the musical, including hits such as "Bop To The Top" which forced gasps all round when it flew into charts across the world. My favourites are "Breaking Free" and "I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You", but all written by four American music enthusiasts, David Lawerence, Matthew Gerrard, Robert Nevil and Shankar Mehadevan. They also wrote the other two soundtracks from HSM 2 and 3.

      The songs aren't in order of apperance, which would have been a good idea. It is great that all the cast participate in the tracks- with Troy and Gabriella (Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens) taking their lead with solos like "When There Was Me And You" and "Get'cha Head In The Game", Ryan and Sharpay (Lucas Grabeel and Ashley Tisdale) strut their stuff with dancey numbers like salsa-loving "Bop To The Top", whilst Chad (Corbin Bleu) and Taylor (Monique Coleman) pop up here and there in most tracks with superb vocal ability; along with the many participants in the East "Wildcat" High cast.

      The album is very American. Very happy, very colourful and very suited for its audience and the piece its written along to. Annoyingly catchy however, its got slow, meaningful songs such as "Start Of Something New" etc, which contrast to jumpy, energetic, loud ones like "Get'cha Head In The Game" and "Stick To The Status Quo". Not for adults, as this is serious kid buisness, but it has airs of romance and a variety for all fans, so it keeps the cherry on the cake.

      From £8.98 at Amazon, or at all record stores, its a lovely compliment to the Peter Barsocchini film.


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      19.02.2009 21:30
      Very helpful



      A feel-good album

      I am a tiny bit older than the target age group for High School Musical films and related products, but I am a big fan anyway. This is probably due to my penchant for cheesy pop music that I can dance along to, and anything that will lift my spirits on a rainy day.

      As most of you probably know, High School Musical was a film produced for the Disney Channel in America. It was phenomenally and unexpectedly successful and you can now buy anything from HSM soundtrack CDs to HSM kitchen roll (see my previous review for this!)

      The film tells the story of Gabriella (Vanessa Anne Hudgens), a young, smart and beautiful girl who starts a new school and falls for jock Troy (Zac Efron), due to their mutual love of singing. There are a lot of great poppy songs in the film and these have all been released on the soundtrack CD that I am reviewing here. Together they make a fantastically fun album with some awesome catchy tunes. The track list is as follows:

      1. Start Of Something New

      This is the first song of the film. Troy and Gabriella sing it together at karaoke when they first meet. It is really sweet and romantic and they both sound great on the song.

      2. Get'cha Head In The Game

      This is a song sung by Efron and the basketball team. It is upbeat and will get you tapping your foot along. It has a strong beat which is produced by drums and bouncing basketball sounds. This isn't one of my favourites but it is a good enough song and Efron sounds pretty good.

      3. What I've Been Looking For

      This first version of the song is sung by Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale) and her brother Ryan (Lucas Grabeel). It is very catchy and you will find yourself singing along. I love to bop around to this in the privacy of my own home!

      4. What I've Been Looking For

      This is a reprise sung by Troy and Gabriella. It is a bit slower and sweeter than the one done by Sharpay and Ryan and has more riffs in it. I prefer the first version but this one is certainly more romantic.

      5. Stick To The Status Quo

      This is a song sung by the whole cast and it is one of my favourites. Very catchy and upbeat and has a great message about doing what you want to do no matter what other people think of you.

      6. When There Was Me And You

      This is a wistful ballad sung by Gabriella. It is beautiful and Hudgen's voice really stands out here. It is full, sweet and sounds amazing.

      7. Bop To The Top

      This is another upbeat song with a little bit of a Latin twist. It is sung by Ryan and Sharpay and is another one to dance to!

      8. Breaking Free

      This is sung by Troy and Gabriella and is one of the best known songs from the film. It is a lovely romantic duet with rising choruses.

      9. We're All In This Together

      Another song which is sung by the whole cast, this is a big, Broadway style ending to the film and is very happy and cheerful. It has a great dance routine to it which is easy to master if that kind of thing appeals to you! One of my favourites.

      10. I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

      Oddly this track wasn't actually used in the film, but it is still pleasant.

      11. Get'cha Head In The Game (instrumental)
      12. Start Of Something New (instrumental)
      13. Breaking Free (instrumental)

      These three instrumentals are a nice end to the album as they allow you to perform your own version of karaoke if you so wish, or just enjoy the music! Children will like this addition as they can sing the words once they've learned them.

      This is a brilliant album for any fans of the film or anyone who likes quality pop songs. It always cheers me up and at the moment it is available for just £3.96 on Amazon.co.uk, so it's well worth buying.


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        05.06.2008 19:56
        1 Comment



        fantastic! GO WILDCATS!

        Sing along mania! That is the sentance that I would describe this cd as.
        Ok, if you didnt like HSM, then dont get the cd but if you liked it a little to alot, then this is a cd that you should have in your secret collection of cd's.
        My friend brought this cd and wouldnt stop singing along to her ipod for the next couple of months. I didnt understand why the songs were so popular until after i was forced to watch HSM 1. Then I was tranfixed! The songs are catchy and songs that you can belt out when your dancing along to it in your bedroom with your hairbrush.
        This cd is sure to lift up your spirits and make your smile all day. But there is one set back: you will have at least one song stuck in your head everyday, that you just cant seem to get rid of!


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          26.05.2008 20:12



          high school musical

          don't be faked with the word disney , it's so so great movie , not only great it's so romantic movie , it's full of many feelings like love between lovers , love between the friends , and many feelings like the anger of the true love and the hope to distroy it , all this feelings appear in the songs , all songs of that movie make the rock destroys , that songs show all the meaning of the true love , I bought that sound track but I heard the songs before at the movie , I just can't believe how they could act that movie like that , I love them so much , because they were actting and singing in a very real way , all actors at that movie are amazing (zack effron woo , vennesa , ashley , corbin ) wooooooooooooooo , I could feel that so well because they were actting the teenage love , the very real love all over the world , no love is being real like that love , every smile I felt it , every sad look I felt it , every mean moment I felt it , I was so hatting sharpay ( Ashley Tisdale) at the movie inspite of so loving her in the real world , imagine all those feelings be on a sound track , you will lose a very very very very very bigggg lose if you willn't buy this sound track , it costs 10.90 only , call yourself with very bad words everynight before sleeping if you didn't buy this incredible , so romantic songs , blam yourself and don't blam anybody cause you are the decesion maker . bye


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            06.05.2008 21:58



            fantastic movie & soundtrack

            High School Musical is the latest Disney Channel phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. The soundtrack to this world-wide hit movie is as brilliant as the film itself, featuring "get ready to dance" songs such as "We're All In This Together", to the Romance songs like "The Start Of Something New". High School Musical has songs for all ages and whether you are a boy or girl there is something for everyone in this Soundtrack. Each of the songs tell a different story about what is going through the characters mind wheather its Hope or Regret in "When It Was Me And You" or the song which outlines the whole story "Stick To The Status Quo" which is about leaving the "group" you have been entered into becasue of your style and becoming the person who you want to be in the inside not just on the outside.


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              12.02.2008 22:55
              Very helpful



              A great album for small children, keeps them quiet for a while ;-)

              My dad announced that we are getting rid of Sky+ due to the high cost. When he called Sky to inform them of his decision they offered us the full package for free, I managed to get into High School Musical and some of the songs were catchy. I bought the album thinking that one of the songs would be great for our wedding especially with small children. We have a choir singing at the church and thought the 'Something New' track would be a nice song but would also appeal to the younger guests.

              I can't really describe the soundtrack without giving a little information about the film. The soundtrack CD relates directly to the film and tracks are in the same order that they appear in the movie. In fact all songs have a story behind them.

              High School Musical can be liked to Grease in many ways. Troy Bolton (Zak Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) meet at a New Years Eve Party whilst on Christmas vacation. They fall in love after singing 'Start of Something New', unknown that they will soon be at school together.

              Troy and Gabriella could be described as 'chalk and cheese'. Troy is a member of the basketball team and Gabriella an intelligent pupil who joins the team for the Scholastic decathlon.

              Once the basketball team and decathlon entrants realise what their mates are up to they try their best to throw a spanner in the works. After finding out the two teams help make Troy and Gabriella's dreams a reality. They have to compete against the mean Ryan and Sharpay to get a place in the schools play.

              This is a film of love, friendship, teen angst and peer pressure. It is a great school film showing the issues facing young people. It is very alike Grease however the modern adaptation is refreshing and is a way of including today's youth.

              This review is about the soundtrack and songs featured in the musical. Like Grease these songs have the potential to become 'classic hits' sung in almost every school playground (if they haven't already).

              THE SOUNDTRACK CD
              The Soundtrack CD is great and this review will only focus on the 'main songs' the CD does include a few musical songs without lyrics but they are the same as the songs mentioned below, just repeated with different instruments etc. This review focuses on tracks 1-10 but there are 13 tracks in total. It is a two disk CD and does come with words to sing along to.

              TRACK 1: Start of Something New
              (Troy & Gabriella)
              This song is sung by Troy and Gabriella at the New Years Eve party. This song is quite nice and whilst singing this song they realise that they like each other and there is chemistry between them. They exchange numbers and agree that they must keep in touch. This is a nice slow song and its easy to sense the chemistry throughout the song. We will probably ask the choir to sing this song at our wedding ceremony.



              TRACK 2: Getcha Head in the Game
              After the New Years Eve party Troy and Gabriella never think they will see each other again. Gabriella's mother gets a job in Troy's town. They end up bumping into each other at school. Later on at the basketball game Troy just cannot concentrate as his mind is on Gabriella. This song is about 'getting in the game' and concentrating on the basketball game. Its is a 'rappy' song and is quite upbeat, its not my favorite song. I personally did not think it was anything special.



              TRACK 3: What I've Been Looking For
              (Ryan and Sharpay)
              Troy walks out of Basketball pactice so that he can audition for the winter play. He waits with Gabriella backstage afraid to adition. Whilst they wait Sharpay and Ryan sing this song for the audition. This track is slightly faster and more 'forced' than track 4.



              TRACK 4: What I've Been Looking For
              (reprise by Troy and Gabriella)
              This is the second version of the audition song sung by troy and Gabriella. Fortunately despite hostility from Mrs Darbus Troy and Gabriella get a chance to audition. This song is much better than the song in track 3. It's easier to sense the love and attraction between Troy and Gabriella. The song seems 'easier' and is not 'forced' like the song in track 3.



              TRACK 5: Stick to the Status Quo
              (the cast)
              When the basketball players find out that Troy missed the basketball game for the auditions and that he is doing something 'out of the ordinary' they sing this song. The song is basically about 'sticking to the stuff you know' and staying with the 'status quo'. I loved this song it is rather upbeat and easy to sing along to.



              TRACK 6: When There Was Me and You
              Annoyed that Troy is dabbling with music and neglecting his basketball his team mates devise a plan to split Troy and Gabriella up. They record him acting macho to impress them but show Gabriella over webcam. She is hurt and upset about what Troy has said and sings this song. This is a sad ballad style song and is quite sweet but slightly sad.



              TRACK 7: Bop to the Top
              (Ryan and Sharpay)
              On the day of the big basketball match and Scholastic decathlon Gabriella and Troy hatch a plan to leave the competitions so they can sing. This song 'Bop to the Top' was sung by Ryan and Sharpay. They are confident that they will get the part and are pleased when Gabriella and Troy do not turn up for the 'callbacks'. This is a good song but one of those 'Steps', 'Sclub7' or Spice Girls style cheesy pop songs that really only 7 year old girls sing along to.



              TRACK 8: Breaking Free
              (Troy and Gabriella)
              Troy and Gabriella appear for the callbacks late, but after support from their fellow students Mrs Darbus has not option but to let them sing. They sing 'Breaking Free'. This song is a powerful, belting song.

              The lyrics "we flying, soaring there's not a star in heaven that we cannot reach" is a great song. The lyrics are really powerful and motivating. I love this song, I think its my favorite.



              TRACK 9 We're All In This Together
              After winning the scholastic decathlon and basketball game the whole school filters into the hall to celebrate, it is at this point they all sing "We're All in This Together". This is quite good song which draw the whole film to a close.



              TRACK 10
              Can't Take My Eyes Off You

              This track is not in the film, but for those who have watched the film will understand the lyrics. The song has an 80's feel a little like the style of Jason Donovan/kylie Minogue etc. It's not my favorite but it's OK and is different its less cabaret and more of a 'chart single' style song.



              This is a great CD and has certainly taken the UK by storm with kids wishing they could be Troy or Gabriellla. I did enjoy watching the film but wouldn't make ahabit out of listening to the CD for pleasure.

              Amazon - £7.98
              Play.com - £7.99
              EBAY - Prices starting at £4 (buy it now)


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                28.08.2007 00:59



                great for a friday night with the family

                High school musical

                High school musical is a low budjet, musical featured on the hit disney channel. It was a massive global success with over 25,000,000 people watching on its first viewing.

                Film plot
                The film plot reminded me abit of grease, and i believe the plot was stolen from the all time class. The plot is about a girl and boy, who meet and karoke, kids club. They meet when they sing a song called "The start of something new". This boy and girl are called garbriella and troy and they have never met each other in there lives. So when the winter break is over troy goes back to his school, and unbe known him gabreilla, is a new student in the school, as her parents moved here to start a new job. They eventually meet up and think about signing up to the winter musical. But when sharpay evan and her brother ryan find out they are audtioning they do everything in there musical power, to stop them from getting the leads that they desperatly want.

                My view
                The plot was completly stolen, they should of come with there own orginal idea. The songs where very catchy, and i loved the song "The start of something new". I believe the chemistry towards gabriella and troy was amazing.

                Bad points
                Disney trying to be funny, but it didn't really work with me. I recommend this film to musical family lovers, who love watching these kinda movies. I also recommend it to teenage girls, who enjoy occasional chick flicks.

                The film was good and enjoyable, but i would of thought disney would of come up with a better than idea, than this cheesy iconic masterpiece

                Zac Efron ... Troy Bolton
                Vanessa Anne Hudgens ... Gabriella Montez
                Ashley Tisdale ... Sharpay Evans
                Lucas Grabeel ... Ryan Evans
                Corbin Bleu ... Chad Danforth
                Monique Coleman ... Taylor McKessie


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                  16.05.2007 22:21
                  Very helpful




                  Hello *stands up, shuffles feet and looks uncomfortable* er, I’m Jade and…and…I’m *sigh* I’m a Disney-oholic. There, I finally said it. I love Disney and I am quietly proud. Who cares if I’m twenty and as a manager I’m meant to be a role model to my staff. My fiancée secretly hates coming to mine because he knows he will be subjected to at least an hour of the Disney Channel *giggle*. So bearing all this in mind you probably understand why I am doing a review for High School Musical.

                  Last year during the Christmas period Disney went crazy advertising this straight to television movie. They knew they had gold and built up the premiere on their channel for 3 weeks. It’s all everyone was talking about, and no one knew a thing about it. At the time, I was working in Virgin Megastores *shudders* and every 5 min I had a snotty nosed brat asking me when it was coming onto DVD. When it hit the Disney channel it was the best ratings they had received for 2 years. The weeks followed with HSM weekends, dance lessons on the scenes and of course the soundtrack was released. On December the 5th 2006 it was finally released and the DVD stores went CRAZY. The first weekend of its release our store sold 200 copies. Then when I saw the Encore Edition version I finally folded and had to see what all the fuss was about.

                  ---------Story Line-------
                  Set your self up for a rip off of Grease. Troy and Gabrielle (the main characters) are both on holiday at a ski resort with their families. You are shown a short introduction to each family. Troy loves nothing but Basketball, as does his father who is also his coach at his home high school team. His mother things they both need to slow down and have some fun giving you the illusion that basketball is their lives. Gabrielle is being a swot in her room and reading her books instead of being at the party. Her mother tells her to have some fun. Both end up at the party and for some unexplained reason get stuck doing karaoke together. This is where the ‘magic’ begins and the both realise they can sing and enjoy each others company. They take each others details and the New Year comes in with a bang.

                  Queue start of the new school year and gee wiz, was a shock. She just HAPPENS *wink wink* to be starting at her new school, which just happens to also be Troy’s…*Yawn*. Then…they are in some of the same classes *Gasp*…I can hear you. You’re going NOOOOOO they wouldn’t do that. They did.
                  It soon comes to light that there will be a new school musical this year and try outs are taking place. Both of the leads are drawn towards it and end up on the list for call backs.

                  Of course there are ‘bad guys’ this time disguised as brother and sister Sharpay and Ryan who also want the lead in the musical. They are always the leads and are not happy about the competition.

                  The main story is about Troy’s and Gabrielle’s battle against the stereotypes they are placed into as sports freak and science geek and wanting to reach out into something else they both love – music. Both have to deal with the people from their social circles, their parents and of course our bad guys. Then there is the growing relationship the pair has with each other and how they are dealing with it considering they are both from different worlds and both feeling the pressure.

                  Now there have been quite a few complaints running through my fingers to the screen but bearing in mind this is rated U and is meant for the younger members of the family this is a really good movie. The story line flows well and is entertaining but not confusing. The scenes are colourful. For example, whilst the class is in detention there are loads of little scene parts. One of the main characters is hanging out of a stage tree having a nap, Gabrielle is standing behind a huge bright blue moon and all the team are wearing their red uniforms. Now this may seem like a silly thing to mention but most parents know young children can lose interest quickly. Every time I have shown this to a kid I have babysat, they have had their eyes glues to the television the whole time…Bonus!
                  With it being a musical there are loads of songs to show the current emotions of the characters. From ‘get your head in the game’ to ‘Breaking free’ they are all entertaining and catchy. Each song has great chorography included. My favourite song in the DVD is called ‘Stick to the status Quo’. The scene unfolds in the school cafeteria. There are around 100 students dancing around tables and singing. They use all the props (like tables, chairs etc) around them perfectly and it just all flows together.

                  The other great thing that I loved about this is the hidden lesson for children about being able to become what you want to. The big problem I have with the end of Grease is that the girl become someone totally different and I felt I was being told I couldn’t be me to be happy…ok. Well, they hit the mark with this one and let is all know we can be ourselves.

                  ---------Main Cast-------
                  Zac Efron as Troy Bolton
                  Vanessa Anne Hudgens as Gabriella Montez
                  Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay Evans
                  Luca Grabeel as Ryan Evans
                  Corbin Blue as Chad Danforth
                  Monique Coleman as Taylor McKessie
                  Bart Johnson as Coach Jack Bolton
                  Alyson Reed as Ms. Darbus

                  ---------On The DVD-------
                  Despite having quite a few extras, the Encore Edition only has one disc (which is great as its one less disc to scratch to shreds)
                  When you start off the DVD you of course get a series of adverts from Disney but you can easily skip forward and straight to the main menu. I notice very quickly that each time you enter a different menu within the DVD there is a ten second snippet of a song from the movie. Gets annoying very quickly if you are on the same menu screen for about 60 seconds.

                  Play – Nice and simple, play the movie!!!
                  Bonus Features – You are introduced to a notice board with two options:
                  --Music and More – You have three options within this. First is to listen to a song that was in the background of the movie at times called ‘I can’t take my eyes off you’. It is sung by the characters Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay and Ryan. The ‘music video’ is the four of them surrounding a microphone in a recording studio and black and white shots from the movie. The song is quite catchy with a good salsa beat in the background but despite studio tweaking I still find the voices quite weak.
                  Next is the music video ‘We’re all in this together’ which is just the gym scene from the movie with some flash backs of other parts of the movie. This is the best ‘feel good’ song in the movie and as I listen to it in the back ground I am also shaking my booty in my seat.
                  The final option in this menu is to have a go at singing with the movie. This means that when you watch the movie and the music scenes come on, the words will appear at the bottom of the scene. This would be really good for the kids if they love the movie and have seen it a couple of times before. The words appear at the bottom of the screen in white and whilst being sung they change to a light brown colour. A good laugh :). Ok, so I thought I would give it a quick go and I have to admit that the words only JUST come up as they are about to be sung – a sentence at a time – and if you are in a song that is sang quite fast you have no chance of keeping up. So you should know the words of by heart if you want to sing along which is a shame.
                  --Backstage Disney – Two options this time. First is ‘Bringing it all together: The making of High School Musical’. Consists of cast and director interviews, seeing the guys filming, cast practicing. It lasts for 8 minutes and is a nice little insight into the movie.
                  Second option is the best bit ‘Learning the moves’. Now I thought, for research purposes only of course, I thought I should have a go at learning the moves myself. So here goes…
                  Ok so I’m introduced to the dancing lesson by Kenny Ortega the Director/Choreographer – and I have to say…I wouldn’t like to see him dance so I hope someone else will pop up. Thank god, Lucas (Plays Ryan) and Ashley (Plays Sharpay) are going to teach me…themselves, how to do the dance to the song ‘Bop to the top’. I notice a slight problem straight away that I’m sure that is meant to be a couples dance *goes to get mop*. Ok, I’m ready again – I am now introduced to some assistant choreographers. Ok, we are getting started. Maybe not, they are just doing the dance again…Errrr. Maybe they are showing me?!? Ok, they try and break it down for me but I am 20 and I am seriously struggling. Their idea of breaking it down is taking 30 extremely difficult moves and breaking it into three. But still they are going at normal speed and not explaining the moves at all causing me some serious problems. After four attempts I sit down. They then try and break it down by showing three screens. One of the dance from the movie, one of the guys practicing and the other of a close up of their feet…WHY?!? I have to say, that is a total waste of time and I’m sure some 5 year old out there will shame me by getting it but they would have to have a lot of dedication.
                  Scene Selection – There are 12 scenes to choose from with a space of about 5 minutes between each. Each has a picture of the scene and a simple caption below to help you identify the right part of the movie. In the background of the scene are a load of lockers and post-it notes.
                  Set Up – The only option is ‘captions’. In other words, subtitles. Available in English and English for the hearing impaired.

                  ---------My Opinion-------
                  I love Disney movies so there was no way I was going to hate this either. Ever child I have ever babysat has also loved the movie and it is now always in my babysitting bag. The movie itself is a great laugh for any ‘family’ person but if you don’t want a classic Disney ending then you are looking in the wrong place. Considering that the Encore Edition cost an additional £4 to the plain DVD I felt a little let down with the extras, especially the ‘learn the moves’ part as we all know I failed miserably with that. I was a bit annoyed wit the start of the movie being ripped out of Grease but as this is intended for a younger audience they may of not seen the movie. The songs are all great and I shouldn’t admit this but I also know have the soundtrack. When I’m all grumpy I listen to it at the bus stop and get my groove on (yes, with everyone watching me prancing around too). I am also quite happy that there are going to be two more movies coming out. One will be this summer and if you were a true fan then you would of gone onto the Disney website and voted for particular things in the movie. Of course I am sure they will totally kill the sprit with the second and third but I will still be compelled to watch it. Then there is the High School Musical at concert. At time of print it is showing on the Disney channel but you can also get the soundtrack form your local Disney Store. Both boys and girls will love it and because it is Disney you know you can’t go wrong with the young ones.

                  Got to go as Mum wants the mop back now, happy dancing…


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                    18.11.2006 05:27
                    Very helpful



                    From DCOM to phenomenon, you've seen the movie. Now it's time to look at the music

                    'High School Musical', one of, if not THE most successful, Disney Channel Original Movies, ever. The story of two opposites, a jock and a shy brainiac who meet on New Years Eve, end up in the same High School, and turn the place upside down. Why? Because they step out of the roles that everyone expects them to stick to, and go for what they really want. There's singing, dancing and a lot of fun. This review however, isn't about the movie. It's about the songs, all pesent in the HSM soundtrack.

                    This CD has music from every genre, from pop to hip hop to show tunes and ballads and more. But it's easy to say that all this stuff is present and say that it's good without going into the songs individually, telling you their vibe and why they're so great. And really, what kind of review would that be? You want to know about the songs on this soundtrack, so let's look at them, one song at a time

                    1) 'Start of Something New' (Troy & Gabriella)

                    Not just the first song of the soundtrack, but also the first song of the movie and the start of all that has to come. A catchy dueT, that really gets your foot tapping. The title of the song really is no coincidence because in the movie, singing that song really DOES signal the start of something new, and fantastic.

                    This song is fun, it's catchy and you can't help but sing along. Is it the best song on the soundtrack? No, at least i don't personally think so. That could be because i've listened to every song repeatedly and obviously have my favourites. It isn't a bad song by any means, in fact it's fantastic. They all are, and this is a great way to get warmed up for what's to come on this album.

                    2) 'Getcha Head in the Game' (Troy)

                    This is where the hip hop comes in, definetely one of the best songs on the soundtrack, and favoured by many. Fans and cast alike. It's the one you can't help but sing along to, dance to. It's the one you hear the first time and aren't overly fond of, but by the 2nd or 3rd listen, it's jammed so far into your head you just can't get rid of it. You'll sing it in your head and you'll bob your head to the beat of it. It's fun and catchy, like all the rest. Definetely one to listen to and give a chance if it's not your thing the first time round.

                    3) 'What I've Been Looking For' (Ryan and Sharpay)

                    This one is the real show tune style song of the soundtrack. It's dressed up and often OTT, but that's what makes it great. You'll be singing along in no time at all, it has the same fun vibe as the rest of the soundtrack. You'll sing along, and you'll dance to it. Or at the very least be tapping that foot again!

                    4) 'What I've Been Looking For' (reprise by Troy and Gabriella)

                    This is the slowed down version, the way it was meant to be sung. It sweet, with a beautiful melody and you fnd yourself loving it even more than the jazzed up version. Because it's kept so simple and real. It doesn't dress it up with OTT melodies and vocals, it's the bare minimum, it's all about the words, and the feelings and the song.

                    5) 'Stick to the Status Quo' (the cast)

                    If there's one song you CANNOT miss on this soundtrack, it's this one. By far my favourite of the whole soundtrack, it's the song with a message. It's more than that even, this song is a total contradiction and that is what makes it great.

                    Here's the lines you need to remember

                    'No no no no, stick to the stuff you know,
                    if you wanna be cool, follow one simple rule,
                    don't mess with the flow, no no
                    stick to the status quo'

                    or as the second chorus switches it up a little, though with the same meaning

                    'No no no no, stick to the stuff you know,
                    it is better by far, to keep things as they are....'

                    That's the whole point of not just the song, but the movie. The kids in this school don't like that the most the most popular guy in school, the one that really should be defining the status quo, is the one who's breaking out of it. He's changing it.

                    This is a song about telling everyone who you really are, whether it's the jock with a love for baking, the brainiac who loves hip hop or the skater dud who plays cello. It's not their norm, it's not what they're supposed to do and this song urges them to stick to what they know, to stay in the confines of what people think they are. The contradiction is that it's with this song that the message to break out of those confines and go against the norm is really starting to come forth.

                    It's not just the message that's great though, no, it's everything. The beat, the craziness it is insanity and it's pure genius!

                    6) 'When There Was Me and You' (Gabriella)

                    This is the big sad ballad of the soundtrack, sung by a broken hearted Gabriella when Troy's friends trick him into saying she doesn't matter, and she overhears. A song that tells how she had an ideal of him built up, a fantasy or as the song says 'my dream when i'm not sleeping', but in hearing what she hears this ideal is shattered and it becomes 'i know you're not a fairytale, and dreams are meant for sleeping.'

                    The song is beautiful, the melody is gorgeous. If you're a romantic, then it's also a bit of a tearjerker, but it's an amazing song. Certainly not something you expect to hear in a DCOM, but it just fits so well.

                    7) 'Bop to the Top' (Ryan and Sharpay)

                    The ever extravagant Ryan and Sharpay bring in the latin vibe with this numer. Again, it's a little OTT, but it's also fabulous. You can't not love this song. It's another of my favourites, the one i sing along to when it plays, or walk around the house singing when it's not playing. You want to see the movie when you hear this song, just so you can learn the dance to accompany it. It'll be stuck in your head for weeks.

                    8)'Breaking Free' (Troy and Gabriella)

                    This is the anthem of the movie, it's what it's all about. Breaking Free, from what people expect and doing what you really want. Listening to your heart and not the people around you who are trying to tell you what to do. It starts off slow, kind of romantic sounding and you think you're in for another ballad, but then the words 'Breaking Free' are belted out and the drum beats kick in and you're singing and dancing along again. Ok, it's not a big dance-y tune like some of the others, but it's great. This is the song that's getting all the attention, it's the one that's making it onto all those 'Best Songs from Movies Ever' albums already. And it deserves to, it's a great song.

                    9) 'We're All In This Together' (cast)

                    The big song and dance number at the end, another one with a message, though i think you all can guess what that message is. Great fun song, it has a little bit of everything thrown in there. As with all the rest, you'll sing, you'll dance, you'll tap. You'll love it!

                    10)'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' (troy/Gabriella/Ryan/Sharpay)

                    This is the one song that isn't in the movie, so if you don't recognise it, but have sen the movie, that's why. It's another really good song. This is the song you'd expect to hear in the charts, it's not a "musical song", but that's a good thing, you need that little something to keep it all cool. It's a fun song, with a great beat. Maybe not your favourite, but still worth listening to.

                    On top of all this, you have a version of 'Getcha Head in the Game' by B5 and Karaoke instrumentals of Breaking Free and Start of something new.

                    Overall? A great album, one you can listen to over and over. Kids will love it, teens will love it, even adults will love it. With this soundtrack their truly is something for everyone.


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                    Pure Music Perfection

                    WOW! Disney have out done themselves on the soundtrack to the highly popular made for TV movie. From the first to last track you just want to dance and sing. The best track for me on the CD is Breaking Free which is a up beat tune with beautiful singing from the movie's leads. If you loved the film, this is a must have. If you love a sing along , you should buy this. If you just like music, buy this!


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                  • Product Details

                    Disc #1 Tracklisting
                    1 Start Of Something New - Efron, Zac & Vanessa Hudgens
                    2 Get'cha Head In The Game
                    3 What I've Been Looking For
                    4 What I've Been Looking For
                    5 Stick To The Status Quo
                    6 When There Was Me And You
                    7 Bop To The Top
                    8 Breaking Free
                    9 We're All In This Together
                    10 I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
                    11 Get'cha Head In The Game
                    12 Start Of Something New
                    13 Breaking Free

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