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I'm Not Dead - P!nk

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19 Reviews

Genre: Rock - Pop Rock / Artist: P!nk / Audio CD released 2006-04-03 at LaFace

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    19 Reviews
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      31.10.2013 05:26
      Very helpful




      I used to be a huge fan of P!nk and have listened to her music for years & years ever since I was about ten years old. I am still a fan of hers but not quite as much now that my music taste has changed a little, however I have still got three of her albums. Although I like all of them, this one - I'm Not Dead is my favourite. It was released back in 2006 which I find quite scary because I remember going to Sainsbury's to buy it like it was yesterday.

      I remember feeling really excited that it was in stock and I played it on repeat for a good couple of days. Even when listening to the album now, it doesn't sound old or out-dated and when I listen to the songs I never feel bored of them, even after listening to them so many times. I know all of the lyrics and I sing along to most of the songs. There are some that I have got a little bit sick of which after so many years is understandable but saying that I wouldn't say that there is a single song on here which I actually really dislike.

      The album is P!nk's fourth album, however all of the content on here sounds new and different from the songs her other, previous albums and it has a new sound to it, obviously it still sounds like P!nk but there is a nice variety of songs on here with a range of different topics and none of them sound similar to any of the songs on her previous albums, which I think shows how talented she is given that she was able to come up with new and fresh content even after several previous albums.

      Saying that though, this was her comeback album after a three year break so I guess that she had plenty of time to get it perfect and if she had come back with a rubbish album then obviously her fans wouldn't have been very happy but I can honestly say that this lived up to my expectations. P!nk is a solo artist and she writes her own lyrics which is a bit of a rarity nowadays and she can also play the guitar, piano, keyboards and drums.

      Her style of music is a mix of rock and pop and she comes across as a real rebel and very outspoken and somewhat lewd however there are some softer songs on this particular album such as Dear Mr President which is a meaningful song and a change to her usual fun filled songs. I'm not saying that it's depressing but this song in particular shows a different side to her voice. This album has got fifteen full length songs on it which is around the average amount of songs for an album and all of the songs are very good quality.

      Unfortunately I can't remember how much I paid for the album as it was purchased so long ago, however it is currently (October 2013) retailing at £4.06 on amazon with free delivery which I think is a bargain! This is for a physical copy (CD) and iTunes also sell the album but a digital version and this costs substantially more than the cd version at £6.99 but this is still a good price in my opinion. As I said before there are fifteen songs on this album and although I like all of them it would take far too long to list them all and why I like them so I am going to just go through the top few which I play the most.

      My first favourite song on the album is actually the first track on the album - stupid girls. This is not an amazing song but it is a great opening song because it is really energetic and easy to sing along to with quite funny, entertaining lyrics but even though the song is a bit of a silly one the meaning behind it is a good one because it's basically telling people to be themselves. The song is about fame hungry girls who are obsessed with paparazzi and shopping and basically try to look very generic and barbie-like, and p!nk is basically saying that this isn't the message that should be sent out to young girls to aspire to and there needs to be more positive role models and that she isn't ashamed to be different to other celebrities, or at least that's how I interpret it.

      I love the chorus and the song is a fun one and easy to sing along to and I like that there's a message behind it. Another of my favourites is Who Knew. I still listen to this all the time and it remains one of my favourited ever P!nk songs. The song is much more serious than the first of my favourite songs (stupid girls) and it is emotional and it sounds very real like the lyrics actually mean something to her and it feels as if she's experienced what she's talking about in the song which I like because it sounds like genuine emotion and it is a really touching song in my opinion. I would describe it as a break-up song and I think anyone who has been through a break-up would find the lyrics relatable.

      I especially like the lyrics where Pink is singing about how she would have never believed they'd have split up and how if someone had said that the relationship wouldn't last she'd have punched them because she was so in love, it's a lovely song and it isn't a depressing break up song, yes she sounds emotional in it and it tugs on the heart strings but to the point of making me an emotional wreck! Another song which I think I mentioned in my review briefly before is Dead Mr President. This is quite a serious and truthful song which is much softer and calmer than the other songs on her album and it is very emotional and heart felt.

      She talks about a variety of issues in this song such as equality, homelessness and war. In the song she questions if the president is proud of his country and how he can sleep while the rest of the nation cry (because of war etc), and basically why he has let his people down. The addition of the softly played guitar in this song is nice and it is the type of song which can give you goosebumps when you first listen to it because unlike a lot of songs it speaks truth and covers real life topics which many artists,especially pop artists avoid. All of the songs are good but those songs are the few that I play the most often.

      The album overall is really good - one of my all time favourites, and the songs are all unique and I can't fault any of them. Pink has got a great vocal range and the lyrics are original and there's the songs have a nice mix of genres and subject matters. I recommend this album and I give it five out of five stars.


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        16.02.2010 15:04
        Very helpful
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        Fantastic rocky album about the ups and downs of life

        I don't buy many music albums but I bought this one shortly after it was released in 2006 after hearing some of Pink's songs on the radio. I personally love Pink because she's tough, feisty and outspoken. I love this album too as she shows she's not afraid to let everyone know her opinion on the world. Pink is the ultimate rebel who we all wish we could be sometimes.

        The album itself has a rock-chick look of roses and stars, very appealing and stylish.

        In the first track, Stupid Girls (3.17), she sings about how she doesn't want to be part of a girly, bitchy clique or a 'porno paparazzi girl' and displays how she stands out from the crowd.

        The second track, Who Knew (3.28), is one of my all time favourites, where she talks about how she had a relationship and thought it would last forever but she was fooled. I think this is something that many of us can relate to. I love the rhythm and the way in which this song flows.

        The third track is Long Way To Happy (3.49).

        The fourth track is Nobody Knows (3.57) which is slightly more innocent as she sings about hiding secrets, again something which we can probably all relate to.

        Dear Mr. President (4.33), the fifth track, is another of my favourites because what Pink sings about is true and she touches upon so many issues such as poverty, sexuality and employment in our society today. These problems needed to be brought to the attention of the U.S President so they can be resolved and this brave song does just that.

        I'm Not Dead (3.46) is the sixth track.

        Cuz I Can (3.43), the seventh track, really represents Pink's rebellious feelings towards life. She is almost having an argument with someone in this song and boasting about what she has but also she emphasizes how important it is to be an individual and sometimes live by your own rules.

        Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) (3.18), the eighth track, is about how she has mixed feelings about a relationship and perhaps she feels her partner can be too clingy.

        In the ninth track is U & Ur Hand (3.34) Pink sings about hurling insults at a sleaze who tries to pick her up at a bar. This song has quite a catchy rhythm to it and soon becomes easy to remember the words. Also a loud, fun song to dance to.

        The tenth track, Runaway (4.21) is about how in life there's always a few times when we feel like running away from life and parents expectations, especially as teenagers. Perhaps Pink did this when she was younger and was singing about the experience.

        The One That Got Away (4.42) is the eleventh track and this track has an almost country tone to it but is still very enjoyable as she sings about a guy she likes but can't have.

        I Got Money Now (3.53) is the twelvth track, where Pink sings about having money and materialism and not needing anything else. The reality of this, is of course quite different as you can be rich and not be happy.

        The final track is Conversations With My Thirteen Year Old Self (3.47) is a song where Pink reminisces back to her troubled adolescence and tries to reassure her younger self. Going back in time and doing a similar thing is something we probably all wish we could do, especially if we had problems in our childhood.

        My CD also came with two bonus tracks, Fingers (4.13) and Centerfold (not sure of the time of this track), both very upbeat, interesting tracks.

        The songs are slightly explicit but thats Pink's style!

        I bought my album for about £8.99 but that was when it first came out so it's cheaper now. On iTunes you can perchase it for £5.99, a bargain for such a great album.


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          05.08.2009 22:58
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Pink's fourth album

          This was Pink's fourth album, and it's another really strong album with some great tracks.

          1. Stupid Girls - The lyrics to this song are great and the video is brilliantly funny. However the tune isn't Pink's best.

          2. Who Knew - A sad, reflective song.

          3. Long Way To Happy - A strong rock song with a serious theme.

          4. Nobody Knows - A slower song; reminds me a bit of Catch Me While I'm Sleeping from Try This.

          5. Dear Mr President - Pink & Indigo Girls - Pink goes political for the first time.

          6. I'm Not Dead - My favourite song on the album. A really strong melody and great lyrics.

          7. Cuz I Can - A song to listen to while you're getting ready to go out and/or getting a bit tipsy!

          8. Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) - Not my favourite Pink song, but I've noticed that the songs she releases as singles aren't necessarily my favourites. In my opinion this is one of the album's weaker tracks music-wise, although the lyrics are great.

          9. U + Ur Hand - A great song to dance to. It's a bit naughty but really funny!

          10. Runaway - Another sad song with a strong melody - the kind that Pink does best.

          11. One That Got Away - A relaxed, very guitar-based song.

          12. I Got Money Now - Pink goes back to her RnB roots with this sad song.

          13. Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self - An interesting, reflective song.

          14. Fingers - Another naughty song, always brings a smile to my face!

          15. Centerfold - An interesting bonus track.

          16. I Have Seen the Rain - Not my favourite song but it's interesting to hear Pink singing with her dad on a song that he wrote.

          This is another great album from Pink. I actually think a couple of the singles she released from it, particularly Stupid Girls and Leave Me Alone, are weaker than some of the other songs on the album. Who Knew and U and Ur Hand are great though. Pink's at her best when she does rock with a bit of angst and this definitely comes across here.


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            16.05.2009 03:02
            Very helpful



            How a comeback should be done.

            I'll admit, i didn't pick this one up straight away, the disappointment of 'Try This' and as a comeback, 'Stupid Girls' didn't really bring nothing new to the table.

            Ok, so, how to follow up your least commercially and critically successful album to date? Make an album with killer lyrics, great hooks and a voice to bring down the biggest arena's.

            -General Synopsis-

            What I liked about this CD is the genuine surprise - after Try This, i didn't have high hopes, but after 3 tracks i found myslef wanting to listen all the way through to the end. What's quite evident here to is P!nk's ability to start creating a decent lyric, or at least working with the right producers to cowrite with, and recreate her now signature sound.

            For those of you new to P!nk's work, she started her career recording R&B, before challenging her LaFace labels exec LA Reid to go back to her rock roots (trivia time - P!nk AKA Alicia Beth Moore was first noticed singing a cover of 4 non blondes 'What's Up'). Her voice is versatile enough to sing bluesy type numbers (Funhouse - One Foot In) to great pop/rock anthems (M!ssundaztood - Just Like a Pill) and full on rock mammoths (Try This - Waiting for Love).

            So back to the CD, the general tone of this is a pop/rock album with some decent ballads and great uptempo numbers. there is a couple of stinkers, which is why the 4 stars.

            -Track by Track-

            STUPID GIRLS -
            A good opening number, but by no means her best work, once again the tongue in cheek lyrics about hypersexual girls who give it all up for not very much. a solo guitar plays it in and remains throughout, with a few synth noises thrown in for good measure. ***

            WHO KNEW -
            love the lyrics to this song, i don't know anyone who can;t relate to the words. P!nk mentioned that the lyrics were about friends who were there one day and gone the next, through drugs. A slow start builds up to a great ending chorus showcasing P!nk's vocal ability to show emotion through her stronger vocal range. The Max Martin influence is very clear here too.*****

            LONG WAY TO HAPPY -
            a personal favourite. complex delivery of lyrics jumping over a single piano chord in repetition, building into a presnet day power ballad. Sounds very similar in concept to 'Behind These Hazel Eyes' by Kelly Clarkson.*****

            NOBODY KNOWS-
            First ballad, piano led again, builds up really nicely into a great finish. ***

            DEAR MR PRESIDENT -
            P!nk's open letter to to USA President in 2006 , thought provoking lyrics, it's brutally honest and i love the delivery. it's kept very quiet and the Indigo Girls provide excellent back up/guitars (the crowd absolutely went wild when she sung the line ''And what kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay?'' =D) ****

            I'M NOT DEAD-
            A standard rock song from p!nk, pompous guitars, dark undertones, loud drums, and i love the chanting at the end. The change inbetween tempo of the verses and the choruses makes this a real grower. ****

            CUZ I CAN-
            This was the first song which leaked from this album, its a dirty pop song, with trademark tongue in cheek pink lyrics ("I could fit your whole house in my swimming pool'') and great catchy chant ''ice cream ice cream we all want ice cream''. I personally think this would have made a better first single than Stupid Girls, but hey. great for anyone whose like P!nk's previous singles. ****


            Arguably one of the best on the album. Lyrics about wanting to be left alone to truly love who your with, a la p!nk brutal honesty. amazing guitar riff to open on and repeated through the album.*****
            ''I love you so
            Much more when you're not here
            Watchin all the bad shows
            Drinking all of my beer''

            U & UR HAND-
            The best song on this album. great percussion intro, with p!nk's ''uh uh uh ooh'' jumping right over the top. P!nk said the lyrics came from when a man made a move on her, she denied, and he said it looks like it's just him and his hand tonight - the uptempo song is definitley a welcome break from the more serious, personal songs, and gets everyone rocking along when performed live. better at high volume *****

            back to another personal song, remeniscent of 'Family Portrait' a couple of albums ago - the teen angst provides great raw emotion, and showcases p!nks rock vocals great (the voices stuck inside my head tell me to run before i'm dead) ****

            THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY-
            i wish one did just that, its the worst song on the album by far - just guitars and a bit of a country backing with a terrible lyric. *
            '' I said what kind of man makes cappuccino
            We laughed, We laughed, We laughed''

            I GOT MONEY NOW - this one sounds a lot closer to the R&B she was doing when she started - the lyrics are a bit hypocritcal and pointless IMO and the only thing i really like about it is the end vocal which she does well. **

            the last ballad of the album, again reflecting on her childhood ( a running theme now for Ms Moore) its a completely stripped down song with a great orchestral bridge. ****

            i love it, its filth. p!nk once again singing about masturbation (again another running theme for her) the thumping electro beats at the beginning suit the overall tone of the song, and to be honest, you feel exhausted listening to her by the end. ****

            theres a couple of bonus songs, if u have an international edition. 'i have seen the rain' is a hidden track she performs with her once estranged father about being in 'nam , i don't particularly like it, but i like the history behind it. Centrefold is the over bonus, and its a bit of generic pop rock song, one which kelly clarkson or avril would also prob sing if p!nk hadnt.


            Overall, i'd recommend this album for anyone whose a fan of p!nk's other albums, especially her FUNHOUSE one. this is a huge step up from Try This, and there's some brilliant craftmanship lyricwise. I'm Not Dead is a welcome addition to anyones CD collection, and as you can buy it for a fiver in HMV there's no reason to not give it a try.

            U & Ur Hand
            Who Knew

            One that got away


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              10.04.2009 08:53
              Very helpful



              Brilliant, Pink has an amazing voice.

              "I'm not dead" is the fourth album from sassy female singer Pink (sometimes P!nk).

              I'm not usually a fan of mainstream pop type artists, but this is one album I am proud to say I own as I think it has an awesome collection of songs on it.

              Pink is not afraid to say what she thinks, and this is part of the reason I like her music. The lyrics from Stupid Girls are the exact duplicate of something that could come out of my mouth, blasting all these silly blonde girls that walk aound with their "itsy-bitsy doggies and their teeny weeny tees" and only care about their hair! She is not afraid to tackle political issues either, as we see in the track "Dear Mr President". I get the impression from listening to this album that most of the lyrics from the songs are based on her real life experiences, which of course adds another quality to the song.

              Here's the album, track by track....

              1. Stupid Girls - An upbeat song blasting the girls that only care about their appearance, hair and nails and don't have any ambition in life other than to get the attention of males and be the prettiest girl in town. The lyrics are fantastic - "Where, oh where, have the smart people gone?" "Outcasts and girls with ambition, that's what I wanna see". Brilliant!!

              2. Who Knew - A more mellow track here, about believing that when you are in love it will last forever, and no one can tell you otherwise, and then looking back a few years later when it didn't work out after all. "Who knew?" A good beat and melody to this track, with a powerful chorus.

              3. Long Way To Happy - A funky beat to this one, which starts out with low smooth vocals that soon transform into a heavy chorus with a catchy tune. The beat dominates this song somewhat, sometimes I feel it overpowers the vocals in the verses. But an excellent track despite this.

              4. Nobody Knows - This is such an emotional song, which starts with a slow piano accompaniment before the vocals start. The piano compliments Pink's vocal perfectly. This song is so sad it makes me want to cry! I think she is trying to show us that behind the feisty outer shell there is a fragile human being "Nobody knows but me that I sometimes cry". The chorus is a bit more powerful and makes you want to croon along - a bit like the chorus from the song "All By Myself" by Eric Carmen.

              5. Dear Mr President - This song features The Indigo Girls. It is an acoustic ballad addressing the President. "Dear Mr President, come take a walk with me". Pink then proceeds to ask the blunt questions "What do you feel when you see all the homeless on the street?" "How do you sleep while the rest of us cry?" "How do you walk with your head held high?". She is saying that the president lives in his fancy house and doesn't have any idea what it's like to be a normal person struggling through life. The lyrics "Let me tell you bout hard work - minimum wage with a baby on the way, let me tell you bout hard work - building a bed out of a cardboard box, you don't know nothing bout hard work" really hit home. Possibly, lyrically, the strongest song on the album.

              6. I'm Not Dead - A bit more upbeat for this one, with smooth voals from Pink. A good driving beat which carries the song along well. Not one of my favourite songs on the album, but a good some nonetheless.

              7. Cuz I can - I love the opening lyrics to this: "We're gonna rock and roll,Ra Ra Ra! Alright I drink more than you, I party harder than you do, And my car's faster than yours too!" They are so funny. There is a very funky beat to this song, I think it is taking the mick out of her being famous and if she wanted to she could do anything she wanted and have anything she wanted because of this. A good catchy song.

              8. Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) - some more heatfelt lyrics about relationships here, about her boyfriend giving her a bit of space "If you give me room, there will be room enough for two". I think it deals with the issues from a man's point of view, not being able to give the woman what she wants as she keeps changing her mind "go away, come back, go away, come back, why can't I just have it both ways?" The title "Leave Me Alone, I'm Lonely" sums up the dilemma perfectly! A good song with a good beat, I run on my treadmill to this as its very upbeat.

              9. U + Ur Hand. I love the lyrics to this song, its about the man that thinks he's "it" but will be going home alone tonight because she doesn't want him, The title "U + Ur hand" I think is brilliant and a great put down to these men that think they can have any woman they want!! A good beat and lyrics that feisty girls can relate to.

              10. Runaway. A more light and heartfelt song, about running away from home as a teenager. The lyrics "I wonder how long it will take them to notice that I'm gone" suggests a not too happy childhood. Good meaningful lyrics.

              11. The One That Got Away - A cheerful guitar rhythm, a bit like the style of Sweet Home Alabama. A very country sounding song, with a good tune, and Pink's vocals really shine in this style. This shows that she is not just a pop singer, she can carry off other styles perfectly. A beautiful harmonised chorus. Reminds me a bit of Sheryl Crow.

              12. I Got Money Now - a more relaxed beat with flowing vocals. The song tells the story of how when she was younger she tried to please everyone and couldn't do it, and now that she is older and has money she doens't care what people say about her, cause "She's got money now". "There's no heartache anymore/if you can afford everything delivered right to your door". She is saying that money can replace everything, the people that didnt like her dont matter anymore. Really listen to the lyrics to this one, they are quite sad.

              13. Conversations with my 13 year old self - This song (suprisingly) is aimed at her 13 year old self, talking backwards through time and giving the younger version of herself some good advice that she has learned throughout her years of life, telling her that although things seem bad at the moment they will get better. The music to this one is quite dramatic in places, but its the lyrics that really shine. Who didn't feel that their world as a teenager was coming to an end for some reason that seems trivial now? A very powerful song.

              14. Fingers - A very bouncy techno-style synthesized beat here, very strange! Possibly my least favourite song on the album, its just not really to my liking. The song in itself is good, they lyrics are good and the chorus saves the song a bit, but it's just not my taste!

              15. Centrefold - A heavy beat, very fast-paced lyrics. I can't help the feeling that the nearer we get to the end of the album the more the quality of the songs fall. I don't like this song, I think the vocals are too fast, I think Pink has a great voice that is best in ballads. Not a great song.

              16. I Have Seen The Rain - we learn from the conversation at the start of this that this song was written by her father in Vietnam, and he performs with her on this song. It's a beautiful mellow acoustic ballad, with fantastic lyrics. As it was written during the war, you get the idea of how heart wrenching the lyrics are. Its a beautiful song, and is one of my favourites. A great way to finish a brilliant album.

              Overall this album will suprise you - it's not just 16 pop songs. There is a wide variety of styles on here, some of which are unexpected but are carried off fantastically.


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                04.03.2009 18:32
                Very helpful



                Brilliant album!!

                The artist information for this review is copied from my review of P!nk's 'Funhouse' album as I couldn't change it and I think it is still relevant information!

                **THE ARTIST**
                P!nk, real name Alecia Beth Moore, is an American song writer and solo artist. She is hugely successful and well know for her feisty, independent attitude and her strong beliefs and opinions on politics, animal rights, gay rights and more. She has won several awards and has a huge dedicated fan base (me included!) and produces consistant brilliant songs. So far P!nk has released five studio albums:
                Can't Take Me Home (2000)
                M!ssundaztood (2001)
                Try This (2003)
                I'm Not Dead (2006)
                Funhouse (2008)

                1. Stupid Girls
                2. Who Knew
                3. Long Way To Happy
                4. Nobody Knows
                5. Dear Mr. President
                6. I'm Not Dead
                7. Cuz I Can
                8. Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
                9. U + Ur Hand
                10. Runaway
                11. The One That Got Away
                12. I Got Money Now
                13. Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self
                14. Fingers
                15. Centerfold
                16. I Have Seen The Rain

                **MY FAVOURITE TRACKS**

                **4. Dear Mr. President**
                I instantly loved this song because it is so powerful, I love the lyrics and the meaning behind the song. It is one of the slower songs on this album and it doesn't have the usual P!nk humour as it is supposed to be a strong ballad but it is fantastic. It is quite a contreversial track, it is directed at President Bush apparently, but I think that everything in this song is just the harsh truth and P!nk is the only artist with the guts to say it! My favourite lyrics from this track are: "What kind of father would take his own daughter's rights away? What kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay? I can only imagine what the first lady has to say, you've come a long way from whiskey and cocaine" I would rate this song 10/10.

                **10. Runaway**
                This is another great track. The verse is quite soft but then it gradually builds up into a rock style chorus that is packed with emotion and angst, it's amazing. Again, like the last track I chose, it's not a humourous song at all but it's not meant to be either, its an emotional song. To me this song seems to be about someone who is in a relationship but feels trapped like the partner is trying to turn them into something that they're not. I don't know the real meaning, that's just how it comes across to me. My favourite lyrics from this track are: "I was just trying to be myself, have it your way i'll meet you in hell, it's all these secrets that I shouldn't tell, I've got to runaway, it's hypocritical of you, do as you say not as you do, I'll never be your perfect girl, I've got to runaway". Again, 10/10.

                **13. Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self**
                Again, another deep and meaningful, emotional track. The brilliant thing about this track is that I think that most people can relate to being this age and feeling like the world is falling down around you but of course, it's not actually that bad, that's just how it seems at that age. I think P!nk gained a lot of respect from parents of teenagers as well as teenagers with this track, it's very clever and one of my all time favourite songs. My favourite lyrics from this track are: "You're laughing but you're hiding, God I know that trick too well, you forget that i've been you and now i'm just the shell, I promise I love you and everything will work out fine, dont try to grow up yet, just give it some time". 10/10.

                **MY OVERALL OPINION**
                I love this album, next to Fuhouse it is my favourite realease from P!nk. There is a good mixture of different songs for different moods, the majority are very emotional and meaningful which I really like. P!nk is a very talented artist and I thin with this album she definitely increased her already huge fanbase. I will never tire of this album and I would recommend it to everyone. Overall, 10/10. Thanks for reading!


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                  17.02.2009 18:12
                  Very helpful



                  Pink's fourth album.


                  As part of my plan to review all the albums I own from my favourite artists I thought about albums that I had not done and came across this one. After reviewing Pink's other albums I wondered why I had not reviewed this one yet. So I found the album in my cd case and listened right through the whole cd for this review. So here is my verdict on Pink's fourth album I'm Not Dead.

                  **I'm not dead**

                  With all of Pink's album she has tried to make each one as different to the rest as possible but still keeping that distinctive Pink sound. I'm Not Dead is the fourth album from Pink and was released on April 3rd, 2006. The album featured the huge singles Stupid Girls and Who Knew aswell as an amazing five other singles. The album received some superb reviews from music critics around the world after the dissapointing response to her third album Try This which happens to be my least favourite Pink album by some distance. I'm Not Dead features production from longtime collaborators Max Martin and Billy Mann alongside executive production from Pink herself.

                  1.) Stupid Girls

                  This is a fantastically catchy tirade against women who are more interested in keeping up an image of themselves that is not unique rather than bothering about their own personality. This is one of the best uptempo tracks she has done in the last couple of albums and is a great way to start off the album. Stupid Girls was a huge single when it was released as the lead single from the album.

                  2.) Who Knew

                  I really loved this track when it was released, Who Knew is an emotive mid tempo ballad about the death of a friendship. It starts with a gentle guitar intro then the tempo gradually gains pace and then once the track is in full swing you hear a really flowing track which is one of the best on the album and was a huge hit single for Pink.

                  3.) Longway to Happy

                  This is a fantastic track which has some great hooks and is one of the catchiest on the album. It also has a great message about it taking a longtime to get over a relationship but you will eventually get over it and will be so much better when you are over it. A fabulous song in terms of lyrical content and musically aswell as superbly sung.

                  4.) Nobody Knows

                  This is one of the slower songs on the album and is a really beautiful ballad about keeping your feelings hidden from your friends and about feeling vulnerable in that situation. Pink is on superb form vocally here and this is an outstanding track that shows just how talented she is. A brilliant track.

                  5.) Dear Mr President

                  This is an open letter to Former President George W Bush, This track raises rhetorical questions to the President about some of his policies and beliefs. war, homosexuality, homelessness and drug abuse. Some of the questions raised are such things like "What kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay", What do you feel when you see all the homeless on the street" and the most comedic "You've come a long way from whiskey and cocaine" about his past with drink and drugs.

                  6.) I'm Not Dead

                  This is an uptempo rock/dance track which also has slower elements towards the end. This track was about the end of Pink's working relationship with Billy Mann which they were reunited with this album. Not one of the best on the album but still a good track that is very catchy.

                  7.) 'Cuz I Can

                  This is an uptemo dance track that is a great hifi tester in terms of timing and poise. This track is about feeling confident in yourself and knowing you have worked for what you have. I love the beat that pounds throught the song. One of her best uptempo tracks on the album.

                  8.) Leave me Alone, (I'm Lonely)

                  This is a track about the contradictions in a relationship when you want to have some time alone but also feel lonely. This is a great catchy track which moves along well. I'm sure everyone has had these kind of moments in a relationship even though they can't understand it when it's on the other foot.

                  9.) U & Ur Hand

                  This is a humourous track about someone she is not interested in coming onto her and her rebuffing them. It does not take much imagination to think what she is telling them to go and do with their hand. A quirky uptempo track that works really well.

                  10.) Runaway

                  This is a gentle track which is about Pink's thoughts as a child. When she felt like running away from her home and her problems. This is a sharply written track which is one of the best on the album and showcases the growth in her music.

                  11.) The One that got away

                  This track is about wondering whether someone is "the one" or whether there's someone better for you. I love the way she moves through the track and her voice is really strong on this track and it shows the growth of her voice since she released her first album.

                  12.) I Got Money Now

                  This is Pink looking back at her problems she has faced and thinking about what she has in her life now. She's also telling people who may try and talk her down that she does not care anymore what they think. A really well cratfed track.

                  13.) Conversations with my thirteen year old self

                  This track is saying what she wanted someone to tell her when she had troubles around aged thirteen. This is a lovely stripped down ballad that finds Pink in fine form with an emotive vocal. A fantastic track that shows the difference between Pink then and now.

                  14.) Fingers

                  This is a quirky uptempo track which may be to racy for some. This track believe it or not is about videotaping herself masturbating. This is a very sassy, seductive track which would go down great in clubs. Suprisingly good.

                  15.) Centrefold

                  This is a catchy track which moves along at a frenetic pace. This track is about her picture being seen in the celebrity magazines and a guy really getting turned on by seeing her picture in the magazines. A decent uptempo track which goes on a little bit too much.

                  16.) I Have Seen the Rain" (featuring James T. Moore)

                  This is the final track on the album and is thirty seconds after the previous track. This is a song written by her father James T Moore about his experience in Vietnam which he wrote whilst he was there. This track has a feel which reminds me of Simon and Garfunkel and James Taylor. A great track to end the album.


                  I'm Not Dead is without a doubt an amazing album which further strengthens Pink's standing as one of the best female singers around at the moment. After her less than great Try This she is back to where she was with Missundaztood and having followed this up with the fabulous Funhouse
                  She seems to be back to carving her legacy. An exceptional album with some very personal songs.


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                    Well worth checking out this artist if you've never heard of them, buy the albumm

                    Hardest review I've ever written, as my bedroom is like an ice box and my hands are just about to fall off, so please enjoy.

                    Who is Pink?
                    The best female artist in the world in my opinion. Born Alicia Beth Moore, when she decided to become a singer, she knew she had to come up with a name, and chose her favourite character from Reservoir Dogs, called Pink. She has had 4 albums have gone brilliantly and have each sold millions and a fourth one on the way late this year.

                    Pink's tracks usually have a rocky feel to them, and she is well known for her attitude, where she doesn't really care about fame and fortune, which comes across a lot in her work. She is against a lot of things and this also comes out a lot in her work. She is seriously a very good female singer and probably one of the best. Here is my review on her best album I'm Not Dead.

                    The Album

                    This album is truly amazing, here is a track by track guide incase you want to know what you are buying.

                    Track 1- Stupid Girls
                    Pink has always been known for her "up yours" attitude, she never really seems to care about politics, or fame and doesn't get sucked in like every other singer does, and this song is all about that. A great start to an amazing album, but I usually do skip it, as it's not my favourite, but the lyrics are quite good. This track attacks the 'plastics' (the best word in the world), you do happen to think of the likes of Paris Hilton when you listen to the lyrics and I'm sure in some way it was a hit against her lifestyle.

                    There are some great one liners in this song that really make you laugh, the tracks one of the weaker ones and I don't find it as good as a lot of the other's on the album but it's still got a brilliant chorus and great video.

                    Memorable Lyrics: "Disaster is all around, a world of despair, your only concern, will it f**k up my hair"
                    "They travel in packs of two or three, with their itsy bitsy doggies and their teenie weenie tees, where oh where have the smart people gone"

                    Rating: 7/10 (One of the weaker tracks on the album, but a great start and a great song against all plastic people)

                    Track 2- Who Knew
                    Probably my favourite track on the album, her voice is so powerful, and he really delivers a lot of emotions which is what she doesn't really do on her other albums. She talks about loosing a love, which is not different from other artists; however it's her voice that really brings forth this emotional song.

                    The song itself is very different from her usual songs, a great difference from the previous track, as it's a lot slower but so powerful and it really builds up to a crescendo near the end and they use what sounds like an orchestra, it really goes so well with the song, as she is singing you can't sort of here it coming, as the track just suddenly reaches the last chorus and her voice lets loose, and as do all of the instruments.

                    Perfect song, which is put together so well. Probably her best slow track not only on this album but all of her previous albums. So powerful and so emotional, amazing work from this artist. A gorgeous song, that I'm sure you will all enjoy.

                    Memorable Lyrics: "If someone said three years from now, you'd be long gone, I'd stand up and punch them out, cause they're all wrong, I know better, cause you said forever, and ever, who knew"

                    Rating: 10/10 (Such a beautiful song, I will leave a link for it at the bottom of the review)

                    Track 3: Long Way To Happy
                    I'm not to keen with how this song starts, however her voice is very soft during the verse and like Who Knew it builds up during the chorus and her voice lets loose as do all of the instruments. Another great power ballad if you will and very different from Pink's usual work. It's not really a sing along song, like a lot of the tracks on this album are, and this is one of the reasons I love it so much, I used to have it on when I went to college to wake me up and found myself singing along to the whole album, except I couldn't with the verses of this song.

                    A very nice song with some amazing lyrics, this is not what you would usually expect from Pink, but in no way is this a bad thing, amazing performance that works so well. A gorgeous song, an amazing addition to the album.

                    Memorable Lyrics: "One night to you, Lasted six weeks for me, Just a bitter little pill now, Just to try to go to sleep, No more waking up to innocence, Say hello to hesitance, To everyone I meet"

                    Rating: 9/10 (A great track, very emotional)

                    Track 4- Nobody Knows
                    Probably the slowest track on the album, and the most different from her usual work, however one of the best tracks on the album as Pink is talking about what she faces behind the public life and it's such a powerful song. Like the previous two the song starts of slow and reaches a crescendo during the choruses, a great song, which was produced brilliantly.

                    It's a very emotional song, especially the lyrics which are amazing as usual, Pink talks about that she sometimes cries but she puts on a brave façade and nobody knows this because she is meant to be strong. Her vocals are so amazing in this song, a very powerful performance from the wonderful Pink, it's a great addition to the album which is well worth listening to. Beautiful.

                    Memorable Lyrics: "Nobody knows, Nobody knows but me, That I sometimes cry, If I could pretend that I'm asleep, When my tears start to fall, I peek out from behind these walls
                    I think nobody knows, Nobody knows no"

                    Rating: 10/10 (A beautiful slow song, different from most of Pink's work but brilliant)

                    Track 5- Dear Mr President
                    Considering the lead singer of Dixie Chicks (where I say I got my name from) said one thing about George Bush and the whole of Texas hated them, then this song may have been quite a risk for Pink however it's done in such a way that it's quite a nice song. This is my mom's pet hate however, she hates the lyrics, but I don't think she's really listened to them, they are amazing.

                    The track is just Pink a guitar and some backing singers; it would have been better near the end of the album however it doesn't seem to fit where it is. The song is meant as a letter to who I assume George Bush, asking him questions that I'm sure 90% of the American population want to know. It's put together fantastically and Pink's voice really makes you listen and despite the fact that this song has faced some people criticising it because they are 'for President Bush' (no idea why), I believe it's exactly what everyone would like to know.

                    Some of the questions she asks are how he can sleep when the rest of us cry, she also tells him about hard work, and goes onto say that hard work is minimum wage with a baby on the way and rebuilding your house after the bombs took them away and building your bed out of a cardboard box. A very deep and moving track and a joy to listen to.

                    Memorable Lyrics: "Dear Mr. President, Come take a walk with me. Let's pretend we're just two people and, You're not better than me. I'd like to ask you some questions if we can speak honestly."

                    "What kind of father would take his own daughter's rights away?, And what kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay?, I can only imagine what the first lady has to say
                    You've come a long way from whiskey and cocaine."

                    Rating: 9/10 (A very good track which is really thought provoking and risky)

                    Track 6- I'm Not Dead
                    Pink started of the album on a fast number and then her tracks got slower and slower but as you listen to the first few bars of this song, you really think, now this is Pink. Straight from those bars you're into it, and the song is great. Unlike most songs, the verse is fast and the chorus is slow, this is a weird concept and is never really shown in most songs, however in this song it is just perfect.

                    This is the title song for the album and Pink is talking about relationships again but this time in a lot more upbeat way and not in your typical way. The tune is the best in my opinion, the music goes so well with her voice and the way they have such an upbeat verse and then the chorus is just her singing and a guitar plucking strings is such a great production and really works for this song. An amazing track, one that starts off the premise for the rest of the album.

                    Lyrics: "I'm not dead just floating, Right between the ink of your tattoo, In the belly of the beast we turned into, I'm not scared just changing, Right beyond the cigarette and the devilish smile, You're my crack of sunlight"

                    Rating: 9/10 (A fantastic upbeat song that everyone will enjoy)

                    Track 7- Cuz I Can
                    Probably the weakest track on the album, however the lyrics are pretty brilliant and the tune is great, however her voice is not up to its usual standard. This track is good however, as she is using her old method and giving people the finger sort of, she's taking the piss out of her famous lifestyle and like Stupid Girls is proving she is not like your regular chick, she hasn't been pulled into the whirlpool that all other singers have been pulled into, she'll do what she wants, and this song just expresses that. A good filler but not a brilliant track.

                    Lyrics: "You talk real loud, but you ain't saying nothing cool, I can fit your whole house into my swimming pool"

                    Rating: 6/10 (The weakest track besides the bonus ones however a good song)

                    Track 8- Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
                    I love this track, from the first bars you can tell it's going to be good. Another upbeat track and a rockier track. The drums are used quite a lot in this track and make the beat so amazing. Some amazing lyrics and yes she does use swear words but they really do make the song more about what Pink really is, and they show more emotion that if she used another word. I'm not ever going to complain about the use of swear words in a song, I listen to Tenacious D for goodness sake, this track is great. She is showing off the difficulties in a relationship in a very upbeat and rocky way. Typical Pink music. Great track

                    "I don't wanna wake up with another, but I don't always wanna wake up with you either, no you can't hope into my shower, all I ask for is one f***g hour"

                    Rating: 9/10 (Another brilliant track, the swearing adds to it)

                    Track 9- U + UR Hand
                    Quite a funky track and another great addition. Pink tells the story about going out for the night and having blokes asking her out, but she can't be bothered, I love the video for this track, check it out, the link is below. It's one of those songs you can't help but head bang, it's got such a great tune and you can't help but sing along. The lyrics are pretty amazing as well; this is true Pink music and one of the one's that was released as a single. A fantastic track and a brilliant video and her voice is very, very strong, this is a perfect example of her brilliance.

                    Lyrics: "I'm not here for your entertainment; you don't really want to mess with me tonight"

                    Rating: 9/10 (Very upbeat song and the tune will stay in your head"

                    Track 10- Runaway
                    A story track in my opinion, it starts off with just Pink and a guitar and the lyrics are telling a story of what she's done, what this track does is show how amazing Pink is and how much effort she puts into each track. It starts of slow and get's more upbeat during the chorus and then stays like this for awhile before going slow again. It's a song about running away and it's got quite a teenage angst to it, which really appeals to me.

                    Such a beautiful track and one of the angsty one's on the album, with some great lyrics which will appeal to anyone. Not a weak track in the slightest, one of the best. Pink's voice is quite quiet during the verse but then she lets loose during the chorus. Amazing track.

                    Lyrics: "I'm too young to be, taken seriously, but I'm too old to believe, all this hypocrisy"
                    "It's hypocritical of you, do as you say not as you do, I'll never be your perfect girl, I've got to run away"

                    Rating: 7/10 (A very nice track)

                    Track 11- One That Got Away
                    This song starts sort of like a country song, with Pink humming along to an acoustic guitar. It starts off quite a happy song, and quite a difference from previous songs, however the mood of the song changes and she begins to loose the guy to another girl. There's a point in the track where she's talking about her man making cappuccino and she asks what sort of man makes cappuccino and then say's "we laughed, we laughed oh we laughed" this is such a good point in the track, it's a point that stands out because it's filled with emotion. It's a very easy listening and has a country feel to it. One of the weaker songs, but still very memorable. Pink sings acoustically fantastically.

                    Lyrics: "I'm not a victim of clichés, I don't believe in soul mates, happy endings or the one, oh but then I met you and all that changed, I had taste, and your still sitting on the tip of my tongue, you were mine, somewhere in time, I'll look for you first, in your next life"

                    Rating: 7/10 (A good addition to the album)

                    Track 12- I Got Money Now
                    I wasn't a big fan of this to start with, but after listening to it more often, the lyrics are quite brilliant. Her voice is not as clear in other songs which make it one of the weaker songs but there's a big message in it. She's saying that she has money now so she doesn't need friends or family but then goes on to say, this is how it seems. A very clever review as she is really talking about anti materialism and how that she's not changed from her young self just because she's got money now, she's the same person she was and she'd give it up in a second. A thought provoking track, but one of the weaker one's on the album.

                    Lyrics: "When I got a little older, I realized, It's all lies, There is no prize, There is no prize, There is no heartache if you can afford, Everything delivered right to your door, Responsibilities, This life is easy, So now girl with everything, How could she complain, Cause she's got it made, Yeah she's got it made, I don't need to be tucked in at night, Told that everything is gonna be alright, Is gonna be alright, Cause I don't have to fight"

                    Rating: 7/10 (A very nice thought provoking track)
                    Track 13- Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self
                    I love this track, it's about the child we used to be and it's Pink having a conversation with her younger self. It reminds me a bit of Family Portrait, it's not as catchy as that song however it's got the same sort of story behind it. The track is quite slow, but it works so well for the lyrics, Pink is telling her younger self that she will be ok and she will turn out great, it's got quite a goosebump feel to the song, the piano is beautiful and works amazingly against Pink's voice.

                    It delves a lot into her past and shows what she had to deal with and how her younger self wasn't as confidant with herself that Pink obviously is and she wants to go back in time and tell her younger self this. A great track, which will give you goosebumps. Amazing addition to the album.

                    Memorable Lyrics: "Come over here and let me hold your hand and hug you darling, I promise you that it won't always feel this bad, There are so many things I want to say to you, You're the girl I used to be, You little heartbroken thirteen year old me"

                    Rating: 8/10 (Brilliant track, something all of us wish we could do)

                    Track 14- Finger's (Bonus Track)
                    I was contemplating whether not to review this as it's only a bonus track but I'll give a bit of information about it. The worst track on the album, it sounds more like Gwen Stefani from No Doubt than anything, there's too much moaning and groaning in the track, not something you really want to listen to, the guitar sounds fake and doesn't really add anything to it. A disappointing track considering the rest of the album, I would usually suggest to turn it over at this point as the next one's not that brilliant but track 16 is just too good to miss. So skip.

                    Rating: 4/10 (Not a very good track)

                    Track 15- Centerfold (Bonus Track)

                    Another disappointing filler track, I would skip this track and the one previous and just go onto track number 16. It's not a brilliant track and doesn't really have Pink's originality about it. Not really a fan of it, but it isn't painful to listen to.

                    Rating: 4/10 (Not a very good track)

                    Track 16- I Have Seen The Rain
                    It starts off with Pink talking about the song, and it's the only track on the album where Pink isn't the lead singer. This is her father Jim Moore and herself harmonising. The song is about the Vietnam War and it's a beautiful song. It's a nice filler track and is nothing really special, but her voice goes so well with her father and you can see where she gets her voice from.

                    One of the things her father said was that he never thought singers had to work too hard, but when they recorded this he learnt quickly. This is where she learnt to harmonise as her and her father used to perform it over America at Vietnam vet functions. Pink and Jim sing about how the song really affected him and how he's glad to be home with his friends. Some people don't like the introduction, but I think it's great as it gives it the track a more personal feel about it. A nice track will recommend listening to it.

                    Rating: 8/10 (A great track preformed by her father)

                    My Opinion
                    This is probably the most detailed album review I have done as I feel so strongly about it, it's such a brilliant album and if you take the time to read about each track you will understand why.

                    If you consider yourself a Pink fan, but haven't brought this album already go out and buy it, however if you haven't brought any of her albums, start with this one as I'm Not Dead is her best album, filled with a mixture of different genres of music, which will appeal to most people. I actually have 2 of these CD's sitting on my shelf as I lost one and went out and brought another one quickly as it's possibly the best CD I've ever heard.

                    There's only two tracks on the whole album which are rated below a 5 and these are bonus tracks, that don't really need to be there. All of the tracks on the album are brilliant and seriously I struggled to write anything bad about any of them.

                    Before this album, Pink has released 3 other albums which I'll list at the bottom as they are well worth checking out as well, but this album surpasses my expectations. Just brilliance. 14 very strong tracks, each one different with her pure and amazing voice and some fantastic lyrics and her usual f you attitude, it makes it one of the best albums ever released. Some amazing tracks which really just blow you away.

                    Pink was always known for her poppy rock kind of tracks like Family Portrait, Get This Party Started and Misunderstood, however this album includes them and so much more. I do like her slower tracks, as she pays more attention to her voice, and the production with these slower tracks are just amazing, usually just with a violin, guitar and piano, they are able to produce some amazing tracks which will have you singing for days.

                    Pink always has something to say, and she's not afraid to say it, as you can see in 'Dear Mr President' which is quite a risky track to write, but it works so well that it is such an addition to the album and she manages to get across her point with some amazing lyrics and such emotion behind her voice that you can't help love it. Pure brilliance.

                    If you are looking for an artist that writes about real things and not just about what ever the hell pop singers sing about these days, then Pink is for you. I sound like she's running for President, but she really is such a hard worker and put's together some of the best albums I've listened to. She's always great at knowing which songs to release as a single and brings them out at the right time. This is a great addition to her album, as a lot of people know the songs, not just because of the album, but because she brings them out when they mean things to people.

                    Her Voice
                    Amazing, so unique and so pure. I'm not a fan of female singers usually, I'm a big sucker for male rock voices, however her voice is so amazing and her range is unimaginable.

                    Writing Ability
                    Her writing ability is just magical, the lyrics all mean something, whether she is talking about past relationship or the plastics, she manages to put everything she wants to into words, but so poetically that each song is just magic.

                    The front of the album it her posing quite weirdly, screaming at the camera with her 'pink' hair covered in roses and doves. Inside is the lyrics for all of her songs, but the reason I am reviewing this is because of her thank you note at the back which is two pages long, it's so nice and so memorable, she talks about everyone who made her what she is today and the people that made sure she didn't become a plastic. A great thank you.

                    Should You Buy The Album
                    I think I already answered that, but a big yes. I give this album hundreds of stars as it's that good, it's filled with everything you want. There are two weak tracks on there but they are towards the end so it's not a big problem. Such a brilliant album and I'm sure you will love it.

                    Hoped this helps.

                    I realise I have used the word 'Plastics' a lot in this review and for those of you that may have not watched mean girls here is my definition: Fake boys or girls, who think that the key to popularity is stabbing people in the back, make up, flirting, and looking like you have just been in a room where a load of oranges blew up. Think Paris Hilton, that should help.

                    This review is completely my own, here are some great songs to check out:

                    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=cJmghwq7k2I : Who Knew

                    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=0oGBvN3rAi0&feature=user : Stupid Girls

                    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=xSahapaHqCM&feature=user : Nobody Knows

                    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=eP1GCCS-hrk : U + Ur Hand


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                      P!nk is back on top, and rightly so. An album every pop fan needs.

                      In 2003, P!nk returned fresh from her mega-selling worldwide #1 album M!ssundaztood with a brand new single Trouble (her best-ever in my view) and an accompanying album, Try This, suitably full of attitude and raunch. However for one reason or another Try This failed to take off in a big way, with underwhelming sales in most countries and poorly-performing singles, especially in the US where she was close to being written-off. 2006 comeback album I'm Not Dead, then, was quite the big moment - regardless of whether she was breathing, was P!nk's career really dead? This was the decider.

                      The album starts out with Stupid Girls, a guitar-assisted uptempo pop track about the desperation of celebrity. The lyrics are refreshing indeed, as P!nk (real name Alicia Moore) shakes her acid tongue at 'paparazzi girls', and the video is equally topical, P!nk pushing up her breasts at the gym and fake tanning far past perfection. The song certainly can't compete with her finest career moments - her previous two lead singles are both much superior in my opinion - but certainly it announces that P!nk is back with a bang, ready to speak her mind and make her mark on the scene once again, and so it works well as the album's opener.

                      Who Knew comes next. The album's hugely-successful second single, it boasts an uplifting guitar riff and hugely evocative strings to create a melodic and memorable piece of midtempo pop. It's certainly one of the highlights of P!nk's career and almost an anthem for the broken-hearted; 'i keep your memory, you visit me in my sleep' she muses whilst posing the rhetorical question 'Who knew?'. Next is Long Way To Happy, which opens with a rock-infused tinkling back before exploding with the chorus into a huge pop-rock number so typical of her collaberations with Butch Walker. The track boasts a huge hook ('keep on rolling like a stone, cos its gonna be a long long way to happy') and is an undoubted highlight on Im Not Dead. It's not hard to see why P!nk reportedly wanted to name the album after this gem, although perhaps the final title fits her comeback intentions somewhat better.

                      Nobody Knows is the first real downfall; a slightly dull and uninspired ballad-esque number without a very memorable tune or hook, it acts merely as a space-filler on the record and losing it would be no big loss. Shockingly the song became the UK's 4th single and, unsurprisingly, only managed to scrape inside the Top 30. Things improve with Dear Mr President, on which ms Moore poses a series of questions to the current US president George Bush ('How do you sleep whilst the rest of us cry? Can you even look me in the eye?'). The track is an acoustic piece of heaven, and such brilliant lyrical content in such an appealing package can only spell good things for listeners, especially those willing to keep an open mind and perhaps think about the issues P!nk is concerned by. The song, a big hit in the countries where it saw a release, finishes with P!nk affirming to the President that she knows he'd 'never take a walk with (her)'. It's another career-highlight.

                      The title track comes sixth and is another midtempo pop-rock track; clearly the album is a work of cohesion. This is no bad thing by any means though, and in fact Im Not Dead is, for me, the best song on the whole album. The verses are bouncy and typical and truly bursting with emotion; when P!nk states that 'just like the changing seasons, I know you'll be back again', we know she's singing it from the heart and not a lyrics sheet. 'You're my crack of sunlight' she cries as a huge, europhoric bridge kicks in which even the most miserable of audiences could barely fail to stand still during. It's simply perfect, as if P!nk has tapped into the heads of her fans, found the formula they want and given it to them on a fabulously pretty plate.

                      'Cuz I Can features a handful of ridiculous lyrics and a truckful of boastful ones; 'I could fit your whole house in my swimming pool' scoffs P!nk, before letting out a slightly evil chuckle. 'Im fucked, because I live a life of sin', she muses. Does she care? No, apparently she'll do what she wants simply because she can. And why not? Of course, the lyrical content doesn't reflect P!nk's mindset; even behind the ballsy attitude it's perfectly obvious that P!nk is not the kind of girl to rub in the fact that she has a large pool or can do whatever the hell she wants, but it's a rare and welcomed moment of fun where romance takes a back seat. That back seat becomes a front seat next, for on Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely), P!nk requests a little space from her lover ('All I ask for is one fucking hour!') before concluding that by tomorrow she'll want him back anyway. It's her most commercial song in years, and it's easy to see why, even after the album had sold triple-platinum in the UK and spawned 4 singles, Leave Me Alone managed to become a moderate success aided only be a live concert video; indeed the song tore up the airplay charts and if released earlier would perhaps have put her in the running for another #1.

                      U & Ur Hand, another Max Martin/Dr Luke-produced number, was in the running for lead single and with good reason. The track (not dissimilar from The Veronicas' Dr Luke-made hit 4Ever) is yet another rocky pop number with guitars and drums aplenty, although perhaps the slightly racy meaning of the song's title helps it stand out from the crowd. The song also comes with possibly the best video of P!nk's career - certainly she was on good form during this era. Runaway slows the pace but, unlike Nobody Knows, manages to make for a truly interesting ballad-of-sorts. 'I wonder how long it'll take them to notice that I'm gone?' wallows the little girl underneath P!nk's rather more mature exterior. The chorus erupts into an altogether bigger pop moment but the sadness-tinged vocals are always present. Sung from the assumed viewpoint of an older teen, P!nk tackles the issues on so many teens' minds ('I wonder if I was a mistake? Life don't make any sense to me...') without sounding cringey, which is no easy feat. Songs with reasonable deep content but an upbeat sound are something of a forte for the girl, and this is no exception.

                      The One That Got Away is the first and only time on the album that P!nk completely escapes the rocky-pop genre in favour of funky country music, and perhaps surprisingly, it totally works. The lyrics border are cute and then some ('I was sitting in his apartment, he was making cappucino, I said what kind of man makes cappucino? We laughed...til tears ran down our face'), as if the audience is being allowed an insight into P!nk's private life, which is beyond refreshing when the majority of romances described in pop music are set on the dancefloor and ponder sex, not coffee. The song is evidence of P!nk's admirable ability to use her gravelly tones over any music and still manage to sing with total conviction, regardless of the subject matter. It's quite the skill. I Got Money Now is a vain and sadly rather unlikeable number which seems to have been placed on the album only to fill out space, and the same can be said of the tedious Conversations With My 13yo Self. Neither song bears repeat listenings and both are probably best forgotten, for they attempt to drag down an otherwise perfect record.

                      Bonus track Fingers features slight electro influences and some fabulously dirty lyrics ('I let my fingers do the walkin' - need I say more?). It's a nice reminder of P!nk's flexibility (musically, NOT with her fingers!) and a fitting bonus track.

                      I'm Not Dead as an album succeeds in doing what was necessary; reminding the public that P!nk is a wonderful talent who deserves the Platinum sales she missed out on with Try This, and, whilst it takes a very commercial route to that success, that's certainly no flaw given the sheer quality of the songs and the mostly admirable lyrical content.

                      She's not dead, not even floating, but soaring high above the competition - back to where she belongs. On top.


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                        19.07.2008 14:16
                        Very helpful



                        A strong debut which leaves all the competition trailing in its wake

                        Pink [or as her name is sometimes stylized as P!nk] is one of the most outspoken and confident singers of the decade. With her 4th offering 'I'm Not Dead' she is back more viciously honest than ever complete with a truckload of catchy and thought provoking new tracks.

                        Pink's real name is Alecia Beth Moore and her rise to fame began in 2000 with the RnB orientated 'Can't Take Me Home'. However she became much bigger with the release of her sophomore effoer 'M!zundastood' in early 2002 known for it's more pop-rock orientated feel and would be the platform for her next two albums [the third being 'Try This' released in 2003].
                        'I'm Not Dead' itself was huge across the world reaching the top 10 in 18 countries and selling over a million copies in both the UK and USA whilst being certified 5x platinum in Australia where it was the most successful.

                        Below is something new for me as I will rate each track individually and explain a little bit about it so I hope it works.

                        01 - Stupid Girls [09/10]
                        Whilst I personally find this to be one of the weaker tracks on the record musically, the message and lyrics [and the video which I strongly reccomend you watch on youtube if you've never seen it]
                        are hilarious. It's just one of many examples of Pink speaking her mind and getting her point across in this case using the catchy pop feel and farcical sound of the song to poke fun at the so-called 'plastic'
                        celebrities and the fact that there are not enough strong female role models for girls. The vide oas I mentioned is hilarious and really allows you to appreciate where she's going artistically with this track.

                        02 Who Knew [10/10]
                        The best track on the album and one of my favourite songs of all time. I interpret it as losing someone you love though P!nk has stated it is about losing a lot of her friends to drug abuse. The song is quite personal and the touching lyrics
                        and the breathtaking display of emotion in her voice makes it one of the most powerful tracks Pink has ever recorded and was co-written by Max Martin who has previously worked with Britney Spears, Robyn and the Backstreet Boys.
                        A beautiful song that I think everybody can relate to on some level.

                        03 Long Way To Happy [07/10]
                        Pink keeps up the grungy, rock feel here again really putting her powerful, voice on display. Though I find this song to be weak musically the lyrics are once more
                        very thought provoking and open to a lot of different interpretations.

                        04 Nobody Knows [07/10]
                        The first proper ballad on the CD sees P!nk discussing the pain we keep inside so nobody on the outside can see it. It again is quite a personal track and it seems that Pink has put herself
                        through the emotional wringer over the course of writing this album. There's so much emotion etched out in every word she sings though the song does tend to grate after a while.

                        05. Dear Mr President [09/10]
                        Probably the most controversial track on the record [even so then the odes to masturbation] this track is perceived as an open letter to George W Bush. It's Pink mixing politics with music and using music as a tool to reach people with her own personal opinions
                        once more. The song is a slow acoustic number and features the American rock/folk duo The Indigo Girls. The lyrics show that Pink is leagues ahead of her pop rivals with an honest and bitter view of the president clearly expressed with my favourite line being
                        'How do you sleep while the rest of us cry' it just spells out so much.

                        06. I'm Not Dead [09/10]
                        The album's title track is a slow but catchy pop fueled track that sees Pink moving from quiet verses to a rushed chorus as though she's moving between moods.
                        It's a nice way to carry on from the last track.

                        07. Cuz I Can [08/10]
                        I find this to be too similar to 'U + Ur Hand' but not as good though it has a real tongue-in cheek, fast paced, upbeat vibe to it, it's worth listening to the funny vocals and
                        the way Pink delivers some of the lines in the song though I felt it was a bit of a contradiction as she deciphers herself here as a lot of the things she was ranting about back in 'Stupid Girls'.

                        08 Leave Me Alone [I'm Lonely] [10/10]
                        This track is a nice little contradiction all wrapped up in a confusing pop mess of a blanket. The melody of the song seems to move in sync with the inner turmoil Pink is having whilst singing as she can't make up her mind if she wants to be loved or left alone.
                        It has really good lyrics and will no doubt be one of the song that stays in your head after you've heard the whole album.

                        09 U + Ur Hand [10/10]
                        Another tongue-in cheek offering here relating to masturbation. An obsession Pink seems to fgind hard to steer away from here. It's nice to see such a catchy, uptempo track still has a place and fits in quite well against the sometimes
                        extremely serious tracks on the CD. There's an angsty, bitter and confident vibe radiating from this track as Pink spits out the vocals about not needing a man to be strong that has so far been lacking from this album a bit compared to her others.

                        10 Runaway [09/10]
                        Runaway is full of teenage angst and is quite obvious about the turmoils of growing up. It's nice to see Pink deliver another belter of a song that is catchy in its own right but has a great set of lyrics that can
                        really bring out a lot of emotion in you.

                        11 The One That Got Away [08/10]
                        The album's tone does dip down a bit from this point onwards with in my opinion a lot of filler. This track is quite nice because it sees Pink actually tackle the topic of love and if whether she's just given up 'the one'
                        though musically it's rather bland.

                        12. I Got Money Now [06/10]
                        I was very unsure of this track and will go as far as to dub it the worst track here and quite a pointless addition to the CD.

                        13 Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self [08/10]
                        Pink finishes up with a beautiful and stunning ballad about talking to her teenage self. It's yet another track about teenage angst but it works so well here, stripped back without the angry feeling
                        of some of her other tracks in this vein.

                        Depending on the version of the CD you purchase there are a few bonus tracks and additions such as 'Fingers' in which Pink talks about filming herself masturbating...

                        Overall I find this album to be a huge stepup from the disappointing 'Try This' though there are a few duds here and personally I think the album would've worked better with only 11 or 12 songs but it's worth buying for the lyrics alone as Pink
                        has a very cheeky but bluntly honest way of criticising herself, those around her and using her music as something a lot more than rolling around with hardly any clothes on.


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                          17.06.2008 14:10
                          1 Comment



                          Pinks best album to date!

                          what can i say about this album exept from it is absolutly fantastic! After the huge hit missundaztood and then the somewhat flop of try this, there was a lot of pressure on pink to produce something special with this album and she certainly did. it was first released in australia on march 31st then on the 3rd and 4th in the U.K and U.S respectivly. The album was going to be titled long way to happy but pink thought it would be much more relevant to title it I'm not dead after her 3 year break after releasing try this. the album was a hit worldwide reaching no3 in the uk and becoming the ninth biggeset selling album of 2006. However it was in australia that the album got the credability it deserves reaching top spot twice in the twenty-sixth and sixty-first weeks of release. it was the seconed biggest selling album of both 2006 and 2007. As of augest 2007 it was certified eight times planinum. this album produced 7 hit singles worldwide, thease being in order of release; stupid girls, who knew, u+ur hand, nobody knows, dear mr president, leave me alone im lonely and cuz i can. undoubtedly my favorite track is dear mr president. written as an open letter to U.S president George Bush it expresses some political facts and opinions perticulary about american politics. Overall an amazing album with something for everyone on it.


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                            29.04.2008 21:25



                            pink is back better than ever

                            I am a huge Pink fan git the album and loved it from start to finish it was fantastic, i then saw her in concert and she was amazing this is well worth listening too.

                            This has to be one of the few albums that has stayed in my cd player for over a year and whats even better is that i do not need to skip any of the tracks i love all of them.

                            This album has been in the charts for a long time now and rightly so.

                            This woman is sure writing some winning songs due to the success of this album and being on tour for 20 months straight and having all shows sold out.

                            If thats not enough of a reason to buy this album then i don't know what is.

                            She has her own mind and strong opinions and values and this really shines through in this album an she has a wide variety of tracks in this album.

                            My favourite songs off the album are Who Knew, Nobody Knows, Im not dead and Long way to happy.

                            This has to be Pink's best album to date and i cannot wait for the next installment.

                            Get it now!


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                              14.02.2008 18:39
                              Very helpful



                              This album is great

                              I bought this CD from HMV for only £7.99, which is a really good offer considering what great tracks are on it. Before I go into any more detail about the album. I'll tell you a bit about the artist!
                              A Pink Portfolio
                              Pink's Real name is Alecia Moore. Her Date of Birth is 8th September 1979. Pink's name is sometimes stylized as P!nk. She was born in Doylestown in Pennsylvania in the USA. Pink identified herself in the Jewish religion. From her Mother's side. Also from her father's side is Irish, German, and Lithuanian.

                              She was inspired by her dad to become a rock singer, as her dad used to sing her songs, when she was younger, using his Guitar. During High School she created her own band called Middleground, which didn't receive popularity except from local ground.
                              As she grew older, around fourteen, she started playing in Philadelphia Clubs. When she reached the age of sixteen, she joined the R&B Alanta-based trio Choice, which included Chrissy Conway of the Christian girl group ZOEgirl.

                              Choice signed up with LaFace Records and created a soundtrack for Kazaam, the soundtrack song was called Key to my Heart. Choice then broke up after recording an unreleased album. Pink then stayed with LaFace records and became a solo act.
                              My Review:

                              1) Stupid Girls
                              "Stupid Girls" is said straight away and then joined with the brill chorus which is unforgettable. The Lyrics are really easy to memorize and the video to go with this song is ok. Anyway this song is up-beat and perfect to listen to. The song is groovy, what I mean is that everyone loves it; the people who hate must have no sense in music.
                              2) Who Knew
                              At the start the music is very sub tile. The music is very low and soft and pretty quiet which speeds up and up-beats when it gets to the chorus. And then it slowly quietens again for the verse. The voice of Pink's is not out of tune it's really great. And her voice doesn't go high pitch or low, it stays the same which can be good, her voice is not loud but not quiet. She sings somewhere in the middle, which is good for the verses then she makes her voice slightly louder during the chorus and much more louder in the end chorus. Not a song you could dance to but great to sing a long to.

                              3) Long Way To Happy
                              The music at the start makes it sound as if it's going to be a nursery rhyme. Her voice is barely heard in the verses, and the bridge, but the chorus blasts its way out of the speakers and into your ears. The music also gets louder at the chorus. But the problem with this song is that it's hard to hear what Pink is singing and therefore making it hard to sing a long to the song. Also this is not a groovy tune, what I'm trying to say is that you wouldn't really be dancing to this song. This song would be perfect to sing a long or do karaoke but on the other hand it's hard to remember the word and know what she is singing.
                              4) Nobody Knows
                              The piano at the start brings you ever so slowly up to the first verse. You can just hear what Pink is saying but not perfectly. You can only just about hear "nobody knows, nobody knows!" This song would be perfect to listen to in the car or sing a long to it but you wouldn't really dance to it or move to it as the music is not perfect for it. The piano is the only musical instrument throughout the song. This proves that it's not a great song as when you see people playing a piano they aren't actually making good sounds as the Guitar would.

                              5) Dear Mr. President
                              The start of the song is quiet which it is all the way through, the lyrics are like the same as you would write a letter. She starts off with "Dear Mr. President". And then she carries on like you would with a letter. And then the chorus comes and the song gets slightly louder. Personally this song is pretty boring and not something I would listen too. But this shows off her voice no matter if it's a sub tile song like this one or an up-beat one like "Stupid Girls"
                              6) I'm Not Dead
                              This song starts off really quiet and then the music blasts out towards you then it goes quiet therefore you hear Pink's voice perfect. Then the chorus comes which isn't that good and then the 2nd verse comes. The verses are pretty quiet so all you hear is the voice. The chorus is good as it's extraordinarily loud compared against the verses. The bridge "I'm not dead just..." is really good as all you can hear is a guitar. The instrumental is really groovy and really good and loud. Along with the chorus it's really up-beat. After the instrumental stays at the same volume when the chorus comes in and Pink has to scream the words.

                              7) 'Cuz I can
                              The start make the song sound as if it's going to be really good but then all of a sudden Pink's voice comes in which don't make the verse any good but personally it's really good as it plays up until the chorus which set's it really perfectly. The chorus don't sound as if it'll be a chorus it sounds as if it's a bridge, the best bit to show this is at the end as all the music gets ever so loud like a bridge should and then the music stop and then goes slowly and quietly.
                              8) Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
                              This song is perfect to go on after "'Cuz I Can" as it follows sort of the same cool sound. This song is groovy especially at the start. Pink's voice is heard clearly but it's slightly muffled with the music. Especially the chorus. Personally this is a great song but I would prefer to list to either "'Cuz I Can" or "Stupid Girls". You can hear the drums behind her pretty clear.

                              9) U and Ur Hand
                              This song gets stuck in my head straight away! The lyrics are really easy to learn, I know them all off by heart. The start is pretty cool as it's rocking. The music has a rhythm to it. The verse is good and it leads perfectly up to the chorus which blasts out at you and then slowly quietens down.
                              10) Runaway
                              The start of the song is very sub tile and not brill the music is easily heard over Pink's voice. She is soooo much better singing a more pop/rock song than this very sub tile and enormously boring song. "Runaway" is heard quite a few times which is pretty good as it's perfect for the title. This song is totally rubbish especially since it's after "U and Ur Hand"!

                              11) The One That Got Away
                              The guitar at the start sets the mood of the song. This is a great song but not as great as "Stupid Girls". If I took my time to learn the words people would be seeing me singing to this song but considering I'm a bit caught up with work (my dad's work I should say) I don't have the time. The mood of the song is happy but at other bits where the guitar isn't used as much, the tone of the mood slips away and turns slightly unhappy. The more you listen to the words of the song you feel upset towards the person as someone they probably loved slipped away. This song would be good at a funeral and setting the mood perfectly.
                              12) I Got Money Now
                              The use of the guitar is perfect to make this song run after "The One That Got Away" but on the other hand, it'll be really difficult to learn the lyrics as Pink's voice is hidden in between the music of the guitar making this song which could have been great, into a total rubbish song!!!

                              13) Conversations with My 13 Year Old Self
                              The music at the very start is hardly anything. The repetition of "Conversations with my 13 year old self" is concluded after 3 repeats. The music over powers pink's voice. This is not a brill song but it is something that I would sing along too. The song's lyrics make you believe you are 13 again and it shows how their problems can affect everyone or certain people. It shows that 13 is the start of people's teens and that can affect quite a lot of people. Personally I would listen to this to soothe me after an argument
                              14) Fingers
                              The music is really catchy at the start. Then it repeats it's concluded melody all the way through the song. Pinks voice has a threatening side to it which is perfect in this sort of song. This is the sort of song I would dance to. "I let my fingers do the walking" makes this song really good and you want to know what Pink is talking about! I love this song a lot and I like following the lyrics and sing them out while listening to this sort of music. If Pink released this song she'll go straight to no.1 for at least 2 weeks!

                              15) Centerfold
                              The music with the guitar makes this song a really good rock sound, I love it! Though on the other hand all I can hear is the music and not music of the mumble of lyrics. Though on the other hand I hear "Centerfold" repeated a lot of times in which I think is the chorus. I love this song so much to not care. This song would easily go up to no.1 definitely!
                              16) I Have seen the rain
                              This song is soooo not great to go on after "Centerfold", especially since "Centerfold" is a rock sort of song and "I Have Seen the Rain" is so much of a sub tile and slow and peaceful song. Though on the other hand I think Pink wanted this song to be put in as at the start she does a little introduction on the song and she talks about her dad who went to Vietnam and died there and this is he's song that he wrote. So on the other hand it's a lot better. Though still it wouldn't be able to get to no.1!

                              The cover of the case
                              The cover is a bit crazy as Pink is posed in a side view sort of thing and there is lights over her head as if it's a crown. What she is wearing is pretty good as it's a rose jacket and her pinky whitish hair is just seen through the lights.


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                                27.12.2007 07:25
                                Very helpful



                                Best album I have bought this year

                                Pink - I'm not Dead

                                This is Pinks fourth album released in 2006 and she really doesn't disappoint you! It costs £5.97 on Amazon. I have reviewed each track individually giving the track time and my rating out of 5.

                                1) Stupid Girls (3.17) 5/5
                                "Outcasts and girls with ambition that's what I want to see"
                                Latin style guitar playing is in the background with Pinks aggressive singing makes this song fun to listen it. It's quite bouncy and would be a song you could dance to easily. It portrays a great message about how celebrities (the popular people what I call plastics) are stupid girls and how she wouldn't want to be like that. Also how she hopes that the epidemic of people acting like this stops and girls have ambition and are not afraid to be different and do something with their life. I think she is saying there is a lack of role models for young teenagers.

                                2) Who Knew (3.28) 5/5
                                "If someone said 3 years from now you'd be long gone. Id stand up and punch them out cause they're all wrong".
                                This is a ballad with an edgy side to it. There is a guitar playing softly with a steady beat getting more dramatic at the chorus. You find yourself tapping your foot to it very easily. The song is about losing someone and how you don't count your blessings until they are gone.

                                3) Long Way To Happy (3.49) 4/5
                                "Keep on rolling like a stone, cause its going's be a long way to happy"
                                This song is slow and serious, however it has a rock vibe to it, making is edgy and one you sing along to. This song is about someone who doesn't know about love and its going to be a long time before they are happy. It makes me think that its about someone who was abused.

                                4) Nobody Knows (3.59) 3/5
                                This is a dramatic slow song where Pink shows off her vocals. It starts off with just a piano playing building up to drums on the chorus giving it that rocky edge. It's a song about nobody knowing or caring about her thoughts and she's afraid of losing herself and everyone.

                                5) Dear Mr President (Feat Indigo Girls) (4.33)
                                "How do you sleep when the rest of us cry"
                                This is a slow song with just an acoustic guitar playing. I think they have kept it simple so people will focus on the words. The song is sang like it is a letter, where Pink sort of attacks the president for sending people to war, saying how much it is affecting everyday people, asking how does he sleep when the rest of us cry. She says he wouldn't face up to her and take a walk with her. The song is catchy and definitely the words draw attention to it. In her concert Pink had pictures up of war which I thought where upsetting to watch. I think she wanted to give people that shock factor also that she wants to promote peace not war.

                                6) I'm Not Dead (3.46) 4/5
                                "I'm not dead, just floating"
                                This is another song with a strong rock influence with the drums and guitar playing throughout which I think compliments Pinks voice very well. At the end of the song there is a guitar solo. I think the song is about people coming and going from your life and how some people keep constantly coming back into your life. Also that sometimes your life has no direction but you always find your way.

                                7) Cuz I Can (3.43) 4/5
                                "You talk real loud but you aint saying anything cool I can fit my whole house in my swimming pool".
                                Pure rock and roll song which has a computerised guitar sound to it. Pinks voice sounds computerised at certain times. This song at the start is Pink telling you she's back and that she's got everything, has loads of money and hopes she stays on top because if she doesn't she's in trouble because she lives a life of sin. She comes across quite cocky making out that there are no rules onto her.

                                8) Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) (3.18) 4/5
                                "Go away give me a chance to miss you"
                                Guitar and drums open this song with a great tune. Then it goes into Pink singing which gives a dreamy effect, you nearly think it could be a love song until you listen to the words. It's an upbeat and a bouncy song, which you can sing along to. She wants to have some time by herself but she loves her partner. It sounds like she feels smothered. The chorus sings "Leave me alone (I'm lonely) go away come back" It's like she can't make her mind up.

                                9) U and U Hand (3.34) 3/5
                                "I'm not here for your entertainment you really don't want to mess with me tonight".
                                Another song with that rock edge to it with some interesting beats. It's about her going out for a night and men coming onto her. She cant be bothered with men trying to come onto her, she doesn't care what they think of her she doesn't want to know them and tells them to keep their drink and just give her their money . She was fine before they walked into her life, she just wants to dance by herself and have fun without them. The chorus just makes me want to sing at the top of my voice and jump up and down. You could get up and dance to this song.

                                10) Runaway (4.23) 3/5
                                This song is a lot slower and is more serious which you can get from Pinks tone and the music being played. It's about running away. It starts off slow and explains the build up running away and then once it gets to the chorus it gets loud and aggressive (trying to show all the frustration maybe). Then is goes back to explaining why she's running away. It sounds almost child like and something a teenager would do.

                                11) The One That Got Away (4.42) 3/5
                                It's about the one that got away and has a country vibe to it. Pink falls in love with this man unexpectedly (it sneaks up on her), however he slipped away from her because he was someone else's man. This song is very easy listening and relaxing. It's what I call a chill out music.

                                12) I Got Money Now (3.55) 3/5
                                A slow song which you can sing along to. It's a story about Pink wanting to please everyone when she was younger but she doesn't have to now she's got money (or so it would seem). I think its telling you that no matter how much money or how famous you are you still need friends and family. Plus you need people to like and accept you. Pink sounds sad throughout the song it makes you think money is a burden. The track is very easy listening,however it's not really a hit.

                                13) Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self (3.50) 2/5
                                This song has a dreamy feeling to it like Pink is telling her 13 year old self its going to be ok in a dream. The piano plays lightly throughout and has a dramatic feeling to it. I think this song would be good for teenagers to relate to showing them that everyone feels the same as them. The piano sends chills down your spin at the end.

                                14) Fingers (3.43) 3/5
                                There is a lot of moaning and groaning throughout this song which sort of spoil's it. There is a computerised guitar playing again which gives an eerie effect to it. You could easily dance to this song. Pinks voice sounds computerised at certain points of the song and then other parts she's just moaning which is more annoying the more you listen to it. It's about writing a song at night when no-one else is watching however it is very suggestive and would make you think it has another meaning. I think this song really is an album filler.

                                15) Centrefold (3.47) 4/5
                                This track is back to the rock theme, with a beat you can tap your feet to. It's a song you would enjoy dancing to. It's got a lot of computerised sounds as well as drums playing in the background. The song is about Pink being on the re-bound and her ex wants her back referring to herself as a angel, the pretty little paper doll who he couldn't control. It really shows herself as a woman who is strong and very much in control of her life.

                                16) I Have Seen The Rain (3.29) 4/5
                                This song was written by her father Jim Moore, she grew up singing it with him at different Vietnam vet functions. She learnt how to harmonise and how to love an acoustic guitar because of her father. The song is a ballad which her father sings with her harmonising and the acoustic guitar is being played. The song is about how the war affected him and how he should have been more only for the war. Also how his mind is still back 30 years ago when he's just stepping off the plane and how glad he is to be at home with his friends. I think it's a great song which has been made more personalised by Pink introducing it.

                                I think this alum is very much worth every penny. Each song is different and tells a different story (not every song is about love or heartbreak). There are songs to suit every mood whether you want to relax or get up and dance. I feel this is Pinks best album to date and in my opinion the best album I have bought this year.

                                Originally posted on Ciao under my username denisekelly40


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                                  12.07.2007 21:54
                                  Very helpful



                                  recomend this cd to anyone!!

                                  If you like pink you will take to this cd quite well! It has great lyrics although some of the songs are very average there are some brilliant songs here and also some that is normal. Although I must admit I like them all! It has thirteen songs plus a couple of bonus tracks too, the songs on this cd are
                                  • Stupid Girls ( well I think most of us no this song! Its all about girls who throw their life away for a life of partying and fame, in this song it talks about wanting to do better for yourself)
                                  • Who Knew ( this song is quite average its about believing someone when they say they will be around forever, and then realising the truth about the world I mean nothing last forever right? Anyway its all about young love)
                                  • Long Way to Happy (This song is about being depressed it’s a song that’s real in this world, its tells all about not being able to find a way out and if you have ever suffered from depression you will relate to this song!)
                                  • Nobody Knows (this is another song about people no knowing anything about what’s going on in your head. It’s another average song but its cool when you know the words and what it’s about.
                                  • Dear Mr President ( This song is very catchy! Its all about questioning the president of the way the world is and why he doesn’t seem to care!)
                                  • I’m Not Dead ( This is a very catchy song too its full of attitude, its all about bouncing back against everyone who has ever treat her bad, telling them that she doesn’t care bout what they say no more)
                                  • Coz I Can ( this is another very catchy beat to it and the lyrics are great, its another one that is full of attitude saying that she will do whatever she wants regardless of what anyone says about it because she can There is also a bit swearing in this one)
                                  • Leave Me Alone ( This is another catchy song its about not wanting to spend every single minute with her boyfriend, she talks about wanting some space to breath even if its just an hour, although there is a bit swearing in this one)
                                  • U & Ur hand ( This is about not being able to go clubbing without guys coming on to you its another catchy one also another one with a little bit of swearing)
                                  • Runaway ( This is good lyrics and a good beat its all about not being fake no more and having to run away so she can be herself, she doesn’t feel like anyone cares in the song)
                                  • The one that got away ( This is about a guy who she let get away who was amazing)
                                  • Got Money Now ( This one had brilliant lyrics and beat to it, its all about trying hard to make people like her, then she just doesn’t care no more coz she has got money now)
                                  • Conversations With My Thirteen Year Self ( This is quite average about having no one else to talk to about her problem she sings what’s on her hear to her thirteen year old self)
                                  Bonus track
                                  • Fingers ( T his has a very catchy beat to it, its very unique and different she sings about being bored and about what she dose with her finger)
                                  • Centrefold ( This is a very upbeat catchy tune about attitude and about a guy not controlling her)
                                  The cover is very different too and catches your eye! I love to play this cd when my lad winds me up lol. There is also one other song on that her dad wrote that is not on the back of the cd its not to bad but it could be better.


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                                • Product Details

                                  Disc #1 Tracklisting
                                  1 Stupid Girls
                                  2 Who Knew
                                  3 Long Way To Happy
                                  4 Nobody Knows
                                  5 Dear Mr President
                                  6 I'm Not Dead
                                  7 Cuz I Can
                                  8 Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
                                  9 U + Ur Hand
                                  10 Runaway
                                  11 One That Got Away
                                  12 I Got Money Now
                                  13 Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self
                                  14 Fingers
                                  15 Centerfold
                                  16 Stupid Girls
                                  17 Who Knew
                                  18 Long Way To Happy
                                  19 Nobody Knows
                                  20 Dear Mr President
                                  21 I'm Not Dead
                                  22 Cuz I Can
                                  23 Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
                                  24 U + Ur Hand
                                  25 Runaway
                                  26 One That Got Away
                                  27 I Got Money Now
                                  28 Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self
                                  29 Fingers
                                  30 Centerfold
                                  31 Stupid Girls
                                  32 Who Knew
                                  33 Long Way To Happy
                                  34 Nobody Knows
                                  35 Dear Mr President
                                  36 I'm Not Dead
                                  37 Cuz I Can
                                  38 Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
                                  39 U + Ur Hand
                                  40 Runaway
                                  41 One That Got Away
                                  42 I Got Money Now
                                  43 Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self
                                  44 Fingers
                                  45 Centerfold
                                  46 Live In Europe DVD Teaser
                                  47 Interview
                                  48 Stupid Girls
                                  49 Stupid Girls
                                  50 Stupid Girls
                                  51 Photo Gallery

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