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I Trust You To Kill Me - Rocco Deluca & The Burden

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Genre: Rock / Artist: Rocco Deluca & The Burden / Audio CD released 2006-05-08 at Polydor

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    2 Reviews
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      21.01.2009 15:17



      A definate buy to anyone to come across this band

      Being a massive fan of Kiefer Sutherland, i heard about him and his record label, however i wasnt expecting a great deal to come out of it. When he said about his new band Rocco Deluca and the Burden, i thought i might just look them up.
      I was not expecting to hear an amazing band like these guys are.
      They have such an amazing and unique sound unheard of in any other band i know out there at the moment.
      The Dobro guitar which Rocco uses amazed me, so much so that i bought one myself, i cannot play it however the way Rocco Deluca plays his is truly astounding.
      This band has an amazing sound, rock, punk, pop, anything you want to hear this band produces and they produce it well. There songs are fantastic, the passion for the music can be heard in each lyric and not that they play.

      If anyone was to stumble upon this album they should be sure to buy it. They have an amazing sound which hasnt been heard for many years and is unlikely to be heard again, for another album to come out from this band would be fantastic and i know i would be sure to definatly buy it.


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      24.10.2008 18:15
      Very helpful



      A great debut from a very talented young man.

      I'll admit I had never heard of Rocco Deluca until I randomly bumped into him along with his good pal Kiefer Sutherland (ouch, there goes my toe with the namedropping!) in a pool hall in Maine a couple of years back. A very random and fun night it was too, and when I got home from America I immediately looked up Rocco and bought his CD. I wasn't sure what I'd think of it, and didn't know what to expect, but he is a really nice guy and I wanted to give it a try.

      Am I ever glad I did! Fortunately for me, Rocco's music is right up my street.

      This CD, released on Kiefer's Ironworks record label, was released in 2006. It shares its title with a "rockumentary" which followed the band behind the scenes while touring across various countries under the watch of "tour manager" Kiefer, who lasted a whole 10 days and was glad to be back to acting!

      Rocco started out solo, predominantly playing The Gypsy Lounge in California, but upon joining wtih Ironworks formed a band (The Burden) with Ryan Carman (drums), Dave Beste (bass), Greg Velasquez (percussion) and Brett Bixby (keyboard, rhythm guitar, sitar). Deluca himself takes on singing, songwriting and playing the slide guitar (Dobro), which he has played since age seven and definitely gives the album a edgy, different feel.

      Tracks are as follows:

      1. Gift - A slow start to the CD but with thoughtful lyrics. A nice easy listen but nothing special. 7/10
      "Confused, the twilight sings
      It looks like diamond rings
      The jewels that this hour brings
      Throw shadows in the park"

      2. Dope - Starts with a nice beat, the Dobro really makes Rocco stand out. After an average start with track one, this will make you sit up and take notice. 8/10
      "Show me your favorite image
      Is it gonna burn my brain
      Show it to me just the same".

      3. Colorful - The only single to come out of the album, a cheery, upbeat anthem for the CD. A breath of fresh air. 9/10
      "You swim like you're on fire
      Live like your last day
      Drink like it's water
      There's no tommorrow"

      4. Bus Ride - A slow-down again, not my favourite track to be honest. The lyrics are a little less inspired than his usual, but chilled and pleasant enough. 6/10
      "Two knocks on your door
      The doorknob turns
      My stomach burns to say
      Can i take you home...to my house"

      5. Swing Low - Rockier, edgier, and what Rocco does best. Love it! A nice beat, really showcases Rocco's destinctive voice. 8/10
      "Lay me down
      Let me go
      Feeling heavy
      The ground is cold
      Lay me down
      Take it slow
      I'm ready to stumble, sing & then swing low"

      6. Speak to Me - Not a stand-out track, but not bad either. 7/10
      "Campaign slogans election year
      Fiction writer greatest fear
      Private letters instruction books
      Formulas ancient script"

      7. How Fast - I'm very much undecided on this track. It starts well, love the intro, but for me it gets a little repetitive. Can't fault the music side of it though. 6/10
      "Crawl into another cave
      All the things you tried to save
      On your arm it's engraved
      That the world's come apart"

      8. Gravitate - Faster, rockier, a lot different from the rest of the CD...but it works. 7/10
      "I'm jealous of the world
      The world is jealous of me
      I see the way that it turns
      Dumb and beautiful"

      9. Mystified - Probably my favourite song on the CD. Mellow, soulful and easy to listen to. 9/10
      "When my eyes hit the ground
      That means i'm afraid to succeed
      But it's a high to be down
      Praying for this disease"

      10. Draw - This is one of a couple of tracks which really reminds me of the Stereophonics. Which I think is why I like it, but it sounds a little old. 7/10
      "It could be simple
      My hand guide my pencil
      My head is a mad child scribbling circles"

      11. Soul - Unfortunately by the end of the weird intro, I was already annoyed at the song. Which is a shame because it then gets rocky and pretty good. One to stick out! 7/10
      "I can't believe you're saying
      That you've given to me all that you can
      I can't believe you're thinking
      At the top of your lungs this feels so bad"

      12. Favor - Again with the stupid intros! Not really loving this song. 6/10
      "Across your arm
      A blue ink pen
      Reminds you to think of others first
      So write down things
      That you can't say
      And do me a favor once in a while"

      Average rating: 7.25 (not including two bonus tracks which would have pulled it up a little).

      I'd recommend this CD for anyone who likes alternative, or alt-country, or anyone who wants to give a great new artist a try. Rocco is a really nice guy and very thoughtful, his lyrics definitely reflect this. Rumour has it Rocco is soon to release a follow-up and I for one can't wait!

      The enhanced version of this CD - which includes video footage and two bonus tracks, Dillon (written for his son) and Daybreaker, is currently on sale at Play.com for only £5.99, which it is well worth in my opinion! I also just spotted it on Amazon Marketplace for 89p! For that price you MUST buy it!


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Gift
      2 Dope
      3 Colorful
      4 Bus Ride
      5 Swing Low
      6 Speak To Me
      7 How Fast
      8 Gravitate
      9 Mystified
      10 Draw
      11 Soul
      12 Favo

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