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Ignition - Offspring

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10 Reviews
  • Not to everyone's taste
  • Snotty vocals!
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    10 Reviews
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      08.05.2010 11:24
      Very helpful



      A superb album, probably one of their best!

      This is the second studio album from the offspring on epitah records back in 1991 and was the follow up to Smash. The album contains 12 songs and the album runs for roughly 37 minutes 28 seconds.

      Session - Fast drumming and a very quick riff keep this song lively and give it a punchy sound. Dexter's voice is as always very distinctive. The verses and chorus are all fast paced and you will find yourself enjoying every second of the song!!
      What an album opener! The end of the song is quick and abrupt but great.
      This is one of the best songs on the album.

      We are one - Another track with a quick beat and pace. Very punky too. This song is catchy and a great addition to the album.

      Kick him when he's down - With a catchy beat to get this one started you wonder what's in store, well very soon after the guitars kick in with a semi heavy , the verse works well with the accompanying music, and the chorus is also fast and upbeat. Dexter's voice is brilliant and you will find yourself singing along in no time at all. The combination of Dexter's voice, the lyrics, the band with a stop start sort of style come together to create a masterpiece. 3 minutes of awesomeness. One of the best songs on the album.

      Get it right - A song that will get you moving but to be fair there are so many better tracks to listen to, does have early punk influences within.

      Dirty Magic - A great solo intro for this song with some good picking. This is added to with another riff making a great combination that works very well together.
      The lyrics are quite easy going but compliment the style of song. Its not too heavy and its not too lame either. The chorus perks up though with some harder riffs. One of the best songs on the album.

      No Hero - Another fast heavy start o a song. This one has a a great beat and rhythm throughout the verses. The chorus's become louder and are fast. An instant hit. All aspects have been well organised. This could very well be my favourite song on the album. Its executed so well. This punk song will get anyone and everyone bobbing/bouncing around.

      L.A.P.D - A song based around the violence and attitude of the LAPD towards everyone around. The song starts off with a strong bass line and some rough guitar riffs. Then these burst into life making a brilliant rhythm and excellent song. Get jumping and into the song. One of the best songs on the album.

      As many people will tell you i have not reviewed all the songs, but instead i have highlighted the best ones for you. The rest are amazingly good but i think are just below these i have mentioned in terms of brilliance.
      So if you're an offspring fan then you will love this album, its fast paced and has loads of punky riffs and brilliant lyrics for you to get involved with. If you're a new offspring fan then you should still definately get hold of this album as its genius and probably one of the best albums the offspring made. Go and buy this album, give your ears a treat.


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      16.02.2010 09:53
      Very helpful



      Really good punk album.

      After hearing Offspring's first album as well as Smash and Ixnay on the Hombre I decided to hunt this album down and I instantly loved it, whereas the first album was a competent garage punk album this album focuses a lot more on drum intros and fitting guitar riffs. The songs seem to gel better on this album and the songs seem a lot more mature.

      Offspring had signed to Epitaph on this album and had pretty much been given permission to produce whatever they wanted which is what they did.

      I'll just mention some of my personal favourites.

      This song starts with Dexter Holland shouting the F word several times before a drum intro kicks in. The song tells the story of a young man who keeps visiting a woman who doesn't like him and is just using him. The song Self Esteem from their next album was very similar.

      Kick Him When He's Down
      I don't know what it is about this song but it is instantly infectious like a pop song. I love this song and it is a true experiment because I haven't heard another Offspring song like it.

      Dirty Magic
      I usually really dislike slow Offspring songs but this one dragged me in with the meaningful story behind it. It shows Noodles has a really good guitarist too.

      No Hero
      Another song with a deep story behind it, it tells the story of a young man who killed himself and the man who blames himself. I love the little breakdown in the middle of the song before it kicks back in.

      This is quite a gritty song about the brutality of the LA police force. I love the bass guitar intro and the intensity of the song when it kicks in is awesome.

      A very experimental which rarely falls short of the mark, you should certainly own this album.


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      19.09.2007 16:04
      Not Helpful
      1 Comment




      Wow!!! I finally hear amazing reviews about this album... As a young teen i was amazed that punk music could be so good!!! I overplayed my CD until it didn't work.. as of 2007 i've purchased 4 Ignition CD's cause i can't get enough of that album. I used to lock my self in my bedroom and listen for hours straight before going to football practises or games.. Would put me in the zone, big time, to go hurt!!!


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        18.07.2004 23:31
        Very helpful



        • "Not to everyone's taste"

        Southern Californian band ‘The Offspring’ are one of the biggest selling punk bands of recent years, popular for their catchy choruses, accessible and cheery guitar riffs and slightly childish sense of humour that appeal to young people across the world. As the band became increasingly popular throughout the nineties, their sound became more commercial and less aggressive punk rock and claims that the band had ‘sold out’ were very quickly voiced: of course they had, that’s what ‘adapting’ means.

        I’m not a fan of the band’s recent releases, but it was their 1997 album ‘Ixnay on the Hombre’ that got me into music in general (there you go, that’s where the blame lies). After listening to that album relentlessly I invested in the band’s back catalogue and wasn’t disappointed. Their second album ‘Ignition’ is probably the most overlooked and unappreciated of the Offspring’s albums and, although it took me quite a long while to appreciate, it’s now an album I listen to again and again.


        There were deliberate changes made to the band’s sound between their self-produced, self-titled album of 1990 and their first release on the competitive Epitaph punk label. The most obvious is the eradication of what were described (very fittingly) as “unnecessary guitar solos”: guitarist Noodles punctuated every other verse on the debut with some string noodling. Secondly, the band also seem to incorporate more elements of rock music in general that makes for a more original sound than the strictly punk style of their first release: this album includes a grunge-style song and a mix between heavy and more traditional punk guitars.

        There is little similarity between this album and the band’s excellent successor albums ‘Smash’ and ‘Ixnay on the Hombre’: the humorous undertones are barely visible as this deals with more serious subject matter in a more mature style than the now-aging band have ever reproduced since. Dexter’s voice sounds meaningful, the guitars and bass are concise and the drums are excellent at moving everything along, even if they are largely unoriginal.

        The Offspring were:

        Bryan “Dexter” Holland – vocals
        Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman – guitar
        Greg K – bass guitar
        Ron Welty - drums


        1. SESSION

        Beginning with some quiet, angry screaming of “f***,” ‘Session’ is one of the catchiest and most memorable speedy songs of the album, dealing with quite ordinary relationship issues to get the listeners comfortable. There is a brief break in the middle for some minor guitar experimentation, screamed over by Dexter, but this is fairly straightforward and would remain a live favourite for many years.

        “Oh here I go, I go again,
        Our rendezvous never seem to end,
        Know where I’ll be, make this confession,
        Back in her bed for another goddamn

        2. WE ARE ONE

        A (slightly) slower, bass-led song with a rousing ensemble chorus and some great guitar work in the instrumental section, the slightly longer length of four minutes allows for a more diverse track than most of the others that allows for some progression at the end, before the song fades out.

        “We are one and it won’t be news
        When we hang ourselves in one collective noose
        Well it won’t be wrong, our day in the sun is going to stop…
        The walls come tumbling down”


        Opinion is divided on this track: personally I think it’s quite fun but not very impressive, based on a more traditional eighties punk rock style. The chorus pales in comparison to the rest of the album and for me the only thing saving this song is some of the guitar work, although there’s still no solo.

        “When the rain comes I sit home and pray,
        Make it all numb
        I wish it all away,
        All I really need is just somewhere to hide away”

        4. TAKE IT LIKE A MAN

        More musically interesting than the previous tracks, this nevertheless sounds like a repeat of track two in some ways. There’s a little over-reliance on the cymbals, but thankfully there’s a melodic ‘woah’ section. That’s always good.

        “Now don’t get me wrong,
        I’ve seen many a life gone astray,
        When someone goes, all you bows
        Won’t make it any better so let it go”

        5. GET IT RIGHT

        One of my favourites here, this is where the album starts getting interesting. Dexter’s voice sounds like the shout he uses on the later albums and the unison choruses are the best yet. A slower middle section also shows the musical creativity of this CD in contrast to more recent works such as ‘Splinter’ and ‘Conspiracy of One.’ Great shouty ending too.

        “Look out boy, tomorrow comes
        And things will look better by then.
        But I look out the window, look in the mirror,
        Same old me again”

        6. DIRTY MAGIC

        Many peoples’ favourite on the album, the opening does sound very reminiscent of Nirvana’s ‘Come as You Are.’ Once the chorus begins it’s clear that this is a punk song, but a deeper and more intricate punk than the norm. I’ve never been that big a fan of grunge but I really enjoy this track, especially as it gives the guitar freedom to be creative. The band ripped off their own chorus here for the later song ‘Have You Ever.’

        “Pull the shades, razor blades,
        You’re so tragic.
        I hate you so, but love you more,
        So elastic.”

        7. HYPODERMIC

        Anything following ‘Dirty Magic’ would need to be excellent to avoid disappointment; unfortunately this is distinctly average and over-repetitive. One of the weak links of the album, but the muted grinding guitars in the verses and the prominent bass sound better than they have previously.

        “Once you get a ride,
        Doesn’t matter where you lied.
        Once you shoot it in,
        Doesn’t matter who you’ve been.”

        8. BURN IT UP

        The closest thing to a title track and a humorous song, although still a song based around pyromania. Catchy, fun and still quite good musically, this mainly acts as light relief between the more serious songs. The style of lyrics is reminiscent of the earlier song ‘Beheaded,’ which applied a comic tone to a mentalist who enjoyed severing heads. Cool.

        They call it an obsession,
        I think it’s kinda bitchin’,
        I think it’s kinda neat”

        9. NO HERO

        This song sounds like it’s based on true events and as such is the most meaningful on the album, dealing with failure to help a suicidal friend, ultimately realising you are not to blame. There is a musical break in the middle that helps set this song apart even more and the anger and depression in Dexter’s vocals makes it all the better. One of the most impressive on the album.

        “Johnny was a weirdo so
        What did you expect?
        I ain’t no f****ng hero I’m just
        Trying to survive myself”

        10. L.A.P.D.

        My very favourite track on the album, the bass guitar builds up to the heaviest offering on the album, criticising the LA police and accusing them of discrimination and lack of moral judgement. The lyrics seem a little sarcastic, but this isn’t light-hearted in the way ‘Burn it Up’ was. A great solo too, not to mention excellent work all round – this deserves more appreciation in contrast to the band’s bland popular singles of the present day.

        “The city of L.A. feels like a prison,
        With helicopters overhead and bullets whizzing by,
        Martial law ain’t no solution,
        Police brutality’s just social pollution”


        Another excellent track to follow, this is mid-tempo and again quite meaningful, as well as one of the most optimistic on the album. Plenty of experimentation but all kept in check, Dexter’s vocals sounding similar to ‘Get it Right.’ A great song as the album draws to a close…

        “Cut me for the lion’s share,
        It’s mindless but I don’t care.
        Cause no matter what I say,
        I’m in another fight”

        12. FOREVER AND A DAY

        When I first heard this track I hated it, but now I love it: it’s the perfect ending to the album and even fades out at the end. Everything seems sped up and increased in volume here at no cost to the impact of the song, and there is even a chance for Noodles to practice his soloing towards the end. A classic closer.

        “If you’ve got the answer,
        Then I don’t want to know.
        If you’ve got the answer,
        Just keep it your own.”


        This album is proof (among other examples) that the Offspring should not be classed merely as ‘skater punk’ for the younger generation: the messages here are clear and intelligent, while the music shares more similarity with underground punk of the eighties to the pop-influenced punk of bands such as Blink 182 and Green Day. ‘Ignition’ is twelve solid tracks of high quality music that isn’t instantly likeable, but which has enough depth and creativity to allow it to grow on the listener. There is also a lot more diversity here than on any other Offspring album, validating the Epitaph producer’s description of this album having “the Epitaph sound.”

        If you only like the Offspring for their cheery pop-punk anthems and brightly coloured music videos, this will not be for you. But if you enjoyed later tracks such as the emotional ‘Gone Away’ and the aggressive ‘Nitro,’ you should check this early offering out.


        The Offspring discography:

        1990 – The Offspring (re-released 1995) – raw punk rock, unnecessary solos and all
        1992 – Ignition – more defined and adult sound for Epitaph
        1994 – Smash – fast, loud and big-selling punk rock that still sounds as raw as ever
        1997 – Ixnay on the Hombre – a more polished style and catchier, more melodic songs
        1999 – Americana – the move to mainstream punk has begun in earnest. Some enjoyable songs.
        2001 – Conspiracy of One – very mainstream sound, but less than Americana.
        2003 – Splinter – the band’s originality has seriously waned.


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          08.07.2003 06:18
          Very helpful



          • "Snotty vocals!"

          The Offspring, A band that most people will have heard of at some point. This is mainly due to the annoying singles, "Pretty fly (for a white guy)" and "Original Prankster". Now what most wont know, is that they were once a very good, Powerful, Political rocking punk band that didnt need gimicks to sell an album. I remember being back at school and raving on about how great these were, People would just laugh at me! Then a few years later and they release the above named singles and again everyone is laughing at me for loving them so much, Life sucks! Anyway the Two main reasons i loved them so much were this album and its follow up "Smash". THE BAND -------- Dexter Holland - Vocals Noodles - Guitar Greg K - Bass Ron Welty - Drums Formed in the late 80's, They grew up listening to bands such as The Dead Kennedys and T.S.O.L. These influences are quite on view on these earlier albums. Back in 1991, When this was released, They were a much harder band, Kind of a metal punk pop band. They were on the fairly underground (At the Time) EPITAPH label, This label had lots of other great bands such as pennywise, Bad Religion and the Decendants. THE ALBUM --------- Clocking in at 37 minutes, This is just about right for this style of music, Its not too long that you get bored but its also not too short so that you feel you've wasted your hard earned cash. TRACK 1 - SESSION ----------------- Great opener, This track begins with Dexter shouting "Ahh F@*K" A couple of times, and then kicks in with a drum beat that must be doing at least 100mph. Then Noodles infectious guitar playing comes in over the top, By this point your already hooked. The lyrics are about a guy that keeps going back to a girl for sex, Even though he doesnt really want to. Dexters vocals are
          often described as annoying, They can be, But once you get over the nasally sound he can actually sing quite well, And on this track he pulls it of quite well. TRACK 2 - WE ARE ONE -------------------- A Nice slow intro builds this song up and then it kicks into another fairly fast paced track, The chorus has a real punch the air and fight for your rights type feel to it. Again Noodles guitar playing is top notch and he must be one of punks most under-rated guitarists. TRACK 3 - KICK HIM WHEN HE'S DOWN --------------------------------- This song starts with a fairly quirky sounding guitar opening, That soon builds into a nice riff that plays through the whole song. The vocals are just right for this song, Dexter sounds great singing these sort of songs. The drums also make this track work, With their stop/Start style it just gives the track that extra Bounce. TRACK 4 - TAKE IT LIKE A MAN ---------------------------- "SHUT UP AND TAKE IT LIKE A MAN, YOU NEED US TO GET A LIFE" Great chorus, Along with a well played verse, This is another one of those songs that would suprise later fans of the band. TRACK 5 - GET IT RIGHT ---------------------- Starts like an early 80's Punk track from a band like the Dead Kennedys, Not a great song but again it will get you jumping. TRACK 6 - DIRTY MAGIC --------------------- Starts with a cool bass line, This is one of their slower tracks also one of the best, Kind of like an early Nirvan type song, And when the chorus kicks in with all of its guitars you hear the brilliance of this band. Dexter again sounds very snotty, But its what makes Offspring what they were. Definately one of the stand out tracks. TRACK 7 - HYPODERMIC -------------------- Slarts with a strong fast drum beat that instantly draws you in, The guitars are quite pushed back in the
          mix on this one. A good song but by no means their best. TRACK 8 - BURN IT UP -------------------- Another stand out track, This starts with another cool quirky stop start guitar riff, This gets faster and then carries on through the track, The song is about a Pyromaniac (Someone that likes setting fires). TRACK 9 - NO HERO ----------------- This for me is probably the best song on the album, Its about how someone commits suicide and how the singer couldnt save him. This has a great chorus, That is in two seperate parts it really gets you shouting and bouncing. TRACK 10 - L.A.P.D ------------------ This song is about the Los Angeles Riots and how the cops became violent towards anyone around, Its a very good track which starts fairly slow, Then blasts into a crashing tune that will get your head nodding! The lyrics are very close to the bone, It shows that offspring havent got a lot of love for the L.A.P.D. Another one of the best tracks. TRACK 11 - NOTHING FROM SOMETHING --------------------------------- This song is alright, Its a bit too close to some of the other songs and sound like they ran out of ideas. TRACK 12 - FOREVER AND A DAY ---------------------------- Now anyone that owns any later offspring album will find this song fairly familiar, They seem to use the same riff one at least one track from every album, And this is also the worst song on the album, A poor closer. OVERALL ------- Well depending on how much you like Early 90's punk, You will either love or hate this. Personally i think its a great album, Similar to other bands on the Epitaph label at the time, Such as Pennywise and Bad Religion. It has the same rawness as these other bands but with an added twist of Metal and pop. Anyone that feels they know and like offsprings music really should try this and its follow up "


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            25.11.2002 02:38
            Very helpful



            INTRO: after releasing the partly successful Self Titled album in 1989 on Nemesis Records, the Offspring toured for almost 3 years straight. then in 1992, the band recorded their follow up, 'Ignition'. This album, was more of a straight up Nihlistic punk album then their self titled. The songs seemed more energetic then the bands previous effort, and even today, you can see that it stands up well against all of their albums. The break-neck speed of each track, shows what the band were all about "back in the day". BAND: Noodles - Guitar Greg K - Bass Ron Welty - Drums Dexter Holland - Vocals ALBUM: 1 - Session 2 - We Are One 3 - Kick Him When He's Down 4 - Take It Like A Man 5 - Get It Right 6 - Dirty Magic 7 - Hypodermic 8 - Burn It Up 9 - Ho Hero 10 - L.A.P.D 11 - Nothing From Something 12 - Forever And A Day STANDOUT TRACKS: Session - The proverbial whore house, put into music. a song about getting sex......no strings attatched. A sad existence, made up by a weekly session with a complete stranger. relatively fast, moves along pretty solidly, not much to the riff though!! Dirty Magic - A love song? i can't really argue with the music on this one, because it really drive me. fast, hard, nothing better. Hypodermic - "can't you see like you saw anymore? can't you feel like you felt before? can't you face anything anymore? when life's a waste - run away. your lifes a waste - run away". i guess that pretty much sums it up. another fast track, driving riffs, block-heavy drum beats. perfect song. No Hero - I guess the title pretty much sums this one up. A sad sort of song. sounds like the sort of song a man on the edge would sing. Amazingly simple, yet beautiful riffs. my favourite on the album. if you want to hear an example of how good the album is, bt don't want to run the risk of buying i
            t and hating it, download this song. L.A.P.D - A song about how messed up the LAPD really is, and how they cover up the truth and killed innoccents. another amazingsong, with a lot of heart in it, and a real meaning. Forever And A Day - A bit slower, a goodsong. "look at me, while i look at you. seeing eye to eye is something we can never do. do you try to tell me what is right?". once again, that pretty much sums up the song. OUTRO: Really, this is the best album The Offspring made. It stands up well against both Smash and Americana, and proves that punk really was about 3 chords and the truth back in the day. If you like The Offspring, but havent got this, then i highly recommend it. it's nothing like Americana or Conspiracy Of One, but that's not necassaril a bad thing right?


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              05.03.2002 02:39



              If you like offspring now you will love offspring then - Advantages: Offspring raw, Diffrent for the time - Disadvantages: not a sing-a-long CD


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              26.07.2001 05:10



              Ignition, from the early days of The Offspring's career, is a superb example of punk rock at its finest. My judgement may be slightly clouded, as I am a HUGE Offspring fan, however this release has to be considered as one of the greatest albums of all time. It is amazingly consistent, none of the twelve tracks are in any way disappointing, while each is different and original enough to make you want to listen over and over again. From the constant drumming backbeat of the album, to the excellent lyrics and vocals from Dexter Holland, this is quality throughout, and anyone who enjoys music, especially fans of the punk rock genre, should own this masterpiece.


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                12.06.2001 04:50
                Very helpful



                Often the most overlooked album, "Ignition" was the Offspring's second album, released in 1992. The first two labums were produced while the Offspring were still a relatively underground band, and as such the sound quality is poorer than on their later albums, but as for content the album is, for me, on par with the self-titled album and their two most recent ones, "Americana" and "Conspiracy of One." I don't think the Offspring actually have a "worst" album. The album ends up coming in a little short (at about thirty seven minutes), but is worth buying if you feel the need for some older punk rock music. I don't know if it's worth buying for full price (unless you're a dedicated fan), but I've often seen it in sales for around £7.99 if you want to treat yourself sometime. The first song, "Session", begins after singer Bryan "Dexter" Holland shouts some obscenities into a microphone, and is the story of a man whose relationship revolves solely around sex. In context it reminds me of "Smash"'s hit single "Self Esteem", and the song is still played live today (it was the only track they played off this album when I saw them live in January). The song is very good and energetic, and is a good way to start the album (it was also co-written). ("Oh here I go, I go again- these rendezvous never seem to end. Know where I'll be, make this confession- back in her room for another goddamn session!") Track two ("We Are One") is about a group of people who stick together through thick and thin. It's a slow song to balance out most of the speedy, loud rock of the album, and is good to listen to. ("We are one and it won't be news when we hang ourselves in one collective noose.") Track three is pure old school punk, "Kick Him When He's Down", and is the story of someone who is down on
                his luck and wants to live life how he wants it, away from the public. ("When the rain comes I sit home and pray. Make it all numb- I wish it all away. All I really need is just somewhere to hide away.") It's not a very good song in my opinion, but offers a change. "Take It Like a Man" is about someone who cannot do anything by himself, and lacks any sense of self-dependance. It's got a cool riff and sounds great. ("Shut up and take it like a man. You need us to get a life. For your own good we'll take you by the hand, 'cause you need a little more.") Track five is one of the best on the album, "Get it Right." It's the story of someone who can never get "it" right, whatever that refers to, and cannot accomplish "it." It sounds cool and stats off great, with another good riff. ("I'll look out the window then look in the mirror- the same old me again. Still can't get it right...") The Offspring have been knownn to sound like Nirvana on occasion, but "Dirty Magic" just takes the biscuit. A very grunge-a-like song, it talks about a man whose partner is unpredictable. One minute she'll be asking him over, and the next mocking him. The chorus also sounds very similar to the later song "Have You Ever" off "Americana." ("Her little soul is stolen, see her put on her brand new face.") The second half of the album starts with "Hypodermic", a song about drug abuse and how people can find their peace with needles. It's quite good, but there's nothing original about the tune. ("When you're feeling low, hypodermic's where yuo go.") "Burn It Up" is basically the album's title track, and reverts to the old rock style of play a line, sing a line for the most part. It seems to be the album's token comedy song, and is about a pyromaniac who can'
                ;t get enough of burning stuff. It's quite good, but not one of the album's finest. ("I'll drive on by your yard, throw a molotov cocktail at your car, and another one in the local bar.") The song with the greatest meaning on the album is track nine, "No Hero", in which Dexter sings about feeling useless about not being able to stop his friend "Johnny" from taking his own life. It was thought that he was singing about his wife's death, but she actually died in a car crash along with his daughter (which is what later single "Gone Away" is about). This song is very good, and a favourite for guitar players. Track ten, "L.A.P.D.", begins slowly and gradually builds up with a bass and drum beat before bursting into what is my favourite song on the album. The controversial melody talks about the fascism inherent in the L.A.P.D., with the line "beat all the niggers." The song is one of the few the band play live on their "Huck It!" home video, and it is definitely worthy of such an honour, as it is a cool song. "Nothing From Something" is another really good song, and is about finding pleasure and pastime in self-mutilation. It's got a great guitar tune, and great lyrics. ("Shattered glass will cure my ills and make me feel alright.") The final track, "Forever and a day", always reminds me of the soundtrack to eighties TV shows with its initial riff, and is one of the album's low points. It is about wanting one's own views, and not conforming to the system, but isn't very good. Overall, definitely not worth the disses the album has received- writing this opinion has only made me appreciate it more.


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                  26.06.2000 06:24



                  I know this is an old album but I firmly believe this is the greatest Offspring album by far! My favourite track must be 'Kick him when he's Down' this is a PUNK track! Alot of people are going anti-offspring for one reson-they think they are going soft.This album was made in the days when the offspring were heavier and I KNOW that if you buy this you will like it!! Dexter's vocals really help to make this one of my favourite rock albums and hopefully yours!!


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              • Product Details

                Disc #1 Tracklisting
                1 Session
                2 We Are One
                3 Kick Him When He's Down
                4 TaKe It Like A Man
                5 Get It Right
                6 Dirty Magic
                7 Hypodermic
                8 Burn It Up
                9 No Hero
                10 L.A.P.D.
                11 Nothing From Something
                12 Forever And A Day

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