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Imagine - John Lennon

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8 Reviews

Genre: Rock - Classic Rock / Artist: John Lennon / Audio CD released 2007-12-17 at Parlophone

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    8 Reviews
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      13.10.2013 21:55
      Very helpful



      Define Lennon with one album? Imagine

      == Introduction ==

      I had tried so hard to get into John Lennon's solo output, I already owned a copy of the 'Imagine soundtrack', which is a nice career retrospective of Beatles tracks and solo material. I just didn't have the same enthusiasm for any of The Beatles solo material. I noticed there was a documentary called 'Gimme Some Truth: The Making of Imagine' on Channel 4 one night, there was nothing else on, so I watched it. The very next day I was off to my local HMV to purchase this album....

      == Imagine ==

      After the dissolution of The Beatles, John Lennon and George Harrison were having a jamming session, when John asked George if he would like to play on his next album, George then enlisted help of long time friend of The Beatles, Klaus Voormann. The sessions for the album started at Abbey Road Studios, before moving to Lennon's own private Ascot Sound Studios in Tittenhurst Park and with overdubs added in New York. The album was produced by legendary producer Phil Spector, who had worked with John previously on the 'Plastic Ono Band' and The Beatles 'Let it Be' albums. This was to become John Lennon's greatest solo album, it went to number one in seven countries, including the U.S. and the U.K. and has received double platinum status.

      == Track By Track ==

      === Imagine ===

      Probably the one defining song from John Lennon's solo career, the beautifully sublime 'Imagine'. In this song Lennon asks the listener to just imagine what a world would be like without all the things that seem to be behind wars, such as; countries, religion, possessions, etc. This is pure and simple, a peace song, Johns ultimate message to the world, if we strip away everything that is wrong in the world, then we can have peace and harmony. John also answers his critics in the song by saying "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one, I hope someday you'll join us, and the world can live as one". If John were never to record another song in his lifetime then this one would have set him up for life, it was released as a single and reached number three in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, number one in the U.K. Singles Chart, and number one in Canada and Italy. It is a shame that it didn't do as well in single sales in the rest of the world, considering if you asked anyone to name a John Lennon song, this is the one they would most likely opt for. Quite often John's protest songs didn't fare too well in the charts and John actually said "Anti-religious, anti-nationalistic, anti-conventional,anti-capitalistic , but because it is sugarcoated it is accepted", and he once told Paul McCartney that 'Imagine' is 'Working Class Hero' (a Lennon song that fell foul to censorship for the use of an expletive) with sugar on top for conservatives like you". In my opinion and I am probably not just speaking for myself when I say this, this is one of the greatest songs ever written, and it is still relevant when you see what is going on in the world today.

      Imagine - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRhq-yO1KN8

      === Crippled Inside ===

      Lennon heading into country music territory now, with this little upbeat number, complete with John putting on an accent. I think the message Lennon is singing about here is, that it doesn't matter whether you apply make up, or dress up nice, if you are ugly on the inside, "You can shine your shoes and wear a suit,you can comb your hair and look quite cute, you can hide your face behind a smile,
      one thing you can't hide is when you're crippled inside". He compares us having only one life to a cats nine life's and is basically saying make the most of the one life you have "Well now you know that your cat has nine lives, nine lives to itself, but you only got one...." I think this is a jolly little song, it sounds somewhat cheesy, and almost feels out of place on this album, but it is a great song to singalong to.

      Crippled Inside - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx0di2_rWUI

      === Jealous Guy ===

      This is a song that began while out in India with The Beatles in 1968, both Paul and John had written similar songs and this song had the working title 'Child of Nature' with different lyrics. McCartney's song 'Mother Natures Son' was eventually included on The Beatles 'White Album', while Lennon's, although demoed, lay pretty much dormant, until Lennon changed the lyrics and it became this fantastic number. The lyrics highlight some of Lennon's insecurities, he stops short of apologizing for his failings by kind of saying he didn't have any choice "I didn't mean to hurt you, I'm sorry that I made you cry, I didn't want to hurt you, I'm just a jealous guy". The song has a whistling section, that you just can't help but whistle along to it when it comes on, think Roger Whittaker. Although this wasn't released as a single in Lennon's lifetime, but it has all the qualities that a single should have, it's popularity soared following the death of Lennon, when Roxy Music released their cover version of the song and it became their only number one hit. I have posted links for the two versions of the song, so that you can see how it evolved.

      Child of Nature - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g79wFG5BWpM

      Jealous Guy - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzhyKn1ThpU

      === It's So Hard ===

      This is the shortest song on the album, clocking in at 2:25 and is a bluesy rock number. When I first heard this song I thought it was going to be another protest number. After listening to it a few times during the review process I can hear similarities between this and The Beatles 'Yer Blues'. I like the double entendres in this song, ie. the use of the line "sometimes I feel like going down", when talking about life in general and just giving up, and also when he is holding the woman he loves it is taken to mean performing oral sex, also the use of the title of the song takes on a different meaning i.e. to mean erect. The Beatles often used smut in some of their lyrics, although they were a bit more subtle, here John is a little more blatant with what he is saying, although it is left to the listener to interpret what he/she wants to. This song was released as the B-Side of the 'Imagine' single.

      It's So Hard - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp_QpoA08DM

      === I Don't Want to Be a Soldier ===

      The first of two protest songs on the album, I think Lennon sounds a bit like Elvis when he sings the "Well" parts at the start of each line. This is the longest song on the album at 6:05 and has the most repetitive lyric. In my opinion it is the odd one out on this album, I think it would have been more suited to his follow up, 'Sometime in New York City'. As repetitive as this song is, I don't find myself reaching for the change track button, it is nice to have on in the background, although can get boring singing along to it.

      I Don't Want to Be a Soldier - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf44CHE31Gc

      === Gimme Some Truth ===

      This is my favourite of the two protest songs on this album, it is more of a rant at governments, the people in suits that make all the decisions, people trying to cover up what is really happening "I've had enough of reading things,by neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians, all I want is the truth" and has harsh as the truth may sound Lennon would just like it to be told straight "No short-haired, yellow-bellied, son of Tricky Dicky, is gonna mother hubbard soft soap me, with just a pocketful of hope" (Tricky Dicky was the nickname of the then President of the United States, Richard Nixon). The lyrics just seem to roll of the tongue when singing along to this, and they could almost be relevant in this day and age, albeit with a few name changes here and there.

      Gimme Some Truth - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlzrNKN3rZI

      === Oh My Love ===

      This is another song that was left over from The Beatles 'The Beatles' sessions. It is a lovely little song and makes a welcome change from the hard hitting protest song that preceded it and also the grinding blues of the next number. This song has a demo feel to it, it just doesn't feel that it is finished in my opinion, although it does work, sandwiched between the two harder tracks. In this song John is expressing how he feels to be in love again, perhaps realizing that he is in love for the first time in a long time after his affair with Yoko. I think this is a beautiful little song and is a little like a lullaby in my opinion.

      Oh My Love - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LzNNgctnbs

      === How Do You Sleep? ===

      Paul McCartney was a quite subtle when attacking Lennon on his second post Beatles album 'Ram', there were some thinly veiled attacks in the song 'Too Many People'. So what was John's response like? Was he as subtle? As the saying goes, he was as "subtle as a brick". This song was a blatant scathing attack on his former song writing partner, sung with pure venom. This song starts off a little instrumental noise, similar to the noise heard at the beginning of The Beatles 'Sgt Pepper' album, before John sings "So Sgt Pepper too you by surprise!", ok so where is this going? Throughout the song he answers Paul's song 'Too Many People' by saying "The one mistake you made was in your head", he also has a pop at Paul's songwriting "The only thing you've done was Yesterday", and "since you've gone you're just Another Day", name checking the Paul compositions 'Yesterday' and 'Another Day'. The chorus heads into gritty blues "oh how do you sleep at night" (In the documentary I watched he actually sings "how do you sleep ya c***" at one point. George Harrison plays slide guitar and lead guitar on this track, with Klaus Voorman on bass. I had heard about this song prior to hearing it for the first time, and it still managed to shock me, I mean Paul's song was a pretty well disguised attack on Lennon, this song was out there in the open for everyone to hear, it is a good song though. I have posted links to both, Paul's song and Lennon's reply, so you can hear for yourself.

      Too Many People - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P_HKQGq730

      How Do You Sleep? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNjTPZW7GCU

      === How? ===

      This is without a doubt, my favourite song on this album, I absolutely love John's soft sung vocal on this. This song relates back to his primal therapy sessions, just after The Beatles split. In the song John asks many questions, such as "How can I give love when I don't know what it is I'm giving?" , "How can I have feeling when I
      don't know if it's a feeling?", possibly questions from his therapy sessions, but they do make you think about the possible answers you might have as a listener. John does give us something to take away from this song in the bridge section "You know life can be long, and you've got to be so strong, and the world is so tough, sometimes I feel I've had enough", we've all been there at one point. I think it is a great song that gives you food for thought, it has helped me through some low moments.

      How? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQU84QlukP4

      === Oh Yoko! ===

      A cheery little number to end the album, after the melancholy of 'How?'. This is another one of those songs where John professes his love for Yoko. In this song he calls her same while he's in the middle of a bath, in the middle of a cloud, in the middle of a dream, in the middle of the night, and in the middle of a shave, it doesn't matter what he is doing, he feels the need to call his loved ones name and singing along to this song, the listener ends up calling out her name too. As much as I hate singing about Lennon's love for Yoko, I find this song really catchy that singing along to it just seems to come as second nature. A bit of trivia here, this would be the last time John would play harmonica on a recording and Phil Spector sings the harmony on the vocal with him. Al in all I think this is a nice little song to end the album.

      Oh Yoko - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlfeyeMFiYA

      == Track Listing ===

      All songs written by John Lennon except 'Oh My Love' written by Lennon/Ono.

      1 - Imagine
      2 - Crippled Inside
      3 - Jealous Guy
      4 - It's So Hard
      5 - I Don't Want to Be a Soldier
      6 - Gimme Some Truth
      7 - Oh My Love
      8 - How Do You Sleep?
      9 - How?
      10 - Oh Yoko!

      == Price ==

      You can purchase this album on compact disc for £10.85 including delivery, from www.amazon.co.uk. You can also buy the MP3 download from the same place, for £6.99. I know this is quite expensive for an album containing only ten tracks, but it is one of those albums you should listen to before you die, so in the grand scheme of things it is worth the price.

      == Verdict ==

      Overall I love this album, I hadn't listened to it for a good few years until I decided to dig it out and write a review on it three days ago. It is one of those albums that you can listen to over and over again, put it away for a while, dig it out and repeat the process and it still sounds as fresh. With only ten tracks on this album, it does feel like there should be more songs on it, and at the end of the album I am left yearning for more.Overall I would have to give this album 5/5, even with the single weak track on here it is an album that could have been written and recorded in any decade and wouldn't stand out of place, I cannot praise this album any higher.


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        29.05.2010 16:52
        Very helpful



        Lennon's second solo album

        The break-up of the Beatles came after a couple of albums that showed the rifts that were developing between the Fab Four. Despite Let It Be being the last released album of the Beatles' reign, Abbey Road was the last to be recorded. It was very much dominated by McCartney, who was also said to have been aggressive and controlling in the recording studio as well. Following their split, John sought musical solace in the love of his life, Yoko Ono, his first solo album featuring her in the title.

        Imagine is his second solo album, and while the first contained a lot of the hurt he felt following the split, as well as awkwardly aggressive lyrics, this second seems to be the result of the anger still being there but with a bit more of a calm approach to it. That's not to say that the whole album is directed at McCartney, as it would suggest its purpose is to berate the former Wings frontman. What it does mean is that there is fuel in the material John Lennon uses here, and a suggestion to the listener, and any tracks without reference to their feuds still involve keeping a keen ear open for any hints of such a reference.

        So, onto the music. Things are toned down somewhat here, and we start off with a thought-provoking track in terms of the lyrics. The title track, Imagine, suggests a harmonious world where we all agree and live for and because of the same things, and how things wouldn't be half as bad in such a world. It's a bit contrasting to Lennon's anti-religious stance as it does feature similar trends to that of religious and cultural history. However, it's not too much of a rant, and is a soothing and instantly recognisable way to open the album. It's perhaps Lennon's most commercially exposed track, and a strong way to start off.

        Focus here often then skips straight to track 3, Jealous Guy. A very open and submissive track where he declares his feelings and intentions, it's powerful indeed, and a lovely one to sing along to, but this and Imagine sort of sandwich one of the more upbeat (at least musically, if not lyrically) tracks on the album, Crippled Inside. Providing a beat of upbeat sound is an important thing to do in an album that leans heavily on lyrics that stink of pain, suffering and a grudge long harboured. Crippled Inside features an up tempo backing sound despite the lyrics being against suggestive in terms of how someone is. Perhaps another mention of McCartney is justified here?

        The album then continues in a similar vein, and while there are tracks such as I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier, which states Lennon's lack of eagerness to follow a traditional career; and the final track where he lauds Yoko Ono, it's more of the same: everything rants about how he has been done an injustice. Lyrically, I was a bit taken aback at first, and was fed up with some of the more moany sets of words. After listening to the album a bit more, you do get an understanding of how he is feeling about things, and there's definitely a lot of it around. How Do You Sleep? is also rumoured to be about McCartney, and my genuine feeling about the album is that, although musically it's easy to listen to, lyrically you have to almost shut off and stop thinking about the bemoaning element.

        There's a decent range of musical style, with the ballads and up tempo numbers sharing equal stakes here. It lends a decent balance to the album, and although it's relatively short by some standards, at only 10 tracks, it's plenty long enough given the content. There is something distinctly commercial about its presentation, and it flows a lot better as a second album. His first was rather raw and aggressive, and while the aggression remains here in the lyrics, the musical element of the presentation is anything but. It flows, is soothing, and well noted.

        I do recommend getting this. It's not perhaps his best effort, in my opinion, but it does give a controlled reflection of one man's feelings, and the ebb and flow of musical style it promotes makes it worth a listen. Sure, there is a high level of grudge featured within its sounds, and lyrically it does go on a bit, but if you don't try and read into it too much, then there's something there to really enjoy as Lennon's musical skill and instantly recognisable voice come into the picture. Recommended.


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          05.02.2010 12:18
          Very helpful



          A near essential purchase! Consider buying it!

          John Lennon - Imagine (1971)

          Producer: John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Phil Spector

          Crippled Inside
          Jealous Guy
          It's So Hard
          I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier
          Gimme Some Truth
          Oh My Love
          How Do You Sleep?
          Oh Yoko!

          Released in 1971, Imagine is the second solo album by John Lennon. Due to the classic title-track, Imagine is often the most revered of all his solo works. Previous solo album, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, is a favourite in my collection due to the private and confessional nature of the songs featured. From that viewpoint Imagine is the spiritual successor to John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, with its fair share of unabated commiserations towards personal losses.

          The greatest shift in style, however, is that the piano ballads which were once overpowering with their raw sadness have now been given a slightly more commercial appeal. Now, I'm not saying that John Lennon has sold out, added whimsical trumpets to the proceedings and started singing in a hit making falsetto, but Imagine is unquestionably an easier listen than its predecessor. Evidence is abundant; see that many of the songs now feature a string section, something which was previously absent. The balance is well perfected, though, and the strings serve to complement the instrumentation already at hand, not to obscure and overshadow it.

          Lyrically, the songs are as honest as before. You truly get the sense that John Lennon had become disillusioned by this world's disappointing façade, with it being high on exploits and with little substance below the surface. How much is a man willing to put in before he expects to get something back? In John's case it wasn't unreasonable to become embittered by the corrupt nature of governments and religious parties. And, then, that may lead on to one becoming resentful towards, well, everything. Or as John says on How?, "How can I go forward when I don't know which way I'm facing?" Not an album to play for laughs, then.

          The title-track begins the album. It puts forward the well-mined belief that without differing countries, religions, and general greed, we could all live together in peace. Unity is the key. Of course, this isn't a new idea, and this principle has been exploited in literature thousands of times over the years, not least of all in the Bible, which ultimately culminates in the idea of a perfect Heavenly Government and people living together in harmony. I mention the Bible because John always made out he was against religion. I always find it quite startling that Imagine's ideas are similar, if not identical to those found in the Bible. I'm not implying that John Lennon had a religious belief system, but rather that in his attempts to get away from the hypocrisy of religion he ends up coming full-circle and ending up with the same results - world peace. Imagine's merits extend far beyond its positive message and into what has to be possibly the most iconic set of piano notes ever. They seem to carry the whole weight of the world on their shoulders.

          I hold Jealous Guy in the highest regard. It has the same, familiar honesty which Lennon displayed on his previous album, and it is Imagine's most exposed and confidential song. Surely one of the most moving pieces of music ever devoted towards a love interest, Jealous Guy develops an uneasy atmosphere, one ultimately concluding in a confession, "I was feeling insecure - you might not love me, anymore. I was shivering inside... I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm sorry that I made you cry! I didn't want to hurt you... I'm just a jealous guy." Imagine having the courage to stand up and say publicly, 'Yeah, I'm a jealous guy.' That is, essentially, what Lennon is doing here.

          Lennon brings out the political card on Imagine's lengthiest song. Featuring a harder and more edgy sound than much of Imagine, I Don't Want to Be a Solider sees Lennon at his most sour and cynical, "I don't wanna be a lawyer mama, I don't wanna lie! I don't wanna be a soldier mama, I don't wanna die!" Oh, yeah, it also features a saxophone (Not a commercial one, though ;) ). The production of the song is very in your face - imagine an ugly version of Phil Spector's famed wall of sound. Gimme Some Truth has the same attitude and proceeds to drag a number of institutions through the mud, "I'm sick and tired of hearing things from uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocritics!" Musically, it's the least exciting song on Imagine. I'm not particularly a fan of political lectures, especially when they are carried out so haphazardly.

          Long thought to be a clear and blatant attack on ex-songwriting partner, Paul McCartney, How Do You Sleep? features an acerbated Lennon, lashing out at his fellow Beatleman. It has a throbbing, uninhibited bluesy feel to it, which snowballs into this awesomely acerbic fit of anger, "A pretty face may last a year or two, but pretty soon they'll see what you can do!" Keep up the hating, John.

          For an album shot through with such negativity it is surprising to find the album closing with an upbeat and catchy number, Oh Yoko! But I guess that's what love will do to a man. Very much a potential pop single, its simplicity is deceptive, and repeated listens will have you find that it's yet another song about what love is itself, as Lennon recalls everyday activities in which distraction causes him to, "Call your name, oh Yoko!" That's what love is, people. It consumes you, envelops you, cloaks you... and becomes your every waking thought. Beautiful.

          You may initially be influenced into purchasing this album because of the timeless title-track, which is fair enough. Don't leave it there, though, and make sure you give the entire album a thorough going over. While it isn't quite as good as John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band it is still a near essential purchase.


          Daniel Kemp

          Read more reviews at www.danielkempreviews.co.uk


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            12.08.2009 00:08
            Very helpful



            Beautifully constucted, everyone should have this album

            'Imagine' is one album that I will never be tired of hearing. The title track is quite possibly the best song ever written. The whole album is wonderful and no song lets the album down at all. 'Imagine' the album is brilliantly constructed, powerful and consistently catchy.

            John Lennon is rock music's biggest tragedy, but it's important to think about him in what he achieved in his life. Imagine is a very personal album, he really his spilling his soul in many of his song, especially Jealous Guy.


            1) Imagine is such a beautifully simple song, with such inspiring lyrics and a dreamy tune it's easily one of the best ever written.

            2) Crippled Inside flows so well from Imagine, starting with 15 seconds or so of gentle yet upbeat acoustic guitar. The song evolves to be amazingly catchy while also having meaning. My favourite part of the song is:

            "You can go to church and sing a hymn
            You can judge me by the colour of my skin
            You can live a lie until you die
            One thing you can't hide
            Is when you're crippled inside"

            This is a very powerful grouping of statements about humans. Far too many people "go to church and sing a hymm" and convince themselves that it's all you have to do to be a good person. That it's okay to "judge people by the color of [their] skin" or other similar things because you are a respectable Christian. And you can go through your life living a lie, but he then you just die and you've missed out on so much you could have experienced. You can never stop feeling the way you feel or being the way you are.

            For this reason, I really love this song. The lyrics are so passionate, yet without paying attention you could easily not notice what he is saying for listening to the marvelous tune.

            3) Jealous Guy is the song in which Lennon let himself be so brutally honest. He approached it from such a wonderful angle, the lyrics so fresh and emotional, the tune so idyllic. Lennon's voice is so suited to the song, he brings a certain texture to it, that none of the countless cover versions I've heard have.

            Many believe the song is John apologising to Yoko because, shortly after they got together, he asked her to write a list of all the people she'd slept with, while others think it's about his first wife, Cynthia who he never treated very well.

            Whichever is correct, 'Jealous Guy' deserves to be right up there with 'Imagine'. Sure, it's not about the world and it's problems, he makes the listener aware that he has his faults too, and he's not too caught up in world peace to care about those close to him.

            4) 'It's So Hard' is a really groovy song that makes you want to sing along. Basically about life, and what people expect you to do in it being really hard. Everyone can relate to this song.

            5) 'I Don't Wanna Be A Solider Mama' is a song about the pointless loss of life that war is. He touches on other things, such as lawyers just have 'lie' in believeable ways to be a good lawyer. Also very catchy.

            6) 'Give Me Some Truth' is the ultimate protest song. Just as relevent today as it was when it was written, with streams of insults without pausing for a breath and the repetion of "All I want is the truth, just give me some truth" makes for a very powerful stand against "neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians" and the like. A great song to get you in the political mood.

            7) 'Oh My Love' is a truly beautiful love song. In my opinion, the best love song ever, and is totally underrated. It's about your life being made so much better my falling in love with your soulmate, better than you ever imagined you could possibly feel.

            8) 'How Do You Sleep?' is, a first glance, an obvious attack on Paul McCartney, a fellow ex-Beatle (The only thing you done was Yesterday, Those freaks was right when they said you was dead[ a reference to the "Paul is Dead hoax] etc). At the time their was a great deal of resentment between Lennon and McCartney and although some may say this song is simply a petty attack on a friend after a falling-out, it has to be acknowledged that it has a pretty decent tune and the the song is well written.

            However, Lennon later admitted that he had realised over time that the song was actually more about himself. He felt insecure and was channelling his anger at Paul.

            9) 'How?' is a heartbreaking ballad. The tune is okay, but the lyrics are better.

            10) 'Oh, Yoko!' is a happy song to finish the album which is obviously dedicated to his wife, Yoko.


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              01.10.2000 07:03
              Very helpful



              John Lennon opening his soul again, that personal touch that never seems intrusive again is evident on this record. I much prefer Plastic Ono Band but this is still an album I urge people to buy, why? Because it has so many quality tracks and because this type of songwrite no longer sadly exists today, modern bands can only dance and they never bare there soul or make music that people relate to, in the commercial charts that era has largelly gone. So Imagine, the title track is great, you never tire of hearing it, only perhaps the million cover versions, often by bands who should know better (Bon Jovi!) Jealous Guy easily one of the best songs ever written, certainly one of the most beautiful and moving, ther is John again telling it like it is. The only let down is the awful Yoko track at the end and some of the prduction, which can sound strangley cluttered at times. Lennons voice is as amazing as ever and shines through the record, a piece of history now, a good buy though.


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              24.09.2000 06:03
              Very helpful



              Don’t be fooled by the title of this album, as there are only three songs that are worthy, and you could probably pick these up plus other classics on a greatest hits. Imagine is John Lennon at his most emotional (even more so than the Plastic Ono Band album) and at his most insecure with regards to Yoko Ono. It’s another very personal album, and infamous for the track entitled How Do You Sleep?, which is a blatant attack on Paul McCartney. Jealous Guy on the other hand is sad and touching, and is better than the more famous Bryan Ferry version. Imagine is one of the greatest songs ever, but the album wouldn’t even scrape the Top 200 poll.


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              24.07.2000 18:34
              Very helpful



              Anyone familiar with the title track of this album will be pleased to know that the nine other tracks are of just the same quality, if not better. The album shows Lennon's natural ability to create songs of varying styles that live up to the reputation he has been given. Great tracks from this album include Imagine (obviously), Jealous Guy, Give Me Some Truth and How Do You Sleep?. Although the album can be given a great rating for the various tracks, this album is not the best I have seen from Lennon.


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              04.07.2000 02:50
              Very helpful



              After the bemused public and critical reaction to the raw anger of his previous album (PLASTIC ONO BAND), John Lennon decided to put his message across "with a little honey", and so one of the landmark albums of all time was born. Songs like 'I Don't Wanna Be a Soldier', 'Crippled Inside', and the breathtakingly strident 'Gimme Some Truth' ("All I want is the truth/Just give me some truth") certainly demonstrated Lennon's bitter fury at the establishment, while on 'How Do You Sleep' he vented his anger at Paul McCartney in shocking fashion. But this album also shows Lennon in a softer, more vulnerable light in beautiful, timeless songs like 'Jealous Guy' and 'Oh Yoko'. Then of course there is the title track, one of the most famous compositions in rock history. This is a brilliantly constructed, emotionally charged album, and one that you'll probably want to play over and over.


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          • Product Details

            Disc #1 Tracklisting
            1 Imagine (2000 Digital Remaster)
            2 Crippled Inside (2000 Digital Remaster)
            3 Jealous Guy (2000 Digital Remaster)
            4 It's So Hard (2000 Digital Remaster)
            5 I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier (2000 Digital Remaster)
            6 Gimme Some Truth (2000 Digital Remaster)
            7 Oh My Love (2000 Digital Remaster)
            8 How Do You Sleep? (2000 Digital Remaster)
            9 How? (2000 Digital Remaster)
            10 Oh Yoko! (2000 Digital Remaster)

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