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In A Perfect World... - Keri Hilson

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8 Reviews

Genre: R&B & Soul / Artist: Keri Hilson / Audio CD released 2009-03-24 at Mosley Music/Zone 4/Interscope

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    8 Reviews
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      11.07.2012 23:11



      brilliant :)

      Most of this album has an exotic sound to it, apart from a few songs, including the big hit 'Knock You Down' featuring Kanye West and Ne-Yo, two other big R & B stars. There is a rap part in 'Knock You Down' which is easy to make out and understand, but fits with Keri's music and lyrics to 'Knock You Down.' Keri presents herself in a style that tells you the music is R & B especially because the songs are very catchy and always repetitive, but also because of the tune to the music and the background instruments. There is evidence of a keyboard, drums and maybe even a violin in some of Keri's tracks from 'In A Perfect World'. Keri has a very sexy vibe to her music which she presents with both her voice and her lyrics - her voice 'echos' in some of the tracks including the intro. Some of Keri's tracks are also show a good balance between including being sexy and lovey - which is shown in Keri's track 'Make Love', as she's saying, 'Im going to make your body feel a little different, I hope you're ready for love cos we're gonna make love.' Keri also shows her sex appeal in what she wears presented on the back of the album, as she is wearing revealing clothes that show off her body; this fits with the R & B image and stereotype. 'Intuition' definatly has a foreign sound to it all the way through, which is good if you want something different to listen to; this track is sexy and interesting at the same time. Keri's attitude comes across in this song positively, as she is so confident in herself she keeps saying 'you're gonna mess up' in the song, meaning in her relationship, which is great if you need a confidence boost. The music sounds like it has a 'swaying' effect in the track 'Intuition', as it sounds a little out of control, really fitting with the lyrics. As for the album track title, 'In A Perfect World', I think Keri is trying to portray a perfect attitude towards love and life in her songs and wants this to come across in this album 'In A Perfect World'. Keri also has a compilation with Akon in this album in her track 'Change Me' which is also very reflective of how love changes a person without their control. This song is also very melodic and runs through the issues of changing as a person in a relationship. 'The Way I Are' featuring Timbaland, and 'Scream' featuring Timbaland and Nicole Scherzinger are also bonus songs on this album which are probably the most known two songs from 'In A Perfect World' apart from 'Knock You Down.' You can really hear Timbaland's presence in these songs so if you are a Timbaland fan you may want to purchase these songs. Timbaland makes the songs 'The Way I Are' and 'Scream' slightly hip-hop sounding but their main sound is still R & B, these songs are catchy like the rest of the album and could be used for clubbing or dancing to as these two songs have a powerful beat to them that you want to move to. Overall, this album is a great R & B hit, covering many aspects of love and with catchy, and also powerful songs included with compilations with some of R & B/Hip Hop's most popular artists. Great CD for anybody yound and into R & B or Hip-Hop.


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        14.10.2009 19:23
        Very helpful



        7/10 Try before you buy!!

        In a perfect world is the debut album from american singer Keri Hilson, this album has been three years in production and has finally been released in 2009 after budget cut backs at her record label pushed the release date back several times the highest the album has so far reached is number 4 after selling 94,000 copies in its first week which is very impressive!!

        Prices & Stockists:
        Amazon: £7.41
        HMV: £5.99
        So you could pick this up for around £8 at the most and is sold in most music stores and online on sites such as ebay and amazon. So it shouldnt be to hard to get your hands on this.

        Tracks & Duets:
        Now be warned there are a lot of duets on this album with big names such as Akon & Timberland so when your listening to it you can sometimes forget who's album you have actually brought!! Having said that though the duets are amazing. There will be some songs on here that have already been released as singles so you will recognise such as : The Way I Are, Scream, Energy & Love Comes Around.
        But there will also be some tracks solo and otherwise that you wont have heard but will really enjoy. So if you like RnB style music with a sligth edge then this will leave you in your "perfect world."
        Underneath is just a list of the songs you will find on the album if you want to try before you buy so to speak!!
        Turnin Me On Original Clean
        Get Your Money Up
        Return The Favor main
        Knock You Down
        Slow Dance
        Make Love
        How Does It Feel
        Tell Him The Truth
        Change Me
        Energy Main Final
        Where Did He Go
        The Way I Are Album Version
        Scream Album Version
        Hurts Me

        I really enjoyed this album and will continue listening it for some time to come. I would just say though I would advise Keri for her next album to do more solo work as some people will want to hear more of her fantastic voice. All of these songs could potentially be hits and Im sure Keri will be around for ages yet.



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          12.10.2009 16:32
          Very helpful



          a good first album by Miss Hilson..

          In A Perfect World... - Keri Hilson is the debut album by American singer-songwriter Keri Hilson. The album was originally slated for release in 2007 but was pushed back a couple of times into 2009, as Hilson had said herself, mainly due to budget cuts at her record label. After quite a few delays the album was finally released on March 24, 2009.

          The album features guest appearances by the ever so popular and talented Timberland, Lil Wayne, Akon, Keisha Cole, and Ne-yo. Hilson has managed to reach another level, Keri Hilson is a very talented young lady and has done a lot in her career as she has spent the majority of the early 2000's writing for the likes of Ludacris and Britney and she is still only 27 and with one great album under her belt she can't do much wrong.

          I really like the album cover as I think it stands out from some of the simple/typical album artworks that you see today. It's colourful and vibrant and Keri looks quite pretty on it to. Basically the cover speaks for its self. I can tell a lot of effort was put into creating it along with this nice album in a perfect world. This is certainly not a rushed album as you can tell it took a lot time and effort in putting the songs together piece by piece and each track is evident of this.

          I must admit I like most of the tracks on this 15 track album but the ones that I like the most and stand out for me are energy and knock you down which are simple great songs. It is one of the reasons why I was interested in buying the album in the first place. The name energy says it all as the track has got bags of energy and to makes you want to get up and dance. I listen to these track many times and never get tired of it. The tunes are very catchy and memorable; vibrant feel good songs, authentic with nice backing music. Both shine her vocal ability really well to the upmost. The other track such as slow down, intuition and alienated are very catchy tunes also, cool with some sexy pretty beats to match. Its slow, rhythmic beats are sensuous.

          Return the favour is another big hit with the likes of ever so talented timberland featuring in the track. I feel without him the track would not have sounded as great as it has some fresh and cool lyrics to match. Both artist sound really good together and make the tune complete.

          The tracks that I did not like as much were get your money up and turning me on which was more like turning me of putting it frankly. Both which I thought it was to repetitive and a bit bland. There was no real composure or energy to the songs. It's the kind of songs that you could easily forget about as it's not very catchy unlike the other tracks.

          Overall this is a good first pop/r&b record by Keri hilson and considering it's her first album to date she has done quite well for herself and comes across as seductive without trying too hard to be. I would recommend this album as it's a worthy buy.


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          21.08.2009 16:26



          Definatly worth every penny!!

          If you like your R&B then you'll love this!!

          I've only recently become a fan of Keri Hilson. I've loved the song she did with Kanye West and Neyo for ages and so was going to just buy the single but when i realised she actually had an album out i knew i had to get it and I'm glad i did! This CD is definitely worth the whole £7.99 i bought it for!

          In the album theres a mix of your slow and easy listen songs with some of your more up beat club songs that you know if you heard on a night out you'd definitely be dancing to! I've had the album for a while now and since then it's continously been on repaet and i still haven't got bored of listening to it!!

          I'm not normally a fan of this type of music but i'd absolutely say that 'In a Perfect World..' is one of the best albums i've bought in a long time!


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          26.07.2009 15:37
          Very helpful



          Excellent debut album, In a Perfect World, she'd get more recognition

          From the album cover to its contents, this is a brilliant debut album. The cover shows a stark contrast between Keri (in black and white) and the vibrant sunset background. what first attracted me to this album was when i heard her voice on Timbaland's "The way I are" and Chris Brown's 'Superhuman'.

          Hilson is a member of the song writing group, The Clutch which has been active since 2004. This Atlanta based outfit is responsible for a number of hits including Ciara's 'Like a Boy' to Britney Spears' 'Radar'. The other members of this outfit are Candice Nelson, Balewa Muhammad, J. Que, and Ezekiel Lewis. In terms of the future they are due to work with the likes of Usher and Jennifer Hudson.

          12 years in the making, Hilson has managed to reach another level, she has spent the majority of the early 2000's writing for the likes of Ludacris and Britney.
          She has the backing of Timbaland, who has supported the likes of Aaliyah (quite a name to live up to).

          Now, abit about some of the tracks. I won't go into detail about each of them.

          Knock you down featuring Neyo and Kanye West has been her most successful single thus far, staying at number 12 for the past 10 weeks on the official Radio 1 chart list. Co-written by Justin Timberlake, this is a catchy little number, with 2 R&B A listers performing with her (Kanye West and Neyo).

          'Make Love', I absolutely adore this track, it's slow, rhythmic beat is sensuous. Although the lyrics aren't really mind blowing, the beat has kept me listening to this one over and over.

          'Return the favour' with Timbaland could literally be read to be just that - a gesture of her gratitude. Lyrically, there are plenty of suggestive come-ons throughout and the song is an interplay between the two. A brilliant track with a memorable futuristic beat.

          Scream, charted as Timbaland ft Keri Hilson and Nicole Scherzinger, this is a track which Hilson is part of the musical foreplay. With Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, this was definitely a track that grew on me. The funky vibe and authentic sounding drums make this one of the best tracks on this album. Performing with Scherzinger, Keri manages to really showcase her voice against the powerful vocals of the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls. Something I found to be on the bizarre side about the video, was that both these female singers wore balaclava's during the video - strange or what?

          Complete track listing:

          1. Intro
          2. Turnin Me On (feat. Lil Wayne)
          3. Get Your Money Up (feat. Keyshia Cole & Trina)
          4. Return the Favor (feat. Timbaland)
          5. Knock You Down (feat. Kanye West & Ne-Yo)
          6. Slow Dance
          7. Make Love
          8. Intuition
          9. How Does It Feel
          10. Alienated
          11. Tell Him the Truth
          12. Change Me (feat. Akon)
          13. Energy
          14. Where Did He Go
          15. The Way I Are (feat. Keri Hilson & D.O.E.)
          16. Scream (feat. Keri Hilson & Nicole Scherzinger)
          17. Hurts Me

          There are a few collaborations on this album which serve to enhance the album and provide a platform for Hilson to highlight her vocals.

          I've read a few reviews about Keri in general and her album, and there appears to be a collective voice that states that her vocals aren't anything to write home about. I totally disagree - as with all new artists, she is being compared to other mainstream voices that are out there and not being rated fairly.

          For those of you not sold on this album, there's an album preview on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dicpVwRF7vo) which gives you a glimpse into some of the tracks. You can purchase this for £7.99 at play.com. So far, she has been in the shadows as the writer, now it's time for her to shine, a star in the making, for sure!


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            28.04.2009 08:47
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Keri Hilson's debut album

            Timbaland-associate, Keri Hilson released her solo debut album in 2009. This using the title "In A Perfect World...", this effort has the R&B singer, who shot to fame as a collaborator on tunes such as on Xzibit's "Mean Muggin'", Nas' "Hero" and Timbo's "The Way I Are", finds herself working with only the best as she is backed by beats from names which you could easily have guessed with Timbaland, Polow Da Don and Danja all stepping up to give her what she needs here. The Georgian singer is also a renowned writing and has penned lyrics for acts such a Mary J. Blige, Usher and Britney Spears.

            1. "Intro"

            2. "Turnin' Me On"

            Here you find that Keri is working with one of the best collaborators in the game as you find that it is Lil' Wayne who steps up to do his thing on this one as Polow Da Don drops some heavy bass hits to drive it just like as we had seen with other club tunes of the 2008/2009 period. It is a big one, and starts the thing off well as they sing to each other about how they get attracted to the people who approach them.

            **Five Stars**

            3. "Get Your Money Up"

            This is a big collaboration of talent in this case as you find that Danja and Polow Da Don do their thing as they come together and do an exciting one which is directed for the clubs. It has her with Trina and Keisha Cole, all of whom adopt heavy auto-tuning to give off the effect which peak in popularity at this time. The breaks in here are hardcore, and amongst the best in the album.

            **Five Stars**

            4. "Return the Favor"

            The chart performance of this single really surprised me more than anything else when it comes to this album as for me, I saw it as herself with Timbaland at the top of their game, doing things as good as they can get, but it failed to chart n anywhere but the UK, New Zealand and the UK, and as I see it, its performance elsewhere should be ignored as it has things at the top quality it could possible be with great production, melody and overall sound.

            **Five Stars**

            5. "Know You Down"

            As we go from one single to another, this is definitely one that you can't ignore as it finds her with both Ne-Yo and Kanye (rapping -as opposed to singing with auto-tune). It is solely Danja behind this one, and it is a heavy tune as a result. It is one which empowers the listener with how everything comes together, and all the artists fit right in with the theme of the tune.

            **Five Stars**

            6. "Slow Dance"

            You have things taking a big change as you find that there is a lot more experimentation on the part of the production aspect of this one as it has those responsible for it slowing the pace right down to do something which will have heard before, a typical slow dance song, but done in a unique manner with lots of spacey, futuristic sound effects going into it to give off this effect, and it comes together well in the end.

            **Four Stars**

            7. "Make Love"

            It was bound to go down at some point, and this is where you get things taking a significant shift, as directly off a song which forces you to clam down, the pace drops down a step further to a degree where you have to look upon it in a different light. It has her do a sensual bedroom song, but I felt as though the production to it just wasn't the right way at all, and it conveyed completely different emotions, so it made it highly confused.

            **Two Stars**

            8. "Intuition"

            Whatever followed the last one was bound to be an improvement as the last one really threw off the flow off things, and I felt as though things improved here, but not really to where things where at the start of the thing and so with Danja and Timbaland coming together, they do one which sounds very much unlike them with the tune hardly changing throughout its duration with a pretty irritating riff going through it.

            **Three Stars**

            9. "How Does It Feel"

            Keri shows her personal skills at song-writing on this one as this is one of few where it is solely her behind it, and here you find that she is backed by just Timbo, and he comes with something hard here as with him working with heavy bass and uplifting brass wind, he gets you to fall for the music, and get right into the feel of the thing.

            **Five Stars**

            10. "Alienated"

            The theme for this one is obviously a lot different to what you get elsewhere here as the mood is brought right down as she does one which has her express her depression as she feels isolation after being broken off by her partner. It is an emotive one, but I couldn't help but fell that the cartoony production undermined the feeling which the lyrics push forward.

            **Three Stars**

            11. "Tell Him The Truth"

            The beats from Danja here are hard and the y get you every time they drop as you find that he is able to do a lot with a fairly simplsitc structure and although the electronic instruments which are used are n't conventional, what is done with them makes it sound very typical, and allows the artist to put her voice to its full potential as she asks for forgiveness from her partner.

            **Four Stars**

            12. "Change Me"

            As soon as I saw that Akon was a part of this, I was put off, and I have to say that what I got from the recording didn't do that much in order to reassure me that it was going to be all that bad. I have to admit that the dramatic recording is a step up on anything else he's done in the past, but with his annoying voice being a part of it, it does nothing but put me off.

            **Three Stars**

            13. "Energy"

            The title gives you an indication of how things will twist for this one as you have the pace upped quite significantly as you find that it is driven by frantic percussion. It is a big one, and it shows the best from The Runaways (the production act behind it). I found that it was able to bring out even more from what she has to offer, and how many different emotions she can bring out of this album.

            **Four Stars**

            14. "Where Did He Go"

            To bring things to an end it is Timbo and Danja who bring the tempo down as we are made to settle as the record comes to a close. I have to say that the lack of energy in it did put me off quite a bit, and it left it in a state where you aren't really bothered, and since this is the lasting memory form the album, I thought it was placed in the wrong part of the thing completely.

            **Two Stars**

            The final track f the album really undermines the whole thing, and makes you think that the thing wasn't really all that, but with all of the opening recordings being filled with such energy with some of the best club R&B acts out there, it is some high quality stuff, and so I think you should forget the last one is there at all. I was surprised not to see a ballad on here, and for me this was a positive, but others may feel it didn't give her a chance to show her full vocal potential with quite a few tunes having her on heavy auto-tuning. On the whole, this is a good R&B album, and it fits in with the time.


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              20.04.2009 02:13
              Very helpful



              A superb debut with numerous highlights fronted by a highly likeable personality

              Perhaps you've heard Keri Hilson's voice without even knowing it; the 27 year-old from Georgia (US) first rose to public prominence as the guest vocalist on superstar producer Timbaland's global #1 'The Way I Are'. Before that she'd written hits for Britney Spears and Pussycat Dolls, and since then she's embarked on a solo career. With production split largely between Timbo, Danja and Polow Da Don, Hilson's debut In A Perfect World (which suffered many a delay before finally being released in March 2009) has been the subject of great anticipation. Time to decide whether it was worth the wait...

              A short intro brings us into Keri's world. "We 'bout to get it poppin'" she promises as we launch into 'Turnin Me On'. The album's lead single is a dirty, sparse affair which begins with a robotic plea of "Please don't turn me off" and sees everything, including the kitchen sink, thrown into the mix. Rapper of the moment Lil' Wayne interrupts with a commentary covering - look away now if you're squeaky clean - 'tight pussies' and more. It's every bit as filthy and outrageous as that sounds, and it's hugely enjoyable. 'Get Your Money Up' sports a similar vibe, and although it's a little less memorable, the Queen of the South, Trina, pops up on a rap which is as enthralling as ever. Next is 'Return The Favour', the first UK single and easily identifiable as a Tim production. Whilst the swishing electropop is a formula more tried and tested than experimental, the chemistry between the big man and his protege on this back-and-forth duet is difficult to deny.

              A solid start then, but now we arrive at 'Knock You Down'. Produced by Danja, though not at all alike to his more typically dark electro&b numbers, the song is one of those rarities which come around two or three times a year; a song so massive, with such a genius hook, that it goes down as an instant classic. Men of the moment Kanye West and NeYo rave over Keri - "I met this pretty little missile / Who shot me out the sky" - over a shimmering, golden beat. It's Keri's very own 'Umbrella'. 'Slow Dance' is a rather less notable, if still enjoyable, chilled-out slow jam. However it seems a little redundant given that it's followed by 'Make Love', a glorious, sunny late-80s throwback which will have you fighting the urge to recline your chair and let Summer pour in. "You wouldn't know what to do with yourself after one night with me" Keri declares, sounding as factual as she does sensual.

              'Intuition' is Timbaland by-numbers again, this time providing our songstress with a looped Eastern beat. Keri's soothing vocal delivery lifts it above the mundane - she sounds cautious singing "it would break my world if you ain't true to me" - but it remains a (pleasant) filler. Much stronger is the Danja-assisted 'How Does It Feel', a drum-heavy march through a futuristic city of bleeps and synths. Hilson seems to relish having the upper hand as she warns an arrogant lover "you're about to find out how it feels". Another highlight is 'Alienated', Danja yet again delivering the goods, this time on a mellow midtempo with a buzzing synthline beneath whispered verses. It's as fresh as anything in the charts whilst the heartfelt chorus, a chant of "Can't get you out of my system", is a stayer-in-the-head. The momentum dips a little with 'Tell Him The Truth', a 90s-lite ballad which plods along nicely enough but fails to reach a climax.

              'Change Me' is a supposed duet with Akon, but he ends up dominating the song with Keri apparently relegated to one verse and the middle 8. Despite this, though, its twinkly late-night beat and probing lyrics - "Maybe I'm not quite the girl you've been looking for / Would you agree?" - make for another standout track. Akon sounds surprisingly good too, ditching the whiny hysterics of his usual work for a raspier, rockier vocal which sits at great ease alongside Keri's softer tones. The penultimate song is 'Energy', which was released twelve months ago as the album's lead single, but failed on the charts. Perhaps it's not quite the statement that was needed for her debut single, but it still ranks comfortably as the second-best song on here, with a relentlessly uplifting feel. Closer 'Where Did He Go' is another downtempo with slightly ridiculous lyrics; "People always ask what has got me wearing all black". It's nice enough, but pales away in comparison to the previous two songs.

              Bonus tracks come in the form of 'Do It' and 'Quicksand'. The former samples the LL Cool J classic 'Doin It'; it's a hypnotic electro-romp whose status as a mere digital add-on is fairly perplexing. 'Quicksand' is more minimal, Keri speak-singing over a beat which was probably considered too street to be heard by the masses. The UK also get the two Timbaland singles on which she has featured, 'Scream' and 'The Way I Are', both of which are wonderful, or were in 2007 before being subjected to overplay.

              To put it simply, In A Perfect World is a brilliant introduction to Keri Hilson. It should manage to please both the fans who've been waiting so long and the public who are going through something of a femme-R&B dry spell, with Mary J, Rihanna, Mariah and co. all hidden behind the scenes. On her next attempt she should cut down on Timbaland's input, because his colleague Danja is superior in every respect, and more in touch with the sound of R&B in 2009, but that's a minor blip. The highlights on here are more than enough to merit spending a little to make the R&B scene, and your music player, a brighter place.


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                12.04.2009 15:10
                Very helpful



                Keri Is Here To Stay!

                It seems that no one else has written a review on this album, which I find quite suprising as in my opinion and many others Keri Hilson is as good as anyone else in the industry right now.

                This is her debut album and comes at a relatively late age of 27. A lot of the other artists of her style release tracks aroudn the age of 20, like Rihanna. However Keri had been making a name for herself and was known for many years before this release due to her producing career, having produced tracks for the likes of Britney Spears, Usher and Ludacris.

                In 2006 she signed was Timbaland's record label and it was on his last album that people really began to take notice of her singing skills. The prime tracks was The Way I Are which was a huge hit that summer. From there she had a more prominent role featuring in artists tracks and then it was inevitable that Timbaland was going to launch her solo career and here was are...

                In A Perfect World was released very recently on March 24th 2009. Even before the release a lot of the tracks had garnered radio play and there was a wide range of featuring artists on this album ranging from Lil Wayne through to Akon.

                The album has widely been regarded as a success and sold 94,000 albums in the US in its first week. I will look at my favourite tracks from the album.

                My Fav Tracks

                Turnin Me on Feat Lil Wayne - Well this is simply what Lil Wayne does best. Catchy hypnotic rapping mixed in with the seductive singing of Keri Hilson. The beat is very soft and catchy at the same time. This was one of the tracks from the album that was first released and it is easy to see why. With most of the tracks from other female artists being very similar it is great to see something a bit different here.

                Return The Favour Feat Timbaland - The legendary Timbaland features and produces this track and it oozes the Timbaland 'sound'. For those of you who do not understand it is basically Timbaland's own production style and all his tracks have that little thing similar, but not enough so the tracks sound all the same. It is a very very catchy song and Timbaland does let Keri Hilson shine here with her vocals.

                Knock You Down Fear Neyo & Kanye West - Another two great artists feature here, and dare I say it the two artists featuring are actually the highlights here and outshine Miss Hilson. Neyo does the same thing every track, which here is a good thing as you know you are guaranteed a catchy hook and Kanye West for once has stopped his auto tuner and gone back to his old rapping ways. A great track to follow up Return The Favour.

                How Does It Feel - This is my favourite track on the album. Another Timbaland track, however he is not really featuring here, apart from his signature noises that he makes during the tracks. It has great lyrics and an awesome saxaphone sound in the instrumental and a very catchy beat. I highly recommend checking this track out if you are a fan of Keri Hilson's.

                Change Me Feat Akon - I would say this is a typical Akon feature, however this is different to the normal Akon style. He screams his vocals of during his verse and does an excellent job and I never knew Akon had it in him. Keri Hilson's verse is also perfect and this really is an epic track. Easily my second favourite track on the album and everything about this track is perfect from the singing through to the lyrics and beat.

                Overall this is one of my favourite albums, and at this point my favourite female R&B album of the year so far. Rihanna's was my favourite from the last few years, and this is definitely now a contender. As I am the first person to review Keri's album I doubt a lot of you would have checked her music out, but I definitely recommend this. It is a bit different to the normal R&B and would recommend this as a present for girls and R&B fans alike. You can find it any local music store or online. 5 Stars online.


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              • Product Details

                Disc #1 Tracklisting
                1 Intro
                2 Turning Me On - Keri Hilson, Lil Wayne
                3 Get Your Money Up - Keyshia Cole, Keri Hilson,
                4 Return the Favor - Keri Hilson,
                5 Knock You Down - Keri Hilson, , Kanye West
                6 Slow Dance
                7 Make Love
                8 Intuition
                9 How Does It Feel
                10 Alienated
                11 Tell Him the Truth
                12 Change Me
                13 Energy
                14 Where Did He Go

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