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In Case You Didn't Know - Olly Murs

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4 Reviews

Artist: Olly Murs / Audio CD released 2011-11-28 at Epic

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    4 Reviews
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      17.05.2013 02:37
      Very helpful



      Overall a really upbeat and funky album

      Who doesn't remember Olly Murs from the X-Factor in 2009 as a contestant, who didn't win, but now it seems that he has done well for himself, as he was a runner up. Olly Murs is a singer/songwriter and a TV presenter including the Extra Factor. Olly was born in 1984.
      In 2010 Olly signed a joint record deal with Epic Records and Syco Music.

      =2nd Album=
      This is Olly's second album and is titled "In Case You Didn't know", the album went to number one and has featured two number one singles Heart Skips a Beat and Dance with me tonight (yes please!!).
      Olly has been involved with the writing of the ablum, which has 13 tracks.

      =1 Heart Skips a Beat=
      On this track Olly features Rizzle Kicks, the English hip-hop artist. For me this is a different type of song to be the 1st to be on the album as it is a style that we never really saw on X-Factor, but it is a really good song, catchy tune, and is memorable.
      =2. Oh My Goodness =
      This was the 3rd single to be released - but the first after the album came out. Again in true Olly style, is catchy has memorable lyrics and up beat.
      =3. Dance with me Tonight =
      This has a 60's feel to it, you could almost imagine a room full of people doing the jive to it, yet with Olly interpretation it still beings it as a modern dance tune.
      =4.I've Tried Everything =
      This also has an older style to the song, but with a cheeky edge, the lyrics are true to life as there about trying to get over someone.
      =5. This Song Is About You =
      With this song, I found that there was a change of beat to the song, as it was less upbeat, but more take notice of the lyrics. This also shows off Ollys talent as a singer as there is a wide range of noted within the song and he seems to hit everyone ok.
      =6. In Case You Didn't Know =
      This is going back to the Olly that we know the upbeat track, this is wondering how the other person is getting on after you have broken up, I really feel that this shows hodden depth of emotion, and could be why that Olly is a good songwriter as he puts heart and soul into his music.
      =7. Tell the World =
      I feel that this song wants you to really get into in, from the point that there is always a positive on negative things, and that is things are bad and you are in a relationship, it acts as a "kick up the rear" that you are lucky to be in love.
      =8. I'm Ok =
      To me I know it is sang by Olly, but I felt like it had a touch of Adele, it in, the base reminds me it could be hit for a film, again catchy lyrics.
      =9. Just Smile =
      I felt a bit out on a limb with this song, it is as though they are not sure which box it fits into, as to whether it should be a ballard, but the tune is just that bit to upbeat but not upbeat enough as a normal song.
      =10.On my Cloud =
      I guess these could be a Valentines days song, as it is really cheesy, maybe a little bit too much cheesy, it is ok, and on par with the other songs to an extent, but just wavered off course a bit.

      =11.I Don't Love You Too =
      This is really true to life, as you can relate to the lyrics, as I am sure one time or another we've said "I love you" and not really meant it.
      =12. Anywhere Else =
      I feel by now that they were struggling with what songs to put on, for this is not the best, it doesn't seem to have that catchy element to it as other songs on the CD have

      =13. I Need You Now =
      The saying - "I've left the best to last", to me this certainly applies to the C, this again brings in a new element in the fact that it has almost been stripped back to nothing, you could imagine Olly just sat in a room with some acoustic music and singing to the special lady in his life. This is a love song in the making.

      =In General=
      I always think music is a personal taste, one persons love may be another persons poision, but with this CD, we see the true Olly, feel the words, yep there are a couple of songs that don't tick the box for me, but the rest I love. I feel that Olly writes from the heart, he really puts heart and soul into all his songs
      The CD comes with a booklet of the all the lyrics, photos of Olly as well as all the info on writing credits and thanks you.
      =Would I recommend=
      I think this is a brilliant album, I loved the first one, but this really is good and to me despite all his fame, Olly seems grounded, and his music is his life. The question to ask if he had come 1st would we still be hearing from him, I doubt that, - he's here to stay.

      =Just one Question=
      Does he get poured into those trousers.


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        18.02.2012 23:10
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Great Album

        Olly Murs is a Bristish singer-songwriter and Tv presenter. Born Oliver Stanley Murs in Essex 1984, shot on to our tv screens back in 2009, on tv talent show, The X Factor. Singing Superstition on his first audition, with some funky dance moves and cheeky personality he won over viewers and judges alike. Finishing in second place. Early 2010 saw Olly sign a joint record deal with Epic Records and Syco Music.

        This is Olly's second album titled "In Case You Didn't Know". Feauturing singles Heart skips a Beat and Dance with me tonight. Both of which went to number one. The album also went to number one and has been selling steadily ever since. Olly has recently started his Uk Tour, which has so far featured a trouser accident. Most tracks of the album have had Olly involved with the writting. There are 13 tracks on this album. Track listing is as follows.
        1. Heart Skips A Beat
        2. Oh My Goodness
        3. Dance with me Tonight
        4.I've Tried Everything
        5. This Song Is About You
        6. In Case You Didn't Know
        7. Tell the World
        8. I'm Ok
        9. Just Smile
        10.On my Cloud
        11.I Don't Love You Too
        12. Anywhere Else
        13. I Need You Now

        The stand out tracks for me are Heart Skips A beat, Dance with me tonight, I need you now, I'm OK and Tell The World.

        Heart Skips A Beat- This track features English hip-hop artists Rizzle Kicks. This track has been played everywhere I think most people will have heard it somewhere. This was the first release from the album, reaching number one. It has also been nominated for a Brit award this year for Best British Single. It has catchy lyrics, that are memorable and easy to sing along to. It has a great beat to it and the song really puts a smile on your face. When I first heard this track I was unsure, as it was unlike anything Olly had done before, but it was a grower and now I love it. Olly's cheeky personality really comes across in this song. It is quite different to the rest of the album.

        Oh My Goodness- This track is set to be the third single release from this album. It is an up-beat track with catchy memorable lyrics, about falling for someone. Its a really easy beat to get into and always has my foot tapping away. It won't take long till your singing away to it.

        Dance with Me Tonight- Second single from the album,that although didn't go straight to number one made it there in the end. This is my favourite track on the album. No matter what mood I'm in or how bad I'm feeling this song always makes me smile. A very intresting unique intro to the song, with someone introducing Olly. It has an older style to it, I'd say 60's with a modern twist. The lyrics are catchy, and the rhythm really makes you want to dance.

        I've Tried Everything- Another catchy song. Like Dance with me tonight has an older style feel to it with a modern twist. The lyrics are easy to relate to, they are about trying to get over someone. The beat is catchy and has you clicking your fingers along.

        This Song Is About You- This track isn't as upbeat as most of the tracks on the album. There is a lyric " I curse the day that I met you" that I think many people will relate to as many of us feel this way after a failed relationship. Its a great break up song, telling someone how it is. Again the lyrics are catchy and memorable. Higher notes and keys are hit in this track, showing off Olly's vocal quality better than some of the more up-beat tracks.

        In Case You Didn't Know- An up-beat track, again with catchy lyrics and beat. The lyrics are memorable and people will relate. Thats what I really like about Olly's lyrics. The track is about wondering how the other half is doing after a break up, and letting them know how you feel.

        Tell The World- A really up-beat song. It puts a positive spin on negative things, because no matter how bad things get if you have someone special in your life it doesn't always matter how bad they are. A great track to listen to when you're feeling lucky in love. Lyrics are catchy and the song has a great beat to it. There is also a little rap in it (not by Olly).

        I'm Ok- The intro to the song almost songs like it belongs in a James Bond movie. Its very memorable, and sticks out on the album. The lyrics are catchy with a different, more positive attitude towards a break up.

        Just Smile- This is a slower track than most on the album, not as stand out for me though. The lyrics are enjoyable yet I don't feel they are as catchy as most off the other tracks. However its a feel good song about fixing things after an argument with a simple smile.

        On My Cloud- This is my least favourite track on the album. I was disappointed to see this on the album. I had previously downloaded the Heart Skips A Beat single and this was a B side. It hard for me to say as Olly i my guilty pleasure, but I feel the lyrics are just a bit too cheesey. There is also a part in the song where I believe digital effects are used over Olly's vocals just a very small part, but it makes him sound like a robot and I just felt there was no need. It isn't a bad track, I just feel it doesn't compare with the rest of the album

        I Don't Love You Too- This track has a really intresting intro. The lyrics are again easy to relate to, anyone in or previously in a relationship has most likely felt this way. I can really connect to this song, however that being said it isn't as stand out as others.

        Anywhere Else- The lyrics on this track are really sweet and its has a good rhythm throughout, however it isn't as catchy as most of the tracks especially on the first half of the album.

        I Need You Now- I love this track. It is really stripped back and is pretty much accoustic. Its really slow and beautiful. So romantic. Because it is so stripped back we can really hear Olly sing. The lyrics are so beautiful and heart warming. Olly sings the song so emotionally, can really tell Olly feels what he is singing here. Most likely due to his public lack of a girlfriend. I could listen to this track over and over.

        Overall for me a fantastic album. There are a few weaker tracks on the album but there are no bad tracks. Olly has come a long way in the last few years and has given us here a great british album. He is a real talent, with a unique style and voice. This album has done really well so far and it will continue to do so. Really catchy memorable album. One to play to make you smile. Coming second didn't do Olly any harm. Although I enjoyed Olly's first album I feel this one blows it out the water. This album has shown how he has matured as an artist and he has really taken alot of time and put in alot of effort to put his stamp on it.

        The cd also comes with a booklet of all the lyrics, some handsome photos of Olly, all Olly's thank yous and writting credits.


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          13.02.2012 13:06
          Very helpful
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          Definetely Recommended!!

          In Case You Didn't Know is the debut album from 2009's X Factor runner up Olly Murs. The album was released in the United Kingdom in 2011 and so is very recent. The album is currently available to buy from Amazon for a price of £8.99.

          1) Heart Skips A Beat 2) Oh My Goodness 3) Dance With Me Tonight 4) I've Tried Everything 5) This Song's About You 6) In Case You Didn't Know 7) Tell The World 8) I'm Ok 9) Just Smile 10) On My Cloud 11) I Don't Love You Too 12) Anywhere Else 13) I Need You Now

          Olly is such a cheeky chappie and this comes through in his songs; there are a lot of cheeky songs on here. I like Olly because he is different and has really catchy songs. He has some really catchy songs which I can't resist singing and dancing along too.

          Songs which stand out for me are definitely 'Dance With Me Tonight' (I LOVE it's old 60's sound! - it certainly takes you back in time!) and I also love 'This Song's About You'. Those are my two favourite songs, although that is not to say that I dislike any of the songs - I don't, I think that there are all great songs!

          This is the kind of album that you can listen to over and over again. It is a great feel good album - it really puts a smile on your face and puts you in a great mood. If you are feeling down, this album is sure to 'pick you up' and make you smile!

          Whilst I loved his debut album, I have to say that I do think this album is just that little bit better. It's much more catchier and the songs are more cheekier and happy.

          This album is very unique; it has a real noticeable, British sound which I think is great. A lot of British stars are trying to too hard to sound all the same by sounding all European, yet Olly really makes a great effect with this CD. It makes you proud to be British!

          This album makes great easy listening music! It is definitely a CD to have in your car. I could imagine driving to the beach listening to this CD at high volume. It is also very addictive; the kind of CD you can listen to over and over again and still love just as much as when you first hear it.

          One thing I like about Olly is the fact that he seems to be more focused on making great songs and happy music rather than becoming a big star.

          I have to say that this is one of the best albums from 2011.

          Thanks for reading!
          February 2012
          Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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            24.01.2012 10:45
            Not Helpful
            1 Comment



            You will not be able to resist playing this album all the time!

            In Case You Didn't Know is the second album by Olly Murs and was released in November 2011. The album contains thirteen songs of which two (Heart Skips A Beat and Dance With Me Tonight) have so far become number one hits in the UK.

            I bought Olly Murs first album last year which I loved and was keen to see if his second album would live up to the first. In fact my personal opinion is this album is even better. His smily cheeky personality is reflected in his songs which are lively and upbeat and even the ballads have a bit of a feel good factor to them. I find this album incredibly catchy and uplifting and it never fails to make me start to tap my feet and sing along with the lyrics. Every time I listen to the album I like it more and more, I'm sure my husband must be sick of listening to it by now!

            I have no doubt if he releases more songs from the album these will also become number one hits. My only negative is I did not buy tickets for the album tour as I would have loved to see him perform these songs live!


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          • Product Details

            Disc #1 Tracklisting
            1 Heart Skips A Beat
            2 Oh My Goodness
            3 Dance With Me Tonight
            4 I've Tried Everything
            5 This Song Is About You
            6 In Case You Didn't Know
            7 Tell The World
            8 I'm OK
            9 Just Smile
            10 On My Cloud
            11 I Don't Love You Too
            12 Anywhere Else
            13 I Need You Now