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In Silico - Pendulum

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8 Reviews

Genre: Dance & Electronic - Drum & Bass - Jungle / Artist: Pendulum / Audio CD released 2008-05-12 at Wea

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    8 Reviews
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      26.02.2010 22:47
      Very helpful



      A review of In Silico by Pendulum

      This is the eagerly anticipated album from Pendulum, a drum n bass band originating from Perth, Australia. It is the follow up to their previous album "Hold Your Colour", from 2007.

      The album "In Silico" was due to be released in mid March, then got pushed back to mid April, and has now been released on May 12th.
      Pendulum have released two singles from the album so far, these have been "Granite" and "Propane Nightmares". Granite, being released on 4th November 2007 and Propane Nightmares on 12th March.

      The term "In Silico", the title of the album, means a process that is simulated on a computer or within a computer simulated environment. This title is very apt for the style of music that Pendulum produce, as a lot of the sounds do seem to be computer generated, the title of the album,

      Pendulum - At a Glance

      The band members are:
      * Rob Swire (Vocals/Synth/Producer
      * Gareth McGrillen (Bass Guitar/DJ)
      * Perry ap Gwynedd (Guitar)
      * Paul (El Hornet) Harding (DJ)
      * Kodish (Drums)
      * Verse (MC)
      A biography of Pendulum can be found at the following website:


      1 - Show Down

      "This beast is a long time coming, I thought you'd understand!" What a start to the new album. This is almost the first sound you hear on the album, along with a bass drum and some symbols, as these continue some guitars come into the mix. Highly unusual for Pendulum as they don't usually use guitars unless they are live. However, after around 45 seconds we get to hear the true sound of the Aussie band, heavy bass and synths to back it up. A very recognisable and distinctive sound to any Pendulum fan! After 2 minutes the song changes, much like it does in "Another Planet" on the album "Hold Your Colour" except without the "Suddenly there was a change voiceover". The synths play a lot more of a role during this part of the song, the bass is still pushing through at a fast pace making for a thoroughly enjoyable song for the duration- 5 mins 28 secs.
      My rating for this track would be 10/10, switching from a fast pace to a slow pace at many times in the song I have enjoyed listening to it about 6 times already, and I have only had it about an hour. The good mixture of styles and techniques makes it an instant tune from Pendulum, almost on par with their biggest conquest to date - "Slam"

      2 - Different

      "Different" has a lot more of a conventional drum and bass intro, there is a lot less bass to begin with, concentrating on the snare whilst male vocals are introduced. This is another new feature from Pendulum, as in "Hold Your Colour" the vocals seemed to be mainly female. The song kicks in after 1 minute and 11 seconds; the undertones of bass are noticed a lot more strongly with the electronic sounds pushing through the background. "We are going to a different place, we're taking everything we can" are the lyrics from the chorus. These seem to have more substance to them than in previous songs that I have heard from the band, which does make a nice, change to be honest. The drums and the bass are very strong during this whole song; however, they do not drown out the lyrics at all, like some songs can. The total length of the song is 5 mins 52 secs.
      My overall rating of this song is 7/10, in comparison with all the other songs on the album, this is not one of my favourites, however it may grow on me as some of the songs from "Hold Your Colour" (i.e. "Through The Loop") did. The best bits about it are the strong undertones of bass that cut through and die out regularly.

      3 - Propane Nightmares

      This is the song that you would most likely have heard if you listen to the charts on a Sunday. When I first heard this song I didn't really like it, as to begin with it didn't sound like the type of song that Pendulum usually do. This seems to be the general agreement with most people, as it debuted at number 26 in the charts and the following week climbed to number 9, going up 17 places! The song begins with some vocals "something's tearing me down and down, can't help but feel it's coming from you". These vocals are backed with a little bit from the symbols of a drum kit. It starts slowly, which seems to be a trademark or at least the style of most Pendulum songs, only really kicking in with its real tune after 1 minute 6 seconds. The build up to this action in the song makes it expected and we anticipate it strongly, making the song even better when it does kick in. Again, with a very strong bass-line vibrating slowly through the song and the fast drums over the top, the synths working overtime and the electronic vocals Pendulum have created another success. This definitely does have more of a commercial song, and could be passed off as a dancey drum n bass song - maybe a contributing factor to its recent success in the charts. The song finishes as it starts, slow, but definitely not boring, most of the sounds dim down a little but then kick in again for another rush of our ears. The song in total is 5 mins 13 secs of pure Pendulum!
      My overall rating for this song would be 9/10 again, it engages the listener for the full 5 minutes with different aspects of the song, dipping in and out of the heavy bass-line makes for a good listen.

      4 - Visions

      "Visions" has the strongest bass-line start to the album so far. The bass does not start right from the beginning; there is an electronic voice to introduce the track. Then the heavy bass kicks in. Although "Visions" does have a very strong bass-line to begin with, this fades and kicks again throughout the duration of the song. There is a lot more of an electronica feel about this track, rather than a drum'n'bass feel. After 2 mins 5 secs the song takes us in a completely different direction from where we were going before, however, this is a mere distraction and soon gets back to the introductory beat and tune. We hear quite a lot of vocals in the song, which is unusual for a Pendulum track as they are usually scattered about and are quite brief. The electronic voice is kept in the whole song. It is quite a slow song and is definitely one of the more placid tunes on the album, it wouldn't be out of place on a Ministry of Sound chill-out C.D. This is until 4 mins 10 secs of the song has passed. You would think the song is fading and making way for the next track but we get one last burst and it picks up pace slightly. This is a good addition to the track.
      My overall rating for this track would be 8/10. I am not really a fan of the slower style drum'n'bass songs being quite a massive basshead. However the really strong bass does pull it through, with the extra bpm (beats per minute) being added towards the end. I would listen to this song if I was in a relaxed/relaxing mood, that's not to say everyone would find it relaxing as to some people it could still sound fast. The track lasts for 5 minutes and 36 seconds altogether, this is of average length for the songs on the album.

      5 - Midnight Runner

      "Midnight Runner" starts quite slowly, again, building up pace and depth gradually, starting with synths, then introducing the snare and bass, and finally the vocals. Which again, are male. This song has much more subtle tones of bass, running through it. The bass is not the key feature of the main focus of the song, instead we hear mostly synths throughout. This is a nice change to the mid point of the C.D. The majority of the songs previously have been quite fast up until now. The song reaches a crescendo at 2 mins 37 secs, where the real tones kick in. The bass becomes a lot stronger and the pace hastens slightly. There is still a lot of emphasis on the synths rather than the bass but it is pushing through a lot stronger. "Midnight Runner" has three stages in the development of the song. The introduction being slow and steady, the middle with its quicker pace and stronger bass bringing you towards the end of the song. After about 4 mins 30 secs the song picks up again and the bass kicks in a lot stronger than in the rest of the song, the focus become less and less on the synths until they a completely gone, leaving us with pure and simple drums and bass.
      My rating for this track would again be an 8/10.

      6 - The Otherside

      This track has a very subtle and strange start considering that it is a Pendulum song, to begin with you could mistake it for the introduction of a song by the band "Muse". The song as a whole focuses mainly on guitars, rather than the synths. This is a more commercial song from Pendulum and I could understand if this became their next single. (The single of The Other Side, was released in July 2008, proving me right. Unless the band read my review?) It features both male and female vocals simultaneously. I don't like this song as much as the others that I have heard on the album, however it does still make for a good listen. It has a very steady pace which is virtually constant throughout, there is no chopping and changing like in some of the other songs.
      My rating for this song would probably only be a 7/10. However, this does not mean it is a disappointing song, just not as good as some of the others.

      7 - Mutiny

      This track builds up and builds up until it finally kicks in properly after 49 seconds of being played. The synths are strong in this track and it is an extremely familiar sound found from Pendulum, something that was common place on their first album. Something even more familiar is that they have sampled a song from "Hold Your Colour". The lyrics from "The Terminal" have been used in this track. The first time I listened I thought it sounded familiar, they are sung in an entirely different way that makes them sound a lot better. "Mutiny" is quite a slow song and is very strange for many reasons. In the middle there is an almost Guns n Roses style guitar solo, which is something completely new from the band. However, there are a lot more rock influences in this album. After this introduction of the guitars the song builds up again and is still keeping my interest, even though it is something I haven't heard the band do before.
      Overall I would give this track an 9/10. It is extremely original in my eyes, however it is not fast enough for my particular tastes, I like the fact that they have used existing lyrics from a previous song.

      8 - 9,000 Miles

      This track is another one of those that has a stereotypical drum'n'bass intro, spanning for 1 min 27 secs before some more male vocals are introduced. The song is still very slow for a further 90 seconds until it picks up to its main pace. This is not a fast song and it definitely suits this style. This song seems like it has been put in to break up the fast pace of the tracks before it. I find it very relaxing, the melody is very mellow and calming and the soft bass running through the background doesn't stimulate you too much. Each note of the melody is drawn out adding to the effect of being relaxed. There are no points in this song where the bass or anything else suddenly kicks in and I think Pendulum have worked this well, making for a well rounded song overall.
      My rating for the song, is again 8/10.

      9 - Granite

      The single release of Granite was a much more familiar sound that Propane Nightmares, however it was not as successful in the top40 chart. This song has much more of an electronica feel about it. It has a fast pace with a lot more dance style sounds. Perhaps this is why Pendulum decided to release it, so they can appeal to a broader audience. Being a fan of electronica as well, I do still like this track. There are quite a lot of lyrics to the track which is unusual for a Pendulum song. The synths play a heavy part in the song, which again, starts slow, picks up pace, slows back down and goes out with a bang. There does not seem to be as much of a bass-line in this track as there is in others, but the tune of the song definitely helps this out. It is very catchy and I usually tend to find myself humming it after a listen.
      My rating for "Granite" is 9/10.

      10 - The Tempest

      Contrary to the suggestion of the title, this is a much slower, more subdued song from Pendulum, it is not so much a mellow or chill-out song, however it does have that kind of feel to it. There is a different focus in this track. The song starts with the lyrics "I saw you the other day, looking so undermined, acting like it wouldn't happen, and making sense of anything that you could find." They are sung slowly and go very well with the backing sounds. The backing of the bass-line is still immense and strong, but it is not in the forefront as much as we have become used to with the rest of the album. The chill-out factor does not last for the duration of the song however. Towards the end it turns into quite an epic masterpiece of sounds. There is a very heavy rock influence in this track as there is a lot of guitars and Rob Swire using his vocals in a similar manner. The vocals in this song are similar to the style you hear when Pendulum are live, where they also use a lot of guitars to replicate the studio sounds. In "The Tempest" there is even swearing! Which is completely new in a Pendulum album, however once again, there is a lot of swearing when they perform live, both from Rob Swire and MC Verse (who I have seen separately). This does make it feel like more of a live track than a studio one. Giving a worthy end to the standard edition C.D.
      This is an absolutely amazing song and I would definitely have to give it 10/10 as I absolutely love listening to it, definitely making it my favourite on the album.

      11. Propane - V.I.P. Remix/ 12. Propane - Celldweller Remix

      Both of these remixes can only be found on the enhanced edition C.D. They are definitely more influenced by the underground drum'n'bass scene as they are more typical styles than Pendulum have treated us to with "In Silico". There is a lot of heavy bass and drums throughout both the songs and it can be at times very manic. This is more the style of music I was introduced to and have grown to love. They are a good addition to the disc and I would probably give both tracks a 10/10. The extra £1 per track was definitely worth it.

      Overall rating for the tracks comes out at a high 8/10 - turning into 88/100.


      The album cover looks as if it is part of a computer component of sorts. Circular in shape with lines running through it parallel to the circumference. There is also a foetus in the foetal position in the centre of the shape. Each of the lines is made up of a different colour.
      The enhanced special edition C.D. has the same cover design; however it is in an embossed tin case, rather than the usual plastic. Inside there is a square of foam protecting anything from getting damaged or scratched in anyway. The C.D. itself has the same design as the front cover, but it is all in a greyish silver colour backed by a white main. You also get some quite good artwork inside, there is a fold-out sleeve with a picture on it that spans the length. It is a view of some countryside at night with a few U.F.O.s dotted around using their traction beams. The main focal point of the artwork is the big "Mothership" in the centre with a community living on top of it. It looks very interesting and detailed and looks to be related to the video for the single "Granite".


      Having checked on 11/04/08, the price on www.hmv.com is £8.99 and this is saying you make a saving of £11.00, from their list price.
      It can also be purchased currently from Amazon and Woolworths and is retailing for just under £11.00 on both sites.
      However, the cheapest that I have found since then has been www.play.com and it is selling at £8.95, with free delivery. Here is the link to the site - http://www.play.com/Music/CD/4-/3366735/In-Silico/Product.html
      The enhanced edition can also be found on play.com for a price of £12.99 (http://www.play.com/Music/CD/4-/5408676/In-Silico/Product.html) and is available in HMV for £15.99. The extra couple of pounds is because of the tin case and the bonus tracks and videos found on it.
      These seem to be fair prices as there are only 10 tracks on the album, which is slightly lower than most albums, their previous album has 14 tracks and is also retailing at £8.95 on play. http://www.play.com/Music/CD/4-/3382681/-/Product.html?searchstring=hold+yo ur+colour&searchsource=0

      Having searched again in Feb 2010 I cannot find a price to buy the enhanced CD as new, probably because it was a limied edition. The normal CD is cheapest at £4.89 from www.sendit.com.

      Enhanced C.D. vs. Basic C.D.

      The main purchasing decision as to whether or not to buy this version of the C.D. essentially comes down to this one section, with the question why, or why not?
      I personally don't know why the C.D. is "enhanced" as the sound may or may not be better, but from what I have heard from other versions, it is no different. I think it simply makes it sound better than being a limited edition C.D. - which it is. The only thing that genuinely is enhanced is the packaging, being tin and therefore very noticeable in a collection.

      The Enhanced C.D. has the 2 bonus tracks, which are definitely very good tracks and I have enjoyed listening to them thoroughly. However if you are not a big fan of drum'n'bass then the style of the songs would probably not be suitable for you. Therefore, on this point the enhanced C.D. would only be suitable for the bigger fans of Pendulum or the drum'n'bass music scene.
      The standard C.D. is retailing at around £9 and the enhanced edition at £13. This, for some people would mean that they would be more likely to buy the standard edition. I would definitely say that this is a wise choice. There are not many extras on the enhanced edition that would be enjoyable for most people. The general music listener would definitely be more suited to the standard edition.

      The enhanced C.D. also includes 2 videos, which can be played by simply putting the C.D. in your P.C. or laptop and it will run automatically. One of the videos is for the track "Propane Nightmares" which can just be found on youtube. So there is no influence there to opt for the enhanced edition. The second video is a performance of Granite at the Electric Ballroom. I enjoyed this video a lot as it reminded me of when I saw them performing live a couple of months ago. But again, this would not be as enjoyable for the casual music listener, or those who are not big fans of Pendulum.

      Additional Information
      Tracks - 12
      Label - Warner Brothers
      Release Date - 12/05/08
      Number of Discs - 1
      Record Label - Warner Music
      Distributed By - Cinram Logistics

      After listening to this album over and over again, I feel like I have come to the decision that it is not as good as the album "Hold Your Colour" however the songs are very listenable for me and I will be enjoying for weeks months and years to come until they release a new album. Maybe because I have become so accustomed to listening to the older tracks I can't fully appreciate what Pendulum have gifted me now.
      I would recommend the album to people who like dance music/drum n bass/electronic music as it definitely would not be suitable for everyone. However, with Propane Nightmares rising up in the chart the week prior to In Silico's release, this could suggest that the band are becoming more widely liked.
      I personally have the enhanced special edition C.D. and I would not recommend this to potential buyers, simply because you can get virtually the same C.D. for £4 cheaper. However the people I would recommend this to is big Pendulum fans, like myself.
      The fact that there are only 10 tracks on the album can be a little bit off-putting for buyers; however, you do get a lot for your money. Each song is simply amazing for a start and the songs are all quite long. The C.D. lasts for 58 minutes and 7 seconds, which really is not bad as most albums seem to have 12-14 songs on lasting 4 minutes at most, equalling out to roughly the same amount of time. So don't let the 10 tracked album put you off!

      The people that I would advise to buy the enhanced C.D. are those that are big fans of Pendulum, or those people that listen to a lot of similar music and tend to try and buy the more limited edition discs.


      I thought I would just write a few little definitions of some of the words that I have used, as not everyone is a "basshead" or dance fan, making it easier to understand what I have talked about.
      * Kicking In - When a song kicks/kicks in, it means that the main action of the song has started; the bass for example or the main tune. It will often be mellow up until this point.
      * Bass-line - Pretty much self explanatory, the bass of the song that is constant throughout is known as the bass-line. The bass-line tends to be created electronically and the bass drum from a drum kit offers a different sound that is less constant.
      * Synths - Short for synthesiser, which is A synthesizer is an electronic music device that allows the control of the pitch, timing and tone in the generation of one or more source audio. (www.songstuff.com/glossary/S)
      * Electronica - This is a genre of music created using electronic devices such as drum machines, samplers and synthesizers. www.audiosentials.com/

      This is a quote from Pendulum themselves describing the music they produce and why. I feel that it sums up the album pretty aptly for me, and would like to leave you with the thought and conclusion. It has been taken from the website http://pendulum.com/about.aspx
      "To us, it made perfect sense to combine the best of both worlds, but it had to be done in a way that didn't make it sound obvious. In the last 10 years you've had all these bands that tried to cross the bridge by recruiting a turntablist / using a synthesizer on their new single, or electronic artists who just threw an obvious guitar sample into a tune...but eventually it just came across as a gimmick or a bit cheesy. We thought we'd try and do it properly, because to us it still hasn't been done right and there's a lot of room for exploration.

      If you turn on the radio today you'll hear 20 tracks in a row describing someone's every-day life, or songs with a one-line catchphrase chorus about shaking your ass in the club - the production is usually great but when you look deeper, there's nothing behind it...it doesn't offer you anything past its face value. We want to hear something different and exciting, but the material we want to hear isn't getting made. Thats why we spend nearly every waking moment trying to create music that takes you out of this universe - for ourselves and anyone else who wants to listen."

      I have also published this review on ciao, under the same username.


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        16.02.2010 18:04



        This band could be OK, but just sound like a theme music band from Extreme G (N64 ;) )

        The very idea of me first hearing this band was that I was told they were firmly rooted in drum and bass. While you can hear there are definitely still those influences, the band sound to have gone much more mainstream.

        Having heard this album twice now, I can say it has been a struggle. Many of the songs hooks are the "drop" in the beat, where suddenly the intensity of the music increases. This is ok for a few songs, but when it is the majority, you begin to wonder whether the band are incapable of writing a clever hook. It gives the whole album a feel of sounding fairly repetitive. Often, the hooks of the songs are actually fairly lame compared to many other dance / drum'n'bass style bands.

        The lead singer has a voice which also grates, however, it does fit the music, and I suppose if you like the music, you are not going to be put off by this.

        There is clearly a market for this style of faux-epic drum'n'bass style music, maybe I just don't get it. Often by song "The Other Side" I'm just wanting to turn off the album and put on something that has a bit more musical intelligence about it, rather than writing a riff or a hook for the sake of it.

        What this album does have going for it is at parties, you often hear the odd song pop in, and it fits in well. But overall, the songs and the melodies mesh into one, leaving a unsatisfactory feeling at the end of this tiring album.


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        05.07.2009 22:54
        Very helpful



        A great album from Pendulum after Hold Your Colour. Listen LOUD!

        Australian Drum and Bass band Pendulum released their second studio album, In Silico, in May 2008 and it has sky rocketed their popularity to a more mainstream audience. But why is this for the Australian band who's roots are very much in drum and bass? In Silico is very much an album that can please fans of a variety of genres. Personally I am very open minded about genres and like to listen to a variety of music, so I see this cross of drum and bass, metal and even indie influences as fairly unique and I really enjoy listening to In Silico.

        There are ten tracks on In Silico, most of them being five or six minutes long to make up for a slight lack of tracks. The main single for the album is Propane Nightmares which peaked at nine in the UK Singles Chart. I really like this song as I am a big fan of lyrics and think the voice of Pendulum's singer is very good and unique and perhaps even underrated. I also like the blend of vocals with the drum and bass parts of the song, the heavier parts of the song and the various other sounds in the song. The other singles from the album are Granite, The Other Side and Showdown which are all good tracks. I would say my favourite track though is the final track listed on the album, The Tempest which I feel has a nice blend of the styles as a whole on this album and at the end finishes really nicely.

        Many compare Pendulum to the Prodigy. I prefer not to do this and just enjoy both their sounds. A lot of people also complain that Pendulum have sold out their drum and bass roots and become too mainstream. In my opinion they are evolving as a band and developing their sound and music lovers are reaping the rewards. I have to say it is much better listening to Pendulum live, it is simply awesome, but this album is certainly worth buying if you like some of the genres I have mentioned. Like the second song on the album, it is a bit different.


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          15.05.2009 20:00



          Worth the money.

          This group really has reveloutionised Electronic/Dance/Rave music. They are a symbol for many people for when the you are out, well certainly me because whenever a Pendulum song is played, I know the party has started!
          This album contains one of my favourite Pendulum songs- Propane Nightmares. The contrast of the slow steady beginning to the strong flowing beat through the duration really catches my ear. This is a quality that this group has shown throughout all their album's, and is probably why they now have a very strong fan base. This album is not their best, yet still provides quality dance music for the listener. Some of the songs such as 'The other side' lets the album down as it is not a 'Pendulum esq.' song. The beat is weak and there is no real rythem, this is a point that is starting to crop up in a few of their songs. Despite this, this album does deliver and is definately worth the money!


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          06.01.2009 15:40
          Very helpful



          Something for everyone

          Pendulum are a band that have managed to span more genres than most, currently garnering fanbases from dance fans, metallers and indie kids alike. So what is it about them that manages to cross these divides?

          The album is, as you'd expect, a rather schizoid affair, veering wildly between fairly straight guitars, heavier, more metally tracks, and their trademark pumping drum 'n' bass. Single, and standout track, 'Propane Nightmares' is a case in point, begining with mariachi trumpet, taking us through a catchy but rather pedestrian indie rock, before launching us into a mental drum 'n' bass instrumental. This wild sprint around the genres is giddying and strangely addictive.

          Ironically, despite the vast range of styles and influences on display, the album still manages to all run into one a little. And perhaps they're trying to please too many people at once - while appealing to fans of all natures, Pendulum are watering down their DnB roots that were once so vibrant.

          But still a good album worth seeking out, which is guaranteed to please all listeners, at least a little bit...


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          07.08.2008 23:18
          Very helpful



          An amazing album from Pendulum, different, varied, awesome.

          In Silico is THE drum and bass album. Created by the amazing band Pendulum, this must have CD features 11 individual, unique tracks.

          I love Pendulum. I've had their "Hold Your Colours" album for so long that I know every beat as it were.

          Pendulum are a very individual band using many instruments that some people might not recognise. Also they play live, using REAL instruments!

          In Silico has some amazing tracks on it:

          Showdown (track1): Has an awesome beat and sound.
          The Other Side (My favourite) is just immense. It's relatively slow but so catchy. The drumbeat in this is just so predominant that it sort of makes the words more meaningful in a sense. I suppose everyone listens to music differently, so you may feel differently.

          I also love Propane Nightmares, the start of the song is very different to everyother Pendulum song, with a sort of Mexican sound at the start, before the beat starts and gradually increases.

          This album is very unlike their first album. You can tell it's Pendulum but the feel of the songs are different. However some aspects are very pendulumlike. Such as the singing. In Hold Your Colours the soft singing to the soft melody before building up to an awesome beat is much like The Other Side in some respects. However, so different in other ways.

          This album is definitely worth a listen even if you are not a dnb fan. I have a friend who listened to pure rap... I converted him though and now he is obsessed with Pendulum. :)


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          24.06.2008 22:32
          Very helpful



          Pendulum's second album

          I recently saw Pendulum at Rock City in Nottingham and as they were promoting their new album, it influenced me to buy this. Despite the fact I didn't think it was the best gig, and they didn't ply the best song from them "Tarantula", I still enjoyed it that much that I felt I should go out and get this.

          1. "Showdown"
          The opening to the album completely throws you off if you bought this album because you enjoyed the groups past work because it sounds like a pop punk track from someone like The Offspring instead of DnB, not what you should be greeted with, if they wanted to win over fans, they should have eased the fans into this type of music, possibly by putting "9000 Miles" here in the tracklistings.

          **One Star**
          2. "Different"

          The sound of the previous track is basically dragged through into this one. It seems as thoughuo the group have become lazy as the tracks sound so similar with a electronica beat with some rock vocals, which aren't all that good either).
          **One Star**

          3. "Propane Nightmares"
          This track acted as their leading single, but it was the second to be relased, back in April, and surprisingly it managed to climb to #9, despite the fact I hadn't heard any air-play or it. So I would consider this to be successful for them, as they haven't managed to get into the top ten before and #12, is the best they have done in the past.

          The track begins with a Latin feel, which is continued with the singing which is done by MC Jakes before Paul Kodish introduces the drums and then the DnB kicks in with a nice breakdown with an electronica bassline, but the track into all that and it seems as though the Drum and Bass element to it is ignored after it.
          **Two Stars**

          4. "Visions"
          By this time in the album, you are forced to accept that the style they are going to explore is going to completely change and be electronica. There isn't much to this, its just a futuristic electronica track with robotic vocals which remind me a lot of the Beastie Boys' "Intergalactic".

          **One Stars**
          5. "Midnight Runner"

          What potentially could be a good Drum and Bass track is ruined by the fact there is a lot of synthesized vocals which prevent you getting into the track, because its the first time you can bust a little skank, but then you hear recycled sounds which they got from "Slam", perhaps their most successful single, and its as if they are just trying to work out what people enjoy, and they themselves aren't into the DnB music.
          **Two Star**

          6. "The Other Side"
          This sounded to be a Prodigy-esque electronica track after a minute long bass and hi-hat rhythm provided by the drummer as it comes with some annoying thumping beats which distance the group from their past as electronic voice altering is used, making them sound too European to be enjoyed by indivduals such as myself

          **One Star**
          7. "Mutiny"

          There isn't much that you can say about this track, it's just plain electronica, it doesn't have any disinct features apart from a sound which you will associate with this particular group.
          **One Star**

          8. "9000 Miles"
          This provided the most promising signs of DnB with its short clips of "Apache", but it quickly fades and singing is injected, leaving me dismayed as it was one of the first imes I felt excited whilst listening to the album. Once the basic DnB beat comes back, you are left unimpressed by this attempt of getting their original fans back as I saw it.

          **Two Stars**
          9. "Granite"

          This was the first single from the album and it was released back in November of last year, only just able to break into the top 30, but this isn't unusual for the Australian band who are just getting to achieve mainstream success.
          This begins with a hard beat, which could be used in a Hip Hop track, but then we hear a distinctive Pendulum sounding electronica DnB breakdown with robotic vocals on top. This is marginally better than "Propane Nightmares".

          **Two Stars**
          10. "The Tempest"

          This track goes seems to go on forever, it is painfully long and dargs out. This track is a rock one and just shows you what the band is about now and they have completely lots their roots. I find it hard to believe that everyone in the group could be in favour of such a drastic changover because just before thier first album, they were so into the DnB that it's hard to comprehend that they could all enjoy both styles of elctronica so much that they would promote it because it's so different.
          **One Star**

          I was rather disappointed that Pendulum seem to have lost their Drum and Bass style, and to be honest, this is the only type of electronica which I enjoy listening to, so without this, they just seem to be a regular rock band playing high-tempo tracks, separating itself from the 2005 album "Hold your Colour". When I expect to hear DnB, I expect it to be gritty and hard and the only sign of DnB here was too clean and commerical, its annoying because I expect to hear too many young people claiming to be Bassheads after hearing this, but it simply isn't DnB, its elctronica, and a very poor strain of it, so bad you can't even dance to it (unless you were on something and you didn't know what it was).
          I don't feel as though I'm being harsh on the group because I am very knowledgable in terms of DnB, so seeing the group just leave this genre so abruptly just leaves me bitter, as I expect many others to be as it has just gone far too mainstream and I hope most others feel the same as myself and I doubt they will be able to redeem themselves in th future if they try. The only thing I liked about the album was the cover.
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            11.06.2008 12:19
            Very helpful



            Listen to Propane Nightmares, The Tempest and Mutiny- then you'll know if it's for you

            So 'In Silico' is the UK-based but Australian-born outfit Pendulum's second album, following their successful debut 'Hold Your Colour'. But does it match the expectations of drum and bass fans?!

            This new album has a much rockier feel but the heavy breakbeats that were so prominent on 'Hold Your Colour' are still there and in my opinion the mix of rock riffs and drum and bass beats really works. The album includes the lead single 'Propane Nightmares' which breached the UK top ten earlier this year and its unusual mariarchi opening breaks under a rushing DnB wave- if you've ever heard this in a club then you'll know that when the beats come it sends clubbers slightly mental.

            The album starts off with "Showdown," which is like an electronica version of an old White Stripes song. It's an energetic opener that is geared towards dance fans, with a heavy use of the drum and bass sound the band is known for overseas. The closing track, "The Tempest," is my favourite and I think the most progressive song on In Silico. Acoustic drums, upfront clean vocals, and clean electric guitar highlight the first half of the song, before driving it home with a two minute strictly drum and bass/electronica outro.

            'In Silico' only has a few noticeable flaws, some that even diehard drum and bass fans might find. Some of the songs are too long and get very repetitive at times, especially in "9,000 Miles" and "Midnight Runner". Also some DnB fans may not like the rock element of some tracks on this album but then it is the mix of sounds that make Pendulum's music different.

            'In Silico' cannot boast the accolades of 'Hold Your Colour', which was the highest selling drum and bass album of all time, but then DnB has come on a lot since then. This new album does the first justice, and I like the new (rockier) direction and dimension they have taken.


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Showdown
          2 Different
          3 Propane Nightmares
          4 Visions
          5 Midnight Runner
          6 The Other Side
          7 Mutiny
          8 9,000 Miles
          9 Granite
          10 The Tempest

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