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In Your Face - Fishbone

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Genre: R&B & Soul - Funk / Artist: Fishbone / Import / Audio CD released 1991-08-27 at Sony

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    1 Review
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      18.02.2010 13:09
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      Fishbone's debut album

      "In Your Face" came out in 1986 as the debut album from the black Alternative Rock band, Fishbone. Mixing Rock with Ska, Punk, Reggae Hard Rock and Funk, the band come up with a release that has them bringing out all-new, original material to show that unlike many, they haven't chosen to simply add to an EP that they released (in their case with an EP coming out the year earlier), and they show what else they have to offer.

      1. "When Problems Arise"

      Kicking it off with the lead single from the album, here we get the band starting the thing of with a track that shows just how diverse their influences and just the sort of way they've managed to pull them all together. Here it sounds to be mainly a mix of Ska, Rock and some Funk Rock beheath it, and personally I can't be said to be much of a fan of how they put it together and tried to put this kind of thing over with listeners.

      **Two Stars**

      2. "A Selection"

      The LA band continue with this Ska material and come up with another track that sounded as though it would have been more popular if it had dropped a couple of years prior to this point (especially in the UK) however, this kind of thing just wasn't to my tastes at all and I thought that it just had them trying out more of the sort of thing that I couldn't see any way of connecting with (apart from the odd time when it sounded as if their approach was developing).

      **One Star**

      3. "Cholly"

      We get a bit more of the Reggae pushed through into this one and I felt that this aided it quite a bit in making it sound like something I had more of a chance with connecting with, but as it went along it didn't seem to really develop much at all and it makes for more plain and repetitive stuff. It may have sounded quite original for an LA band at the time, but it doesn't mean that it was done all that well.

      **One Star**

      4. "I Wish I Had A Date"

      On this one we get more of a change as although we still get lots of the Ska feel coming through the main style that the way the thing is performed and the brass section, we find that here the lead singer (Angelo Moore) comes out with rapped vocals and so it adds to the diversity that we get on the thing. I can't say that it did all that much to help them here, as I still wasn't down with it, but it's a nice change.

      **Two Stars**

      5. "Movement In The Light"

      The quality of the material dropped even further for me here as we find that the pace slows even further and we find that the thing takes on more serious subjects. The objectives of the band seem to have developed from feel-good music to a little something with political motives, and I felt that it made it even harder to get down with and connect to as a result. it wasn't my thing, but some may see something in it.

      **One Star**

      6. "Give It Up"

      The pace picks right up here on this one. On it, we find that they come out with a tune that has them trying to approach the same sort of topics, but from an alternative angle as we see that the way that they compose the thing is much brighter and hopeful, but I can't say that I really had any love for it and it made for more unimpressive music that is only suited to some listeners (ones other than myself).

      **One Star**

      7. "In The Air"

      I thought that on this one they were finally able to show that there was a little more to them than all the repetitive Ska stuff that had been heard on most of the tunes leading up to this one. Here they open it right up with something funky as we see that pulling out the most impressive Funk Rock material that they are capable of and so they manage to shift the direction of the music and come out with something fresh.

      **Four Stars**

      8. "Turn The Other Way"

      The band are quick to turn things right back towards the sort of angle that was being explored earlier as we are greeted by horns and we are given an indication that this is another Ska-based recording. From the get-go I knew that this was another one that wasn't going to be for me and as we see it develop it seemed to make for the same kind of thing that has been heard so many times already here (with the only real difference being in a lengthy introduction).

      **One Star**

      9. "Knock It"

      I was pleased to see that on this one they choose to go for more of that pure Funk stuff. It's a heavy jam and one that shows that they really embraced this kind of thing and weren't afraid to try out a number of various contrasting styles when their main intensions were to simply show just how much they had to offer as musicians and just how many things had been brought into their stuff over the years. It's the final proper track on the album and a good way to end things.

      **Four Stars**

      10. "Simon Says" (Lude)

      11. "Post Cold War Politics" (Outro)

      I can't say that there was too much on the album that I could get down with, but when they pulled out the big ones, they made sure it was worth the wait. I think that fans of Ska would prefer this more than I did. I really only took the Funk tunes away from it, because the rest did nothing for me whatsoever.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 When Problems Arise
      2 Selection
      3 Cholly
      4 I Wish I Had a Date
      5 Movement in the Light
      6 Give It Up
      7 In the Air
      8 Turn the Other Way
      9 Knock It
      10 "Simon Says" the Kingpin
      11 Post Cold War Politics [Instrumental]

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