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Genre: Pop / CD / Audio CD released 2010-07-12 at Reprise

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    2 Reviews
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      08.04.2012 16:53
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      Get it

      I have an extremely varied/eclectic music taste and I suppose when you think of a 17 year old girl, you don't automatically think 'movie soundtrack enthusiast'. But I am and half my iPod is movie soundtracks, so I know my stuff! And I'm telling you now this is the best one out there.

      Whether or not you like the film is irrelevant (I didn't particularly care for it for the simple reason that the music didn't 'take over' as promised; I felt it wad drowned out and not given as big a starring role as deserved). The film is epic, thus the soundtrack is too. The soundtrack tells a story and takes you on a journey as the film does. You hear the music minus the visuals and you think "I can tell what what would be happening in the film at this moment". Mombassa, for example, I heard before I saw the film and knew it would be a chase song. It makes my walk to school much quicker as it has such a quick beat. It's gorgeous, the whole soundtrack is.

      The composer, Hans Zimmer, is notoriously brilliant, skilled, but also not well recognised by the Oscars and by the public in general. Along with Inception, he has produced scores for other famous films (Dark Knight, Gladiator, Sherlocks Holmes 1 + 2, The Ring, Black Hawk Down, Prince of Egypt, Lion King) and this is his best.

      The soundtrack is made up of 12 songs and they are impossible to fault. Everyone has their favourites obviously but I will attempt to quickly review each of them!

      Half Remembered Dream (1:12)- short and sweet. Starts off slow and relaxing and quickly picks up pace, ending on a bang.
      We Built Our Own World (1:56)- relaxing, the sort of song you could lounge around in bed and listen to.
      Dream Is Collapsing (2:24)- probably one of the better known songs of the bunch. Elements of this song feature amongst other songs in the soundtrack. It's punchy and brilliant.
      Radical Notion (3:43)- the beginning of this song is lovely, so relaxing and calm.
      Old Souls (7:44)- this song really captures the romance between Leonardo DiCaprio's character and his wife. I love it.
      528491 (2:24)- the beginning reminds me of X Ray Dog's The Vision. Again, it's lovely. The songs are impossible to criticise!
      Mombasa (4:54)- brilliant, truly brilliant. Maybe it's just me, but this song reminds me of pole dancing? Maybe it is just me! But yes, it's a chase song which features in the film when DiCaprio's character is running through a market. It is frantic and gorgeous.
      One Simple Idea (2:28)- too short in my opinion, as I think it's one of the strongest songs on the album and I just wish it could go on forever
      Dream Within A Dream (5:04)- STUNNING. This song never fails to make me go all gooey.
      Waiting For A Train (9:30)- due to the length of this song, it's such good background music. The sort of song you get lost in.
      Paradox (3:25)- lovely
      Time (4:36)- this is the most famous song on the soundtrack. It features right at the end of the film and has lent itself to numerous TV shows. It was played with Mark Wright skydived on the first episode of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, if that's of any interest to anyone! It's stunning. Honestly.


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        18.11.2011 13:41



        I would say that this is one of Zimmer's best works to date

        As soon as I saw the film, I had this in my sights. For those of you who are fans of one of the biggest film score composers of all time, you will know that Hans Zimmer's material always seems to sound the same. Listen closely to the Gladiator soundtrack, and you will hear Pirates of the Carribean, The Lion King, Call Of Duty - his work is very much the same. However, since working with Christopher Nolan on the Batman films, Zimmer has changed his tone, going for darker, deeper and more glorious pieces. Thus Inception is born, one of his finest works to date. Powerful, beautiful and anthemic, this masterpiece is a rip-roaring sensation of work. Whilst still clinging to the undertones of his predecessing work, Zimmer has produced something that is entirely different and completes his transition from heroic fast-paced light Disney sounds to power-filled dark underworld raw music. The piece "Dream is Collapsing" pretty much sums up his new found ambience, both in title and in music. Typically, there is also a piece within the soundtrack, "Mombasa", which like most Zimmer soundtracks, plays on his love for the music of other cultures (usually this would be either Asian or African).

        Everything about this soundtrack is brilliant, and compliments the film so well. Maybe a bit too tense for driving music, and too dark for parties, but nevertheless a fantastic collection of music.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Half Remembered Dream
      2 We Built Our Own World
      3 Dream Is Collapsing
      4 Radical Notion
      5 Old Souls
      6 528491
      7 Mombasa
      8 One Simple Idea
      9 Dream Within A Dream
      10 Waiting For A Train
      11 Paradox
      12 Time

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