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Inside This Machine - My Passion

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk / Artist: My Passion / Audio CD released 2011-04-25 at Spinefarm

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    1 Review
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      24.02.2012 18:02
      Very helpful



      A good album, not as good as their first though! Certain elements are lacking.

      The second album release from My Passion was one I had waited for for a long time! The line-up of the electro-rock band had changed slightly since their first album too with a new permanent drummer Jamie Nicholls, replacing Jonathan Gaskin who it is pleasant to see a lot more of...mainly because he is so very talented you never got to see how much when he was sat behind a drum kit!

      1) Into The Machine
      When I listened to this song for the very first time, it got everything in me excited, I was like a child on Christmas Eve, I had waited so long to hear this album, and the adrenalin was pumping...it's exciting, and you just can feel the 'My Passion' seeping out of the track, especially when the song kicks in properly.

      2) Seven Birds
      A very electro feeling to this song, I like how it builds up...just to drop straight back down again! Some of the lyrics are quite dark "I suppose I'll survive, but not because you want me to". I absolutely love how Gaskin now has a voice within the band, he puts in a lot of hard work into the album, and the songs, and you finally get to here his voice, which compliments Laurence's perfectly. It's a great song to kick the album off to a great start with! It does have a heavier feel to it, and I love how they've combined the electro style into a heavier rock style too.

      3) The Mess We Made of Our Lives
      This starts with Laurence's beautiful voice over an equally beautiful synth beginning. It kicks in so heavily straight away too...it's an unconventional dance song, definitely feeling the electro feel, but yet again they've incorporated their 'rockiness' into the song too! Yet again Gaskin's voice is so complimentary to Laurence's, they really are such a great band, and they're so talented and unrecognised for it.

      4) Asleep in the Asylum
      One of my favourite songs by the boys now (I have the lyrics "This girl is naive" tattooed on me!)...it starts off with a haunting keyboard intro, and slowly in comes the electric guitar, the beginning always gives me goosebumps, and Laurence's voice, almost a whisper encourages the goosebumps more! I've said it before, and I will say it again (& probably again later in the review), but Gaskin and Laurence really are great singers, and I honestly think this song proves it more than any other! Some of the lyrics are a little confusing...they even confuse me "& then the father came, with the washing line", and yes it is "the washing line", it has in fact been confirmed by the My Passion boys themselves!

      5) Come Back to Me
      I love this song, another of my favourites by them, and it is so not like My Passion. A slow song, with soft meaningful lyrics. It's a beautifully composed song, and it really does show how talented Gaskin is (he wrote all of the songs on this album...instruments included!). It's an unconventional love song, and a beautiful one. I love how the chorus gets heavier, and the verses go back to their softness. I can get lost in this song, and I can listen to it forever. It's so delicate, yet so heavy at the same time. Amazing.

      6) The Girl Who Lost Her Smile
      An upbeat, rock style song, this song though, I must admit does lack a lot of their electro roots. It's a great song, and another favourite off the album, but still it lacks that 'My Passion' factor about it. This song does show that they are a rock band though, and I think it's about time that they had a genre to fit into! This song does make me jump up and down, and dance wildly too though, it's still got the unconventional dance track feel to it.

      7) In My Fever
      I love the start to this song, the guitar almost sounds dirty...and Laurence's voice is just mesmerising...especially when it collaborates with Gaskin's. The song itself though does seem to lack something, I'm not sure what, but it feels boring. I do like this song, but I don't love it...it seems like it should be more exciting, but it's really not.

      8) Guilty Light
      Another slow song from the boys now, a good one, not as good as 'Come Back to Me', but still amazing. An almost acoustic song, and Laurence's voice sounds great over the guitar. John and Gaskin also really excel at the simple, yet beautifully soft guitar, the presence of the piano also sends chills down my spine, its hauntingly angelic. This song is relatively short, but it works, everything about this song works. It's amazing, and unlike anything My Passion have done before.

      9) Dance of Life
      I like the steady drum beat to start the song off...it's shortly followed by a relatively simple sounding guitar. This song however does really seem to lack the electro feel, which is disappointing as it's not the first time in the album, and that's what they were well known for, for being a unique electro rock band. This song does have a nice style to it...sometimes boring, sometimes exciting.

      10) Lily White Lies
      A rather dark start to the song...but it soon picks up, in a rather haunting way. Its another heavy song from them, yet again lacking the electro beat to the song. This song really isn't one of my favourites off the album, it can be easily, unfortunately forgotten. I do like the chorus, but that's really about it I'm afraid!!!

      11) Cage
      Now this is what I've missed, from the off it already has that electro feel to it. The lyrics, I must admit aren't that great...and at times Gaskin and Laurence sing at the same time...but different lyrics, it makes it sound messy, and as if it happened by mistake. The beat behind the song is rather boring, it doesn't vary that much within the whole song.

      12) My Confession
      I love this song, it's different, the beat is nice, the flow to the song is great, and it's a happy-go-lucky song. Another indicator here of how Laurence and Gaskin sound so well together. Although the song doesn't really have a huge element of electro to it, it's still there and it sounds brilliant.

      13) Shaking the Dead
      I think this song sounds very generic, maybe just me, but it's disappointing for a My Passion song...to be perfectly honest I don't think you could even tell it's My Passion...even though the chorus is a bit electro it's still not obviously My Passion. I kind of feel like the second half of this album was rushed...and therefore it lacks a lot of what I would expect from them. This song is mediocre...at best.

      14) A Secret Never to Be Told
      A good end to what I thought was going to be a great album but was in fact not as great as I had hoped. This song again has the electro element, which makes me happy...it's what My Passion do best! This is a relatively slow song...the guitar, the bass and the drumming is beautiful, and the voices present on the song compliment each other perfectly.

      With a running time of 47minutes and 22seconds, this album could be classed as a relatively long one, but do bare in mind that there are in fact 14 tracks on the album...so it does kind of balance out. I love My Passion, as I have mentioned before, I'm a bit said that they seem to have lost a majority of their 'electro' feel about them, although not much, you can still tell they're more of an electro band, but at the same time I do believe that they have changed their style slightly since their first album...maybe to gain more credibility? Who knows, they're still one of my favourite bands.


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  • Product Details

    Disc #1 Tracklisting
    1 Into The Machine
    2 Seven Birds
    3 The Mess We Made Of Our Lives
    4 Asleep In The Asylum
    5 Come Back To Me
    6 The Girl Who Lost Her Smile
    7 In My Fever
    8 Guilty Light
    9 Dance Of Life
    10 Lily White Lies
    11 Cage
    12 My Confession
    13 Shaking The Dead
    14 A Secret Never To Be Told

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