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Insineratehymn - Deicide

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3 Reviews

Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Nu Metal / Artist: Deicide / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 2002-03-28 at Roadrunner

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    3 Reviews
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      17.04.2010 21:59
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Not great but not a total disaster either

      After the rot had just started to set in in predecessor 'Serpents of the Light', which, though generally pretty good showed leanings towards unengaging monotony in places, Deicide's fifth full length 'Insinerathymn' (get it?) sadly saw the seminal floridian death metal the band sink further into mediocrity.

      The roughness of the sound might put some off, but as someone who likes a healthy portion of grit in their metal recordings this doesnt bother me, but 'Insineratehymn' represents a big step down from the organic-sounding riff arrangements and raw energy of the bands earliest recordings , replacing it instead with formulaic and extremely obvious chorse/verse patterns and an emphasis on mindless chugging/blasting.

      Some of the opening tracks are good despite their simplistic nature, indeed working it to their advantage, such as the enjoyably chuggy and stripped-down 'Forever Hate You', whilst closing track 'Refusal of Penance' has some excellent blistering riffage and drumwork and a very engaging dynamic to it that means that the album goes out on a relative high note, but the main body of the album consists of tedious mid paced slogs that tend to go nowhere, whist the vocals are beginning to sound increasingly uninspired as well. Lousy lyrics too. Still, there are enough halfway to decent songs on here to make this album worth picking up if you can get it for under a fiver.


      1. Bible Basher 02:23
      2. Forever Hate You 03:08
      3. Standing in the Flames 03:33
      4. Remnant of a Hopeless Path 02:59
      5. The Gift That Keeps on Giving 03:02
      6. Halls of Warship 03:03
      7. Suffer Again 02:19
      8. Worst Enemy 02:48
      9. Apocalyptic Fear 03:21
      10. Refusal of Penance 04:34
      Total playing time 31:10


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        22.06.2008 20:45
        Very helpful



        Deicide's sixth album (2000).

        Here we have it: the inevitable mid-career disappointment album that every respected band seems to fall victim to. Deicide's sixth serving 'Insineratehymn' is a step down from their previous work in terms of speed, production quality and songwriting ability, and despite attempts to regain ground in more recent years, their image has never truly recovered.

        Opener 'Bible Basher' is a reasonable enough song in its own right, boasting one reasonably catchy riff and verse (if over-repeated), but the greater decrease in speed for the second song 'Forever Hate You' takes the band into hitherto unexplored areas of tedium that only gets worse as the half hour plods on. Scratching along at a crawl, the rest of the album is devoid of life, energy or character, with nothing compelling the listener to endure the experience. Even the hateful lyrics are only becoming more desperate as the years progress and the band hacks ever deeper into its niche.

        1. Bible Basher
        2. Forever Hate You
        3. Standing in the Flames
        4. Remnant of a Hopeless Path
        5. The Gift That Keeps on Giving
        6. Halls of Warship
        7. Suffer Again
        8. Worst Enemy
        9. Apocalyptic Fear
        10. Refusal of Penance


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        20.03.2007 13:23



        death metal

        This is perhaps the worst deicide album ever. The band are not gelling. The guitars lack power and the band seems tired with what they are doing.

        Gone is the energy of legion to be replaced by plodding songs that neither any of the band seem to want to play- no passion! Get there latest release the stentch of redemption it is brilliant eneregetic death metal from the dark lord himself glen benton hail satan!


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Bible Basher
      2 Forever Hate You
      3 Standing In The Flames
      4 Remnant Of A Hopeless Path
      5 The Gift That Keeps On Giving
      6 Halls Of Worship
      7 Suffer Again
      8 Worst Enemy
      9 Apocalyptic Fear
      10 Refusal Of Penance

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