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Iron Man 2 - AC/DC

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Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Hard Rock / Soundtrack / Artist: AC/DC / Deluxe Edition / Audio CD released 2010-04-19 at Sony Music

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    4 Reviews
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      11.03.2013 17:12
      Very helpful



      A greatest hits album disguised as a soundtrack.

      "Iron Man 2" is a soundtrack album released in 2010 on Columbia Records by Australian hard rock band, AC/DC. Band personnel appearing on the album was Bon Scott, Brian Johnson (vocals), Angus Young, Malcolm Young (guitar), Cliff Williams, Mark Evans (bass) and Phil Rudd, Chris Slade (drums).


      What better band to do a soundtrack for a superhero film than AC/DC? After all, the Aussie rockers had already done "Who Made Who" for "Maximum Overdrive" and have an extensive back catalogue of songs to choose from. I've never been a huge fan of the sole band for a soundtrack idea, but what you get here is essentially a greatest hits album which is just put out as a soundtrack to boost sales for both, at a guess. Is it any good? Let's find out!

      Shoot to Thrill

      This song has Brian Johnson at his best, backed by yet another great AC/DC riff. It's not the best AC/DC song by any means, but it does have that certain 'feel' to it. According to Johnson, the song is about the amount of women in England on Valium because of depression, although the lyrics would suggest it's about a man who thinks he's the best in town in the bedroom department.

      Rock 'n' Roll Damnation

      This is another excellent song on the album. It encapsulates everything that is hard rock, turns it upside down and inside out, and then spits it out as driven music. Bon's vocals are in great form and the song has that classic AC/DC riff all over it. It's a song about how the rock genre is put down and discredited as being just 'noise', while most people that listen to it realise the musicians who play it have some serious talent.

      Guns For Hire

      This is an AC/DC song which gets off to a patchy start but once the rhythm kicks in, it's actually a very good track. When it was first released it was a setlist regular, but has rarely, if ever, been played live since, and that's something I don't understand. The song has a great rocking melody that doesn't fail to get your head nodding and is a straight out rock and roll track that rarely lets up. Angus performs yet another blistering solo and you can't help but admire his brilliance here.

      Cold Hearted Man

      Typical Bon Scott magic is the order of the day with this song, which was oddly emitted from the CD version of the "Powerage" album. I frown upon that because it's one of the better songs off of the European LP release, which I had. I guess some would say it sounds a little too much like the other slower songs on there, but when you have a talent like Bon, why not use it? Anyway, it's a wonderful number and I can't get enough of the harmony in Bon Scott's voice.

      Back in Black

      This is perhaps one of the most well-known songs in the whole hard rock genre. Most certainly the main riff is, anyway, and if you asked AC/DC fans what their favourite record was, a lot of them would name this one. The song appears to be about someone who has just been released from prison and how he goes back to his old ways not long after. However, some say it's a tribute to Bon Scott, but I fail to see the connection. The solo on this song is one of the best you'll ever hear.


      Put simply, this is Angus Young's finest work on a guitar and for the first half of the song he's playing the same solo riff over and over which is truly magical. I have been fortunate enough to see AC/DC live and even more fortunate to have seen this song played live. Bon Scott has always been the voice of the band for me, but this is where Brian Johnson had a chance to shine, and he doesn't disappoint.

      If You Want Blood (You've Got It)

      Here is a song about rocking hard on the stage and giving the audience what they want. The idea for the song came about when Angus and Malcolm saw a band play live that wasn't going down too well with the crowd and the singer apparently asked them 'What do you want, blood?" I love the lyrics of part of the chorus:

      "Blood on the streets
      Blood on the rocks
      Blood in the gutter
      Every last drop
      You want blood, you got it"

      This is another of those fun and rocking driving songs that you could easily listen to in the car. The harmony is excellent and this is one of my favourite songs on the album.

      Evil Walks

      This a really good almost ballad about a real life black widow - a woman that you have to look over your shoulder for in case she attempts to stab you in the back. The song structure here gets thumbs up from me and the chorus has Brian Johnson screaming into the microphone with plenty of gusto, assisted by the backing vocals and that typical Young brothers guitar style.


      The riff on "T.N.T." is slow and easy and the song is just a basic blues rock and roll number that's punchy all at the same time. It's a song about a guy who thinks he's the top dog in town and has women crawling all over him. He's saying that if you mess with him, he will make sure you regret doing it. This is another of those songs that both Bon and Brian sing well. Even though AC/DC is a hard rock band, the guitars sound heavier than normal on live versions of the track.

      Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be

      This is one of the best songs on the album, but I actually much prefer the live version on "If You Want Blood (You've Got It)". Bon's singing is sublime on this track and I enjoy the way AC/DC gives a blues-sounding song more of a rock feel. It's a song about cavorting with a woman, and the narrator knows he shouldn't be there but he figures it's too much of a good thing to let go.

      Have a Drink on Me

      This takes us on a journey of heavy drinking and fun times, and is a direct tribute to fallen singer, Bon Scott's way of life. Bon was a bit of a hellrasier in his day, and this track is a perfect eulogy to the great man. You can almost hear Bon singing on the closing minute, although that isn't possible. It's another fun rock and roll song, and one of the best on the album.

      The Razors Edge

      Here is another track that makes you wonder if Angus eats the whole box of Shredded Wheat, never mind three, because that opening solo is excellent and the lead riff is something else. But the beauty of this song is Malcolm's rhythm that sets the beat and Brian Johnson's vocals fit around that backing riff perfectly. This is a song about war, being on the battlefield and scared for your life.

      Let There be Rock

      There's not much to be said about this song, which is one of the best known songs the band has ever written or recorded. It's a brilliantly frenzied song dedicated to rock and roll and all those that play the music and is about how the music genre has become an institution or religion if you will, with musicians as the preachers and the fans as the congregation. It's on this song where Angus shines. It has a great, heavy riff, but the solos are insane and from around the four-minute mark that's all you get - not that you'll be complaining! This is just a brilliant song, no doubt about it.

      War Machine

      I'm not a fan of "Black Ice", the AC/DC album which was released in 2008. I think it was tired and labored and all heard before, but with a soundtrack album that features just one band, you have to put out songs from an entire catalogue. A lot of people will like it but the seasoned AC/DC fan will, like me, nod in agreement that there's nothing new here, except for the fact that it was recorded live in the studio - something which bands like Black Sabbath did in the 60s, but it is rarely done these days.

      Highway to Hell

      Since its release, this has become one of the band's most well-known songs, and certainly gives birth to one of rock's most famous of guitar riffs. "Highway to Hell" needs no introduction amongst the rock community and even some people that don't listen to the genre know what it sounds like. Bon Scott was certainly "Livin' easy, livin' free" as the first line goes and the song is one of my all-time favourites. Just like Fruit Pastilles and their "I bet you can't put a Fruit Pastille in your mouth without chewing it" slogan, I bet you can't listen to the chorus of "Highway to Hell" without singing along, it's that catchy.


      15 of AC/DC's songs on one album might sound like a good deal - and it is a good deal - but it's only good if you don't have any of the albums in the first place. Though having said that, you might only be here because you liked "Iron Man 2" and if that's the case, you'll want the accompanying soundtrack to go with your DVD or Blu-ray of the movie. Personally, I only bought it to add to by AC/DC collection and for one track only: "Cold Hearted Man", which I didn't have on CD.

      Track Listing

      1. Shoot to Thrill
      2. Rock 'n' Roll Damnation
      3. Guns For Hire
      4. Cold Hearted Man
      5. Back in Black
      6. Thunderstruck
      7. If You Want Blood (You've Got It)
      8. Evil Walks
      9. T.N.T.
      10. Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
      11. Have a Drink on Me
      12. The Razors Edge
      13. Let There be Rock
      14. War Machine
      15. Highway to Hell

      My rating: 7/10


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        17.10.2010 05:05



        Collection of greatest hits from one of the greatest rnr bands

        First consideration: AC / DC become the soundtrack of a film that bears the title of a Black Sabbath classic. This alone makes me chuckle.

        Second consideration: was it really necessary to make yet another greatest hits for the most solid rock band in the r'n'r history? Answer: Given that Iron Man 2 will be devoted to a wide audience of young people, this will be an opportunity to bring another generation to the dazzling story of some of the greatest rockers of of all time. Here we are, to review the O.S.T. (Original Soundtrack) that accompanies the acclaimed sequel of Iron Man: Iron Man 2.

        Actually this soundreack is nothing more than a beautiful collection of classic AC / DC. The band has often flirted with the movie world if you remember what they did on the flicks based on novels by Stephen King (Who Made Who) and they also show up on some Schwarzenegger blockbuster action films. And while we're at this, let's take a step back in time. For nearly forty years, AC / DC have been victims of a big socio-musical misunderstanding. They never were among the inventors of Heavy Metal! They've been a fundamental part in the Hard Rock scene but with a very different sound than, say, Deep Purple, UriahHeep or Blue Oyster Cult... Still...

        The soundtrack of Iron Man 2 is available in four versions, including a delicious vinyl release. In short, there will be something for everyone. No matter what you choose. Well, what can I add? I guess this release will be very good for approaching one of the biggest bands in the history of rock n roll music, should you EVER be unfamiliar with them...


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        08.05.2010 00:40
        Very helpful



        Good for Iron Man or casual AC/DC fans

        I got the Collector's Edition of this for my birthday, and it was a well-wanted present.

        AC/DC are one of the world's best known rock bands. They've been going for what feels like forever, so it only seems right that they do the soundtrack for one of the year's most anticipated film sequels.

        The main niggle I had is that there are no new tracks on there, only tracks that have been done before. It would have been nice to see an Iron Man 2 exclusive track that wouldn't be released anywhere else, and it would have made this just that little bit sweeter.

        The Collector's Edition comes in an A4 hardback book format, similar to an annual. The first disc contains 15 songs, some featured in the album, some not, but it's a good mix of AC/DC songs. The second DVD features some live and some video versions of 9 songs on the album, and also contains a 'Making of' of Shoot To Thrill. This second disc is a good addition and makes it a little more desirable.

        In the attached book (not really a booklet) there are liner notes for each song, and a reprint of the comic "The Invincible Iron Man" (Issue 1 from 1968) but it has a speciall commissioned and created AC/DC related cover done by Adi Granov. There's also a back-cover cartoon by Angus Young, and a sheet of stickers, as well as an AC/DC/Iron Man related poster.

        This is a good buy for the die-hard Iron Man fan, or even an AC/DC fan. The book looks hardwearing, but at the moment it's been put away so it can't get damaged. It's not cheap at £34.99, but is worth it for the DVD of live videos and the AC/DC related copy of Iron Man issue 1.


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        02.05.2010 15:01
        Very helpful



        An excellent and thrilling album, which you should buy only if you don't own all the tracks already.

        AC/DC are without a doubt one of the best known rock bands of all time, and are still active today. This new addition to their vast portfolio of records is a compilation of some of their biggest hits, used to supplement the release of Jon Favreau's new film of the same title. The band is famous for producing the very best in adrenaline-fuelled rock songs perfect for a bit of air guitar, and this collection is no different.

        The album consists of some of the band's biggest hits, from both the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras in roughly equal measure. "Back in Black" returns from the first film, and huge hits "Thunderstruck", "TNT" and "Highway to Hell" also make an appearance.

        There are also a variety of the group's more obscure songs, which seem to have been selected more because of the way they complement the plot of the film. These songs will appeal more to the die-hard fans, but are nonetheless equally enjoyable.

        So overall, this is an excellent compilation of AC/DC's past hits. But this is also its main weakness: there are NO new songs. Fans of the band may recall a similar soundtrack being made for the Stephen King film "Maximum Overdrive", which contained several instrumental pieces and a brand new track. So it is very disappointing to see that the same effort has not been made here. This being the main disadvantage, it is the reason for the only star deducted from the score.

        To a true AC/DC fan, this is obviously a great compilation full of amazing songs, but if you already own the albums there is little reason to purchase it. However, if some of the songs are new to you, or if the films music was your first experience of AC/DC, then will be one of the best albums you can buy.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Shoot to Thrill
      2 Rock 'N' Roll Damnation
      3 Guns for Hire
      4 Cold Hearted Man
      5 Back in Black
      6 Thunderstruck
      7 If You Want Blood (You've Got It)
      8 Evil Walks
      9 T.N.T.
      10 Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
      11 Have a Drink on Me
      12 The Razor's Edge
      13 Let There Be Rock
      14 War Machine
      15 Highway to Hell

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