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Jake And The Neverland Pirates - The Never Land Pirate Band

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Genre: Soundtrack / Artist: The Never Land Pirate Band / Audio CD released 2011-10-31 at EMI Gold

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    2 Reviews
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      02.11.2013 23:09
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      Jamming with the Neverland Pirate Band!!

      Jake and the Neverland Pirates is an animated spin off series on Disney Junior which follows on from Peter Pan. It features Captain Hook, Mr Smee and Tick Tock Croc from the original film, with a new group of heroes Jake, Izzy, Cubby and Skully. At the end of each episode there is a song performed by two of Hook's crew - Sharky and Bones or the Neverland pirate band as they are also known. Little Man loves the songs at the end and when we found the CD for £3 in Sainsburys I decided it had to be worth a listen.

      The Jake and the Neverland Pirates soundtrack probably the most listened to CD in my car - and if I am honest I probably love it as much as Little Man does. The songs are a cross between kiddie rock and bubble gum pop and are almost irritatingly catchy. There are 18 songs on the CD, ranging from 20 seconds to just over two minutes, so it is easy for the children (and the parents) to learn all the words as a lot of the songs are longer than the snippet played at the end of the song.

      Some of our favourite songs are:

      Never Land Pirate Band - I had to have a listen to this one as I couldn't recall it, then I realised it's the one I call 'Never say never no never to a neverland pirate' which obviously would be a bit of a mouthful as a title. We love this one, it's catchy and rocky and a great sing along song
      Hot Lava - My absolute favourite on the album! I usually end up sing this as Hot, Hot Lover! Ok I am a mad mummy!
      Pirate Password - Which is Yo Ho Ho in case you ever need it...
      Roll Up the Map - This is Little Man's favourite song! I think it is because there are bits for the kid's to recite back, and at the end you have to sing the whole song really quick, which normally ends in fits of giggles!
      Talk Like a Pirate - Can ye talk like a pirate, says you, says I, I can! This song is in pirate speak as you can tell and can be a bit of a tongue twister! It took me a while to get the lyrics to this one.
      Trick Or Treasure - this song was written as part of the Halloween special and has a really spooky feel to it. We have listened to this one a lot in the last week or so!

      On the whole this is a great album - the only songs that are less listened to are the short fillers from the show like Yo ho Mateys Away and Wey Hey,Well done Crew - I probably would have left these off of the CD as they do not seem to add anything.

      The songs are performed by Loren Hoskins and Kevin Hendrikson who play the live action versions of Sharky and Bones and also write all the songs featured in the programme. They are members of American group Captain Bogg and Salty which is an actual pirate themed rock band!! I am definitely going to look up some of their stuff as I love the songs on this CD, I am interested to see the influence behind it!

      I would really recommend this CD to any fans of the television programme! We have had our CD for over a year and it has saved us lots of times in the car when Little Man is being a grump or we are stuck in traffic. At Easter I bought a copy for the CD for the nursery where I help out and it's been played so much I've had to get it cleaned at CEX! I'm just waiting now for the songs from series 2 to be released on CD as at the moment it is only available in MP3 format. It's a definite 5 stars from us!

      Available for £4.66 with free MP3 download from Amazon.


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        05.08.2013 13:21
        Very helpful



        A great CD for any pirate fans

        The CD

        Jake and the Neverland Pirates is a TV show on Disney junior. It is a spin off from Peter Pan, where a group of children pirates try to outwit the famous Captain hook. Throughout the programme and at the end of each one there are songs played by Sharky and Bones the two pirates. This CD is basically a collection of the songs played in the programme. We decided to purchase it to listen too on the way to Disneyland and it has been a huge hit.

        You can purchase the CD with a free mp3 version for around £5 on Amazon. There is also another version that includes a free bandana, but we did not receive this. My son has 2 different dressing up sets from the same character so it was not too much of a problem. If your child is a Jake and the Neverland pirate fan they will instantly recognise the songs on this disc. They are the same songs that are played throughout the show by Sharky and Bones the pirates. In the programme you only hear small snippets so my children were delighted they were able to listen to the full version. They still shout now at the end of each programme that this is the song they listened to on the way to Disneyland.

        Our thoughts

        There are a number of reasons that in my opinion this is best family CD we have come across. Firstly, most of the songs are not too long which is perfect for younger children with short attention spans. Of course my children have their favourites, but they are happy to let the CD just play through rather than skipping ahead. There are the better known songs such as the theme tune to the show, Hot Lava, and Tick Tock Croc. There are also other songs that are only played every now and again. No matter how much we play this CD my children do not seem to become bored with the songs.

        The one thing that stays the same throughout the whole CD is the ability to make both parent and child want to tap their feet. All of the songs are upbeat and energetic which radiates through and gets my children up and dancing. The vocalists have fun voices which are engaging for children but are also bearable by adults. The whole CD has an uplifting get up and move theme which is perfect for younger children that have lots of energy! With 18 tracks there is more than enough variation to keep the Disc interesting.

        Personally I find the music so irritating. Not because it is bad to listen too but I find myself singing the songs over and over again. They are very catchy and even adults can see why children would love the tracks. They are simple and repetitive so my two year old can sing along but the lyrics also tell a story to keep older children engaged. Every time my children reach for this CD I do groan as I know I will be singing Tick Tock Croc for the rest of the day! While the CD is based on the TV show I would not say you particularly need to be a fan. All of the songs are pirate themed and there is no doubt that any pirate fan would enjoy it. I think it would be perfect for a birthday party as all the songs are designed to get children up and moving. There are references to the characters in the show, but I would expect most children have already heard of Peter Pan and Captain Hook so it is still relatable.

        If you cannot already tell we love this CD. We purchased a number of different sing along books and audio books for our road trip and this by far was the most loved. My children just never seem to get bored with it. They listen to it daily while we are in the car and if we swap the disc it is not long before they are asking for this to be played again. It can get annoying for parents but only because the songs are so catchy you will find yourself singing them long after the children are sleeping. My one and only downside is that the last track is a sing a long, but there are no lyrics provided. This does not matter too much as it is the theme tune to the show, but for anyone that is not a fan it might prove difficult to join in without knowing the words.

        I would highly recommend this to anyone with children. From one year old to six years old it seems to appeal to a large age group of children. There is no need to be a fan of the programme as the songs are all catchy, simple but very entertaining. It is family friendly and something we can put on in the car and all of the children are happy to sing along. It would be perfect for a pirate themed birthday and the upbeat songs are sure to get the children moving around. At around £5 retail price for 18 different tracks I think it is brilliant value for money. This gets used every single day and truly is the best family related CD we have owned.

        1. Jake and the Never Land Pirates (Main Title) 0:59
        2. Yo Ho Matey's Away 0:45
        3. Never Land Pirate Band 2:55
        4. Captain Hook (Is a Cranky Crook) 1:35
        5. Castaway On Pirate Island 2:20
        6. Hot Lava 1:24
        7. Pirate Password 1:33
        8. Bucky's Shanty 1:42
        9. Aw Coconuts 2:05
        10. Roll Up the Map 2:03
        11. What's Cookin' Smee? 1:09
        12. Never Sky 1:21
        13. Tick Tock Croc 1:50
        14. Shipwreck Shuffle 1:49
        15. Talk Like a Pirate 2:11
        16. Weigh Hey Well Done Crew 0:21
        17. Trick Or Treasure 2:02
        18. Jake and the Never Land Pirates (Singalong) 0:59


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