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Join With Us - The Feeling

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3 Reviews

Genre: Rock - Pop Rock / Artist: The Feeling / Audio CD released 2008-02-18 at Universal

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    3 Reviews
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      15.08.2009 09:23
      Very helpful



      A cheap and enjoyable CD, the lightest of pop teamed with a great sound!

      The Feeling have a great rock poppy sound with beautiful melodies and interesting songs. Their first album was brilliant, and Join With Us does not disappoint either. Almost every song on the album is enjoyable, with often funny lyrics and cheery harmonies. There is nothing that can cheer me up like this CD, and I never get bored of it. Whether you want to croon along to This Time, or count how many cheesy features there are in Won't Go Away, it is a wonderfully upbeat CD to pop on while you're doing the ironing. They have followed the trend of their last album in ending with a long song, which is a double track on Join With Us. The atmospheric Greatest Show on Earth is followed by the rhythmic and pretty We Can Dance which will stick in your head for hours! From start to finish, it's a brilliant album, and I have bought it as a gift for lots of people, because you simply can't go wrong with it. I would advise buying it from Asda where it cost £3 last time I checked.


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      31.10.2008 10:49
      1 Comment



      Buy it!

      I love love love this new album from the The Feeling. After the first album (twelve stops then home) I didn't think that they would be able to live up to their past but boy was I wrong. My personal favourite is track 3 the title track on the album. I cant believe how good it sounds turned up to full volume on my walkman! As with all albums there are the dodgy ones that you might skip past but they are very few and far between. I bought this when it first came out and I'm still listening to it now. I recommend buying it from Play.com at the minute as they have it for the bargain price of £4.99 with free delivery. I'd totally recommend this to anyone looking for an easy listening album (dont worry if you haven't heard anything else that they have recently done) you're gonna love it!


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        02.03.2008 16:44
        Very helpful



        Worth buying.

        Join With Us is the latest album from British band The Feeling and is just as good as their first album! The band comprise of vocals, bass, guitar and piano, along with a few other instruments in some songs. The sound of the band is characterised by polyphonic vocals and many layers of sound which combine to make an amazing sound to listen to! This album has high quality songs and music and well worth a listen to. It has 13 songs which I will individually review:

        1. I Thought It Was Over
        The album begins with a very catchy opening with their popular single. This album typifies what the Feeling are about now, this song continues with the rock/pop feel, along with piano and much more guitar work. This song has catchy piano and guitar riffs and a great start to the album.

        2. Without You
        A slower song beginning with strings which feature throughout. This song is very reflective and a nice song.

        3. Join With Us
        The title track of the album and certainly one of the best songs. The song is exciting throughout the duration of it, and merits my praise! It has an unusually early key change and has a feeling of something happening. The ending of the song makes it memorable and the piano parts are good too.

        4. Spare Me
        An unremarkable song, slow and uninteresting! Not one of the highlights of the album. The broken chords are atmospheric though.

        5. Turn it up
        Vocally this song is very good, but to me it doesn't do much apart from herald the saxophone!

        6. I Did It For Everyone
        Again this song seems a bit pointless. 'I did it for you, I did it for everyone' is just a sound bite without real meaning! Vocals are good again but other instruments could have been utilised more to give this record a richer sound.

        7. Won't Go Away
        One of my favourite songs because it features an unexpected saxophone solo which is really cool! If all the songs on the album were like this the album would be stunning! Everything is there, vocals, instruments etc.

        8. Lonliness
        This song features more guitar and has a bass which drives the song forwards. It isn't a bad song.

        9. Connor
        A song about Connor and a bit of envy. For me this song isn't strong enough and doesn't do it for me.

        10. This Time
        Another simple melodic song!

        11. Don't Make Me Sad
        This song has a really simple melody which makes it very memorable and fun. The piano chords are constantly played and repeated which combined with guitar make a great sound.

        12. The Greatest Show On Earth/We Can Dance
        This track is in fact two songs. The first is a slow song but melodic and strange which makes it good! Minor and diminished it is a good song. Following this is We Can Dance which has a dance feeling and is a good ending to the album.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 I Thought It Was Over
        2 Without You
        3 Join With Us
        4 Spare Me
        5 Turn It Up
        6 I Did It For Everyone
        7 Won't Go Away
        8 Loneliness
        9 Conor
        10 This Time
        11 Dont Make Me Sad
        12 The Greatest Show On Earth / We Can Dance
        13 We Can Dance

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