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Jumping All Over The World - Scooter

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4 Reviews

Genre: Dance & Electronic / Artist: Scooter / CD+DVD / Audio CD released 2008-11-17 at UMTV

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    4 Reviews
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      16.10.2011 17:24
      1 Comment



      Good album with crammed full of good tracks and classics

      Hi I bought this album a while back when it first came out. It is one of my favourite albums I own. Ironically my other favourites are also Scooter albums. The thing with Scooter is you either love them or you hate them. Id suggest if you like hardcore,trance,happy hardcore etc buy this. If you love this album you will love the rest. They have a lot of albums and they go back as early as around 1988. On this album there are two CDs the first one is their tracks that were new (when the album came out). The second is some of there classics. Like I said because they have been going for such a long time they have made singles going into their 100s now. Anyway this is a good album, gets you in a good mood and if you like it buy their other albums. Just to let you guys know their new album is out in the UK on the 25/10/2011.


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        11.03.2009 23:09
        Very helpful
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        A great track to drive and chill too - and a good one to get you in the mood for a night out

        I'm not really one of those people who can go out and buy a bands album and be able to listen to every single song on it and not get bored. I much prefer compilations albums, as I find there is obviously more of a variety on them so you can't very well get bored, I tend to be more attracted to these types as well because it isn't just the one artist which bores the heck out of me.

        So when I saw this advertised, I said to my partner 'I might get that', which, in my language, translates to 'I'll look up the album on the net, see the songs that are on there to remind myself of the songs I actually like and I'll download those instead.'. But of course my partner took what I said literally and decided to get it for me. Straight away I was excited but at the same time quite reserved due to the fact that the few times I have purchased a bands album before, it has been a poor choice on my part as I got bored straight away and ended up selling them or taking them back to the store. Or the alternatively it will collect dust and the CD case will gradually mould itself into the CD rack from not being touched for so long.

        After avoiding playing it for about four weeks, my partner put it in the CD player in the car. And I have to say ever since; I play it all the time, and I actually listen to every track.

        Usually with me when I get a band album I will listen to 2 songs maybe 3, and that is usually the single they have released. This one I absolutely adore.

        I wouldn't say I am Scooters number 1 fan at all, as when I was listening to disc 2, which seems to be there best of stuff, there were quite a few tracks where I thought 'WOW, didn't know they did that one' etc.

        I have to say though my personal favourite is disc 1 - I love every single track on it and as I have said I usually only like a couple of the songs on a bands album so it usually turns out to be a waste of money. Not this though. I am very impressed and would highly recommend anyone who has, like me, only heard a few of Scooters tracks to get it, as it is a really good album (especially when you're driving).

        And of course to the people out there who are Scooter fans - Dude(ette) get this CD.


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          22.01.2009 16:36




          First off let me just announce that I really enjoy the music that Scooter produce and this album was a godsend last year. It came from nowhere and knocked Madonna's Hard Candy album off the top of the UK album charts, giving Scooter their first ever number one album. It was quite a mean feat and possibly one they will never repeat.
          The album probably did so well because it contains a CD of new tracks and also a bonus disc containing some of their biggest hits, so it will please fans and also people who are just discovering the Scooter sound.
          The new tracks all sound prety samey, using the hardcore beat which has been very big in Germany lately. The highlights here are probably Jumping All Over The World and The Question Is...There are some weak moments like a terrible retread of Tetris and a dodgy version of Enola Gay which did not need redoing. But the music is fun and will be good to liven up most parties.
          Better than the new material is the old material, which has some super tracks on. The Logical Song samples Supertramp and was one of their biggest single releases. Nessaja ups the ante further with some screaming lyrics and pounding basslines and the highlight is probably Posse which takes euphoria to a whole new level of excitement.
          The only thing is, if you don't like HP's rapping then that will annoy you as he does seem to go on quite a lot and sometimes the music should speak for itself. The two discs gives you good value for money though and it would be a worthy addition to a Scooter fan's collection.
          The artwork on the CD is pretty cool and dynamic and it is worth investing some money in if you like your dance cheesy and fun and loud.


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          05.12.2008 22:51
          Very helpful



          "Respect to the man in the ice-cream van!" (Quite.)

          The 2008, double cd album and 13th release by the German Techno band Scooter. Cd 1 comprises all-new material. Cd 2 is a selection of the bands all time greatest hits. Scooter are proponents of the jump-style movement of dance which can refer to the music itself or the jerky-motioned moves made to accompany it. Their music is a mixture of hardcore techno and dance.

          The introduction to the former of these Cds which shall be the main focus of this review is a recitation of the wikipedia definition of the word 'jumping.' All in a mechanical, mono-toned female voice, set to the classical sounds of the composer Bocherinni. If you think thats odd... you ain't seen nothin'.

          I'm getting ahead of myself though. Who the hell are Scooter? I have liked Scooter from an early age despite not being a fan of dance music as a whole or German techno groups specifically. That must surely be a rare niche. But no, despite preferring the markedly slower sounds and gentler pleasures of, say, country music over the heady, hardcore metronomic saminess of dance. Despite never having attended a rave. Despite never having ingested enormous quantities of ecstasy. In short despite being normal; I rather like Scooter. Although I'm rather embarassed to say so. Most people will know Scooter purely and simply as purveyors of squeeky voiced novelty but hopefully this review will prove otherwise. (Though it probably wont.)

          Music should make people happy. And despite lacking depth and emotional insight Scooter do make people happy. Their songs are mostly light happy affairs. Occaissionally not, but as a band they're always essentially inoffensive. Sure, they once relased a song expressing a curious desire to engage in sexual congress with the two thousandth year after Jesus Christ's birth. (I wanna' f**k the millenium.) But at heart they obviously just want to give people a good time and make you laugh. And if you think about it thats hardly the most gratuitous title ever anyway. When compared to rap music bragging about commtiing acts that are against the law. This is merely a somewhat abstract grouping of words indicating an altogether impossible act. Plus its funny as hell.

          The lyrics in Scooter songs are performed either by the enigmatic bleach-blonde frontman H.P Baxxter, or comprise pitch adjusted, androgenous-sounding samples. In the case of the former, Baxxter tends to shout fairly impenetrable inanities. In the case of the latter you get quite bizzarely high-pitched but not unpleasently so, lyrics created with a voice modulator. These Generally form the chorus and represent a break from the high paced delirium of the beat.

          When I first heard Scooter it was one of these high-pitched songs. I liked it because it reminded me of the Smurfs and I was very young at the time, so to me the Smurfs were the best band in the world. Luckily I don't still believe that. The point is songs incorporating this 'smurf-sound' can seem a bit of a joke at first. They're certainly easy to mock. Eventually you just appreciate the serenity and purity of the sound and go with it.

          Frontman Baxxter's lyrics form the rest of the spoken element of Scooters discography and these speak for themselves really. I could say that they're an arbitrary mix of quick-fire, witty rapping sections and short, shouted phrases, both of which dramatically falling short of saying anything even mildy meaningful or even vaguely sensical. I could tell you that, or I could just show you.

          "I am the horseman."
          "Tie your shoes."
          "Its not a bird, its not a plane, it must be Dave who's on the train."
          "You know what? I don't know either!"
          "How much is the fish?
          (I could have put an exclamation mark on all of them, but hey you get the idea.)

          Indeed Scooter have an inordinate amount of songs with titles about fish. This borders on a worrying facination, and I'm at a loss to explain it. Though 'they're very wierd, just go with it' covers that and pretty much everything else I think.

          Ultimately although admittedly quite a childish source of amusement, these rediculous pronouncements do bring a smile to your face. If only at the fact the man spouting the nonsense is now in his 40s and can still do so with a straight face.

          Performing music with no other function than to make people deliriously happy, easily mockable and relentlessly silly: Scooter then, are certainly an aquired taste. Ultimately you just have to say that Scooters music is what it is. And one thing it certainly is. is popular.

          This album went straight to No.1 upon its release in the UK early in 2008 knocking Madonnas 'Hard candy' off the top spot.
          One reason, of many, to love this album. By August it had gone platinum and the nation of Great Britain had been outed.

          It turns out I'm obviously not alone in my covert fondness for a band that is surely the epitome of oddball German mad-cappery. Despite never exactly setting the charts on fire over here with The Logical Song their most succesful single, reaching number two in the UK singles chart. Judging by the astronomic sales of this album Scooter have clearly garnered a reasonably sizable group of fans here. This is good, it means its not just me.

          I would have loved to have seen Madonnas face when she was informed of this for truelly, it was a joyous time.

          "Who?" "A german dance band?" "...That sing songs about fish!?"

          From the beginning Jumping all over the world is a beguiling, bewildering aurul assault. A hardcore blend of trance and dance. Sure its rediculous but its a trip. And one you can't help getting carried along by. Bouyed by the distinctive, euphoric sound unique to Scooter.

          Early highlights include cover track Jumping all over the world, an insane, high paced jam with a riotously infectious beat that gets under your skin. Its concentrated Scooter goodness with the joyous uplifting sound that Scooter do best; all present and correct.

          Things don't let up for a second with the next track very much in your face from the off, barely leaving you time to recover from the last. With a modulated voice sample providing the chorus, this track has an insanely catchy synth sound that never lets up for a second but for one short lull in which frontman Baxxter with gleeful mischievousness shouts "Please refrain from not- smoking." A quality track.

          And thus it goes on, flowing seamlessly one mad jaunt after another, with forays into hip-hop, disco and rock along the way. Even though they're no longer young men they demonstrate that they can still produce great music in a field typically dominated by younger and hipper characters.

          Its still far from perfect. There are a number of less effective tracks. 'I'm Lonely' for instance represents one too many helium-voiced songs going by this title for me. The others being Kim-Jong-Il in Team America and the near identical Akon song. Truely a bizzare phenomenon. But overall there is little in the way of filler tracks, although we could have possibly done without non-vocal tracks; eleven and twelve. These lack some of that trademark Scooter zaniness that sets them apart from more generic dance acts which these two tracks could easily be mistaken for. Indeed there is something of a lull in the album at this point as the end is neared. The music is still of a decent level, just not up to the blistering fireworks of the opening.

          CD 2 is just as good as CD 1 and provides you with every last German top-ten track the band have ever produced. Which is quite a few; Those Germans are crazy, they even like David Hasselhoff. Among the many gems are 'The logical song', 'Nessaja' and 'Weekend' to name but three. So one CD showing they've still got it, and another charting the amazing history of Scooter. From their early 90's heyday to now, and still going strong. (Still shouting nonsense...) The past, present and future of a great, if strange band.

          Perfect for dance music officionados as well as non-dance fans, and even inveterate indie lovers such as myself. Everyone essentially.

          Two brilliant Cds, one hell of a bargain.


          TRACK LIST.


          1. The Definition - 1:25
          2. Jumping All Over The World - 3:48
          3. The Question Is What Is The Question? - 3:46
          4. Enola Gay - 3:59
          5. Neverending Story - 3:52
          6. And No Matches - 3:31
          7. Cambodia - 5:23
          8. I'm Lonely - 4:02
          9. Whistling Dave - 3:39
          10. Marian - 4:55
          11. Lighten Up The Sky - 6:19
          12. The Hardcore Massive - 4:25
          13. Jump That Rock! - 3:50
          14. The Greatest Difficulty - 0:20

          CD 2:-

          1. "The Question Is What Is The Question?"
          2. "One (Always Hardcore)"
          3. "Shake That!"
          4. "Jigga Jigga!"
          5. "Maria (I Like It Loud)"
          6. "The Night"
          7. "Weekend!"
          8. "Nessaja"
          9. "Ramp! (The Logical Song)"
          10. "Posse (I Need You On The Floor)"
          11. "Faster Harder Scooter"
          12. "How Much Is The Fish?"
          13. "Fire"
          14. "I'm Raving"
          15. "Rebel Yell"
          16. "Back in The U.K."
          17. "Endless Summer"
          18. "Friends"
          19. "Move Your Ass!"
          20. "Hyper Hyper"


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 The Definition
          2 Jumping All Over The World
          3 The Question Is What Is The Question?
          4 Enola Gay
          5 Neverending Story
          6 And No Matches
          7 Cambodia
          8 I'm Lonely
          9 Whistling Dave
          10 Marian (Version)
          11 Lighten Up The Sky
          12 The Hardcore Massive
          13 Jump That Rock! (Whatever You Want) - Status Quo, Scooter
          14 The Greatest Difficulty
          15 Call Me Manana
          16 Aiii Shot The Dj
          17 No Fate
          18 The Age Of Love
          19 Fuck The Millennium

          Disc #2 Tracklisting
          1 Intro
          2 Call Me Manana
          3 Jumping All Over The World
          4 The Question Is What Is The Question?
          5 I'm Raving
          6 Weekend!
          7 And No Matches
          8 Jump That Rock
          9 No Fate
          10 Jumpstyle Medley Feat. Sheffield Jumpers
          11 Fuck The Millennium
          12 Aiii Shot The DJ
          13 Nessaja
          14 How Much Is The Fish?
          15 I'm Lonely
          16 One (Always Hardcore)
          17 Jigga Jigga!
          18 Maria (I Like It Hardcore)
          19 Hyper Hype

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