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Kasabian - Kasabian

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk / Artist: Kasabian / Content/Copy-Protected CD / Audio CD released 2004-09-06 at Arista

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    12 Reviews
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      20.06.2012 11:03
      Very helpful



      Kasabian's first album and back to where it all started.

      Kasabian - Kasabian (the album plus DVD)

      I remember hearing about Kasabian through various sources and frequent mentions in NME magazine. They had been building a bit of a reputation in the build-up to the release of their first album and a date was set for 2004.

      The first time I saw them was when they supported 'The Who'. At the time I was attending about a hundred gigs a years and although, like I said, I had heard of them I didn't really feel any excitement about seeing them and just meandered my way through chat with friends as I waited for The Who to come on. I noticed that Kasabian sounded Ok but it was obvious that being on such a big stage at the National Indoor Arena was a bit too much of a space to penetrate for their meagre equipment.

      Then they played 'Clubfoot' and I abruptly stopped mid-sentence to listen. I'm quite a big fan of The Who, although they are not my favourite band and I certainly enjoyed Daltry swinging his mike about and Townsend swinging his arm even harder at his guitar. It was a great gig but on the way out all I had in my head was the 'Oooosh ahhh ahhh ahhh ah' of Kasabian's Clubfoot.

      The album came out a few weeks later and I rushed to buy it on the morning of its release. I was so glad I did as it is a superb debut effort. I remember after they got more recognition that I hoped they would keep the electronica vibe and not lean more to the indie path, as they has been likened to oasis. Don't get me wrong, Oasis are Ok and some of my favourite bands play independent music but I think Kasabian had a great mix of both Indie and electronica. Sadly, for me the next two albums were too commercial and they tried to ride the indie wave of fame. It got them noticed but for me they sold out on their genre, which was not easy to pigeon hole. I'm glad to say that since then they have released a fourth album and although it is still basically an indie album it does retain some of that old electronica and the mystical sounds that the first album had in abundance. To be fair to them the second and third albums did have a mix of styles but the hype that went with it almost turned them into an Oasis cover band and I mean that with the greatest respect to Kasabian as they are a hard working bunch of lads. I just think that it must have been difficult for them, being thrust into the spotlight, to concentrate on their work. The first album was recorded on a secluded farm so that the boys would not be disturbed while constructing it.

      Anyway, before I talk about the album and its tracks, here is a little background information on Kasabian.

      Kasabian - The Band

      The band was formed in Leicester in 1997 by Tom Meaghan (lead vocals), Sergio Pizzorno (Keyboards ,lead guitar, electronic programming and backing vocals), Chris Edwards (Base) and Chris Karloff (Electronic programming, guitar) who is no longer with the band, having left in 2006.

      It was pretty much an experimental that the boys played in for fun in their spare time. They originally called themselves 'Saracuse' and later changed it to Kasabian after Chris Karloff had been reading a book about Charles Manson. One of Charles Manson's gang members was his getaway driver. Her name was Linda Kasabian. Chris told the others about the name and they all loved it. The band name was immediately changed.

      They were getting a few gigs around pubs and clubs and starting to get noticed. Serge Pizzorno was especially interested in making them into a 'real' band and they became a little more serious about trying to produce a first album. Money was an issue and created problems for them. In 2003 they eventually rented out a farm house and regularly played gigs for family members, friends and a handful of faithful fans. It was here that they set up their own recording studio and made the first album 'Kasabian'. It was raw and cutting edge and once it had been tweaked it was ready for release. The release date was 13th September 2004. They started to get noticed and the album received good reviews from some of the industry's top critics. The promotional side wasn't so good early on and the first two singles did not do too well. On the back of a Glastonbury appearance on 'the other stage' and the release of the third single 'Clubfoot', the band's reputation took off into the stratosphere.
      I will talk about the singles and how they fared when I review the album later on in the review.

      The second album was called 'Empire' and came out in 2006. It went to number one in the UK album charts. I remember the video to the first single 'Empire', the title track, premiering at midnight when it came out on Channel Four. Empire got to number nine in the UK charts.

      Kasabian's popularity was to climb again after a year in the wilderness. They had built up a steady cult following and performed many live gigs but their fans were fed up of waiting after a two year gap between the first and second albums. I felt a little like that myself to be honest. I still love the first album now but at the time I had played it to death and a two year wait was a little too long for another album. When Empire finally did come out I was disappointed that it was more indie based than the first album as I mentioned earlier.The third album was called 'West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum' and came three years later. Yes, three years and an even longer wait between albums. By now though, Kasabian had built up a massive following and become known as a live band, so the gap didn't hurt them as much as the first time around. The album was a heady mix of indie and sample music that sounded like a mix between Turkish and Bhangra music.Another two years and a fourth album, which I have only just purchased but I am well pleased with it. It sounds like it could be their best work yet and they have matured to knock out a pleasing grown-up album. That, however, is for another review.
      Kasabian - The first album

      Track One - Clubfoot

      Clubfoot is probably the most famous of Kasabian's songs and anyone hearing it for the first time can't fail to feel some kind of emotion. It was the third single release off the album and the first real success that the band had tasted. What a way to open an album; so powerful and heady. The song opens with an eerie backdrop and mish-mash of interlaced, mystical voices. It then opens out into a full throttle rock epic, starting with a pile-driver of a drum beat. Tom's voice belts out the first verse and you can feel the raw energy building. The chorus is famous and I defy anyone not to move at least one part of their body when it is being played. The programming and mixing by Serge is top notch and it still remains a brilliant track to listen to almost ten years later. It was used as the title song for Tony hawks' 'Project 8' video game and appeared on Pro Evolution five, the popular football game as well as a popular rally driving game. The chorus and the tune have been used on numerous TV shows and adverts and samples of it have appeared everywhere. The most notable TV show was Alias, starring Jennifer Garner, where it appeared in season four of the show. It was also used in the movie 'The Guardian' and the football movie 'Goal'. Clubfoot was also re-issued in 2005. It is a classic song and goes down in the annals of Kasabian's history as a brilliant song from their debut album. Sounds ace live. 'One...take control of me? Yer messing with the enemy, said its 2..it's another trick, messin with my mind, I wake up, chase down an empty street, blindly snap the broken beats, said it's cut with a dirty trick, It's taken all these days to find ya. I tell you I want you. I tell you I need you.' Track length three minutes and twenty-seven seconds.

      Track Two - Processed Beats

      Kasabian's first ever single release and a song that should've done better, but didn't, due to the promotional campaign not being up to much as they were a relatively unknown quantity. Another great beat and a very catchy chorus. There was some controversy over the lyrics and the word 'terrorist' was bleeped out of the line 'Just like Terrorists on a day of rest' for radio play. I like the distorted piano intro, which leads straight into the chorus. Tom bursts into the track with lyrics that sound like a rant. 'It is not widely regarded as their first release as it was only sent out as a demo and would later be released again as the fourth song off the album. On this occasion it would reach number seventeen in the UK charts. 'I ran from the tide, won't let you hide, won't let you hide. I drop beats from this processed meat, for a conversation, a meditation and I cut waves like some unborn sage, just like terrorists on a day of rest, singin....I ran from the tide, won't let you hide, won't let you hide.' Track length three minutes and seven seconds.

      Track Three - Reason Is Treason

      The official first release from the first album and did not chart. This track smashes onto the record with a vibrant, rocking guitar-laden beat. Another catchy chorus and some bouncing lyrics. There is some great programming on the track from Karloff and Pizzorno. The track switches to a steady beat midway through and slowly builds into a crescendo. Pizzorno provides the vocals at this stage and then continues as Tom's voice comes back in to overlap. This track is brilliant live and really gets the crowd jumping, but to be honest so does nearly every other track on the album. 'See the stones coming at my window, see they left man no protection, tell his family that he will be ok....K-I-L-L! Check the angles from both forces, overcome by the need to fight it...fight it. Here come the morning that I say goodbye to ya, here come the morning that'll say goodbye, but I don't turn around coz the reason is treason.' Track Length four minutes and thirty-five seconds.

      Track Four - I.D

      You would be forgiven for thinking that this song was an instrumental when you first listen to it. However, Tom comes in about halfway through the track and it sounds superb. This one of my favourite tracks on the album and I have many fond memories of it when I've seen them live. The way it kicks in to the main beat about a minute and a half in is fantastic. Up to then the tune is humming along nicely and then we hear a drum click in to make way for a thumping beat which explodes into the track. It is a euphoric feeling and an amazing sound. The guitar sound that Pizzorno sends from his equipment is mesmerising and testament to how talented he is. 'No one else is here, and I can't get a sense of nothing, no one else gets high, and I can't sleep cause I care nothing. Feeling I am lost, control to a higher force and music is my, my love.' Track Length four minutes and forty-seven seconds.

      Track Five - Orange

      This next track actually is an instrumental and indicative of Kasabian's early work. A pulsing, mesmerising beat and a huge belting sound that sound like a massive steel drum. I think the track may have been an early intro to a song but made it onto the album as a sort of interval song between tracks. Track length forty-six seconds.

      Track Six - L.S.F (Lost Souls Forever)

      One of the most popular Kasabian tracks, L.S.F or Lost Souls Forever got to number ten in the UK charts. Kasabian filmed the video for this in a women's prison and actually used real prisoners in it. There were also scantily clad dancers, of course, much to the delight of the female prisoners. It is a real catchy track again and probably the most pop-based indie song on the album. It is another great track live and the crowd really get into it. The crowd once walked from a gig and could be heard chanting the chorus two miles away. Serge provides the chant in the chorus with that recognisable, high--pitched slant he sometimes puts to the songs. Together with tom's usually belting and roaring vocals it makes for a great anthem. 'I'm on it, get on it, the troops are on fire! Ya know I need it, much closer, I'm trading just a little more, step on it, electronic, the troops are on fire! I'm much deeper, a sleeper, waiting for the final trip. Come on it, get on it, I'm carving thru a letter bomb, I need it, loud potions, these drugs are just an hour away. Come on it, electronic, a polyphonic prostitute, the motors, on fire, messiah for the animals. Ahhh, oh come on! We got our backs to the wall! Ah! Get on! And watch out! Sayin, "Yer gonna kill us all!"'Track length three minutes and seventeen seconds.

      Track Seven - Running Battle

      Probably my favourite song on the album. Love this song. Love the tempo, the beat and the lyrics. It has that military feel to it, like a lot of the album. It is probably the marching type tempo. The whole album has that theme, whether it be Russian tanks in the Clubfoot video or military footage and uniforms in Test Transmission and L.S.F. Thing is I hate war and I'm a pacifist but for some reason this works. The steely guitar riff that runs through the song compliments the beat so well and Tom's voice is excellent. Again, this song has a very catchy chorus and is brilliant live. 'All lyin across the ground, try not to make no sound, When two men gon break ya down, I said, two men gon break ya down, I breathe. All lyin across the ground, try not to make no sound, when two men gon break ya down, I said, two men going-to break ya down, I breathe. I take down what I need, cause you know I need to breathe, I'm tired of walking on another plane, another plane cause I feel insane, I step back to get to you, I'm cuttin back I'm fallin through. Another day I feel the same, I'm cutting and I'm bleeding here with you.' Track length four minutes and fifteen seconds.

      Track Eight - Test Transmission

      Serge sings the lead vocals on this one and on first hearing I thought 'what the hell is he saying'. The lyrics are indeed strange until you work them out. Not one of my favourite tracks on the album. It is too happy-clappy for me but is still a decent enough song. I prefer Tom on lead vocals as he has that raw edge to his voice. 'Standing here on this burning bridge, trying to figure out but there's nothing here, seem like they got the fear, cattle grids rattle gold chains pay it back, just cancel the chickens and tell your son that he should steal the gold. The kings send their knights, check these soul satellites; test transmission is calling me back home.' Track length three minutes and fifty-five seconds.

      Track Nine - Pinch Roller

      Another short instrumental but a little longer than the previous one. This is a really beautiful break in the album; a real transient gem of a track. Some great mixing and blending with Serge programming and playing the keyboards. Delightful little number that doesn't say much but speaks volumes to coin a cliché. Again proves that Kasabian are more than just a band that churns out what they think might be a hit record. At least on the first album this was the case and they weren't scared to bring out the album with these ditty little instrumentals on it. Track length one minute and seventeen seconds.

      Track Ten - Cutt Off

      Believe it or not but this track is Kasabian's second most successful single release and charted at number 8 on the UK charts. I remember that the video went down well because of the CGI 'Great White shark' swimming about out of water. It is another catchy track but I am surprised that it is their second best offering. Tom is more blasé in his notation than normal and the chorus is again another mix of Serge's high pitched voice in that eastern European type chanting that morphs into the Turkish and Bhangra sound. That is so synonymous with the band. 'John was a scientist, he was hooked on LSD, interested in mind control and how the monkey held the key. Said that all life is experiments, someone is planning for the heir, it's for the unsuspecting citizens who hallucinate in fear. Sing that: Chew the backbone, a solar system, these clever convicts.' Track length four minutes and thirty-eight seconds.

      Track Eleven - Butcher Blues

      Track eleven, Butcher Blues starts with a strange mix of muddled voices that leads into a slow beat, which is a change in tempo after the upbeat blast of the album so far. The lyrics fit nicely into this slower track and Tom's voice has a chance to hit a mellower note. It is a very spaced out track that seems a little out of sync with the rest of the album but as the last tracks on the album to seem to slow down it is in keeping with them. 'Coco believe me, I'm a lonesome man, I wanna get stoned and trip some wires, I wanna get myself underground, I said that, you must believe me, when I say I'm fightin' the dead, lyin' low across the evening, can you see the lumps on my head? But I got these voices that just keep singin' out, sayin..I just can't stop losin' control, I said that I just can't stop losin' control. I just can't stop losin' control, I said that I just can't stop losin' control.' Track length four minutes and twenty-eight seconds.

      Track Twelve - Ovary Stripe

      This is the third instrumental track on the album and the best one in my opinion. I love this track. It's a nice tune to sit and listen to or indeed to have on your headphones while out. It starts off with a melodic ditty guitar sound and a strumming back beat that builds throughout until it all comes together in a rather nice package. Again, this song shows of the skills of Serge when it comes to programming and mixing. Track length three minutes and fifty seconds.

      Track Thirteen - U boat

      Serge sings lead vocals on what is the last track of the album. It's another slow song and probably the only song on the album that can truly be called a ballad. Serge's voice works well for this type of song. There is a break in the song that contains more programming and keyboard work and it also fits rather well. The song is four minutes and twelve seconds look but many people will have noticed that the track is listed as ten minutes and fifty seconds. For those of you that don't know on seven minutes and sixteen seconds another song kicks in. it is a bonus track and is the original demo cut of 'Reason Is Treason'. It is a nice way to finish off the album with a little present to the fans. The U Boat lyrics are as follows: 'I sit and wait for you cause' this was never over, I hear the talk in codes, If you want me then come get me, you want me so come get me. I'm standing with my allies, sellin' arms to strangers, watch them shoot ya down. There aint nothin' I will say to you, but I know your eyes are fearin', I watch as you creep by, I'll find my way, won't let go, I'll find my way, won't let go. I'm standing with my allies, sellin' guns to strangers, still don't let me sin.'

      The DVD

      The limited edition DVD version of the album contains the songs on one side and the DVD on the other. The DVD contains the videos to 'Reason Is Treason', 'Clubfoot', and 'L.S.F (Lost Souls Forever)' and a making of the L.S.F video and behind the scenes on the making of the album. The cover to the album is a special glow in the dark version, which is basically the famous kasabian sign made out of glow in the dark material.

      My Thoughts

      Kasabian are a band that I was into on the back of this first album but then for me the momentum they gained was spoiled by leaving too long between albums. I must admit though that I have come back to them with their fourth album and although the second and third albums are not on my favourite listening lists, I still love and comeback to the first album often. I have enjoyed listening to it again to write this review and can only hope that they don't leave it another three or four years until the fifth album is produced and released.As far as first albums are concerned, this has to go down as a success. It did OK commercially but was perhaps a little more successful in that it gave the band the recognition that they deserved and put them on the map so to speak.

      Definitely worth a listen if you haven't already and can be picked up for pennies now on internet sites and in any good record shop.

      © Lee Billingham


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        15.11.2010 13:45
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Storming debut from Kasabian

        Released in 2004, Kasabian was the debut album by Kasabian, the 4 piece from Leicestershire fronted by the confident Tom Meighan and Serge Pizzorno. This brought the band to the attention of the general public as a good indie band who mixed club beats with excellent guitar work.

        Their songs became the mainstay of football highlight reels, console games including Pro-Evolution and Fifa franchises and brought immense popularity to the band.

        Named after Linda Kasabian, a member of the fiendish Manson gang, the band do have a slightly dark side when they play which really does them good. This album was a breath of fresh air when released and while I feel it has dated slightly there are still at least 4 outstanding songs which highlight a band with the potential to be massive.

        I noticed a lot of different styles on this album, from Oasis and Stone Roses to Gainsbourg and Air, the sounds vary noticeably from song to song, their music has become popular at football and as a laddish trend, but this discounts the writing of Meighan and Pizzano and their musical world which is both nuanced and interesting. The possibilities for this band are greater than many of their peers based simply on the fact their musical influences are so varied and they have no fear of trying new things.

        The album is available on Play for £4.99 but is cheaper on Amazon Marketplace or Ebay.


        1. Club Foot - This sounds like a laddish song, but it is actually a tribute to a Czech student who commited suicide in protest in political protest, ironically the song has been taken up as a cool tune for films, games and was even used by Arsenal as the music the team walks out to on match days. Starting with a mysterious noise, the song then moves into an absolutely storming beat, memorable to anyone whose heard it, all bass and drums, this is a tremendously good song, Tom sing/chants in a swagger not heard since Liam Gallagher at his best, this is a class tune, the chorus is memorable, the song, doesn't dip at any point and it can be enjoyed as rock or dance quite easily.

        2. Processed Beats - Nice beat to start with and a lovely harmony chorus, then tom starts singing in his reckless manner, this is another great song, good lyrics, classic stone roses'-esque chorus and nice use of samples, this song is slower than the first but nonetheless delivers some classic Kasabian music, this really does sound similar to the Stone Roses but that can never be a bad thing.

        3. Reason is Treason - Faster and more guitar with a pounding drum beat, this is a good tune, not up to the level of the first two songs, but nonetheless a decent song, it builds up as a fast paced tune, its not my favourite but is nonetheless better than most.

        4. I.D. - I like this song, it sounds industrial and electronic and I like the fact the band can mix this with their guitar music, it's a moody sound filled with atmosphere, it works for me, its dark and urban and reminds me of Blade Runner for some reason. A very good and underrated song which finely melds some great samples with the bands trademark sound.

        5. Orange (Interlude) - Not really sure what the point of this is, nonetheless its on the album, simply sounds like a siren call to warriors to lure them to the rocks. I think more likely it's a build up to the top tune that follows.

        6. L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever) - Possibly one of the two best known songs on the album, classic, reminiscent of Stone Roses and the Happy Mondays this has a classic thumping beat with great vocals and an awesome chorus, this is an album highlight with Club Foot.

        7. Running Battle - Starts like a western and maintains that Spaghetti Western, east meets west music throughout, its slower and moodier but nonetheless a pretty decent tune which shows they aren't a band who can easily be pigeonholed.

        8. Test Transmission - Nice tune, like the change of vocal on this one, added to the electronica, this sounds like a different band, loads of sounds going on, it's a really interesting tune, it descends slightly to a slightly-sub Goldfrapp sound, but still interesting and worth a listen.

        9. Pinch Roller (Interlude) - Again, nice sounds but fairly pointless interlude

        10. Cutt Off - Like Cut Off, but with an extra T, starts with a great sound which promises lots, swirling samples, bass, drums and organ, the vocals are great fun, as Tom sings about experiments and drugs, this is a good song, its below the best two but still a really good tune that would proudly grace most albums, good chorus, good vocals and nice funky bass and guitar.

        11. Butcher Blues - Starts off sounding like the Beatles, the soundtrack sounds like Air, while Tom snarls like Liam, this is an interesting mix of sounds, really good, I like their musical palate, their subjects of songs are much more interesting than bands they've followed like Oasis and they really want to try new things, rather than copy old things in a new style. Nice slower paced tune full of mood and verve.

        12. Ovary Stripe - Good thumping beats, nice use of piano, this is a superb instrumental which works on every level, great bass and guitar, the strings are awesome, it sounds like a seventies space trip and that is a real compliment.

        13. U. Boat - This is one of the weakest songs on the album, but nonetheless it sounds interesting, its followed by the hidden track 'Reason is Treason' (Jacknife Lee Mix) which is banging, fast paced, industrial and absolutely banging. Great tune and great finish to the album.

        Overall if you like indie, electronica or a mix of both, or want to hear a band trying new things on an exciting and interesting debut, this is worth a look.


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          27.03.2010 13:06
          Very helpful



          4 stars

          When i first heard of Kasabian I thought they would just be another band hanging on to the coat tails of the 'Britpop' era and would fade into obscurity within no time. However i do think Kasabian have taken great inspiration from their heroes of britpop but have built on their success and added an extra edge to their music.

          This album is full of indie anthems that will be rolled out for years to come. The album starts in almost euphoric fashion with the opening track 'Club foot'. This track starts the swagger of Kasabian which has not been seen in British music since the early days of Oasis. It is a good song and leaves you wanting more of the same from this album. We are not left feeling disappointed as the ever catchy and much loved 'processed beats' follows up the opener. The album is full of songs that you will fall in love with, Reason is treason, LSF AND ovary stripe are 3 of my personal highlights on an album which is almost flawless.

          You can tell the inspiration which the boys have had during the writing of this record. Many of the songs could easily have been Stone roses, primal scream or Oasis track. The band have successfully combined the music with well placed electronic beats which makes this album stand out from the rest in my opinion.

          One of the down sides of this album is that lyrically it does not do much to inspire. I think the lyrics and song content would have to be worked on to make this album truly flawless. There are also a few tracks which dont really cut the mustard with the rest of them which disappoints slightly.

          Otherwise this was a great effort by the boys and I think it has almost marked a new era in British music on its release.


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          09.11.2009 18:11
          Very helpful



          A fine debut from the band now crowned as one of Britain's best.

          Kasabian's debut album houses so many classics it's hard to remember this is just a debut and not from a band that have been together for many more years. If you've not heard this record, it comes highly recommended.

          Opening with ethereal synths, the opening track, club foot, quickly begins to flex its muscles an pulsate. The fusion of electro and rock is very strong, and this remains a feature through out. The chorus is also a live anthem, as any one who has seen them live will testify.

          The album runs very well, all the songs place together with a sense of fiery cohesion, with Tom Meighan's vocals snarling and almost bruising. ID however, stand out as a brilliant track even against the backdrop of what it is around. With the lead lyric "Music is my...my world," you sense this is what the band want to do forever. The song bursts into technicolor life after one and a half minutes of throbbing synth work, into an instantly recognisable even first time rock track.

          Kasabian have found a small niche as an electro, younger, perhaps more relevant Oasis, and it is more than a pleasure to relisten again and again to this album.


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          24.06.2009 17:45
          Very helpful



          Definitely worth a listen

          I'll admit it - I'm something of a latecomer to the Kasabian party. Up until recently, I had heard of them, but didn't think I knew any of their songs. In fact, all I knew was that they were some sort of guitar/electronica mash-up, and, to be honest, it sounded pretty weird, so I stayed away from them.

          It was a definitely a mistake. Since finally listening to this, Kasabian's brilliant debut album, I have been unable to put it down, and actually recognised a lot of the songs, despite believing I had never heard any of their music. The beats are infectious, the guitar melodies punky and memorable, the vocals consistently incredible, and the swagger relentless. This is a fantastic album, make no mistake - high quality from start to finish.

          1) Club Foot - You might recognise it as the theme song from the movie 'Goal!' of a few years ago, but this is a superb tune. After a soft, swirling intro, the brilliant hook kicks in, and the album explodes in a supernova of attitude. The vocals drip with aggression throughout, the chorus is thumping, the melodies are surprisingly tuneful for such a powerful track, and it's a superb way to start the album. 10/10

          2) Processed Beats - Less high tempo than the opener, but in place of the angry passion is an increased emphasis on tune - there are some wonderfully melodic, harmonious moments in this song. Again, the vocals are very good, and lead singer Tom Meighan almost raps his way through the track. The drums are particularly good on the second track of the album, and it's no surprise that the band chose to release this as a single. 9/10

          3) Reason is Treason - The first three tracks of this album are consistently superb, with this the best of the lot. A relentless pounding rhythm backs up an energy that it's impossible not to be swept up in. The lyrics seem a little non-sensical, but every other aspect of this song is fantastic. 10/10

          4) I.D. - The first half of this song is nothing more complicated than an electronic, slightly soulless melody over a drum beat, which, surprisingly, grows into a fairly decent song. Slower paced than those before it, the melody eventually grows into something with an ethereal quality to it, and is strangely enchanting. It's a bold track that serves to set Kasabian apart from the crowd, because they were brave enough to try something a little different, and largely, it works. 7.5/10

          5) Orange - The shortest track, at just 40-odd seconds, you wouldn't really notice it as anything more than a bit tacked onto the end of I.D., and while it does sound quite nice - a sort of choral choir softly crooning in the background - I don't really see why it needs to be on here as a separate track. It doesn't hurt the album, as such, but doesn't really fit the tracklisting either, because it isn't a fully fledged song, and it's down to this that I'm not rating it - it can't really be compared to the rest of the album. It's nice enough, though.

          6) LSF (Lost Souls Forever) - One of the stand-out tracks on the album, bringing back the power and energy of the opening trio. The catchy, punchy rhythm slowly builds, eventually blossoming into a glorious chorus. Attitude in abundance, another great vocal performance, top quality melody - an all round great track. 10/10

          7) Running Battle - Similar to I.D. in the fact that it has a slower pace. It sounds quite haunting in places, and the subtle melodies frame the excellent vocals of Meighan. Again, I'm not overly sure about the lyrics, although they're far from terrible. It serves the album well by breaking up the more energetic tracks, preventing them from becoming overwhelming, and is a good song in it's own right - the two solos on this track are both excellent. 8/10

          8) Test Transmission - One of the more electronic tracks on the album, and, perhaps because of this, it doesn't have the energy of some of the other tracks. The chorus is still very good, though, with a clapped beat and tuneful melody. It's by no means a bad song, but doesn't stand out in the way that some of the others do. 7/10

          9) Pinch Roller - Another shorter track, although longer than 'Orange' by roughly 30 seconds. Again, I won't give it a rating, but I prefer 'Orange': the choir gives it a unique edge that helps it stand out, while this track is nothing more than a pleasant melody. Nice enough, and leads well into the next track.

          10) Cutt Off - Another contender for the album's best track. Perhaps the best vocal performance, which is saying something, The verses are punchy, with clever lyrics, and lead into the sort of grand, majestic chorus usually the reserve of bands such as 'Elbow'. A truly brilliant track, with a well-executed change of pace in the middle, passionate singing, and beautiful melodies. Superb. 10/10

          11) Butcher Blues - One of the album's slowest, longest songs. The vocals are distant and detached, the melodies subtle and relaxed, and the percussion excellent. It never really livens up, which makes it a slight anti-climax, as it gives the impression of building towards something. I quite like it, but it's definitely one of the weaker tracks. 6.5/10

          12) Ovary Stripe - An instrumental track, which, normally, I wouldn't like, but this is an excellent example. Clever melodies build up on top of one another, and a variety of instruments are used. It fits together well, and the harmony gives it a sense of energy you wouldn't expect with Meighan absent. A nice surprise. 8/10

          13) U-Boat - A haunting track, with soft and gentle, yet sad, melodies and another superb vocal display. Acoustic guitars make a rare appearance, and while Meighan's vocals still have the detached quality of a few tracks ago, it works much better here. A beautiful, dreamy track. 8.5/10

          Hidden Track) Reason is Treason - I think this may be the demo, or simply an alternative version of one of the best songs on the album, but either way, I'm glad they included it. Hidden at the end of Track 13, there are a few differences to the excellent original, and it allows the album to go out with the bang that you can tell the band wanted.

          Kasabian's debut is an excellent album, and, since it is now selling for a fiver, it's worth getting hold of it. The vocals are excellent throughout, the songwriting imaginative and clever, the melodies catchy and absorbing. This is a band with two vital ingredients; energy and inventiveness. They are bold enough to carry out their ideas, and, for the most part, it works well. The passion of the band comes across well, and the swagger is very endearing. I really like this album, and can't wait to explore the band's other work. I hope you'll join me, if you're not already there.


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            17.06.2009 23:04



            a must have for any music fan, if you dont own it then go get it for christ sake!

            this album is just full of banging hits. without this kasabian wouldn't be the well known band they are today. it is truely littered with hits which will keep you listening for hours and hours. the band did a brilliant job and this debut album shows all about what kasabian are, it puts them in a nut shell. catchy indie tunes which will appeal to all. great vocals matched with serge's guitar masterpieces. this album is one that simply can't be missed. if it is not in your collection already then i am simply astounded. this puts empire and west ryder lunatic pauper asylum to shame in my opinion. its songs have become classics and the ones in which kasabian as a band will be remembered. if they were too break up, as it were, tomorrow then they would look back on this album and be proud of what they brought to music as a whole. the indie genre would never be the same without this.


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            03.06.2009 12:31
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A good listen, but nothing special

            Well I have to say I was not a fan of Kasabian when they first came on the scene. Then a few years ago I heard them live, and did a complete U-turn on the band. Bought both there albums and have not looked back. There self titled debut was the first one I bought. So am going to give it a review. Here is what I make of the songs:

            1. Club Foot - Blazing start to the album. Loud, heavy beats, a really powerful sound. This sets the mood for the album and tells you what Kasabian are all about. 8/10

            2. Processed Beats - Not a bad offering again. A little less heavy than previous track. More of an easy listen. 7/10

            3. Reason Is Treason - Good intro kicks this one off. Lots of 'ah ah ah ah's'. A strong rythem as the lyrics really flow. Can never tell what he's saying to be honest but it sounds good. 8/10

            4. I.D - An unusual song. Quite a spaced out feel to it. Powerful chorus. But this one does not quite make the grade. 6/10

            5. L.S.F - Or 'Lost Souls Forever'. A work of pure class! I love this song. The lyrics just flow and rhyme brilliantly. 'Come on it, electronic, a polyphonic prostitute, the motors on fire, messiah for the animals'. They have got to be the worst lyrics ever. But they sound so good! This is a sing along classic! 10/10

            6. Running Battle - A slowed down song that really does nothing for me. Boring! 6/10

            7. Test Transmission - Strange sound to this one. It's not to bad, but never really seems to get going. 7/10

            8. Cutt Off - Good song. I like the intro on this one, and the chorus just feels big. 8/10

            9. Butcher Blues - Another song that really does not offer to much. Slow beat, chilled out feel. Don't understand why they put these songs on the album as they really don't do it any favors! 6/10

            10. U Boat - Needs a strong finish. Doesn't really get one. Another wishy washy song that really never gets going. Shame 7/10

            Quite a short album with only ten tracks. I was a little disapointed overall as I do love some of the songs, but there was way to much filler on this album for my liking. Not a bad listen, but nothing special. 7/10


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              27.05.2009 01:44



              Worth It For "Club Foot" Alone.

              Club Foot, L.S.F, Processed Beats, Cutt Off, Reason Is Treason etc...this album track list has enough stunning songs to make it one of the best debut albums of all time in my opinion, with Club Foot being (probably) my favourite song of all time and the start of it will blow your mind in a way that most bands couldnt do over 10 albums.

              The majority of this album makes up the staple of the band's live set list too and probably will for a long time, despite the fact that their second album is also a very strong effort, which says more about the strength of these songs than the "weakness" of the others. the song L.S.F is the perennial closer at the end of their live shows and every time ive seen them, the fans stream out of the building continuing to sing the end of the song. its like a beer fuelled second cousin to "hey jude".


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              10.04.2009 15:19
              Very helpful



              Worth buying if it's your thing :)

              Liam Howlett of The Prodigy says that he wished he had written opening track Club Foot and I do not find this surprising in the slightest. The song has more in common with what people know and love The Prodigy for than the album Liam turned out the same year. It bears a close resemblance with the guitar and electronica mash up of Music for the Jilted Generation and in particular tracks such as Their Law. Club foot is just effortlessly charismatic. It struts, it winks, it looks you in the eye and tells you it'll show you a damn good time.
              Processed beats also proves to be entertaining and I find the rap vocal delivery quite catching, which is a blessing, as the lyrics are devoid of any character or real meaning.
              Reason is Treason and the partly instrumental I.D do very little for me. Reason is treason is painfully mundane and sounds just how you'd expect any other indie band to sound in 2004. In a similarly uninspiring fashion I.D drags its heels all the way to the finish line.
              L.S.F. is a reasonably well thought out composition. They should take this more restrained and relaxed approach to their songwriting more often as it works to their advantage. Unfortunately the small musical interludes Orange and Pinch roller are unnecessary filler that shouldn't have made the final cut. Why do musicians insist on increasing track listings with awful filler? I'd rather have a good EP than a rubbish LP.

              Ovary Stripe is one of the best moments on an otherwise unengaging album. It discreetly works its way into your mind so that it will no doubt not have your foot tapping and your head bopping.
              Everything else on the album is almost entirely disposable, with the exception of the fine closing track U boat that manages to redeem some of the other songs' lackluster spirit.

              All in all Kasabian is a flawed experiment but not without enough redeeming features to consider a purchase if the price is right.


              Daniel Kemp

              Read more of my reviews at www.danielkemp.webs.com


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                19.03.2005 00:03
                Very helpful



                Being a massive indie rock and roll fan I’m always on the look out for new groups, as there appears to have been a distinct lack of solid bands since Oasis, Blur and The Verve. Therefore when coming across the band Kasabian, as featured on the Fifa 2004 soundtrack, I was pleasantly surprised. As I have often found with new modern bands such as Franz Ferdinand, Keane and Snow Patrol they are often very good but seem to lack a rock and roll edge or the vocals are, in my view, quite bland. Kasabian on the other hand are most definitely a cut above the rest. The lead vocalist, Sergio Pizzorno has an awesome voice which can be compared to the likes of Liam Gallagher, Richard Ashcroft and Ian Brown.

                The self- titled debut album by the Leicestershire boys is certainly something to be admired. Although, in my opinion, a long way off the excellence of Oasis' Definitely Maybe, it is a decent attempt and leaves a lot to be asked by other bands out there today. Kasabian, (along with The Thrills) are, in my view, two of the best new indie bands around to date.

                Kasabian’s album includes the tracks “L.S.F” and “Reason is Treason” two songs which immediately hook the listener, and the rest of the tracks are no exception. Many of the songs use samples and loops which introduce a unique sound, something The Stone Roses captured in the late 1980’s, and which has rarely been followed up by any bands to date. Other songs off Kasabian’s album include “Cutt Off” and “I.D” which have a profound effect on the listener, as they are different and produce a psychedelic feel, something in keeping with the style of the album.

                As mentioned in other reviews on band the music press have gone crazy as they do for all groups, hoping for Kasabian to be the next big thing. However, unlike bands such as Snow Patrol and The Shining, Kasabian can maintain the track quality throughout the album. This debut album is definitely worth a buy and if you enjoy it check out other bands such as The Killers, The Stands and of course The Stone Roses which appears to have had a heavy influence on Kasabian’s work. A good album.


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                  27.01.2005 13:50
                  Very helpful



                  This was one of the CD's i got for Chrimbo this/last/whichever year and... well, i was listening pretty much solidly for a week. The songs are great, If a little samey, and you could/will listen for days.

                  Right, the songs.

                  # 1:Club Foot
                  With no intro, the album starts straight into this, the band's second single. With a repeated guitar riff and some funky drumming after a mysterious, queit start, the album starts well, combining Indie-rock with synthesized phychodelia in a great first track.

                  # 2:Proccessed Beats
                  This song is a great example of the band's diversity of style, with a very funky base riff throught the song, backed up by twangy guitar and some truly in spired lyrics("I break bones stealin' mobile phones" anyone!) lead to one of my faveroute tracks on the album.

                  # 3:Reason Is Treason
                  The third track on the album that has been given a single release. The bands debuet single doesn't dissapoint. Faster than the first two tracks, and with one minute thirty something before the vocals start, this is another, very different track, but one of the best.

                  # 4:I.D.
                  Another example of the band's diversity, as a highly synthesised track with a jerky drum beat (due to the synthesiser) and no vocals for about two minutes. This track is very surreal and (in the lack of a better word) floaty. Slightly weak compared to the other tracks though.

                  # 5:Orange
                  Just an interlude with timpani and synthesised brass.

                  # 6:LSF
                  Another Indie-funk song with some cool repeating guitar riffs and drums an' synth - organ - thingie sections with more synth trickery. Another song i really like.

                  # 7:Running Battle
                  A slower, bleaker song that talks of violence and pain. Right. Some strange (but good) Synth Sitar. A song that makes me feel tired. I have no idea why but it just does.

                  # 8:Test Transmission
                  This is a Happier, more up - beat thrack than much of the album and wakes you up from the previous track. This also includes the synth - sitar, and is pretty funky.

                  # 9:Pinch Roller
                  This is just another synthy interlude. Nothing special.

                  # 10:Cutt Off
                  "John was a scientist, He was hooked being LSD". The first line of this track. A questionable start. But the song doesn't dissapoint. With another synth - Indie track, this track talks of a drugged up scientist, wanting to unleash all kinds of evil * rap on the general public. Definately a cutt above the rest...... Geddit!

                  # 11:Butcher Blues
                  This song is yet another variation. It is a slow and (unsuprisingly) bluesy track wich is another one of my faveroute tracks. No synth - sitar though. Shame.

                  # 12:Ovary Stripe
                  Three odd minutes of synth solo. It's okay and an interesting change from the normal instrumental tracks that most bands use to fill up extra tracks on albums. So - so.

                  # 13:U-boat
                  This track starts off good. A reasonable tune with a good beat. But then there is somthing weird. Theres about five minutes of silence. Strange? Theres more. After that, the rest of the song is a slightly different version of Reason Is Treason. Wierd indeed.

                  Well, those were the songs. Now on to everything else worth mentioning. The Album cover depicts a mysterious coweled face, possibly a terrorist. They have also used This face to great effect (just with a different colour scheme) on all their single releases.

                  Fom what i have gaathered, the name "Kasabian", comes from a notorious getaway driver, keeping with the mercenary/terrorist theme. Even the online fanclub (Kasabian Movement) keeps with it!

                  So. All in all, i would say this is a great album and is really addictive. You have been warned!



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                    20.09.2004 14:27
                    Very helpful



                    There has been a revival this summer in the number of decent British Indie rock groups. We have already seen the breakthrough album from Snow Patrol and a fantastic debut from Franz Ferdinand. The latest addition to that list is Leicestershire’s Kasabian. They are currently the music industries darlings and have been tipped to be the next big thing. I never normally agree with the bands they tip for big things but with Kasabian it’s hard to argue against them.

                    This debut album came about after the band all moved into a Leicestershire farm house together and began recording. The result is quite an impressive debut album that draws heavily on influences such as The Stone Roses and Oasis. In fact you can hear in a number of songs that The Roses were certainly a big impact on the banc musically. I can’t help but wonder if they were still going today if perhaps they would sound a bit like Kasabain.

                    That’s enough of the what ifs though. Kasabain unleashed this debut album on the world on September 6th and instantly it seemed they would have a hit on their hands. The singles had received a lot of air play and L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever) was being talked about by Indie fans everywhere. The songs are all written in house by Lead and Rhythm guitarists Christopher Karloff and Sergio Pizzorno, who also writes all the lyrics and takes on the lead vocals.

                    The opening track really sets the mood for the whole album and it’s for that reason that I didn’t really feel there were any weak tracks. Along with the Franz Ferdinand album this is probably one of the most complete albums I’ve heard in a while. It’s going to take a lot of work for the band to pull of something better, if not as good with the follow up. I’m getting a bit ahead of myself though so back to this the debut self titled album.

                    I’m not just talking about a lyrically well written album. From a musical point of view each track is almost flawless. The lead guitars in particular really give the album some vision and drive. They tend to mix in the odd sample here and there, which I felt on first listen didn’t really suit but my mind was quickly changed. In fact a lot of the samples sound perfectly placed and add to the song rather than take anything away from it. The drums on certain tracks were the real link to The Roses though as they weren’t just being used to keep the beat but also to give the tracks a bit of an edge.

                    As I’ve already mentioned the album is a real success lyrically as all the tracks are well written and have quite a catchy hook to them. It really shows the talent that lead singer Sergio seems to have. It’s not just that though, I really felt that his vocals brought the lyrics to live and if they’d been sung by someone else wouldn’t have sounded anywhere near as good. The more I listen to the album though the more I get the feeling that he sounds like Liam Gallagher, if Liam could actually sing.

                    There are certain tracks that will grab you upon the first listen to the album such as “L.S.F” and “Reason is Treason”. The more I listen to the album though the more I found that I was drawn to other tracks. The real highlights of the album would of course be the two afore mentioned singles, but a couple of other tracks really stand out. I would say my favourite track now would be either “Running Battle” or “Cutt Off”, both of which offer something a little different. They are slightly different to the other tracks, sounding a little bit darker, but it’s really the lyrics that made them stand out. They both have an edge that seems to have been missing from recent releases.

                    It’s always the way for the music press to go a little over the top with new bands. They do seem to have fallen into that trap with Kasabain but there’s a small part of me that can’t help but agree. They might not be quite as good as they are being made out to be but if you’ve heard either “L..S.F.” or “Reason Is Treason”, then you will love the album. They will have to go some to make a better second album and I cant help thinking they might just be able to do it.


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                  • Product Details

                    Disc #1 Tracklisting
                    1 Club Foot
                    2 Processed Beats
                    3 Reason is Treason
                    4 ID
                    5 Orange (Interlude)
                    6 LSF (Lost Souls Forever)
                    7 Running Battle
                    8 Test Transmission
                    9 Pinch Roller (Interlude)
                    10 Cutt Off
                    11 Butcher Blues
                    12 Ovary Stripe
                    13 U Boat

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