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Kc Rules Ok - King Creosote

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Artist: King Creosote / Audio CD released 2005-09-19 at Names

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    1 Review
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      04.12.2007 18:50
      Very helpful



      Quirky, fun, folky music done independtly by a genius

      With it being on my top 10 albums list I decided to try and get dooyoo to allow me to put my review of this brilliant album on here, and so thank you to dooyoo for adding the product. Please note the review was written originally in January.

      The album ranges from the very mournful and somewhat upsetting "Marguerita red" to the joyful "Bootprints" and "Jump at the cats". Although the album may not sound as though it's been polished this merely adds to it's charm rather than be an over-produced collection of music, it feels fresh and vibrant, like it has that something extra.
      The song list of the album is:
      1. Not One Bit Ashamed
      2. You Are Could I?
      3. The Vice-Like Gist Of It
      4. Bootprints
      5. Locked Together
      6. Jump At The Cats
      7. Guess The Time
      8. My Favorite Girl
      9. I'll Fly By The Seat Of My Pants
      10. 678
      11. Marguerita Red

      So I will review each song (as to break the album down and give everyone a feel of the music of this wonderful album).
      "Not one bit ashamed"
      This sounds kind of moody to begin, and KC's singing seems like he's unhappy, with pissed off lyrics. It kinda sums up a guy who feel's he's been let down by a girl he did everything for (haven't we all been there fella's?). The simple musical accomponiment of the simple but yet angry vocal's sit very well together allowing the lyrics to be heard. A totally brilliant opening track and shows what is to follow in a few later songs. 10/10-A perfect opening track.

      "You are could I?"
      A picking up of the tempo from the previous song and one you are almost garunteed to tap your feet to. This song does lack the vocal and lyrical clarification of the open track, but with better hook. The song's happy musicy feel sits well with the curious lyrics of the song. Another great track, and maybe not what you'd expect from a folk artist. 9/10
      "The vice like gist of it"
      This was the song that got me into KC, with it's soft sorrowfull opening, simple guitar arrangement and teary lyrics of mourning. "It's not that I don't care for you/It's just im broken" is a perfect example (and the hook of the song) of the deep sadness he seems to feel. Very much like "Not one bit ashamed", seems to be about a broken relationship. A brilliant song that still stands the test of time, since hearing it when the album was originally released. 10/10

      As put in the intro this seems almost a joyful song, but yet also somewhat thought provoking. The pacey tempo of the song makes you want to follow it deeply, until the clear chorus hits you and it shows the deep relation of the singer and his memory's of a girl. Although at times feeling disjointed, it somehow also seems to fit together perfectly well, another song that will have you tapping you feet at parts, yet thinking deeply through others. 9/10.
      "Locked together"
      A slow soft sounding intro to the song makes you feel like your do in "Vice the gist of it" another song about a relationship, seems to be talking about a going from good to bad, though he even tells us "Read between the lines", which is a hint to the second meaning of the song (and the title meaning). Whilst also telling a very deep second story. The vocals are again saddening, over the simple melancholy musical backing, provided mainly from an accordion and a guitar. As with the vast marjority of the album, it reaches down deep inside you amd almost makes you think too deeply. 10/10

      "Jump at the cats"
      More accordion playing in the intro of this with a happy feel good theme to the song, playing on a fast pace that makes you want to tap your feet. The lyrics to this are quite weird "Jump at the cats with nothing on" for example make you wonder what he's really on about, before you realise you don't care as your carried away in his voice and the music. Brilliantly excuted song that seems to mean nothing at all but still has you hooked from start to finish. 9/10
      "Guess the time"
      The shortest song on the album (1:06) and is different to the rest of the album, fast paced, and very simple. It's a nice break in the album, maybe not needed but not hated either. Just seems over before it should be (as it's a good song, bar the shortness). 7/10

      "My favourite girl"
      Another slow soft intro almost hynotic in it's cycles, before KC starts singing and as if to amplify what he say's he opens the song with "Better listen closely" strung out for the opening 40 seconds. Another song where the singer feels he's guilty about something to do with a girl, the lyrics despite not being entirely different have been given such a vocal twist that they sound totally fresh and like the album, but at the same time entirely different. Despite this the song does seem a bit stretched out until the musical bridge kicks in midway through. 8/10.
      "I'll Fly by the Seat of My Pants"
      A more polished sounding track than some of the earlier ones, but also one that may even get you swaying from side to side. A story that has your wrapped up in the lyrics from start to finish with wonderfully unique images, with KC's own vocal sound over simple guitar sounds and what sounds like a small child in the back ground making you listen more intently. A song that would be to different to be played on commercial radio, despite it's wonderfuly alluring charms. 10/10

      A soft easy feel to this song, that seems to be the first song on the album suitable for radio play with an easy sounding aoustic intro the song would almost be confussed with a celtic Damien Rice. Despite this song have sad undertones "No I was never gonna be signed up big", it seems to be about him accepting his limitations, and knowing he has to rely on luck and hope (somewhat ironic as it was the first song of his to have a video, saying he was actually getting somewhere maybe?). A song with not only individual appeal but also a commercial one, a jem among among even this very high calibre album. 10/10.
      "Marguerita Red"
      The sad opening piano kinda sets the scence for a sad and yet moving song, as KC sings the opening lines, it takes the album full circle, with a song that sounds similar in theme to the opening track. A deep song of again, a broken relationship (with Marguerita perhaps?), the touching lyrics "I could hold my head in my hands/You wouldn't ask me" shows perhaps even more blatantly what "Not one bit ashamed" wanted to, that a relationship can break down and make one person so desperate to have the other that everythought is about the ex, but yet theirs still a secondary thought of bitterness. 10/10.

      Overall a fantastic album, a god send among all the recent trash with such moving tales and heart felt sounds that if it doesn't touch you at least once, you have no emotions. Shame it was never really mass released, though most good internet retailers will sell it finding it in record shops is somewhat difficult.
      I'm afraid words cannot tell you what a fantastic buy this album really is, really the best christmas present I have received in a few years.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Not One Bit Ashamed
      2 You Are Could I?
      3 The Vice-Like Gist Of It
      4 Bootprints
      5 Locked Together
      6 Jump At The Cats
      7 Guess The Time
      8 My Favorite Girl
      9 I’ll Fly By The Seat Of My Pants
      10 678
      11 Marguerita Red

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