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Labyrinth - David Bowie - Soundtrack

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Genre: Soundtrack / Artist: David Bowie / Soundtrack / Audio CD released 2004-05-17 at EMI

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    3 Reviews
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      01.12.2008 20:59
      Very helpful



      a bit of silliness, a but of fun, some passion, some pwer, and the odd cheesey tune

      This soundtrack is what really makes the film amazing! It has a real 80s feel to it, and anyone who loves the film, will most likely have this soundtrack hidden somewhere on their shelves!

      First of all the track list:

      Track list

      1. Opening Titles Including Underground - David Bowie
      2. Into the Labyrinth - Trevor Jones
      3. Magic Dance - David Bowie
      4. Sarah - Trevor Jones
      5. Chilly Down - David Bowie
      6. Hallucination - Trevor Jones
      7. As the World Falls Down - David Bowie
      8. Goblin Rattle - Trevor Jones
      9. Within You - David Bowie
      10. Thirteen O'Clock - Trevor Jones
      11. Home at Last - Trevor Jones
      12. Underground - David Bowie

      Songs written by David Bowie (who played the goblin king in the film) and instrumentals by Trevor Jones.

      For me, Magic Dance and Underground are the 2 most memorable songs, both upbeat tunes, and I won't be ashamed to admit - easy tunes to have a dance in your living room to!

      Within You - a fantastic, haunting song that is sung in the film at the end - Goblin King and Sarah in the upside down staircase scene. This is powerfully emotionally, the Goblin King conveying his hurt and passion that he feels towards Sarah, but with a distinctly 80s rock feel to the song.

      The album offers the listener a bit of silliness, a but of fun, some passion, some pwer, and the odd cheesey tune - and if I'm honest, it's doubtful anyone would buy it unless they were a fan of the film. But as someone who IS a fan of the film - soundtrack absolutely brilliant! (even though the front cover does include Bowie in THOSE tights!)


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      24.11.2008 19:23
      Very helpful




      This has always been a favourite of mine both in terms of the terrific soundtrack and the magical motion picture which was highlighted by the power and mystery of David Bowie (Jareth), and the elegance and beauty of Jennifer Connelly (Sarah).

      As well of these two, the film had a plethora of weird and wonderful characters from the giant Ludo to the comical Hoggle who bares more than slight resemblance to an old boss of mine.

      Listening to the soundtrack creates a vivid picture of the journey through the traitorous Labyrinth and in my mind this period was always a very special part of David's career - his Jareth character being up there with the greatest fairytale villains and musically his several original contributions are stunning.

      The best of which, Within You highlights the ending of the film which sees Jareth resplendent in tight white stockings which lead to the now infamous 'strong outlines' segment.


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      06.08.2008 15:36
      Very helpful



      a soundtrack that has stood the test of time

      I have owned this sound track for many years now, originally I was bought for me by my mum on cassette, and later by my husband in cd format. Why would I bother rating a film soundtrack dating back to 1986 ?

      I will put you in the picture,

      Labyrinth was a Jim Henson musical production that came out in November 1986 when I was the tender age of 8, it soon became one of my favourite films very quickly. This fantasy film was all about a teenager girl that was in order to escape her in ability to cope with living within a newly formed step family she made her escape by absorbing herself in her favourite fantasy book. She would act out scenes and interact with her toys and props rather than face reality.

      However fantasy becomes reality and she has to save her step brother from the evil grasp of Jareth (David Bowie) the goblin king before he turns her brother into a goblin. The film really was great to watch and contains plenty of colourful characters bad and good that you can connect with, throughout the film there are some well written dramatic musical arrangements as well as original songs written performed by David Bowie ( in an age I feel Bowie was at is best)

      I think it is a great soundtrack that does conjure up images and seen from the film that you can play over in your mind again to take you back to that world of fantasy and perhaps childhood daydreams.

      There are 12 tracks on the album

      1. Opening title- David Bowie
      This is as it says the opening title of the film which is a dramatic yet catchy opener that includes the chorus from Underground.

      2. Into the labyrinth- Trevor Jones
      A fantasy piece with some funky bass line that provokes you gives you a feeling of gradual desperation gently quickening to a crescendo of disappointment

      3.Magic dance- David Bowie.
      A real David bowie feel to this song with vocal from other characters from the film that has a get up and dance feel about it with same catchy lyrics.

      4.Sarah- Trevor Jones
      This is a reflective fantasy piece depicting Sarah's emotions it combines a orchestral and modern guitar with a slight spooky dramatic under tones.

      5.Chilly down -David Bowie
      What can I say about this track it is really a lot of fun, such a funky soul song with really great vocals and conjures strong images from the scene of the film. A personal favourite

      6. Hallucination - Trevor Jones
      I will say one thing for Trevor Jones he is a composer he can write unbelievable good arrangement to reflect the mood of the scene it was written for and leads effortlessly into the next track.

      7. As the world falls down - David Bowie
      A beautiful love song perfectly sung by David, I so wanted to be the person he was singing about, I truly felt this song and it is a track I have in regular rotation within my music collection.

      8. Goblin battle- Trevor Jones
      Not a track I listen to often to be honest it did work well in the film but on an album it just kind of missed the spot of listen ability. But certainly doesn't retract in away from the albums over all effect that's why the skip button was invented.

      9.Within you- David Bowie
      Yet again another fabulous song by David, this one gets me almost to the point of crying for a heart unfulfilled with love. One for the ipod.
      10. Thirteen O'clock- Trevor Jones
      As before Trevor has really encapsulated the mood and feel of the scene by creating a thrilling apprehensive piece.

      11.Home at last- Trevor Jones
      A sad but happy ending piece depicting the end of Sarah's journey, it also mixes in some of David's track within you to complete the story.

      12. Under ground - David Bowie
      This track shows off David's talent not only for writing but also performing. It is one of the more powerful end credit song's and well worth a listen too from any bowie fan that maybe unaware of this title.

      This is certainly for me one of my favourite sound tracks that I use when wanting to relax or just take me back to my childhood. I would however say that to get a real feel for the tracks it is well worth watching the film.

      No real drawback really apart from the fact that I remember it was written 22 year ago which is a reminder that I am getting Not a lot of soundtrack can say that they have stood the test of time like that but for me this one certainly does and will continue to give my ears pleasure for as long as they are able to hear.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Opening Title/Underground
      2 Into The Labyrinth
      3 Magic Dance
      4 Sarah
      5 Chilly Down
      6 Hallucination
      7 As The World Falls Down
      8 Goblin Battle
      9 Within You
      10 Thirteen O'clock
      11 Home At Last
      12 Underground

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