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Lake Of Sorrow - Sins Of Thy Beloved

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Goth / Artist: Sins Of Thy Beloved / Audio CD released 2004-09-06 at Napalm

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    2 Reviews
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      28.12.2010 06:47
      Very helpful



      Dark beautiful debut album from underground metal band The Sins Of Thy Beloved.

      ~The band~
      Anita Auglend - Vocals
      Glenn Morten Nordbø - Guitar/Vocals
      Arild Christensen - Guitar/Backing Vocals
      Ola Aarrrestad - Bass
      Anders Thue - Keyboards
      Ingfrid Stensland - Keyboards
      Stig Johansen - Drums
      Pete Johansen - Violin (Session Member)

      Anita Auglend, Glenn Morten Nordbø, Ola Aarrestad, Stig Johansen, Arild, Christensen, Anders Thue and Ingfrid Stensland together form Gothic Doom Metal band The Sins Of Thy Beloved. A relativly unknown band from Norway. The band was formed in 1996 and have recorded two studio albums: Lake Of Sorrow and Perpetual Desolation. The year after releasing their second album Anita, Anders and Ingfrid left the band. Wikipedia states the reason they left because the touring had made them tired. Since the three departed the band's activity has decreased, although they never officially disbanded. Apparently, the lead vocalist, Anita returned to the band although there isn't much strong source. The band's website has been down for a long time, so the fans have been accessing fansites to hear any news on the band.

      I've often seen comments on youtube where Anita has been described as having a voice of an angel. While she does if you compare then to growling. I think it's a slight over exaggeration, but she does has a consistant mid-high pitched voice and able to hold notes half-heartedly and carry the low emotion.

      ~The Album~
      Lake of Sorrow is The Sins Of Thy Beloved's debut album. It was produced by the band themselves and Teerje Refsnes. It was released in 1998 under the label Napalm Records The album only contains 7 tracks which doesn't sound much at first, but the tracks last around average over 7 minutes. The album is currently availible on itunes for a decent price at £5.53, which you can get the mp3 album on amazon for the same price. For the CD it's £7.99 on Amazon. Most of the fans would describe this as thier best album, though I would go for Perpetual Desolation in an album face off.

      I think the design of the content is very interesting, especially the cover. I could tell when I first saw the album cover that it was going to be something different. I've shown the album cover to some of my friends and they thought it gave quite a powerful and positive impact.

      1. My Love (9:33)
      "If only you could feel what your hate does to me."
      Nine and a half minutes of turmoil and infliction. The song makes an unpleasant opening with a huge growl, then the violin kicks in. It's an eerie sound that scared me at the first listen, but doesn't scare me now. Heavily reminds me of a scene in Disney's Beauty and the Beast where the beast looks into the mirror and he hears Belle say: "I don't want to get to know him, I don't want anything to do with him."

      I've grown to like this song.

      2. The Kiss (8:59)
      "I cannot be without you my dear, my way to you...forever."
      The track has a much more pleasant opening with a long violin solo where the rest of the guitars and instruments kick in, but the violin still stands out. All of the instrumentals and Glenn's vocals seem to build up and prepare for Anita's vocals. When Anita sings it sounds like the light shining in this dark song.

      Then the mood goes slower and there are spoken parts. They don't really fell needed because I think it disturbs the flow of the song. The song ends with a humble whisper of the word forever. I don't think it could have ended any other way.

      3. Worthy of You (7:19)
      "Come on follow my words then we will fly"
      Another very long violin solo. I found it quite hard to understand the lyrics so I looked them up and listening to it along with the lyrics still doesn't sound right. The lyrics I found were exactly the same as Lake of Sorrow and even they seemed to have problems to understand.

      4. Lake of Sorrow (7:09)
      "You burned me down to hold my eyes at the lake of sorrow."
      The violin instrumental at the beginning gives the track more of a sad, the power is added by the guitars that seem to get some spotlight at last. Glenn's grunting vocals seem to blend with them well. I find it ironic that some of the violin solos to me that suit as the chorus reminds me of dancing in a ballroom which many people would think of as a happy moment.

      5. Until the Dark (6:41)
      "I think of you and wish me into an another live."
      The violin finally has some rest as they opt for keyboards on this one. Anita's voice is more dominant much more legible compared to some of the previous tracks. Sometimes the instruments can drown out her voice and has various results. It has a very gothic sound and symphonic feel.

      6. All Alone (8:03)
      "The moonlight shines down on me, the gods play their symphonies."
      Possibly one of the most depressing and haunting songs of the album. It doesn't show until the middle of the song. Where there are spoken parts over the violins and it really works on making the song depressing.
      "Here...here I am...life is bright...
      ...There's no sorrow...nothing can stop us...
      ...Showed us hope....Angel of my forest...
      ...Saw my perfect...in my own soul.. death is unfair...that's real pain...
      ...Remoun you...I'm almost dead...
      ...I've...I've lost my hope...
      ...My...my will to live...
      ...My last farewell...forever...all alone..."

      Glenn makes a cameo on the song and the two of them sing lines together in sequences. He finishes the song of by growling forever alone. It gives that sound of doom.

      7. Silent Pain (6:55)
      "Silent pain, as I want to die."
      The final track of the album sounds more of a filler track. I like the song, but I think the rest of the songs stand out more because this track has a deja, but it gives the album a closure by ending with a short keyboard/piano solo . It makes me think of depressed ghosts.

      Stand out tracks: My Love, Until The Dark, All Alone & The Kiss.
      Weaker tracks: Silent Pain & Worthy Of You

      I find the album is really beautifully crafted album. One that truly sets a Halloween mood. The use of violins, heavy instruments and vocals help the mood maintain the same morbid mood throughout the album. Everything seems to fit wonderfully on the album.

      The highlights of the album are Anita's vocals and the Pete's talent on the violin. They make Lake of Sorrow much more enchanting.

      None of the songs I would describe as horrible, and they do show some experiments by mixing classical and death metal features together but all the songs play with the same theme of sorrow and love. The lyrics are deep, but can come across as whiny.

      Usually I would complain about there being only seven tracks on the album. However, for for this album, seven seems to be just right because the songs are long and If there was any more songs on the album, I think it would really drag on and make me cry of boredom. It's defiantly an interesting album that's I think is worth listening too for Pete on the Violin and Anita's voice.


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        09.11.2008 10:07
        Very helpful



        Excellent vocals

        The Sins of Thy Beloved are a currently dormant Norwegian gothic doom metal band who had a spell of releasing albums 8-10 years ago. Lake of Sorrow was their debut album, released in 1998 on Napalm Records.

        The album is dramatic and has a very eerie sound to it but the vocals of Anita Auglend are one of the finest in metal, her clean, perfect soprano voice is combined with Arild and Glenn's grunts to give them a superb Beauty and the Beast sound. The musicians are talented and the use of violin adds a more morbid sound to them.

        Tracks tend to be rather on the long side but despite me being a more fan of the typical 3 minutes song, there is enough in The Sins of Thy Beloved's work to keep me entertained and on edge until the end of the song. This moving Nordic metal band are definitely worth a listen and I would be intrigued to hear them put out some new stuff.

        1. "My Love" - 9:30
        2. "The Kiss" - 8:56
        3. "Worthy of You" - 7:17
        4. "Lake of Sorrow" - 7:06
        5. "Until the Dark" - 6:39
        6. "All Alone" - 7:13
        7. "Silent Pain" - 8:02


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 My love
        2 The kiss
        3 Worthy of you
        4 Lake of sorrow
        5 Until the dark
        6 All alone
        7 Silent pain

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