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Last Look at Eden - Europe

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Genre: Rock / Artist: Europe / Audio CD released 2009-12-21 at Ear

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    1 Review
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      01.03.2010 19:20
      Very helpful



      Just give it a listen...

      Europe - Last Look At Eden

      Right, I thought I'd do a review on Europe mainly because I saw them the other night in Bristol and they were a lot better than I was expecting and if tickets are still available I would suggest you go see them as they will not disappoint. But I'm not here to review the gig, I'm here to talk about their latest album 'Last Look at Eden,' now the one thing I always seem to find with Europe is when ever I mention them, or when people ask who I was going to see in Bristol, and I say Europe, they always say 'Oh the band who did the final countdown,' and it does slightly annoy me, in the same way people seem to think Journey did 'Don't Stop Believing' and nothing else, they did other songs people!

      Yes, there's no getting away from the fact they are the band who did the final countdown but they are so much more than that; all the way through last nights gig I was thinking 'did they really do the final countdown?' as they felt like such a different band, a far cry from one cheesy song, which brings me on to their latest album; 'Last Look at Eden' is the eighth album by Europe and their third since they came back together in 1998, it was released last year in September, probably should of reviewed it then but it doesn't matter.

      Anyway, the album kicks off with a prelude, and I've always been a fan of albums with an intro, Nostradamus by Judas Priest being one of the best, but this one goes into the title track which is a brilliant song, it has all you need, a good sing-a-long for a live song and great guitaring by John Norum whom, by the way, is a fantastic guitarist and totally under-rated, I was stunned by his ability when they played live and his capabilities are just as good on the CD, he has a brilliant ability for mood solos, like in the song 'New Love in Town' the solo isn't blistering fast but it fits perfectly with the style of song. Another good point to the album has to be the main man himself Joey Tempest, whose voice seems to be completely different to that of the 80s, just think more Bon Jovi, and it suits perfectly as he does have a terrific rock voice, one that is just as good live.

      Of course one thing I love about Europe are the songs like 'Carrie' and off this album it would be 'New Love in Town,' you know what I'm talking about, the songs where you can wave your hands in the air and actually sing to, but not only do they provide you with a few of these, they also provide quite efficiently with the heavier stuff. Just give 'The Beast' a listen to and you'll see exactly what I mean, the songs fast, furious and met with catchy lyrics, also if you are going to see these, this will be the song they'll come back on to for the encore, and it didn't fail to get the crowd going, if your looking for a jumpy, head-banging song then you've found one.

      Another favourite of mine would be 'No Stone Unturned,' which like most of the album has the rocky edge, but also has more keyboard in which for some reason is hard to find for most of the album, which made me ask myself 'What is he actually doing?' when looking at Mic (keyboard) for most of the time at the gig, but hey, you don't need too much keyboard really, I'm happy with guitar, and that's exactly what you get, although the riffs aren't exactly nothing special, I mean they are not something new, but they're good, and what's wrong with bands just playing rock? These days all I seem to see is kids getting into these weird bands who as far as I'm concerned are doing nothing but screaming and making strange noises, I guess that's why I love the classic bands, because they know how its done and whilst Europe are not doing anything new, they're keeping it old fashion and that's how I like it.

      You'll find that throughout most the album, the songs will appear slightly familiar but you've never heard it before, giving me that warm feeling, like when I first heard Sonic Boom by KISS, and when you hear songs like 'In My Time' you'll know what I mean, a song that's slow, soft and brilliantly sung, but with perfectly selected notes in the backing by John. Basically this album is consistent from start to finish without many weak songs, so if your a fan of the older bands, or maybe even if you like more modern bands, just give this album a listen and maybe you'll think like I do, that Europe are a band far beyond that of the final countdown.

      Final Thoughts

      Well all I can mention now is their live performance; trust me when I say these guys (and their support Diamond Head) were brilliant! If you still have chance and they're in your area I'd give it a shot, it's only around £20 that's not much is it? I promise you you'll have a good night and if not then tell me what you thought...Also if there is anyone here seeing them then tell me.

      Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed what I had to say, now it's your turn, don't be afraid to call Europe what you want, or say what you think, that's the whole point of Ciao...

      Top Tracks: In My Time, New Love in Town, the Beast...

      Rating: 7/10

      Rampant_Ross 2010

      Thanks Dooyoo!


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  • Product Details

    Disc #1 Tracklisting
    1 Prelude
    2 Last Look at Eden
    3 Gonna Get Ready
    4 Catch That Plane
    5 New Love in Town
    6 Beast
    7 Mojito Girl
    8 No Stone Unturned
    9 Only Young Twice
    10 U Devil U
    11 Run with the Angels
    12 In My Time

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