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Lawless Darkness - Watain

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Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Heavy Metal / Artist: Watain / Audio CD released 2010-06-07 at Season Of Mist

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    1 Review
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      01.07.2010 18:55
      Very helpful



      Slow and rotten parts, fast and furious moments, chaotic and atmosperic passes.

      ALBUM: Lawless Darkness
      Genre: Black Metal

      A Few Words:
      Watain is a black metal band from Sweden. "Lawless Darkness" it is their fourth foul length album and continuous to the high standards that the band has set. This album is the most melodic of the four, without losing the pure black metal feeling at all. It is a combination that works great for the listener. Pure black metal, great riffs, melodic lead passes, nice bass, great drumming and a very good voice! There are also some guest vocals from Carl McCoy of the Fields of the Nephilim too.

      E. (Erik Danielsson) - Vocals, Bass
P. (Pelle Forsberg) - Guitar
H. (Håkan Jonsson) - Drums
      Live members: Set Teitan (Davide Totaro) - Guitar , A. (Alvaro Lillo) - Bass

      1.Death's Cold Dark (5:29)
2.Malfeitor (6:58)

      3.Reaping Death (5:07)

      4.Four Thrones (6:16)

      5.Wolves Curse (9:12)
6. Lawless Darkness (6:08)
7.Total Funeral (6:04)
8.Hymn to Qayin (5:57)

      9.Kiss of Death (7:46)
10. Waters of Ain (14:31)

      To the point:
      10 great songs analysis one by one:

      1."Death's Cold Dark". A dark mist intro interrupting from thunders that crack the sky, and the storm soon rages upon your face with aggressive and fast pure black metal. As i gazing the artwork for the song i see sea serpents and a tower striking by a lightning as the path leads threw the mountains with the companionship of the cold riffs and a story about ancient evil forces! (Where the sun is but a memory of a murdered dream)...

      2."Malfeitor". A dramatic intro preparing for something Nero, evil, wicked, BIG, and it's coming your way, but you are not afraid, cause he is the master and you are the servant. Malfeitor the lord of evil is here and the hell unleashed with fast black music and some cutting edge riffs. Soon the melody from the guitar will disappear(?) your fear and in this point Watain will remind us that are coming from Sweden and melody will be always a part of this country's style. Another fast attack with singer spitting words and another surprise with a Death metal style outbreak. Damn this song has it all! And for outro a melodic journey with an impressive sound. A hymn and an oath to the master... (I'll pale the path of madness with your banner held high, to the death's head true).

      3."Reaping Death". Another hymn to the darkness, preparing the legions of black for the upcoming dark harvest and our options are, join or die. One of the fastest and mostly furious songs of the album with a crazy solo setting fire to the black hearts of the worshipers who are ready to attack! (Daughters of the black moon, practitioners of art most dire).

      4."Four Thrones". In opposite to the other songs here a crawly riffing guitar opening the song and the heavy gate to the four thrones. Changing soon to fast rhythms again and a classic black metal guitar riff style is accompanying Levyathan, Lucifer, Beelzebuth and Belial... (Storm and water, earth and flame. In spirit joined, released and untamed).

      5."Wolves Curse". It is late in the night now and the wolves are gathering under the shining moon. Wolves always were bringing fear to men from the ancient times and always in every story ,song, movie are used on the dark side. Here a beautiful sketch has been made from the artist, showing the master with his 3 furious wolves, which it refers to the Greek mythology and the God of the underworld Hades with his guardian monster Kerberos who in it's body had three dog heads and a tale which was ended to a another deadly head, a dragon. A wonderful slow solo preparing you to enter their realm and become their master or their food! Depends in which side do you belong? (Approach them not with doubt in heart, disturb them not in vain).

      6."Lawless Darkness", is an instrumental song and has the same name with the album. Here you will have the time to gaze at the artwork of the cd and especially the front cover, which has so many details. In the vinyl edition there is a huge poster inside supplements the already very good packaging.

      7."Total Funeral". The speed is dangerously high again on the guitars and drumming, and the singer spitting his curses with an old, ancient i dare to say Death metal style, and only a moment Watain gather their breath, only to unleash the fire of the guitar solo upon us and total finish us. (Around their neck the noose draws tight. A knot of thorns falling holy men and kings).

      8."Hymn to Qayin". The most epic song of the album with great atmosphere and wonderful artwork once again, showing Quayin upon his mighty horse with his helmet and his scythe opening the path for destruction and hell. (Through blood and incense buring in snake shapes, you opened wide the gates. And i looked and beheld a black horse ant it's masters name was Quayin. And the hell followed with him).

      9."Kiss of death" continues there where the previous song "Hymn to Quayin" ends without gap between them. The highlight of this song is the beautiful melodic epic guitar solo which reveal the atmosphere which is set for Death himself who is spread it's wings and no one can hide. The ending is also very epic with the acoustic guitar and the thunderstorm effects and the riffs raining upon us. The perfect song for closing for a live concert! (Shapes without form, voices without sound, enter ye pale lord of sorrow).

      10."Waters of Ain". The longest in length song of the album, and the last one, sails us to a voyage with no turning back. Last journey from Watain in this album, and the song has all the moods gathering. From a strong black metal feeling of the old school, to passages of melodic guitar journeys and beautiful solos, and an outro that reminds us that we are entering the unknown... (Do not mistake me for a star though i'll shine like them at night. But behold instead the darkness in between them. The devil's light).

      Erik "E" Danielsson gives us the meaning of album title Lawless Darkness.
      "The title symbolizes the unbound chaotic potential of that which is void of light. The light that defines, the light that shapes and restricts. The light by which the forces of law and order uphold their reign. In the absence of that light lies the wellspring of Watain: in Lawless Darkness.

      The whole artwork of the album is great and designed by Zbigniew Bielak. Each of the songs has a different artwork. Frontman Erik "E" Danielsson explains: "The main cover of 'Lawless Darkness' depicts the legions of the Antichrist, released and untamed from the broken tablets of law. By the shattering of order and the collapse of the laws of the creator god, the free spirits of lawless darkness shall return to the abode of their ancient gods, and unite with them once again.

      1) Plain cd (this one is reviewed)
      2) PACK CD + Patch + 5 STICKERS
      3) Digipack CD includes a cover of the Death SS song "Chains of Death" as a bonus track. The song can also be heard on the "Reaping Death" picture seven-inch single.
      4) Cd single Side A: Reaping Death, Side B: The Return of Darkness and Evil (BATHORY cover). Comes with a free copy of Sweden Rock Magazine including a 6-page Watain interview.
      5) LP: Two vinyl discs in a triple gatefold sleeve with die-cut, including a 24 page booklet and a poster. Strictly limited to 2500 copies worldwide.
      6) Cd Box Collector: Strictly limited edition of WATAIN's sensational album "Lawless Darkness"! The spectacular box set comes in the shape of a fully leather bound book! This grand grimoire of the Swedish Black Metal magicians contains the Digipak version of "Lawless Darkness" including the Death SS cover "Chains of Death". The box also contains these exclusive items: a Watain symbol pendant with chain, a black candle in wrapping, a full colour flag 123 cm x 75 cm with 2 metal rings and 10 specially designed illustrated cards in a pocket!
      (Information about different editions taken from the official site of the band and official site of seasons of mist company).

      One of the best black metal albums for 2010!!!
      I already have the double vinyl and the 7" single with the Death SS cover!
      Grab it!!! ;-)


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Death's Cold Dark
      2 Malfeitor
      3 Reaping Death
      4 Four Thrones
      5 Wolves Curse
      6 Lawless Darkness
      7 Total Funeral
      8 Hymn To Qayin
      9 Kiss Of Death
      10 Waters Of Ain

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