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Les Miserables - Soundtrack

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6 Reviews

Genre: Soundtrack / Artist: Various / Soundtrack / Audio CD released at First Night

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    6 Reviews
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      10.10.2011 18:14
      Very helpful



      An amazing CD

      For my birthday this year I asked my parents for tickets to go and see the musical Les Miserables. I absolutely loved it! I found for the next week or so I was humming the songs from this brilliant show. The story and music was so amazing that I had to purchase a CD with the songs on.

      What I purchased was: Les Miserables - The Musical that Swept the World - In concert at the Royal Albert hall - 10th anniversary addition.

      As I love this purchase so much, I thought I should review it so that other Les Mis fans cand hear of this compilation.

      What is Les Mis:
      Les Miserables (Les Mis) is a hit musical based on the classic novel (of the same name) by Victor Hugo. I will not give too much of the storyline away as I wouldn't want to spoil this brilliant work of theatre for you. The play centres on the life of Valjean, whom after being released from prison, tries to carry on with his life as well as he can. However, this is not easy as he is haunted by the mistakes made in his past, and by Javert (A prison warden) who wants to remind Valjean who he is. This is a story of redemption, love and the social conditions of France in the nineteenth century.

      Musical Numbers:
      This two disc compilation features 41 songs in total. So as not to bore you or write an essay (although saying that, I know this will be long anyways - sorry) I will describe my top five songs from this brilliant musical (as well as including the actual list of songs on the discs.)

      Disc One -
      1. Prologue
      2. On parole/ The Bishop
      3. Valjean's Soliloquy
      4. At the end of the day
      5. I dreamed a dream
      6. Lovely ladies
      7. Fantine's arrest
      8. The runaway cart
      9. Who am I? - The Trial
      10. Fantine's Death
      11. The confrontation
      12. Castle on a cloud
      13. Master of the house
      14. The Bargain - Waltz of treachery
      15. Look down
      16. Stars
      17. ABC café/ Red and Black
      18. Do you hear the people sing?
      19. Rue Plumet - In my life
      20. A heart full of love

      Disc two -
      1. The attack on rue plumet
      2. One day more!
      3. Building the barricade
      4. Back at the barricade
      5. Javert's arrival / little people
      6. A little fall of rain
      7. Night of anguish
      8. First attack
      9. Drink with me
      10. Bring him home
      11. Second attack/ The final battle
      12. The sewers
      13. Dog eat dog
      14. Javert's suicide
      15. Turning
      16. Empty chairs at empty tables
      17. Every day/ a heart full of love
      18. The wedding chorale/ Beggars at the feast
      19. Epilogue
      20. Encore 1 - speeches/ do you hear the people sing?
      21. One day more

      The order of the songs, follow the order of the musical (which I'm sure everyone would expect).

      What I absolutely love about this music is that I can picture ever single scene in my head and I can hear the emotion felt by the singer. There is such a passion in the performance and delivery of this music that makes these songs absolutely beautiful. I have listened to this album, from start to finish, roughly 15 times and only bought it about two months ago.

      My Top Five Songs:
      1.Master of the House - This has to be the funniest song of the whole production. This song had me literally giggling the whole way through. It has such a light hearted feel to the song which is a nice change from the more emotional and slightly depressing songs on the cd.

      Favourite Line from Song: Master of the house, isn't worth my spit, `Comforter, philosopher' - and lifelong sh*t!

      2. At the end of the day - This is a song that is sung by a chorus of people so powerfully. You can really hear the emotion in the voices of the singers.

      Favourite line from song: At the end of the day you're another day older.

      3. Do you hear the people sing? - This is very much a revolutionary styled song. This has a quick pace and lively tempo, which makes you just want to sing along. One of the main songs of the musical that I couldn't get out of my head.

      4. Who am I?/ The trial - What I love about this song is that you can hear the inner turmoil going on in the singers head. You can almost see the clogs ticking inside the man's head as he works out whether to do the right thing, or the thing that is right for him.

      5. Castle on a cloud - this song is sung by the character Cosette whom must be around the age of 10 or 11. It is quite a sile song, but this makes it sound even better as its coming from a child's voice. The tempo and pace of the song all help in making the singer seem more fragile. At the end of this song I wanted to do nothing more than to hug the actor as I genuinely felt sorry for this poor little girl.

      Many people who love Les Mis will be surprised that I didn't include the famous song "I dreamed a Dream" in my top five songs (made even more famous when Susan Boyle sang it - opening the music up to a whole new demographic). My reason for this is simply because that, as beautiful as this song is, it didn't move me as much as the others did. It is very hard to pick only five songs from this compilation disc as they are all so brilliant.

      I bought this from amazon for £13.99. You can buy this on the official souvenir website for Les Miserables but it will be a bit pricey.

      Would I recommend?:
      I think it is clear form my review that I am absolutely obsessed with the music from this brilliant musical. The songs stir a range of emotions and are so beautifully written that I cannot help but listen to them over and over again. If you or anyone you know loves the musical Les Miserables then I would defenitly recommend purchasing this.

      I am defenitly going to have to read Victor Hugo's classic novel now!

      Thank you for reading.


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        19.01.2010 09:01



        Takes you right back to the live performance

        I first went to see Les Miserables in the eighties and fell in love with the grandeur, pomp and circumstance of the whole production. I have seen several productions of the musical since and have just loved it. When the barricade comes together for the first time and the rebels stand holding their flag of rebellion aloft I could just cry with the pride that they held.

        Essentially the story is of a poor impoverished young man being jailed for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his ailing family. For this heinous crime he rots in jail for nearly twenty years before being allowed on remand. However the policeman who convicted him - Javert - hunts him down with the ultimate aim of sending him back to jail. After being given a chance to turn his life around, Valjean starts a new life and is eventually elected as Mayor of his town. There he befriends a poor woman who has turned to prostitution in an effort to geive her daughter a better life. The lady dies and so Valjean takes her daughter Cosette under his wing. As Jvert's net starts to draw tighter still so Valjean has to go into hiding - eventually saving the life of his daughters fiancée.

        The musical, based on Victor Hugo's book, is full of comedy (despite its nickname as Les Glums) and beautifully moving songs - I particularly love "on my own". It really dosn't seem to matter who is singing the songs, they are powerful enough to move you on their own.
        If you have been lucky enough to see the production, then this soundtrack s an absolute must - it is truly evoking of the experience.


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        04.01.2010 18:48
        Very helpful



        Pure Class.

        Les Misérables- The Complete Symphonic Recording
        This Complete Symphonic Recording is to date the only English-language recording to feature the entire score. It has an international cast, featuring performances from 3 of themajor productions of the musical around the world.


        I will give some background information into the phenomenon that is Les Misérables. I will tell you the basic plot line of story, I believe that if you listen to this recording or watch the musical (as I have) you will be hard pressed to follow the story. By telling you the plot this will add to your enjoyment of the album, as you will know whats happening in relation to the song.

        Les Misérables is based on the Victor Hugo novel (Les Misérables) written in 1862. It is set in early19th century France, amidst the social and political struggles it tells the stories of a various characters as they struggle for survival in what can only be discribed as "hard" times.

        Les Misérables - The Story

        **** I have added notes to each song on the track listing below to enable you to follow the story***

        The story starts in early 19th-century France. It follows the stories of several main characters, Jean Valjean, Javert, Fantine, Cosette, M. & Mme. Thénardier, Marius Pontmercy and Éponine. All these characters are linked through the story.
        I will tell the story as simply as I can. The central character isJean Valjean. He has just been released on parole ( yellow ticket-of-leave) after 19 years in the chain gang. Wherever he goes and whatever he does he must by law display his yellow ticket-of-leave. This basically makes an outcast in society.

        In his hour of need the only person to afford him some human kindness is the Bishop of Digne. He takes in Valjean gives him food and wine, only to be repaid by Valjean stealing some silver. Valjean's sworn enemy Inspector Javert catches Valjean and proceeds to take him to the Bishop to ascertain if this is silver has come from the church. Valjean is astonished when the Bishop lies to Javert to save him, he also gives him two more candlesticks, saying that you must use this precious silver to become a better man.
        Javert is not convinced by the bishop and swears revenge on Valjean.

        The story moves forward around 8 years, Valjean (having assumed a new identity as Monsieur Madeleine ( The Mayor) ) is a wealthy successful man. He owns a factory and is the Mayor of the town.
        Fantine, a worker in his factory gets into a fight. The Mayor breaks up the fight and asks his foreman to deal with all involved it in a fair way. However Fantine has refused the foremans sexual advances and as revenge he sacks her. Fantine desperately needed that job as she was sending money to the innkeepers M. & Mme. Thénardier who are looking after Cosette, Fantines

        Les Miserables - The Iconic picture of Cosette illegitimate daughter. Fantine is reduced to becoming a prostitue, to provide for Cosette. Fantine fights back against an abusive customer, he calls for the police. Enter Javert, now the police chief, he believes the man and arrests Fantine. The Mayor arrives, and after speaking with Fantine he realises his actions have led to the ruin of Fantine, he tells Javert to let her go and proceeds to take her to a hospital instead.

        This is the chance encounter that Javert has been waiting for. Javert is convinced that the Mayor is Valjean.
        A few days later the Mayor rescues a local man who has been trapped by a runaway cart. Javert is reminded of the abnormal strength of Jean Valjean. Javert (possibly in a ruse) tells the Mayor that Valjean been recently arrested, as is to appear in court later that day. The Mayor is torn between freedom and returning to prison. Unable to see an innocent man go to prison he confesses to the court that he is Valjean.

        Valjean is to return to prison for breaking his parole, but before returning to prison, Valjean visits Fantine who is dying, he promises to find and look after her daughter Cosette. Valjean escapes to carry out his promise.
        Valjean travels to the Inn Cosette has been living. The Thénardiers have been ill treating Cosette. The Mayor buys her freedom and leaves for Paris.

        Nine years pass Cosette has fallen in love with Marius. He is torn between his love for her and taking part in the revolution they are sure will erupt after the death of General Lamarque.
        The night before the Paris Uprising, Valjean prepares to go into exile with Cosette as Javert is on his tail once again. Cosette and Marius part in despair at the thought of never meeting again.

        Éponine is secretly in love with Marius, after she is shunned by Marius she decides to join the students at the barricade. Marius notices Éponine at the barricade even though she has disguised herself as a boy.
        He begs her with a letter to deliver to Cosette, professing his undying love for her even if he is killed at the barricade. Valjean intercepts the letter, he promises promising Éponine that he will inform Cosette of the contents of the letter.

        Valjean proceeds to read the letter, learning about Marius and Cosette's relationship.
        Valjean decides to go to the barricade in search of Marius. The students repel the first attack but prepare for further onslaughts.
        The army give the rebels one last chance to surrender, but the rebels refuse, they fight on, and everyone is killed except Valjean and Marius. Valjean escapes through the sewers.

        Javerts encounters Valjean in the sewers and allows him to save Marius's life as long as he surrenders later. Javert is unable to cope with the fact he has allowed Valjean to leave and as a result comits suicide.
        Valjean unawre of Javerts suicide believes that his presence will only put Cosette in danger. Heconfesses to Marius about the past he makes Marius promise never to tell Cosette.

        Marius and Cosette marry, Valjean alone prepares for his death. Marius decides to tell Cosette that her father saved in his at the barricade. They rush to Valjean, just in time to bid him farewell.
        Valjean decides to confess all to Cosette, before his death. Cosette beg Valjean not to die, his long struggle Valjean passes.

        ***This is not the by any means the full story, It will however i hope give you an insight and aid you in appreciating the album.***

        The Music/Lyrics
        As you would imagine the album has a great mix of songs/lyrics. There are huge orchestral numbers delievered with great power and passion. There are also soft ballads with gentle orchestra arrangements. I cant think of a single performance on this album that is not fantastic. I would be most surprised if teh hairs on teh back of your neck are not on end afetr listening to this CD.

        When you listen to the album you will note that several songs have the same musical arrangement. Basically you will believe that you are going to hear the same song again but you will not. You will be able to determine which song is which one you have listened to the album several times.
        The lyrics are fantastic and of course depict the story of the musical. The lyrics deliever a whole range of emotions telling the story of struggle, oppresion and love.. There are songs that are funny, in particular " Master of the House" absolutely brilliant.

        Disk One

        1. Prologue - Javert, Valjean & Company ** Introduction to the musical inculding the chain gang, Valjeans parole.

        2. Valjean's Soliloquy (What Have I Done?) - Valjean ** Humbled by the bishop's mercy and kindness, Valjean decides to follow the bishop's advice and breaks his parole.

        3. At the End of the Day - Choir, Company, Factory Foreman, Factory Girl & Valjean ** Fantine, gets into a fight after the other workers discover that she is sending money to her secret illegitimate child they conspire to get her sacked
        4. I Dreamed a Dream - Fantine **Fantine sings about her broken dreams.

        5. Lovely Ladies - Company ** Desperate for money, Fantine sells her locket, and hair, before becoming a prostitute
        6. Fantine's Arrest - Javert, Fantine & Bamatabois ** Fantine fights back against an abusive customer,and is arrested by Javert.

        7. Runaway Cart - Orchestra ** The Mayor ( Valjean) rescues a local man who is trapped by a runaway cart.
        8. Who Am I?/The Trial - Valjean ** The Mayor unable to see an innocent man go to prison confesses to the court that he is prisoner 24601.

        9. Fantine's Death - Fantine & Valjean ** Valjean visits Fantine and promises to find and look after her daughter Cosette.
        10. The Confrontation - Javert & Valjean ** Valjean asks Javert for time to fetch Cosette, Javert refuses. Valjean eventually knocksout Javert and escapes.

        11. Castle on a Cloud - Little Cosette ** Cosette dreams of a better life than she is living at the Inn.
        12. Master of the House - Thénardier, Mme Thénardier & Company ** Detailing how the Thénardiers use numerous cons to cheat their customers at the Inn.

        13. Bargain/Waltz of Treachery - Valjean, Thénardier & Mme Thénardier ** Valjean pays the Thénardiers to let him take Cosette away.
        14. Look Down - Choir, Company, Gavroche, Marius & Enjolras ** Gavroche (Street urchin) mingles with the whores and beggars on the street.

        15. The Robbery/Javert's Intervention (Another Brawl) - Thénardier & Mme Thénardier, Marius, Epoinine & Javert ** A street gang led by the Thénardiers prepares to ambush Valjean.
        16. Stars - Javert ** Javert compares his hunt for Valjean, to the order of the stars

        Disc Two

        1. Eponine's Errand - Eponine & Marius ** Marius, persuades Éponine to help find Cosete.
        2. ABC Cafe/Red and Black - Enjolras, Marius, Grantaire & Students ** The students led by Enjolras prepare for the revolution, they are sure will erupt after the death of General Lamarque.

        3. Do You Hear the People Sing? - Enjolras, Students & Company ** Gavroche brings news of Lamarque's death, the students march out into the streets to gather support for the revolution
        4. Rue Plumet/In My Life - Cosette, Marius & Eponine ** Cosette is consumed by thoughts of Marius. Valjean refuses to tell her about his past or her mother.

        5. Heart Full of Love° - Marius, Cosette & Eponine ** Éponine ( In spite of her own feelings for Marius) leads him to Cosette.
        6. Attack on Rue Plumet - Thénardier, Gang, Eponine, Marius, Cosette & Valjean ** Éponine prevents her father's ( Thénardier) gang from robbing Valjean's house.

        7. One Day More - Full Company ** Valjean prepares to go into exile on the eve of the Paris Uprising. Marius joins the students for the revolution.
        8. At the Barricade (Upon These Stones) - Enjolras, Marius & Students ** The students prepare to build a barricade.

        9. On My Own - Eponine ** Éponine details her love for Marius even though they cant be together.
        10. Building the Barricade - Marius, Enjolras & Students ** The students build their barricade.

        11. Javert's Arrival - Javert, Enjolras, Company & Gavroche ** Javert (as a spy) lies to the students about the government's plans to attack the barracade.
        12. Little People - Gavroche ** Gavroche exposes Javert as a spy.

        13. Little Fall of Rain - Eponine & Marius ** Éponine returns to the barricade, she is shot and dies in Marius' arms.
        14. Night of Anguish - Valjean & Students ** The night before the first attack.

        15. First Attack - Orchestra ** Valjean arrives at the barricades in search of Marius.
        16. Drink With Me - Grantaire, Marius, Students & Company ** After they repel the first attack the students settle down the night.

        17. Bring Him Home - Valjean ** Valjean prays to save Marius from the hell that is to come.
        18. Dawn of Anguish - Enjolras & Students ** As dawn approaches, Enjolras sends the women and fathers of children away from the barricades. He vows to fight on.

        19. Second Attack (Death of Gavroche) - Enjolras, Students & Gavroche ** Gavroche runs out to collect more ammunition. He is shot 3 times and dies.
        20. Final Battle - Enjolras & Company ** The army gives one last chance surrender, the rebels refuse. All are killed except Valjean and Marius

        21. Sewers - Dog Eats Dog - Thénardier ** Valjean escapes through the sewers carrying a wonded Marius. He encounters Thénardier.
        22. Javert's Suicide - Javert ** Valjean runs into Javert, who has been waiting for him. Valjean begs Javert to give him one more hour to save Marius. Javert agrees, but consumed by guilt he commits suicide.

        23. Turning - Women ** Women mourning the deaths of the students and the waste of life.

        Disc 3:
        1. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables - Marius ** Marius mourns for his friends.

        2. Every Day - Cosette, Marius & Valjean ** Marius consumed by not knowing who saved him is comforted by cosette.
        3. Valjean's Confession - Valjean & Marius ** Valjean confesses to Marius that he is an escaped convict. Telling him he must go away to protect Cosette.

        4.Wedding Chorale/Beggars at the Feast - Thénardier, Mme Thénardier & Marius ** Marius and Cosette are married. They leave after Marius punches Thénardier when he realises that Valjean saved his life.
        5. Epilogue (Finale) - Valjean, Fantine, Cosette, Marius, Eponine, Full Company ** Valjean prepares for his death. The ghosts of Fantine and Éponine arrive to take him to heaven. Cosette and Marius arrive just in time to bid farewell, and to thank him for saving his life.

        The Stage Show

        I have seen the stage show 3 times at Manchester,Edinburgh and London Queens Theatre. I would advise you if you get teh chance to go and see the live show. Its a brilliant experience.

        Really all I can say is that this CD is fantastic. It has wonderful music, lyrics and singers. I guarantee that you will be singing "Master of the House" and "On my Own" once you have listened to the album. I would strongly advise you to watch the stage version as this will give pictures to the words and enhance your enjoyment of the CD. The whole Les Miserables experience is fantastic and one I thoroughly reccomend.

        Album notes

        The soundtrack also features the London Philharmonic Orchestra . Included is a CD with video footage.
        This is an Enhanced CD, which contains both regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files.

        Number of CDs: 3
        Distributor: ADA/Cinram Logistics
        Recording mode: Stereo


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          18.05.2009 18:43
          1 Comment



          revamp a classic and have a hanky ready

          Thank you Susan Boyle for subjecting us all to one of the most depressing shows in history.

          Now, this will surprise you but I like the music from this hsow. the show itself is long, dull and depressing. The score and vocal arrangements are unforgetable melodic and brilliantly sung. The cast here speak for themselves. Michael Ball alone is worth the price, although when he sings 'Empty Chairs' i can't help wishing he had died with his comrades. It drones on a bit.

          that aside the other numbers are rousing and worhty of all the hype. i Dreamed a Dream is a fabulous song and Miss Boyle shot it to fame in that famous TV talent show. Others worthy of note are On My Own, Do Hear The People Sing? and Master of the House.

          The plot is complicated. Valjean is arrested for stealing bread. He is parolled but skips this and becomes mayor of Paris. He is pursued by the policeman Javert. there's a revolution (very French) that involves Marius who love Cossete, the child of Fantine who dies in Act 1 after Valjean promises to look after her child. Jeez I'm snoring already. Eponine loves Marius but he loves Cosette, she dies regardless. Javert finds Valjean but realises he is a good man and that he has paid for his crime and kills himself. In the finale Marius and Cosette marry and the ghost of fantine returns to take Valjean to heaven. Cheerful and fun it ain't. Did i mention they shoot the young street urchin as well? Oh, never mind

          So in this credit crunch don't rush to the theatre to see the show. Get the soundtrack and a nice bottle of red, shut the blinds and snuggle into a warm cushion.


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            16.03.2009 21:00
            Very helpful



            A beautiful soundtrack to an amazing musical.

            I should know about music. I should be able to write a review, and talk about melancholy chords, and phrasing, and key signatures, and all of that lovely stuff. I should be able to, because i have an A level in music.

            Unfortunately, because I had never studied music before A level, and sang for my practicals, I have never, and will never have the knowledge i should do. Perhaps i should have studied harder. Sigh.
            Beyond all that, I know my Musicals.

            I have been obsessed every since I was a child, when my dad took me and my brother to see "Starlight Express". I know, I know. Not the classiest of musicals, but it lit a fire in my tummy that has never really left me.From that moment on, I knew what I wanted to do in life.

            I wanted to be a singing train.

            Fortunately, many many musicals later, my ambitions have changed somewhat. I have been through all of the stages. I have wanted to be a small curly redheaded orphan, an old weathered cat, a hip thrusting finger clicking murderer who courts the press, and finally, and most heart wrenchingly, a french peasant, on the brink of death, hopelessly in love with a man who doesn't know she exists.

            Of all the musicals I have ever seen, nothing has moved me more than Les Miserables.

            I went to see it for the first time with My Dad, my little brother, and my fella (wastingtime on here). I don't think anyone was as thrilled to go see it as I was, (or thrilled at all), but what i saw, and more importantly, what I heard that night, brought me to tears, and still brings me to tears, every time I play the soundtrack in my car.

            The story.
            Normally, a plot would bear little importance in a music review. Not so for Les Miserables. Obviously, as a musical, the songs are not only important to the plot, but they are the plot. There is very little spoken dialogue in Les Miserables. Dialogue, plot and emotion are all conveyed through music.

            Les Miserables is a musical adaptation of the famous novel by Victor Hugo. It follows the character of Jean Valjean, in the beginning of the 19th century, in France.Valjean has spent a miserable 19 years in prison,as prisoner 24601, after stealing a loaf of bread ( I know of murderers who have served less). Valjean breaks parole, and soon after meets a priest, who takes pity on him, and shows him the first kindness he has experienced in years. The priest changes his life, and the way he treats other people.
            Valjean just cant escape his past, however hard he tries. he is hounded by a police inspector, Javert, who becomes obsessed with finding Valjean and putting him back in prison.
            There are many intertwining subplots involved with Les Miserables. Fantine is a single mother, who has turned to prostitution to provide for her daughter Cosette. When Fantine dies, Valjean adopts Cosette as his daughter.
            Cosette is loved by Marius Pontmercy, and Marius is loved by Eponine, the daughter of Cosettes first foster family (still with me?).

            My favorite songs.
            One day more-
            This song begins light and optimistic, with one solo voice, to which others are added, all singing bits from previous songs, all stung together so that they overlap and intertwine beautifully. The song sets the scene for the beginning of the revolution, and how the different characters relate to it. As the song progresses, more voices join in, building up the tension, before the curtain closes on the first act.
            This song gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. Its beautifully put together, and so clever in the way that the previous songs all pop up, all beautifully melded together to build a new song.

            On my own-
            This song is probably the most famous from the show, and is performed by the character of Eponine. Like I said before, Eponine is the daughter of the horrible couple, Monsieur & Madame Thénardier, Cosettes original foster family. Eponine is hopelessly in love with Marius, a love that he doesn't respond to.
            "On my own" is about something most of us have experienced. Utterly unrequited love.The first section of the song is like a story telling, until it falls into the familiar strains of the main song. The first section is very gentle, very dreamlike. Eponine is thinking about a different world, one in which Marius feels the same way about her that she does about him.When we get to the chorus, the song changes tack. Eponine is acknowledging that Marius truly doesn't feel that way about her, and the singing becomes more powerful, and more desperate.I love this song especially, because I sang it for my A level music practical. i still remember it word for word, and feel like crying whenever I perform it!
            (I'm so soppy)

            A little fall of rain-
            The uplifting strains in the first few bars make a heart wrenching contrast with the story behind the song.
            Its the story that gets to me. Eponine is dying, lying in the arms of the man she loves, who doesn't love her back, but has the kindness to pretend for those few moments before she goes.
            The song is a duet, and the singers alternate verses, until the tension of the song builds up, and the voices meld together in a devastating unison.

            Bring him home-
            I cannot hear this song, without immediately bursting into tears. The song is so full of emotion, and longing, it raises the hairs on my arms. It takes a powerful male voice to bring this song justice, and a huge vocal range, something that the fella who sings as Valjean on the original London recording possesses.
            Its almost like a lullaby at the beginning. Very song, and beautiful, sang in falsetto by the actor. Its the contrast between the original softness, and then the power vocals at the end of the song that make it one of the most memorable from the musical.

            The music from Les Miserables is so utterly powerful, that its hard not to respond to it emotionally. There are ballads, funny skit-like songs, angry songs, soft songs....oh everything.
            The theme is generally quite miserable. Its the french Revolution, not a tea party, but this makes the music even more powerful in my opinion. Nothing inspires a song more than love death and revolution.
            If you are fond of musicals, and want a soundtrack to really get your teeth in, then this is one for you. Dont be mistaken. This isn't Grease. There is no car driving off into the sunset in the end...its all a lot darker, and far more miserable than that, but much more beautiful, and much more solid.

            Track List, and other bits and bobs.
            (more bobs than bits).
            The Soundtrack contains two discs. Its the original London Cast recording.
            Performers include, Colm Wilkinson as Valjean, Frances Ruffelle as Eponine, Rebecca Caine as Cosette, Patti LuPone as Fantine, Roger Allam as the persistent Inspector Javert, Michael Ball as Marius, Zoe Hart as young Cosette.

            Disc: 1
            1. Prologue. Work Song
            2. Prologue. Valjean Arrested/Valjean Forgiven
            3. Prologue. What Have I Done?
            4. At the End of the Day
            5. I Dreamed a Dream
            6. Lovely Ladies
            7. Who Am I?
            8. Fantine's Death. Come to Me
            9. Fantine's Death. Confrontation
            10. Castle on a Cloud
            11. Master of the House
            12. Thénardier Waltz
            13. Stars
            14. Look Down
            15. Little People
            16. Red and Black
            17. Do You Hear the People Sing?

            Disc: 2
            1. Love Montage. I Saw Him Once/In My Life/A Heart Full of Love
            2. Plumet Attack
            3. One Day More
            4. On My Own
            5. The Attack
            6. A Little Fall of Rain
            7. Drink with Me
            8. Bring Him Home
            9. Dog Eats Dog
            10. Javert's Suicide: Soliloquy
            11. Turning
            12. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
            13. Wedding Chorale
            14. Beggars at the Feast
            15. Finale

            You buy from.
            Here, for £12. 96




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              20.03.2007 16:54
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              Took me back to a year previous when I'd seen the stage version

              The music for this musical is just mind-boggling. I went to see it on stage a few years ago and thought it was great. A year or so later I saw the soundtrack on sale in a store at an airport so I thought why not! I couldn't believe how much listening to the music took me back to being in the theatre. It is so atmospheric and the images are just conjured up in front of you. The singers are amazing and the score is just the best. I'd recommend going to see it before buying the soundtrack but if this is not possible, then buying the soundtrack will certainly make you want to go and see it!


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          • Product Details

            Disc #1 Tracklisting
            1 Prologue: A Work - Alun Armstrong, Michael Ball, Christophe Beck, Christopher Beck, , Clive Carter, Gary Huddlestone, Pauline Leonard, Dave Willetts
            2 Prologue: Valjean Arrested/Valjean Forgiven - Ian Calvin, Ken Caswell,
            3 Prologue: What Have I Done - Colm Wilkinson
            4 At the End of the Day - Christophe Beck, Christopher Beck, Ken Caswell, Craig Pinder
            5 I Dreamed a Dream - Patti LuPone
            6 Lovely Ladies
            7 Who Am I? - Colm Wilkinson
            8 Fantine's Death: Come to Me - Patti LuPone, Colm Wilkinson
            9 Fantine's Death: Confrontation - Roger Allam, Colm Wilkinson
            10 Castle on a Cloud - Zoe Hart
            11 Master of the House - Alun Armstrong
            12 Thénardier Waltz - Alun Armstrong, Colm Wilkinson
            13 Stars - Roger Allam
            14 Look Down - Jill Martin, Caroline Quentin, Ian Tucker
            15 Little People
            16 Red and Black - Michael Ball, David Burt, Gary Huddlestone, Pauline Leonard
            17 Do You Hear the People Sing? - David Burt, Gary Huddlestone, Pauline Leonard

            Disc #2 Tracklisting
            1 Love Montage: I Saw Him Once - Zoe Hart
            2 Love Montage: In My Life - Zoe Hart, Colm Wilkinson
            3 Love Montage: A Heart Full of Love - Michael Ball, Zoe Hart, Frances Ruffelle
            4 Plumet Attack - Alun Armstrong, Frances Ruffelle
            5 One Day More!
            6 On My Own - Frances Ruffelle
            7 Attack - David Burt, Ian Calvin, Gary Huddlestone, Pauline Leonard,
            8 Little Fall of Rain - Michael Ball, Frances Ruffelle
            9 Drink With Me - Clive Carter, Gary Huddlestone, Pauline Leonard
            10 Bring Him Home - Colm Wilkinson
            11 Dog Eats Dog - Alun Armstrong
            12 Javert's Suicide: Solilquy - Roger Allam
            13 Turning
            14 Empty Chairs at Empty Tables - Michael Ball
            15 Wedding Chorale
            16 Beggars at the Feast - Alun Armstrong
            17 Finale

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