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Let's Groove: The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire - Earth Wind & Fire

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Genre: R&B & Soul - Funk / Artist: Earth Wind & Fire / Import / Audio CD released 1997-04-07 at Columbia

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    3 Reviews
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      24.10.2009 15:06
      Very helpful




      Most people will probably recognise at least one of their records. They have been sampled in dance records about a zillion times and their tunes still get spun at dodgy weddings! This is a seventeen track best of and is an essential disco album for anyone who loves classic disco. Smooth vibes, chilled vocals and melodies which make you want to get up and start shaking your thang in the middle of the lounge.

      'Let's Groove' has a shrill chorus and sexy vocals which will put you at ease straight away. This is an ideal party starter, it is mellow enough without being boring and the rhythm benefits from a wicked bass hook.

      'Boogie Wonderland' is a little more robust, with a keen melody and an intro which you must recognise. It has drama, excitement and charm at every turn and the vocals are delivered with a confident slickness. Perfection!

      'Saturday Night' is slower than the previous two tracks but is just as appealing with a funky intro and leanings towards more of a bluesey disco vibe. The tune might not be instant, but it provides a good contrast to the rousing openers. Moving to 'I've Had Enough' which pushes us back into a positive disco arena with some ace clapping sounds and vibrant trumpets, it is brash and alert and the vocals are camp and poised. It might not be that well known, but the song has enough bite to make it a good one for an end of of nighter.

      'September' is a well known though, with that glorious intro which suggests something massive is coming, like a fanfayre. The verses are tame, but the chorus unleashes a melody which will stay with you all day. Catchy and cute it epitomises the sound of disco for me. I also recommend the down tempo and alluring 'Fantasy.' This track was covered by Italian dance act Blackbox, but this original remains the best version with a jazzy air about and a mysterious sounding vocal and lyrics which are whimsical and mellow.

      As we close on 'After The Love Has Gone', a seductive and moody ballad, you will be in no doubt that this lot delivered music some of the best disco cuts in the seventies. Recommended listening.


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      01.04.2008 21:46
      Very helpful



      A great collection of the bands hits.

      I've been a very naughty girl recently spending obscene amounts of money treating myself, disgraceful aren't I! Ok, so when I say obscene amounts of money I actually mean the grand sum of £2.10 and when I talk about treating myself, well it was on a 2nd hand CD on Ebay, but who cares about the minor details eh! So what was the must have CD that tempted me to spend such a huge wad of cash? Well it was Earth, Wind & Fire Lets Groove, once again proving my musical taste is much older than my age.

      Earth, Wind & Fire are an American band formed in the very late 60's who released some classic 1970's Disco hits and some 80's classics with a bit more of a R&B edge. The band have seen many line up changes over the years and have released nearly 40 albums which include studio albums, live recordings and compilations, their singles tally is over 50 and they are still performing and receiving awards now in 2008. Lets Groove is one of the many Greatest Hits releases by the band and naturally features some of the bands biggest hits as well as a few lesser known tracks.

      1.: Let's Groove
      2.: Boogie Wonderland
      3.: Saturday Nite
      4.: In The Stone
      5.: I've Had Enough
      6.: Can't Let Go
      7.: Fall In Love With Me
      8.: Star
      9.: September
      10.: Jupiter
      11.: Got To Get You Into My Life
      12.: Fantasy
      13.: Evil
      14.: That's The Way Of The World
      15.: You Can't Hide Love
      16.: Reasons
      17.: After The Love Has Gone

      I've been a fan of the bands music for quite some time and always loved the track "lets groove" but amazingly it seemed to escape my grasp for some time, never popping up on any of the compilation albums I owned, after having my interest in the film jogged whilst watching Disneys "Kronks new groove" I decided there was nothing else for em to do then search out the bands albums to find one with the track included. It didn't take much of a search on Ebay for a CD with a good selection of songs on and I'm glad that I chose this one now, I had to bid for it which I usually avoid in favour of "buy it now" items, but it's proved worth it.

      The album kicks off with "lets groove" which is perhaps the best way for any disco/r&b album, it's funky beat and uplifting feel prepare you for the rest of the album, making you eager to hear more from the group. "Boogie Wonderland" comes next and is perhaps the groups best loved track, I imagine everyone's heard this song at some point in there life, it's 70's Disco at it's best full of sing along lyrics and arm waving melody. Other classics from the band include the Disco track "September" the beautiful ballad "After the love has gone" and the slightly more mellow "Fantasy"

      It is track 11 though which stood out to me, I recognised it as soon as it started but didn't have the CD case to hand to find out the title, it was familiar but didn't sound like Earth, Wind & Fire released it originally, it was slightly swing based and my first thought was "this kinda sounds like something the Beatles would do" it was only when the lyrics kicked it that I realised it sounded Beatles-esque because it was a Beatles cover, "Got to get you into my life" is a really fun take on the original track, smoother than the original and I love listening to the track when it comes on, often skipping forward to hear it or repeating it once it's finished.

      The other tracks are all enjoyable but don't stand out to me as much as the ones I mentioned earlier, you can listen to the album straight through as it flows well and the bands style is reliable throughout, there aren't any surprises that will find you reaching for the remote to skip through. While the audience for this album will be restricted to fans of 70's Disco and similar music it's still a good release and a great collection of the bands hits. I'm not comfortable with the band being described as R&B which has become associated with far more modern styles of music but I guess if it weren't for groups like this inspiring today's artists then our current idea of the R&B genre would be very different indeed, perhaps even non-existent. Overall I can highly recommend the album for fans of the bands music or for someone who just loves uplifting music with a good beat and a party feel.

      Lets Groove can be found in music stores and online from £5, or if you're after a bargain like I was check out Ebay and you might just pick up a great deal.

      You can find the groups website at- http://www.earthwindandfire.com/index.html

      Also on Ciao (piggypine)


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        20.06.2001 05:09
        Very helpful



        Earth, Wind & Fire greatly influenced the sound of pop in the 70's, neatly meshing Latin funk rhythms, soul and R&B with gospel harmonies, horns and the amazing falsetto of lead singer Philip Bailey. Led by the maestro, Maurice White, EW&F became one of the most innovative musical groups of all time. Earth, Wind & Fire consist of: Maurice White: Vocals, Drums, Kalimba, Timbales Verdine White: Vocals, Bass, Percussion Philip Bailey: Vocals, Congas, Percussion Other members are: Larry Dunn Ralph Johnson Al McKay Johnny Graham Andrew Woolfolk Fred White Roland Bautista The group's debut LP yielded a light hit in the form of 'Love is Life' in July 1971. A second LP The Need Of Love was released in early '72. A single, 'I Think About Lovin' You' provided EW&F with a Top 40 r&b hit. They went to record the top notch songs such as 'Boogie Wonderland', 'after the love has gone', 'got to get you into my life', 'lets groove' and 'shining star'. A wonderful band that are still recording now and have continued their talent throughout the years.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Let's Groove
        2 Boogie Wonderland
        3 Saturday Nite
        4 In The Stone
        5 I've Had Enough
        6 Can't Let Go
        7 Fall In Love With Me
        8 Star
        9 September
        10 Jupiter
        11 Got To Get You Into My Life
        12 Fantasy
        13 Evil
        14 That's The Way Of The World
        15 You Can't Hide Love
        16 Reasons
        17 After The Love Has Gone

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