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Lifehouse - Lifehouse

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Grunge / Artist: Lifehouse / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2005-03-28 at Polydor Group

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    1 Review
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      16.10.2008 16:13
      Very helpful



      I prefer No Name Face, but this is a great album. x

      Who are Lifehouse?

      Lifehouse are an American rock band who are signed by DreamWorks Records and came to fame with their release of this album No Name Face and their first track Hanging By A Moment. This song was one of the most played songs of 2001 and brought Jason Wade and his band to stardom.

      Track 1- Come Back Down

      This track is one of my favourites, it's got some of the best lyrics ever written and Jason Wade's voice is just pure brilliance. The song in my opinion is a song filled with hope and a man that is complete and knows everything about life.

      In my opinion when I listen to the song and read the lyrics, I believe that Wade is talking about someone with alzheimer's or amnesia or of course the most obvious a girl who has walked away from him, however the previous two seem to be less believable and maybe this isn't what Wade's idea of the song was however these lyrics make me believe that he's talking to someone who once knew him, who he's waiting for them to remember him and when they do they might feel lost and he'll be there and will never let go of this woman.

      I'm not usually one for writing pages and pages of lyrics and I'm not going to, however these lyrics show what I mean.

      Memorable Lyrics
      'I hope that you can find your way back
      To the place where you belong,
      When you come back down
      If you land on your feet
      I hope you find a way to make it back to me
      When you come around
      I'll be there for you
      Don't have to be alone with what you're going through,
      You're coming back down
      You say you feel lost can I help you find it
      When you come around
      From time to time we all are blinded
      You're coming back down
      You don't have to tell me what you're feeling
      I know what you're going through
      I won't be the one that lets go of you'
      Rating: 10/10 (A beautiful song and maybe my opinion of it is wrong, however this is what I've always thought)

      Track 2- You and Me

      This was the first song to come from the CD and probably the most popular.

      This is such a slow and sweet song and such an addition to this song. It's so simple, however Wade's voice really shines through and makes it one of the most popular songs for me and many others.

      I myself prefer the acoustic version of this, where Wade's voice is a lot rawer and deeper. Such a good song, filled with some amazing lyrics.

      Memorable Lyrics
      What day is it, and in what month,
      This clock never seemed so alive,
      I can't keep up and I can't back down,
      I've been loosing so much time,
      Cause it's me and you and all of the people,
      And I don't know why but I can't keep my eyes off you.
      Rating: 10/10 (A beautiful song, a typical romantic love song)

      Track 3- Blind

      I hadn't really noticed this track until a friend told me about it, so I decided to give it a listen and I'm so glad I did. The lyrics are amazing, I have to say this.

      Truly amazing lyrics, and his voice brings them across and shines through with emotion, which is almost gut wrenching and very very real emotion. Wade's voice in this song is just amazing and I agree with my friend, this is probably one of the best songs on the album and one of the least known songs.

      A very addictive and memorable song, you will be singing it for a long time. It's a very well put together song with his voice giving a lot more emotion to very emotion filled lyrics.

      Memorable Lyrics: "I was young but I wasn't naïve, I watch helpless, as you turn around to leave, and still I have the pain I have to carry, a past so deep, that even you could not bury it if you tried, after all this time, I never thought we'd be here, never thought we'd be here, when my love for your was blind, but I couldn't make you see it"
      Rating: 10/10 (Another very strong track, a joy to listen to)

      Track 4- All in All

      A very beautiful song, his voice sounds like an echo almost at the start and it's done acoustically and then about 30 seconds in the rest of the instruments and the backing singers hit.

      Such a beautiful song with some lovely lyrics, however this song unlike quite a lot of the other's isn't just about the lyrics, you don't really find yourself listening to the lyrics, you find yourself listening to his gorgeous voice, which pulls of this song. A definite favourite on this album. Very strong.

      Memorable Lyrics: "Standing on top of the edge it feels like it's going down, everything stays in my mind feeling in a daze on a ground, feels like it's gonna give, life too hard to live anymore, think I've had enough things too tough, I'm out the door, all in all it's just another day now, falling down what you going to do?"

      Rating: 9/10 (A very strong track, especially Wade's voice. You find yourself zoning out everything else and listen to his voice completely)

      Track 5-Better Luck Next Time

      Not as brilliant as the previous 4 but such a good song. A very upbeat song and a very powerful chorus, which Wade's voice dominates.

      Again the instruments compliment him and he's not overpowered, his voice never seems strained, he has a hell of a set of pipes on him. A very strong song and unless you are really listening closely, you'll think it's in the same calibre as the previous four, however it doesn't have the same strong lyrics.

      Memorable Lyrics: "Sometimes we fall, aint nothing new to me, don't get me wrong, I'm a son you gave up for this child stop tell me where you going, maybe the one you love isn't there, you're going under"

      Rating: 8/10 (A very nice track, great addition to the album)

      Track 6- Days Go By

      This is another upbeat song and definitely not on par as the previous five, it doesn't have the same catchy tune or amazing lyrics and his voice isn't as powerful all the way through like we have seen in the previous songs.

      However it's not a disappointing or unlistenable song, a very good addition to the album, I just have to compare and contrast and this isn't as good as the previous 5.

      Memorable Lyrics: "Don't sit back and watch the days go by, are you ever gonna live before you die?, and when things fall apart the world has come undone, leave it all behind leave the loneliness alone"

      Rating: 7/10 ( A nice track, not as strong as the other 5 though)

      Track 7- Into The Sun

      Wow, this song may not be as brilliant as some of them on the album, however Jason really uses his voice in this song, really uses it to his best ability and does things with it that you haven't heard in previous songs.

      A beautiful track, slightly weak, but his voice makes up for it. Some great lyrics as well. However the tracks tend to fail from here on.

      Memorable Lyrics: "It's been awhile since you last saw same, one breaks down and the other runs free, these eyes can't see the days break, too late for other mistakes, sit down thinking what have we done?"

      Rating: 6/10 (A nice track, co written by Scott Faircloff)

      Track 8- Undone

      One of the weaker songs on the album a nice song, not unlistenable in the slightest however it won't have you dancing or singing it.

      It's not that memorable, it seems more like a filler track than a track that they have spent hours and hours on. The production's a bit lacking compared to their other tracks, a nice track, but I'm sure you won't even remember the name after hearing it.

      Memorable Lyrics: "I can see it in your eyes, your hurting, pain is part of learning who you are, all these truths can sometimes be deceiving"

      Rating: 4/10 (A weaker song that's more like a filler track than anything"

      Track 9- We'll Never Know

      A disappointing track, very unmemorable and doesn't really sound like it's a Lifehouse song. Wade's voice is not it's usual powerful self and the music amazingly does overpower him slightly.

      It's not put together that well and all in all it's just an OK track, I wouldn't say it's horrible, just not what you expect from Lifehouse.

      Memorable Lyrics: "Tell me the dreams that you have let slip through your hands, do you feel lost inside of someone else's life"
      Rating: 4/10 (A disappointing track compared to a lot of them)

      Track 10- Walking Away

      A nice track, a lot better than the previous two. Quite a slow track, it's not that memorable like some of their other ones however Wade's voice is very powerful and very raw and the lyrics are beautiful.

      A nice one to listen to, but again you won't remember it like you remember Come Back Down or You & Me.

      Memorable Lyrics: "Sun goes down, as the city lights pave their way, through the darkest nights, rain drops fall, as an old man cries, never thought, to think twice"

      Rating: 6/10 (A very nice track, simple but with some beautiful lyrics)

      Track 11- Chapter One

      The only song that's been painful, sort of reminds me slightly of a poppy 80's band. Awful song and his voice really don't go very well with the lyrics and the music. Stay well clear.

      Memorable Lyrics: "All the stars are out tonight, it seems as though I might, make some sense out of the madness, will it turn out right?"

      Rating: 1/10 (Awful, this is definitely their worst track so far that I've reviewed)

      Track 12- The End Has Only Begun

      Another disappointing track it's not unlistenable like the previous track, Wade's voice is very nice and the lyrics are nice, it just doesn't gel together like all of the previous songs which is a real shame because I think if it was done acoustically it would be a beautiful song.

      Memorable Lyrics: "We walk in your footsteps, though I've had my ups and downs, stand, in the silence, until I figure it out, one might fall and the other will stand"

      Rating: 4/10 (Badly put together, the words, his voice and the music don't go together)

      Track 13- Today (Bonus Track)

      Another just 'alright' track, it's nothing special and it's not all that listenable if you are just into Lifehouse for what I am, easy listening tracks.

      It's quite disappointing and like the previous track it doesn't all gel together like other tracks do which is a real shame.

      Memorable Lyrics: "can't remember why my memories fade, covered by the past that my history's made, yesterday and everything in between"

      Rating: 3/10 (Should have been better but the music and his voice don't go together)

      ===Track 14- Along The Way (Bonus Track) ===

      A nice track but very unique from their other tracks and not in a good way. This track is an acoustic one but doesn't show off Wade's voice like other acoustic tracks I've heard him perform. Quite disappointing, however his voice does go well with the acoustic guitar.

      Memorable Lyrics: "fear fills the emptiness the years fill everything between, all this time is passing by, on the way I've had to say goodbye, all my life begins today, after all I've walked I've crawled I've loved, long the way, fly away into the sun never to return"

      Rating: 5/10 (Better than some, but not brilliant)


      No Name Face which was the previous album that I reviewed, was this band's most famous and most popular track and I can see why. However this album has some amazing tracks on it and I would recommend buying it just for the first three songs along. So powerful and so emotional.

      Jason Wade (The Lead Singer) is one of the best singers out there, his voice is so unique and he is able to hold his own against some of the biggest singers. He also writes all of the songs and being only in his early 20's when this album came out, it really shows maturity beyond his years as they are such emotional and though provoking lyrics that really do make you think.

      This album however I believe is only for you if you are a Lifehouse fan, as it's not that brilliant as the last half of the album have some of there worst tracks on and they have done four albums so far and that's really saying something, however the first half is so brilliant that I would recommend looking on Itunes and just buying the first three tracks and the best tracks that I have recommended of the No Name Face CD and playing them all together on your Ipod/MP3.

      You & Me & Come Back Down are truly amazing tracks, they are so beautiful and the former is such a beautiful love song and will be used a lot at wedding's I am sure. Amazing.
      I am more of a big rock fan; however these are more of an alternative rock, an easy band to listen to. You find yourself listening to every lyric and relating with a lot of them, only a few songwriters can do this.

      This album is not as strong as No Name Face, as there are only two songs that were released as singles and did well, which is a shame, because I know that Wade can do so much better. I think this was down to poor production more than anything; a lot of the songs were ruined for me, by the music clashing with his voice and making it quite painful to listen to.


      Not as strong as No Name Face, but still his voice is so amazing. Especially in track 4 in my opinion, it's very strong and very raw in this one.


      Overpowers Jason a bit too much and doesn't work sometimes. A shame when they could have played a song acoustic and it would sound beautiful they play it normally and make it unlistenable almost.

      Should You Buy It?

      Probably not but I would definelty take a look at No Name Face or this track on youtube, here are some links to youtube:

      http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=QCe2GwscXgo : You & Me (Lifehouse) Acoustic
      http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=2IhiDr6e-_8&feature=related : Blind (Lifehouse)
      These are from the previous album No Name Face

      http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Nig4Rbeoqwk&feature=related : Everything (No Name Face)
      http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=RFzUB_tX-Io&feature=related : Hanging By A Moment (No Name Face) Lifehouse
      Hopefully this helps.

      All Lyrics are taken from Lifehouse, they are used to prove my point, if you have used them in your reviews, it is not my fault and I am not copying you.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Come Back Down
      2 You And Me
      3 Blind
      4 All In All
      5 Better Luck Next Time
      6 Days Go By
      7 Into The Sun
      8 Undone
      9 We'll Never Know
      10 Walking Away
      11 Chapter One
      12 The End Has Only Begun
      13 Today
      14 Along The Way
      15 You And Me
      16 You And Me
      17 You And Me

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