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Lioness: Hidden Treasures - Amy Winehouse

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5 Reviews

Artist: Amy Winehouse / Audio CD released 2011-12-05 at Island

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    5 Reviews
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      07.02.2012 19:35
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      An ok posthumous Amy Winehouse album

      I remember exactly where I was when I heard that Amy Winehouse had died. I was sitting on my own in a tiny Irish bar in Berlin Schönefeld airport waiting for the flight home that would end my Erasmus year and bring me back to Britain and reality. There was a TV screen at the back of the bar showing the news, and although there was no sound, it was clear from the images that Amy had passed away. I remember feeling sad at this news: her troubled life and drug addiction were no secret but her death at the very young age of 27 was still a sad surprise. Amy had a beautiful, almost unique voice that made so many songs her own. Her cover of 'Valerie' was as successful and popular as the original by The Zutons, if not more so. My mam had long been a fan of Amy Winehouse and so when she heard a posthumous album would be coming out, she was eager to buy it. While not a fan enough of hers to buy it myself, I did manage to borrow it off my mam while I was at home for Christmas.

      == Lioness (Hidden Treasures) ==

      This album was released several months after Amy Winehouse's death and contains a combination of tracks recorded which, had she survived, would have appeared on her next album and tracks and other versions of her songs which we have not heard before. There's a version of her famous single, 'Tears Dry', which a bit of research has implied is an earlier version than the one released as well as another recording of 'Valerie'.

      == What I Thought ==

      I've listened to this album quite a few times now and have to say that, while I enjoyed it, I didn't massively love it. Amy Winehouse's stunning voice is present here, of course, and is as good as on previous albums, but I have to say that the CD wasn't as good as her previous releases. 'Frank' and 'Back To Black' have Amy's brilliant voice as well, but they also have better songs and lyrics, and I have to say that I prefer these two albums to 'Lioness'.

      That's not to say that there's nothing to enjoy here, because there is. Bizarre as it is to have a song featuring Amy alongside rapper Nas, I have to say that I enjoyed their song 'Like Smoke.' I felt that his rapping complemented her bluesy, jazz vocals brilliantly and it's a combination that I feel you have to hear to believe and appreciate. I also found myself enjoying 'Wake Up Alone', which is a sadder and slower song towards the end of the album. There's a lot of emotion in this song and gentle backing music, so that it is Amy's extraordinary voice that comes through without much distraction. This album's version of 'Valerie' is also enjoyable, with a different and more subdued tone, although I have to say that I preferred the released track somewhat.

      I couldn't say the same about 'Tears Dry' as it appears on this album. Despite being the same song, I feel that 'Tears Dry On Their Own' from her album 'Back To Black' was significantly superior to this previously unheard song. The chorus, although slow and sad to match the content of the lyrics, has a choral backing which I do not enjoy. It's likely that, had Amy not died at such an early age, this song would not have been released and that probably would have been for the best.

      == Conclusion ==

      While there are a few tracks on this album that I do enjoy, I can't say that it's an album that I am massively a fan of. There were a few good original songs, which probably would have been released on a future album had Amy Winehouse survived, such as the collaboration with Nas. I wasn't, however, particularly fond of the earlier or alternative versions of famous songs of hers, as I felt that none of them were improvements on the ones we know well. I may keep a few tracks but imagine that I'll not listen to most of them much in the future.

      I'd say that, if you're a huge fan of Amy Winehouse, then you'll probably enjoy this, but if not, maybe listen to a few songs on YouTube and see what you think first. The price of the album is currently £8.99, which is decent for an album, but I'd be more inclined to recommend it more highly if it were a bit cheaper.

      === Track Listing ===

      1. Our Day Will Come
      2. Between The Cheats
      3. Tears Dry
      4. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
      5. Like Smoke (feat. Nas)
      6. Valerie
      7. The Girl from Ipanema
      8. Half Time
      9. Wake Up Alone
      10. Best Friends, Right?
      11. Body and Soul
      12. A Song for You


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        14.01.2012 22:37
        Very helpful



        An absolutely flawless album from Amy Winehouse.

        It is almost shameful to say that in recent years Amy Winehouse has become known for everything that was wrong about her personality, for a few years at least. She was known for doing drugs, drinking too much, missing performances, forgetting lyrics and the infamous picture of blood all over her tiny peach coloured ballet pumps. It was simple to forget that underneath the harsh reality of what life can be like for some people who simply have access to too much money and addiction problems there was an amazing voice that burst through from time to time and stunned the World. Amy Winehouse died aged 27 in July 2011 and her legacy that was left behind is one that her parents, Mitch her father in particular, hope allow them to help other people who find themselves caught up in an addiction that they cannot escape from.

        Lioness is an album that was released in December 2011 and profits are going towards the Amy Winehouse foundation (amywinehousefoundation.com) to help her parents to help others with £1.00 from the sale of each album funding the foundation and the good causes that they want to work with to help people in need. The album is full of songs that were recorded before Amy's death and there are some which were original versions of songs already released and some which were completely new songs that she recorded once she had begun to overcome her drug and alcohol dependency.

        Track Listing:

        Our day Will Come
        Between The Cheats
        Tears Dry - Original Version
        Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? 2011
        Like Smoke
        Valerie - '68 Version
        The Girl From Ipanema
        Half Time
        Wake Up Alone - Original Recording
        Best Friends, Right?
        Body And Soul
        A Song For You

        1. Our Day Will Come

        The album begins and instantly the funky, reggae inspired beats begin and Amy's voice is beautiful, as ever. There is an upbeat, uplifting funky song with a very catchy tune to it, the kind of song that just makes me want to get up, have a dance and spend time with my loved ones on a Summers day. This song is a fantastic start to the album and gets me in the mood for the rest of the album.

        2. Between The Cheats

        This song almost starts a little like an old fashioned festive song. There are some pretty notes to this song, almost delicate in places, and Amy sounds a little quieter on this song but she proves that she can sing the deep and high notes while singing quietly. This sounds like the kind of song that would last for generations. There is a real motown edge to it and this makes the song incredibly enjoyable for me. The chorus is my favourite part of this song and while Amy sounds almost a little hard to understand in places this does not distract from the beauty of this song for me nor its appeal.

        3. Tears Dry - Original Version

        This is an original track of Amys and it is simply stunning. This is so different from the version that was released and I love them both in entirely different ways. This is a real love ballad and it works so well with the feel of this album. To compare this to the Back to Black album version is a bit of a travesty really as the feel of the two songs is entirely different. The lyrics remain the same and they work very well with this song and the backing singers add so much to this version also.

        4. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? 2011

        Another big song here but Amy carries it off with real beauty and grace. Her voice is stunning, as ever, on this song but there is something else to her sound here that just adds something extra to this stunning song. This is one of the ones that I skip to on this album if I want to listen to some Amy but do not have time to enjoy the full album. This is a real classic song and Amy helps it to pack a real punch!

        5. Like Smoke

        This is an album that is filled with Nas and his unique rapping voice yet somehow it works and fits incredibly well with the rest of this album. Some of the lyrics are a little bit racy but Amy wailing in the background with her 'oh ohhh' just works so well with this song. The closing bars of this song are my favourite as there is just something so beautiful about Amy's voice, as ever really, and she really completes the song perfectly.

        6. Valerie - '68 Version

        Another version of another very well known Amy Winehouse song. This was originally a song by The Zutons but it is fair to say that Amy took it and turned a fantastic song in to something even more amazing! One of the most well known songs of the noughties you could find people of all ages singing along to this in pubs, clubs and at karaoke nights. This version feels like it is a bit more laid back, minus a few of the big instruments but the two songs work so well on their own and when compared to one another. This is a fantastic song and is a different take on the Mark Ronson worked version that was originally released.

        7. The Girl From Ipanema

        This is a song that instantly makes me think of Frank Sinatra just from hearing the title let alone the song. Amy covers this song incredibly well and brings something extra to what is already a classic song anyway. I love the feel of this song and it is one that is a particular favourites of my husband as he loves the version by Frank Sinatra and feels that this is a good version also.

        8. Half Time

        This is a new song and is definitely a winner! Amy sounds beautiful, like on most of her songs, and shows off her voice to its full ability. I love the lyrics of this song and the laid back jazz feel.

        9. Wake Up Alone

        This is a different version to the one from 'Back to Black' and Amy sounds quite different, as does the song. This song feels like a more chilled out version of what is already a pretty laid back song with fairly intense lyrics. I actually prefer the 'original' released version to this to be honest but this is still a very decent version of what is a fantastic song.

        10. Best Friends, Right?

        The lyrics of this song really sing out to me, being about an intense relationship where you love each other and yet hate each other too. I don't have a relationship like this, being happily married, however, I can feel her emotion in the song and the lyrics are just fantastic and sum up how intense a relationship like that can be and

        11. Body And Soul

        This is something that is quite different from the sounds that Amy has worked with before and as it features Tony Bennett it is a real song for the older generation. This is a truly beautiful song and Amy sounds back to her best after her addiction problems. Hearing this song makes me reminisce about what could have been if she had recorded another full album and managed to beat her addictions once and for all.

        12. A Song For You

        This is the last song on the album and is one that finishes the album off nicely. Amy has a wonderful voice, it shows throughout the album, and through her other albums also, and this song is similarly beautiful.

        I absolutely adore this album and have done from the very first time that I listened to it. This album was made all the more enjoyable for me knowing that the Amy Winehouse Foundation (set up in her honour) has been created and is benefiting by receiving £1.00 for each CD sold. I loved Amy Winehouse when she was alive, her talent and her mannerisms, and while it was sad that she battled drugs and alcohol addictions and ultimately lost her fight, at least some good will be done to help others in that situation.


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          09.01.2012 17:58
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A wonderful dedication to one of the most influential and talented British artists of our time.

          Lioness: Hidden Treasures by Amy Winehouse

          Amy Winehouse will be remembered for many things; her soulful and distinctive singing voice, her incredibly successful music career, her wild lifestyle choices and sadly her untimely death on the 23rd of July 2011, just to name a few. Amy became a member of the famous "27 club" when her life was tragically cut short, leaving behind devastated family, friends and many fans worldwide. Amy became famous for her unique and distinctive sound, creating music that was a mixture of R&B, jazz and soul. Amy found international success with her second album Back to Black, a batch of successful singles led her to huge fame and her career very quickly took off. Despite her fortunate success, Amy led a troubled life, battling with drug and alcohol addiction causing her to spin out of control and her music to take a back seat. Amy's fans, however, remained supportive and longed for the day that they would see her return fit and well to make the most of the incredible talent that she had been given.

          Lioness: Hidden Treasures was released on the 2nd of December 2011. The album is a collection of unreleased songs and demos by Winehouse, which have been compiled by her music partners and family. The album debuted at number 1 in the UK album charts, selling enough records to make it one of the fastest selling albums of 2011. £1 from every sale of the album goes to The Amy Winehouse Foundation. This charity was set-up in Amy's memory to help support young people, who are for whatever reason disadvantaged in some way, to lead happier and healthier lives. The album has had rave reviews and has been labelled as "bewitching" and "a vivid snapshot of her clear talent". The album is quite heartbreaking to listen to due to the tragic circumstances surrounding it but it cannot be denied that in each song Amy's effortless and raw talent shines through, making it a pleasure to hear. Amy's style of music and her influence on music is timeless and stunning and this album is a very fitting dedication to the amazing artist.

          Track 1: Our Day Will Come

          The album starts with a distinctive, upbeat track which has a catchy instrumental behind it. The song was written by Bob Hilliard and Mort Garson and was originally a number 1 hit for Ruby & The Romantics back in 1963. The song has a reggae-tinted beat and is rich in Amy Winehouse's style and personality with her incredible voice singing those words 'Our day will come'. This song was released as a single at about the same time as the albums release and was Amy's first solo release since 2007!

          Track 2: Between The Cheats

          This song starts with somebody whistling a bit of a tune and then a bass guitar and drums come in to be joined by a saxophone a few moments later. The overall feel of the song is very old school; it has an incredibly timeless sound to it. I find some of the lyrics on the verses difficult to understand but the chorus is much clearer as there are backing vocals.

          Track 3: Tears Dry (Original Version)

          This is the original ballad version of the well known song 'Tears Dry On Their Own' which featured on Amy's album Back to Black. Amy wrote and composed this track, displaying her incredible musical talent. I have always loved this song; I definitely do prefer the Back to Black version to this ballad however, it is still lovely to listen to. I love the lyrics of this song; I think that they are original and very inventive.

          Track 4: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (2011)

          This is a classic song which has been recorded by many people over the years. It was originally recorded by The Shirelles in 1960 and was written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King. Amy originally recorded this song for the soundtrack of the movie, Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason in 2004. Amy's version is very subtle and emotional with a slow tempo jazz arrangement and breathtaking vocals.

          Track 5: Like Smoke feat. Nas

          There is nothing better than two individual artists from different musical genres coming together to create outstanding music. Nas sounds fantastic on this track with Amy's voice in the background. Hip-hop fits in perfectly with this upbeat jazz track, making it one of the best collaborations I have ever heard.

          Track 6: Valerie ('68 Version)

          Originally, a song by The Zutons, this is the Amy Winehouse version of Valerie that was not played. This version of the song is classic, soft, and barely recognisable next to the overplayed, pop, karaoke track that the Mark Ronson version of the song turned into. This song will go down as an Amy Winehouse classic and I am glad that this version of it has been shared with her fans.

          Track 7: The Girl From Ipanema

          This is a cover of an old track from the 60s which comes under the genre of bossa nova. Amy's version of the song definitely keeps that latino-jazz vibe but she puts more of her own sound on the song with her famous 'dah-bee-dahs'. Not one of my favourite songs on the album but still good.

          Track 8: Half Time

          This is an unreleased track by Amy and it is simply stunning. A smooth jazz ballad which takes you away from everyday stress and to a calm place. Definitely one of my favourite tracks on the album! As the opening lyrics say 'The simple sweet guitar, humbled by the bass, when the beat kicks in, everything falls into place'.

          Track 9: Wake Up Alone

          This is another original recording of a Back to Black track. The song has quite a sombre topic and feel to it with quite sad instrumentals. I do like this song but I think I prefer the other version.

          Track 10: Best Friends, Right?

          This song starts with an acoustic guitar and the lyric 'I can't wait to get away from you'. The song is about a love-hate relationship and it covers resentment and being best friends at the same time. The song is very enjoyable to listen to and Amy's voice is just incredible.

          Track 11: Body And Soul with Tony Bennett

          I remember hearing this track and seeing the video for it shortly after Amy died. This song was her last ever recording in 2011 and was originally recorded for Tony Bennett's album Duets II. As this is her last ever recording it is quite sad to listen to. The song was released as a single from the album and the video is of Amy and Tony recording the song in a studio. Amy looks well, a lot better than she has in previous years which makes it all so much more unfortunate. This song is an amazing duet and the chemistry between the 2 artists is lovely.

          Track 12: A Song For You

          The final track on the album is a recording of a very famous song which Amy did in 2009. This song has been covered so many times by so many artists; it was originally written and released by Leon Russell in 1970. The song starts with an incredible piano intro and then the beat kicks in. It is a fantastic jazz track with all that Amy Winehouse style, a high note to the end the album on.

          From start to finish this album is flawless. It is an outstanding collection of original songs and covers. I have always enjoyed Amy Winehouse's music but I wouldn't say that I was a huge fan, until listening to this. There was something very special hidden in Amy Winehouse's voice, an explosion of soul and she is a great loss to the music industry. Amy will be remembered as a music genius and with albums like this it is clear to see why. I don't really have a favourite song on this album as they all stand out to me as brilliant tracks. I could listen to them all repeatedly and not get bored with any of them. Unfortunately Amy was taken far too soon but her fans can continue to enjoy her music for years to come thanks to albums like this.

          I would definitely recommend this album to anyone, it would be hard not to love this incredible collection of songs.

          The album can be downloaded from iTunes for £8.99.

          Rest In Peace Amy Winehouse & long live your music.

          Thank you for reading : )

          Review also on Ciao under luceey.


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            08.01.2012 10:01
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A gorgeous album which can only make you sad it's her last

            Thanks to advances in storage technology, meaning that out-takes and unused recordings are rarely disposed of, the death of a recording artist no longer means the end of their output. This is especially true when an artist is taken in the process of recording something new, such as with Michael Jackson and, more recently and at an even younger age, Amy Winehouse. However, rather than just benefitting her estate, some of the profits from "Lioness: Hidden Treasures", are to go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which was set up by her father.

            Winehouse was certainly a rising star, with her second album "Back to Black" winning 5 Grammy Awards in the United States, reaching platinum status for sales in more than 20 countries and being the best selling album of 2007 in the United Kingdom. As her musical success soared, so her personal life became more difficult, with a troubled marriage, several arrests for common assault and various addictions troubling her. Her death prompted renewed sales interest in her two albums, as it had for Michael Jackson's back catalogue and so a final collection seemed inevitable.

            This final album opens with "Our Day Will Come", which is a reggae influenced track, played at a mid-tempo but with a very soothing, laid back beat. The backing vocals make it sound a little more like a soul song, but the combination works well and it's a very relaxing start to the album.

            The relaxed feel continue with "Between the Cheats", which has another laid back doo-wop feel to it. Indeed, the whole song sounds as if it could have been lifted from the "Grease" soundtrack, until you listen to the lyrics. Once again, this is a gorgeous track, hugely laid back and Winehouse's vocals work very well within the musical style.

            "Tears Dry" is the original version of a track called "Tears Dry on Their Own", which appeared on her second album "Back To Black". Unlike that version, this is a very down-tempo song and despite the lyrical content, it never somehow manages to be downbeat. It's a lovely pop-ballad with the vocals adding a soulful feel to it, again making it feel lifted from the 1960s and once more it's the perfect song to relax to with the lights low at the end of a tough week.

            As soon as I heard the opening to "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow", I thought it sounded like something a 1960s Motown girl group would do, even without knowing which song was playing. Although the song is played at a slower tempo here than the original Shirelles version, thanks to Winehouse's vocals, it still works beautifully. There are a few parts where the music threatens to overwhelm the vocal, which is a shame given how good Winehouse's voice is, but this works beautifully and doesn't feel out of place with the album as a whole so far.

            Given the laid back retro feel of the album thus far, the next track does feel a little out of place. "Like Smoke (Featuring Nas)" opens with the familiar feeling of an old soul or 1960s doo-wop song, but when Nas comes in with the rap sections, it takes a little away from the style. That said, he does work the rap in nicely with the 1960s beat, but the modern language doesn't quite work with the setting that the music has given the track.

            My favourite Amy Winehouse song has always been the version of "Valerie" she did with Mark Ronson, so it's good to see a version of that track here. This is a slower beat than the best known version and it's not quite as effective as a pop song for me, but it does add an extra soulful feel to it that was missing from the final version. I do still prefer the more famous version, but this is a very decent variation on the theme.

            Next up is a version of the classic "The Girl From Ipanema", which is performed with a lovely bossa nova beat, which makes it one of the more up-tempo songs on the album. It's a simple little song, with a lovely beat to it and some sections showcase how good Winehouse's vocals really were.

            The pace slows down again for "Half Time", which opens with just Winehouse and a guitar before the rest of the instrumentation comes in. Once again, this is a down tempo song, but the beat in the background is a simple, but far more modern than much of the album, pop-R 'n' B sound. This gives the track a feel not too dissimilar to Alicia Keys or Corinne Bailey Rae, with the modern simple beat and the vocal soaring over the top. Once again, this is a lovely relaxing song to be listening to at the end of the day.

            Next up is a demo version for the song "Wake Up Alone", which originally appeared on her "Back to Black" album. Once again, it's a very simple song and the production values certainly show that this is a quickly recorded demo version, but that doesn't harm the song in any way, as the most powerful part of the song is the vocal and that's as good as ever. Although it has more of a pop feel than much that is here, it's still a lovely and relaxing down tempo song.

            "Best Friends, Right?" is one of Winehouse's earlier recordings and it's one of the few up-tempo songs on the album and one of my favourites here. It's got a nice pop-jazz feel to it and whilst it's more mid-tempo than up-tempo, it grooves along quite happily, yet still retaining the laid-back feel that characterises this album as a whole.

            Next up is "Body and Soul", which is a cover of a 1930s jazz song as a duet with Tony Bennett. Once more, this is a lovely down-tempo jazz influenced number with a hugely relaxing feel. The style of the song makes this feel more like a Tony Bennett track, but his smooth vocals work very well with Winehouse's slightly rougher tones and showcase how good she was, as well as how well her voice can fit different genres. It's a shame to think that something this good is the last thing Amy Winehouse would ever record.

            Winehouse's recording career comes to an end with "A Song For You", a cover of a Donny Hathaway number. The album closes with the same feel it has maintained all along, with a lovely relaxed, soulful groove. Although once again down-tempo, the soaring strings make it feel as if there's more going on here than meets the ear. A spoken section at the end feels a little incongruous as her spoken voice has a rough edge that seems at odds with her singing voice, but it also shows her passion for the music, which is a lovely way to remember her.

            This wonderful album shows two things that really stuck out to me. The first was the tone of many of the recordings here. Most of the songs are down-tempo tracks with a very relaxed groove. This makes this the perfect album to be listening to on a dark evening after a tough day, with a glass of wine by your side and the lights turned down low. It seems strange that someone with such a hectic and disordered life outside her music could produce something so laid back and chilled out as this album.

            The second thing that grabbed me at the end of the album is what a talent we have lost. Winehouse may have hastened her own downfall and upset a number of people along the way, but this album remains as proof that she had a wonderful voice. This album takes 12 tracks and 45 minutes to truly showcase how good she was and how good she could have continued to be, had she only lived. If you're a Winehouse fan, or a fan of relaxing music, this is the perfect album for you, even at £8.99 from Amazon or HMV, but copies can also be downloaded from Amazon for £4.99 or bought from eBay from as little as £2.00, which both represent superb value for something of this quality. She will certainly be missed, but what a legacy she has left here.


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              05.01.2012 14:11
              Very helpful



              fab album, must have for Amy Winehouse fans!

              Anyone who reads the papers or watches the news will know who Amy Winehouse is, she tragically died on 23rd July 2011 at the age of 27, she suffered from addiction to alcohol and drugs and was reportedly trying to start fresh and take control of her life, however she may never really had made a recovery. Amy was known even better for her music, Amy Winehouses voice was amazing, it had real soul and you could really feel her music when she was on her top game.

              Lioness: Hidden Treasures was released on 2nd December 2011 and is a list of unreleased songs that Amy had been working on before her death, the songs on this album were chosen by the people closest to her, her family and £1 from every copy of this album are to go to The Amy Winehouse Foundation. The Amy Winehouse Foundation was set up in memory of Amy, to help charitable activities in both the UK and abroad that provide help, support or care for young people, especially those who are in need by reason of ill health, disability, financial disadvantage or addiction. For more on the Amy Winehouse Foundation, please go and check out their website.

              This album contains 12 songs, some new and some remade, here is a list of the track names on this album:
              0.1.Our Day Will Come
              This song is quite upbeat and is about being in love with someone and knowing that everything will work out in the end with them, the music on this track has a really cool beat to it and has a real reggae feel to it, I really like this song and think that it is one of my favourites on the whole album.

              02. Between the Cheats
              This song is slower paced and is being in love with your husband, but noticing how much attention he gets from other women, I really like this song, however it wouldn't really be my favourite on the album.

              03. Tears Dry (Original Recording)
              This is a slower and more funkier soulful version of the already released Tear Dry, it is still quite a good version, but I do prefer the original because it is faster and more upbeat.

              04. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (2011 version)
              This song is about being caught up in the moment and wondering if the person you are with will still love you the morning after the night before. It is another funky and soulful song that is quite intense, the vocals on this song are amazing and this is another of my favourites on the album.

              05. Like Smoke (featuring Nas)
              Like smoke is a lovely slow track that includes rapper Nas, the song is about not wanting to love or depend on someone, but hanging around them anyway because you don't want to be alone either, I really like this song, and am a fan of Nas as well which makes it easier for me to like, this song is different to the other songs on the album as it has a few rap verses in it as well as Amy singing the chorus beautifully.

              06. Valerie ('68 Version)
              This is another remake of an original track, this song has been slowed down and given a more laid back feeling than the original upbeat Valarie, however the lyrics have stayed the same, I prefer this song version to the original Valarie track and am quite glad that this was put on the album.

              07. The Girl from Ipanema
              This is Amy Winehouse's version of this already popular song from the 60's, I think that this song really suits Amys voice and style and her vocals on this track are perfect.

              08. Halftime
              This song is about standing back and taking a look at things in a relationship at halftime, this is the time when all the fun and excitement of just meeting someone is beginning to wear off and the relationship is getting more real, this is a really lovely song and again of course has a really soulful and cool feeling to it.

              09. Wake Up Alone (Original Recording)
              This is another love song, its slow and has a bluesy sad feel to it and is about dreaming about being with the person you love and then waking up alone. I really like this song and think that it's probably the one I listen to the most on this album, it's not what you would call a catchy song as it doesn't really have a chorus, but this is good in my opinion as its really different to most songs I listen to.

              10. Best Friends, Right?
              This is a song about being friends with someone who you aren't really that nice to all the time, but it doesn't matter because you are best friends and know each other really well, I really like this song on the album and think that it has quite a comical feel to it as the friends start off hating eachother and then the nicer points make their way in towards the very end.

              11. Body and Soul (Duet with Tony Bennett)
              This is a fantastic song about love and rejection with Tony Bennett, who also has an amazing voice and matches well in the duo with Amy's voice, this song is about giving everything to the person you love and instead of loving you back being rejected.

              12. A Song for You
              This is the final song on the album and is by far the best in my opinion, this song has a really slow and moody vibe to it and is sang fantastically by Amy. This song is about love and the happiness of being with someone you love but also about going through the hard times and coming through them happily. The lyrics on this song really relate to the circumstances of the album and are really beautiful.

              The background music on this album, like many of Amy Winehouses previous songs, all has a real band soulful feeling to it, there is a range of instruments that are heard throughout the album including the piano, drums, saxophone and more. The songs on this album have the same feel and style to them as previous Amy Winehouse songs because of this and I think that anyone who enjoys her past work will really enjoy this album.

              You can buy this album in any good music store including HMV, or also in the supermarkets, like Tesco's, Sainsburys or Asda or also online if you shop around. I bought my copy in Tesco for £9.97 which was quite a good price, though I have seen it cheaper online.

              I think that this is a fantastic album, if you enjoy any of Amy Winehouse's previous albums, you will definetly like this one, its cool and there is a real jazzy, blues kind of feeling to it, and her voice is amazing. I think that this album is a suitable tribute to Amy and a fantastic buy, and £1 per album sold goes to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which is an added plus to purchasing this album. I would recommend it to any Amy Winehouse fans, I like it so much, it's been on repeat in my car for the last week now and unlike some other albums, there are no weak tracks on this album.

              *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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          • Product Details

            Disc #1 Tracklisting
            1 Our Day Will Come
            2 Between The Cheats
            3 Tears Dry (original version)
            4 Will You Still Love Me
            5 Like Smoke
            6 Valerie (Dap - Kings version)
            7 The Girl From Ipanema
            8 Halftime
            9 Wake Me Up Alone
            10 Best Friends
            11 Body And Soul
            12 A Song For You

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