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Live From The Royal Albert Hall - The Killers

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Genre: Rock - Pop Rock / Artist: The Killers / CD+DVD / Audio CD released 2009-11-09 at Mercury

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    4 Reviews
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      12.01.2012 16:48
      Very helpful



      Listening to and watching this concert has made me determined to see The Killers perform live!

      Live From The Royal Albert Hall is a CD/DVD set featuring Las Vegas band 'The Killers.' Recorded in July 2009, the historic London building is packed full of adoring fans of The Killers from around the world as the band put on an amazing show which demonstrates just how well they can perform live.

      Although The Killers quickly became a favourite band of mine after the release of their 'Hot Fuss' album a few years back I have still yet to see them live, although this is something which is definitely on my 'must see/ to do' list. My daughter has seen the band a couple of times and told me how good they are and having seen festival footage on TV, I was inclined to agree with her. So when this 2 disc set consisting of a cd and dvd of the band's sell out performance at the Royal Albert Hall was released in 2009, I knew I would love to get my hands on a copy and was very happy when my daughter bought me a copy as a Christmas present.

      There are a few more tracks featured on the dvd disc here than on the cd, but there are still an amazing 17 tracks featuring on the cd from this concert ranging from the older to the newer material and also a great rendition of Joy Division's 'Shadowplay.'
      What comes across on both the cd and dvd is how well the band are received by the audience and what a great frontman Brandon Flowers is. He commands the stage throughout with a confident but humble air which I find really endearing to watch and listen to.
      His vocals never falter and the band don't miss a note as they plough their way through their older big hits such as 'Smile Like You Mean It' which is my favourite Killers' song and of course the anthemic 'Mr Brightside,' 'All These Things That I've Done,' and 'Somebody Told Me,' right up to the more recent 'Human,' 'Read My Mind,' 'When You Were Young,' and 'Bones,' as the songs span the band's three studio albums. The audience are on their feet from start to finish and the atmosphere is electric as they sing back the songs to the band, waving, cheering, dancing and clapping as Brandon puts 110% into every second of every song. The audience is a mix of male and female, young and old from the UK and overseas, many sporting their 'Victims' t-shirts in homage to their 'Killers' heroes.

      Apart from the big hits featured there are a few other standout moments in the shape of 'I Can't Stay' where Brandon delivers a heartfelt vocal with the opening line: "The emotion it was electric" summing up the night perfectly. Although this was never one of my favourite Killers' tracks prior to this concert, hearing and seeing it played live here has actually established it as a favourite of mine and I do think this is largely down to how Brandon Flowers delivers the vocal and what he puts into it.
      Apart from the inclusion of the rarities (the aforementioned 'Shadowplay' and also fan's favourite 'Sweet Talk' from the band's rarities album 'Sawdust'), there is an acoustic version of 'Sam's Town' and a rousing 'Spaceman' and 'Dustland Fairytale' where Brandon goes off into the audience (he does this a couple of times) and the fans join in once more, showing they are prepared to sing every line of every song to show their appreciation of this band's music.

      Much credit must be given to the other members of the band here, the pounding rhythm never misses a beat and there are no slip-ups, but it is a little difficult to turn your focus away from Brandon Flowers as you watch the dvd and I find when I listen to the cd I tend to focus more on the other band member's playing than I do when watching the dvd, whilst still appreciating the vocals, which is the beauty of having both a cd and a dvd of this concert in my opinion. Brandon Flowers also plays keyboards and guitar at times too, his talents don't stop at the vocals and abilities to command the stage where he has been likened to a modern day Mick Jagger and Freddie Mercury combined. Having watched this performance, I can see why that has been said.

      When listening to the cd I particularly enjoy 'All These Things I've Done' and listening to the opening line "When there's nowhere else to run..." which Brandon sings and a big cheer goes up as the song is recognised and everyone joins in for "If you can't hold on..." which for me personally is a goosebump moment before the band kick in to perform this big hit which has the entire Royal Albert Hall singing along: "I've got soul but I'm not a soldier."
      Watching the dvd, the cameras pan round the building showing everyone on their feet enjoying what is almost a carnival-like atmosphere captured in high-definition video and 5.1 sound.
      I enjoy having both cd and dvd in this set and enjoy them both equally as I feel I get something different from each of them when I am watching and listening.

      As if having both a cd and dvd of this concert isn't enough, there are also some extras on the dvd including footage with fans from around the world outside the Royal Albert Hall and a behind the scenes documentary including interviews with the crew. I was impressed to learn the reasons why this American band chose the UK to record their first concert dvd/cd.
      Finally there is some bonus footage from festival performances including 'Tranquilize,' from Oxegen, 'Human' and 'Mr Brightside' from Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park and also 'Smile Like You Mean It' and 'When You Were Young' from V Festival.
      There is 2 hours and 40 mins of footage on the dvd and then 17 tracks on the cd, making this combination cd/dvd package excellent value for money. It is one of the best concert performances I have ever watched and listened to without actually being there and if like myself you like The Killers but have never seen them live, I guarantee after watching this you will want to! My daughter is right when she says they put on a brilliant show.

      The Killers Live At The Royal Albert Hall CD/DVD can be purchased from Amazon priced at £9.49 with free delivery.

      Tracks featured on the DVD:- Enterlude, Human, This Is Your Life, Somebody Told Me, For Reasons Unknown, The World We Live In, Joy Ride, I Can't Stay, Bling(Confession of a King), Shadowplay, Smile Like You Mean It, Losing Touch, Spaceman, A Dustland Fairytale, Sam's Town, Read My Mind, Mr. Brightside, All These Things That I've Done, Sweet Talk, This River Is Wild, Bones, Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine, When You Were Young, Exitlude. Plus bonus footage and festival performances.

      Tracks featured on the CD: - Human, This Is Your Life, Somebody Told me, The World We Live In, I can't Stay, Bling(Confession of a King), Shadowplay, Smile Like You Mean It, Losing Touch, Spaceman, A Dustland Fairytale, Sam's Town, Read My Mind, Mr Brightside, All These Things That I've Done, Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine, When You Were Young.


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        31.10.2011 15:43
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Killers Reign Supreme

        When The Killers released this in 2009 they were on top of the world. Having just had massive hits with tracks from the Day and age album, on top of a successful world tour and an ever increasing fanbase following two classic alums the band, led by the superb Brandon Flowers, really could do no wrong. Indeed, if ever you want to see a band at the top of their game, performing in the form of their life at the peak of their powers then his is the DVD to get!

        The Killers hit the Royal Albert Hall at the end of their first UK Arena tour and the band are clearly on a high. The DVD shines with the energy of a fan set totally in awe of their idols, totally besotted with flowers and in love with the music. The Killers brand of pop-rock-dance music has never been everyones cup of tea but tracks like Mr Brightside and When You Were Young are timeless classics that will live on longer than any of us!

        This is an excellently put together set of a DVD and CV. It comes in one glorious package, glowing and sparkling with a Blue effect that makes it really stand out on your DVD shelf.

        The picture and sound quality on the DVD are brilliant sounding excellent on my dolby surround system and HD set up. It is just like being there! At times its so good in terms of picture quality its akin to watching a Blu Ray. Really well put together disc!

        For anyone who saw the 2009 live tour the staging is exactly the same. Plenty of lights, effects, screen effects and novelties make it a fantastic tour to see visually as well as listen to. Flowers of course, being one of the best front men in the game, delivers on top form being a bundle of Energy, loving every minute of playing to his own fans and basking in the glory of being in one of the worlds biggest bands. His vocals are superb and his on stage performance keep the DVD interesting.

        The set list never stops...classic after classics, songs you love, songs you forgot you love and newer songs youll grow to love. The Killers after only three albums have such a superb back catalogue that they can masterfully play a crowd and put on a hit packed set. Although there is a slight lean towards the songs from Day and Age here the classics from Sams Town and Hot fuzz are here too in all their glory.

        There are a few back stage extras that give an insight into the Band members and tour plans but it's the concert that drives it on.

        The Live CD is again well produced containing slightly less songs then the DVD but still with the same energy carried through making an excellent hit packed compilation.

        Also on CIAO


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          08.07.2010 17:10



          One of the best Killers album ever. A purchase you won't regret.

          I first saw them perform pieces of this album on television. The energy of the band, the energy of the crowd, and the electricity that seemed to be there in that hall that night blew me away. The performances of these songs made me start liking the Killers, a band that I had previously not found any pleasure in. By watching the DVD in the CD/DVD combo, I have honestly become a fan of this great band from "fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada." The way that the songs on the album are like a constant wave of emotion shifting from The Killers' typical high-energy "pump me up" songs (such as "Spaceman) to a little softer side previously unseen (such as a very intimate yet powerful rendition of "Sam's Town"). I just bought this album last night, and I've already listened to it about 3 times just because I can't but listen to it more and more and more. Sure, this album is a little higher price than most albums you'll find out there by any band, but it's totally worth it.


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          09.06.2010 00:30
          Very helpful



          An enjoyable live show of the bands most popular work to date.

          Released in November of 2009, Live from the Royal Albert Hall is the sixth album to be released the Nevada four piece rock band. Performed live in July 2009, it showcases all the hits from the previous four studio albums. The venue was chosen because of the connection the band share with the UK and because of the iconic status of the venue itself.

          At seventeen tracks and a runtime of a little over 78 minutes you definitely get your moneys worth. All the old favourites such as 'Somebody Told Me', 'Smile Like You Mean It' and 'All These Things I've Done' are included. Also included on the special edition CD/DVD pack is the DVD of the performance which includes a couple of tracks not on the CD. Not entirely sure why, but this does seem to have become a common occurence on packages of this sort.

          The cover is of course the Royal Albert Hall with a background resembling the artwork from 'Day and Age' which was designed by artist Paul Normansell.

          As for the performance itself, well with Live recordings you always end up disappointed. As an experience seeing a band live is unrivalled, but live recordings lose that atmosphere and all you are left with is a karaoke version of your favourite band. However, it's not too bad here as Brandon Flowers manages to tread the fine line between doing justice to the material while doing somethin a little unique.

          If you are a fan, then you should probably get it because you'll enjoy it. If this is is your first foray into the catalogue of 'The Killers' then i'd suggest that you begin at the beginning. You'll appreciate this more when you do.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Enterlude
        2 Human
        3 This Is Your Life
        4 Somebody Told Me
        5 For Reasons Unknown
        6 The World We Live In
        7 Joy Ride
        8 I Can't Stay
        9 Bling (Confession Of A King)
        10 Shadowplay
        11 Smile Like You Mean It
        12 Losing Touch
        13 Spaceman
        14 A Dustland Fairytale
        15 Sam's Town
        16 Read My Mind
        17 Mr. Brightside
        18 All These Things I've Done
        19 Sweet Talk
        20 This River Is Wild
        21 Bones
        22 Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
        23 When You Were Young
        24 Exitlude
        25 Behind-The-Scenes Documentary
        26 Behind-The-Scenes Documentary
        27 Behind-The-Scenes Documentary
        28 Behind-The-Scenes Documentary
        29 Behind-The-Scenes Documentary
        30 Tranquilize
        31 Human
        32 Mr. Brightside
        33 Smile Like You Mean It
        34 When You Were Young
        35 Enterlude
        36 Human
        37 This Is Your Life
        38 Somebody Told Me
        39 For Reasons Unknown
        40 The World We Live In
        41 Joy Ride
        42 I Can't Stay
        43 Bling (Confession Of A King)
        44 Shadowplay
        45 Smile Like You Mean It
        46 Losing Touch
        47 Spaceman
        48 A Dustland Fairytale
        49 Sam's Town
        50 Read My Mind
        51 Mr. Brightside
        52 All These Things I've Done
        53 Sweet Talk
        54 This River Is Wild
        55 Bones
        56 Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
        57 When You Were Young
        58 Exitlude

        Disc #2 Tracklisting
        1 Human
        2 This Is Your Life
        3 Somebody Told Me
        4 The World We Live In
        5 I Can't Stay
        6 Bling (Confession Of A King)
        7 Shadowplay
        8 Smile Like You Mean It
        9 Losing Touch
        10 Spaceman
        11 A Dustland Fairytale
        12 Sam's Town (Acoustic)
        13 Read My Mind
        14 Mr. Brightside
        15 All These Things That I've Done
        16 Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
        17 When You Were Young

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