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Live - Japan - Corrs

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Artist: Corrs / Release Date: 1999 / Genre: Pop & Rock

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    1 Review
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      24.12.2000 17:52
      Very helpful



      Heck I never even knew that The Corrs got any recognition in Japan at all, until one day whilst browsing around amazon.co.uk I saw the album Corrs - Live in Japan being offered for the measly sum of £17.99 before Postage and Packing, now knowing that Christmas was coming and secretly hoping that Santa might garnish my festive pay packet with a Christmas bonus (guess what, he didn't!!)I took the plunge and ordered away - 3 days later I was sat holding this album in my hands feeling just a tad ripped off - after postage and packing the final price was very close to £20 and there were a total of 7 tracks on the album - fair enough but one of the songs appeared twice!! (Once its original form and once as a re-mix) Anyway, you pay your money, you take your chances so I popped the CD into my stereo and away we went, well this is where the second feeling of being ripped off came in - only 3 of the songs where performed live, the rest were studio recorded, anyway still we'll give it a chance, The album opens up with one of the Corrs best songs ever (In my ever so humble opinion) - Runaway, now any Corrs fan worth his or her salt will be able to tell you that this song has been around since their first offering - Forgiven not Forgotten and is one of their more Folk-music type songs (Forgiven not Forgotten being an album that was released before the media-men got their hands on them and made them the pop-style band we all know today) anyway, hearing the song live gives it an even more folk music type feel and this is where any discerning music fan who only knows the recent work will realise why some 'real music' fans also class themselves as Corrs fans, as always Andrea and her family work the crowd over brilliantly and get them singing along to the chorus. Then comes Secret Life, a bit more upbeat than Runaway but still as good, but it has the sound of some of their work from Talk on Corners, however again once its been given the Live-treatm
      ent it sounds brilliant again and even though its got that poppy-type feel you do get the same Irish-folk traits in the background. after that comes the hard one to review - Toss the Feathers, now we have an instrumental, so straight away its harder to get the crowd singing along mainly because there isn't any words to sing along to! But this is classic Corrs stuff, showing that unlike a lot of pop bands in todays music world they can play their own instruments and do it rather well actually, and what with Andrea's mini-attempts at arousing the crowd once again it gets a full work over from it being live! Now we have the studio-recorded offerings, first off - Forgiven not Forgotten acoustic version, anybody who has the Unplugged album will already know what to expect as they play it exactly the same only this time there isn't a crowd cheering and clapping whilst they play, its a beautiful song and its made even better by the acoustic version. Another acoustic offering! this time its The Right Time, now this one is definitely being played with an emphasis on the music thats being played and not just Andreas lyrics, it is another brilliant offering and again shows what the Corrs are really made of! Now then - heres a treat for all you Corrs fans out there - a Non LP bonus track, wahey!!!! Rainy Day, apparently according to a reliable source this got cut from the album 'Forgiven not Forgotten', to listen to it I can't figure out why because its better than some of the tracks offered on that album, however no worries we have it now, and it does sound a bit different to any of the other Corrs songs I've EVER heard, I don't know what it is exactly but theres just something that doesn't sound like the Corrs we all know and some of us love, but different isn't bad is it? In fact it doesn't sound bad at all, a bit more pop music than the rest of the album but strong enough to stand on its own. Finally we have the Radio Edit Dance Mix of The Right Time, not much can be said of this - there isn't that much difference to the acoustic version offered the only change is the electronically enhanced music in the background of the track. So there you have it, the Corrs in Japan - if you're only starting to get into The Corrs then this one isn't for you - its really for die-hard fans only of which I do class myself, however even after listening to the album I did still feel a little ripped off, but then it is on Import - what was I expecting? To pay around £10 - never!!!


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