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Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels - Soundtrack

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Genre: Soundtrack / Artist: Various Artists / Soundtrack / Audio CD released 1998-08-01 at Universal / Island

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    2 Reviews
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      28.07.2008 04:07
      1 Comment



      A good value for money soundtrack that will re emphasize just how good the film is

      A totally cool soundtrack that includes songs such as Spooky by Dusty Springfield,The Payback by James Brown and Man Machine by Robbie Williams.
      This is definately an eclectic,diverse and explicit soundtrack that is alternative and interesting to listen to from start to finish. I feel this lock stock soundtrack really highlights the quality and edginess of the whole film,and even though this is a soundtrack it doesnt mean its not a good labum as well,as I honestly feel every track on this album is mint,you definately want to see the film first,or if you buy this first then it will make you want to watch or go out and buy the film.
      This soundtrack also offers very good value for money,it provides 27 tracks and exerpts of the film soundtrack which captivates you and interests you into watching the film for either the first time,or watching it again and remembering just what a top class film it really is.


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        19.05.2001 23:32
        Very helpful



        Before I start this opinion on the Lock, stock album I feel that it is my duty to say something. If you have never seen the movie "Lock, stock and two smoking barrels" then firstly you should be ashamed of yourself and secondly you should rush out to buy or rent a copy of this magnificent gangster film after you have read this opinion! A general intro or re-introduction to this movie is needed I think as after all this is a soundtrack. Lock, stock was a really great film. It is based around the life of 4 young men who get into a bit of trouble with some people and the way that they somehow manage to escape this trouble. As it is a gangster movie it involves all the usual things such as foul language, guns, knifes, drugs and deaths. However what makes this film and the soundtrack amazingly good is that Lock stock is very funny and extremely memorable. It is these lasting memories of the film that will make you enjoy the soundtrack even more. Looking at the songs on this album anyone can tell that it is very diverse ranging from the soft rock of ocean colour scene through the reggae bob marley style of police and thieves by Junior Murvin to the very catchy string instrument Zorba the Greek. So if first impressions stay forever than this album should be immortal! The soundtrack is not just composed of songs from the film however, it also contains extracts of the most memorable parts of the film dialogue such as the amusing exchange between Harry and the two northern thieves, Barry and Garry, "I don't wanna know who you use as long as they're not complete Muppets" "Shotguns? What like guns that fire shots?" "Oh you must be the brains then. That’s right guns that fire a shot". The first track on the album is "Hundred mile high city" by Ocean Colour Scene. This is used in the film as the intro tune that tells you the who the characters are whilst they are sellin
        g stolen watches-if you've seen the film you'll know what I'm talking about. This is a really infectious tune that gets right inside your head and instantly reminds you of the film. It is a good song on its own but I wouldn't usually go out and buy music like this. This is a big advantage of any soundtrack and this one in particular as you are able to listen to music from many different genres without having to buy loads of albums. The first excerpt of dialogue in the CD is the bit when nic the greek is trying some stolen goods from Tom. This is another brilliantly memorable part of the film but unfortunately due to the parental guidance label and Dooyoo's no swearing rule I cannot enlighten you as to the words-Oh well you'll just have to buy it-smile, think of it as a good investment! Truly, madly deeply is another great track, by skanga? Don’t know, I'd never heard of them either. Unfortunately I am not able to link it to the film and have my suspicions as to whether it was even in it! Anyway, this is a nice track that adds to the overall feel of the album which is one of easy listening, not an album to get up and dance to but a good addition to anyone’s collection. Another good part of the film script is included as well. Oh yeah I can't remind you of it. Its the part about the weed in case you were wondering. Now you may be thinking that this album is just an excuse to air some faintly humorous bad language. It is most definitely not! "Police and thieves" by Junior Murvin makes a good change to the pace of the album so far as it chills it right down to a slow pace. When you are first listening to this album I can bet that you will skip this tune to get on to the other stuff that you can remember. You probably will end up listening to this in the end and will have to appreciate the quality of Murvins voice and the lyrics are quite good too. Overall this is a typ
        ically mind-chilling tune and I would like anyone to comment on whether Bob Marley did actually sing this at one point or another as it has been annoying me for ages as I can't find out. A strange addition to this album is Robbie Williams, yes him the one on top of the pops all the time. Don't groan this is actually not a bad effort by him. I generally don't like Robbie's music except perhaps "Angels" but this is also good, although don't expect the lyrics to be up to much. It has a catchy tune though that changes nicely throughout the song. As the album is in the chronological order of the film it enables you to vividly picture some of the scenes from the film just from listening to the music- wow music has such immense power don't you think? Two tunes that deserve special mention for connecting the music to the film are "I wanna be your Dog" by The Stooges and Zorba the Greek by John Murphy and David Hughes. I wanna be your dog is the music that accompanies the bit of the film where one of the lad loses all their money at a game of cards and is then sick. The guitar riff at the beginning is absolutely superb and the guitar and drums are the best things in this track. Unfortunately the words are a little bland and confusing and I feel that it may have been better to cut them out for this album as they did for the film. Now to the best song on the album, Zorba the Greek. This tune is what made me buy the album and I think you'll agree that it must be quite a tune to warrant £15.99. The tune is played using some kind of string instrument, clapping and a synthesiser I think? It is very fast once it gets going and is best played REALLY LOUD! It is truly an excellent tune and to see if I can remind you of it, it is played in the film when Rory Breaker and the black guys have a shootout with another group of men and everybody except Rory is killed. This album is a stunning soun
        dtrack but do not be put off by the fact that it is a soundtrack, it’s a very good one. It helps if you have seen the film first but it is not necessary to enjoy the album. It is a testimony to this album that it can remind me of a film that I haven’t seen for two years. Enough talk, just buy it!


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Hundred Mile High City - Ocean Colour Scene
        2 The Boss - James Brown
        3 Truly, Madly, Deeply - Skanga
        4 Police and Thieves - Junior Murvin
        5 Eighteen With A Bullet - Lewis Taylor & Carleen Anderson
        6 Spooky - Dusty Springfield
        7 The Game - John Myrphy & David Hughes
        8 Man Machine - Robbie Williams
        9 Walk This Land - E-Z-Rollers
        10 I Wanna Be Your Dog - The Stooges
        11 Liar Liar - Castaways
        12 Why Did You Do It - Stretch
        13 Oh Girl - Evil Superstars
        14 If The Milk Turns Sour - John Murphy & David Hughes with Rory
        15 Zorba The Greek - John Murphy & David Hughes
        16 I'll Kill Ya - John Murphy & David Hughes with Rory
        17 The Payback - James Brown
        18 Fool's Gold - The Stone Roses
        19 Eighteen With A Bullet - Pete Wingfield
        20 Oh Girl - Evil Superstars
        21 If The Milk Turns Sour - John James Murphy, OST, Vas Blackwood
        22 Zorba The Greek - John James Murphy, OST
        23 I'll Kill Ya - John James Murphy, OST, Vas Blackwood
        24 The Payback - James Brown
        25 Fool's Gold - Stone Roses
        26 It's Been Emotional - Vinnie Jones
        27 Eighteen With A Bullet - Pete Wingfield

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