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Lost Season 3 - Michael Giacchino - Soundtrack

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Genre: Soundtrack / Artist: Michael Giacchino / Soundtrack / Audio CD released 2008-05-12 at Varese Sarabande

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    1 Review
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      07.10.2010 20:40
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      A good soundtrack, not the best season of Lost musically, but worth hearing.

      The season three soundtrack for the sci-fi drama television show 'Lost' features two discs of music written and performed by Oscar winning composer Michael Giacchino and his orchestra. The soundtrack does not contain any of songs by other artists which are featured prominantly during this season (for example: Shambala by Three Dog Night).

      The CD soundtrack is arranged so that the first disc features the music from the season opener episode 'A Tale of Two Cities' to the Ben Linus centred episode 'Man Behind The Curtain'. Disc two features music from the penultimate episode of the season 'Greatest Hits' and a massive 26 tracks from the season finale 'Through The Looking Glass'.

      I'm a huge fan of 'Lost' but I did not initially like season three and the music only stood out for me a couple of times, namely in the episode 'Tricia Tanaka Is Dead' and during Charlie's death scene in 'Through The Looking Glass'. The orchestral mimicking of the seventies song 'Shambala' is utterly spellbinding whilst 'Looking Glass Half Full' brings tears to the eyes. I bought the CD purely for these two tracks and was really surprised to find myself getting lost (excuse the pun) in the rest of the music on the CDs.

      When I think of season three I think there are a lot of dramatic scenes and action sequences which required heavy, fast and frenetic music. There are an abundance of tracks on these CDs which for me only really work when they are combined with the visuals. It's really Giacchino's character themes and his marking of emotional moments that make this soundtrack amazing.

      With 67 tracks in all there is really too much to review in detail and a lot of the tracks last for what seems like merely seconds. There are several tracks lasting well under a minute long, for instance. Some of these are little more than blasts of horns or sustained violin notes. I can't recognise which scenes they are from.

      The stand outs on the soundtrack are the longer tracks and those that seemed to be another chracter in the scene. 'Ocean's Apart', for example, has eerie undertones at the beginning but the orchestral movement becomes triumphant and uplifting as the piece unfolds. It's a beautiful and heartfelt melody which above all other things makes me feel this is like an anthem to love and union. It's a very memorable piece of music in the episode 'Stranger in A Strange Land' and some fans might say it's the best thing about that particular Bai Ling heavy episode!

      'Deadly Fertility' is a beautiful hope-inspiring anthem to Jin and Sun's love affair and their unborn child but like many of the tracks veers into action mode at the end of the piece.

      'Dharmacide' is a powerful track that captures a sense of drama and sadness. It is used in the scene where Ben is seen to participate in mass murder by gas. The track, however, is gentle and it almost sounds like the piano is weeping for all the horror that has been committed. So beautiful and really captures a sense of tragedy.

      There is a sense of foreboding in 'Charlie's Fate' and there are some deep and steady horns which make me feel quite emotional and afraid. 'Greatest Hits'(track 8, CD2) is a fragile and tender piece that is made up of random piano and violin chords and lots of empty spaces. It's amazingly powerful though and heart-breakingly beautiful.

      'Heart of Thawyer' is one of the most lighthearted tracks and sees a change in style and pace. It's a lovely, warm track that builds in joy but which ends with darker notes. You have to remember that the music was cut around the scenes though but I'd really have preferred to have this without the creepy tubed sounds at the end.

      'Flash forward Flashback' is one of the great showpieces on the soundtrack and marks what might be the most memorable moment in Lost's entire run. The track is laced with eerie hollow notes and strange violin cut-ins and works up to a full orchestra sound with those crying/maniacal violins that Giacchino guides so well.

      Overall, I don't think this is the best season soundtrack to come out of Lost but I'm surprised at how much I like it now I have it. It's definately a must-have for the obsessed fan and it will give you lots of memories from the show. Those who've never seen the show before might find the pure amount of music combined with the overall style a bit much to handle but if you want a taster start with something mellow like 'Ocean's Apart' (track 16, Disc 1). Oh, and for real fans I should mention that the opening title sound and the dramatic end credits (they both sound very scary on an ipod!) are also included on this season soundtrack.

      The CD is available on compact disc or digital download.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 In With A Kaboom!
      2 Lost - Main Tile
      3 Awed And Shocked
      4 Fool Me Twice
      5 Pagoda Of Shame
      6 The Island
      7 Eko Of The Past
      8 Church Of Eko's
      9 Leggo My Eko
      10 Romancing The Cage
      11 Under The Knife
      12 Teaser Time
      13 Here Today, Gone To Maui
      14 Distraught Desmond
      15 Achara, Glad To See Me?
      16 Ocean's Apart
      17 The Lone Hugo
      18 Fetch Your Arm
      19 Ain't Talking 'Bout Nothin'
      20 Shambala
      21 Claire-a Culpy
      22 A Touching Moment
      23 Sweet Expose
      24 Storming Monster
      25 Heart Of Thawyer
      26 Juliette Is Lost
      27 Beach Blanket Bonding
      28 Rushin' The Russian
      29 Deadly Fertility
      30 Dharmacide

      Disc #2 Tracklisting
      1 Paddle Jumper
      2 She's Dynamite
      3 The Good, The Bad And The Ominous
      4 Charlie's Fate
      5 Paddle Jumper Reprise
      6 Ta-Ta Charlie
      7 Heirloom Holiday
      8 Greatest Hits
      9 Flying High
      10 The Good Shepherd
      11 Manifesting Destiny
      12 The Looking Glass Ceiling
      13 Ex Marks The Jack
      14 Jintimidating Bernard
      15 Benomination Of The Temple
      16 An Other Dark Agenda
      17 Kate Makes A Splash
      18 Diving Desmond
      19 Weapon Of Mass Distraction
      20 The Fallen Hero
      21 Sticking To Their Guns
      22 Torture Me Not
      23 Through The Locke-ing Glass
      24 The Only Pebble In The Jungle
      25 Early Mourning Mystery
      26 Patchy At Best
      27 All Jack'ed Up
      28 Hold The Phone
      29 Code Of Conduct
      30 Act Now, Regret Later
      31 Just What The Doctor Ordered
      32 Hurley's Helping Hand
      33 Looking Glass Half Full
      34 JACK FM
      35 Naomi Phone Home
      36 Flash Forward Flashback (Edit)
      37 Lost - End Titles

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