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Love Angel Music Baby - Gwen Stefani

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11 Reviews

Genre: Pop - Dance Pop / Artist: Gwen Stefani / Audio CD released 2004-11-22 at Polydor

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    11 Reviews
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      16.02.2013 11:53
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Debut solo album from Gwen Stefani

      After a long career with the band No Doubt, singer Gwen Stefani released her first solo album in 2004. It featured collaborations with the likes of Dr Dre, The Neptunes, Andre 3000, Dallas Austin and New Order.

      Track Listing
      1. What You Waiting For?
      This is an absolutely fantastic song and was a massive hit when it first came out, helped no doubt by the brilliant and bizarre Alice in Wonderland video. The song itself is a fast-paced, immensely catchy pop classic about taking a chance and living your life. It's unique and different and nothing else on the album really matches it.

      2. Rich Girl
      Featuring Eve, this is another catchy song about conspicuous consumption, wanting money and lots of it.

      3. Hollaback Girl
      This song treads a very fine line between catchy and very annoying. It's a repetitive cheerleader anthem with a slightly more melodic chorus.

      4. Cool
      A light, bubblegum pop song about a now-broken-up couple who remain friends and wish each other well. It's a little Katy Perry-esque, and a bit frothy.

      5. Bubble Pop Electric
      This song is slightly annoying. It's sung from the point of view of a teenage girl being taken out by her boyfriend. The title doesn't seem to bear any resemblance to the story of the song.

      6. Luxurious
      "This kind of life is getting expensive", sings Gwen on this slow burner, rich and laden with references to champagne and Egyptian cotton.

      7. Harajuku Girls
      This electropop song plays tribute to the Harajuku Girls of Japan (a group of women with a unique look and style who inspired Gwen's look around the time this CD was released). It's a bit repetitive, however, and slightly dull.

      8. Crash
      I'm not a fan of this song, which is generic electro-pop of the style of the rest of the album, without any unique features.

      9. The Real Thing
      The lyrics and melody of this track are reminiscent of an 80s power ballad, but the song is sung over a disco-pop background. I don't mind this one too much.

      10. Serious
      This is another samey electro-pop song.

      11. Danger Zone
      A reasonably catchy pop song, it has a decent beat.

      12. Long Way to Go
      This song is quite funky with brass instruments. However it's not particularly catchy.

      13. The Real Thing [Wendy and Lisa Flow Jam Mix]
      This remix doesn't sound that different to the original.

      14. What You Waiting For? [Elevator Mix]
      This is exactly what it sounds like - an instrumental lounge mix of the track. Interesting idea but it's really not great!

      Overall, this album has one fantastic song (What You Waiting For?), a few decent catchy pop tracks (Rich Girl, Cool, Luxurious) and lots of annoying or dull filler. I don't really listen to the album all that much apart from the aforementioned standout tracks - it's not one to listen to from beginning to end. I can't give the CD an amazing score, simply because it doesn't live up to the promise of its first single.


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        19.07.2012 23:53
        Very helpful



        A great album with a mixture of sounds

        In No Doubt, Gwen Stefani made her name with great hits such as "Don't Speak" and "Just A Girl". As her first solo album "Love Angel Music Baby" does not disappoint.

        "What You Waiting For?" opens the album and gives the listener an insight into Gwen's reservations about breaking out from the band. Although there's no deep meaning to the song, it makes a great catchy pop track. "Rich Girl" follows, a modern twist on a well known song with some help from rapper Eve followed by "Hollaback Girl", a confident anthem that brings out the fighter in Gwen.

        Next up is the track that I consider to be a nice follow on from the popular No Doubt track "Don't Speak". "Cool" is the story of someone looking back on a previous relationship that didn't work out, glad that they are still able to be friends now that they've moved on. It's a track that makes me smile whenever I hear it, especially when I play it straight after "Don't Speak" and know that everything works out for the best.

        The rest of the album continues to present a nice mixture of sounds and emotions, there's a song for every occasion on this album and many years on I still consider it to be a great addition to my music collection.


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        03.02.2012 14:10
        Very helpful



        Its an ok album but lots of room for improvement

        @ The album @

        Gwen has compiled most of her chart toppers like what you waiting for? and Hollaback girl. I think her songs are a little slow but her vocals are spot on. In general gwen has a great voice but she does not really go for the high notes and in some places she sounds too fast. Her voice is strained on longer notes and she cant hold them well but when she sings choruses she really does show off her voice.

        I was a little disappointed with some tracks like Garajuku Girls because like in many of her songs, the lyrics make no sense at all, and the beat quite a slow rnb like beat which to me sounds like half an effort, she never really belts it out and at the chorus she lacks oomph and surprise. The song sort of trails off and sounds very similar to the rest of the song, you don't really begin to notice the chorus straight away.

        Gwen stifani has been described as "weird" and i think her music and lyrics certainly reflect her personality, some of the things she says are quite odd and to compare her? Id say she is most like lady gaga. Her lyrics in tracks like Garajuku girls, hollaback girl and what you waiting for make little or no sense, she seems to pull it off with a great beat and sound track though and this makes up for it. The lyrics are poor but the sound is very good.

        Bubble pop electric has my favourite lyrics because it tells a story in a way, and starts with lyrics that actually make sense, and a little story to it all. The beat comes in and its not too fast or slow and with her usual special effects and noises over the top that are relevant (pop and bubble noises!) it actually works quite well. Again it does have one of the most boring choruses though, its not unexpected or a big drop ready for a completely recognisable chorus it just carries on like the rest of the song.

        @ Overall @

        I think gwen stifani has a great sound and her music generally is good but she has made one or two bad tracks on this album that let it down. I do like her work but things like "the real thing" and "danger zone" don't really sum up her music well and don't suit her. She has produced some great tracks and i still like her music though so i will award 3 stars. If the lyrics were improved and she didn't go mad with the effects and changed some of the boring choruses i would award 4 stars.


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        10.02.2009 21:05
        Very helpful
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        fine fine

        After being majorly into No Doubt, Gwen's solo career was a buzz of excitement for me as I expected more of the same. Alas, her solo efforts were not what I was expecting...

        Who is she:

        Former singer of punk/ska outfit No Doubt, turned solo star. Gwen has since turned her attention to fashion.

        On this album:

        The rhythm os 'What You Waiting For' will have you rushing to the dancefloor. A thunderous bassline drives it and her kooky vocals shimmer over the top with style. It is a worthy opener. 'Rich Girl' takes things on a more r and b route, though there is a tinge of reggae about it. Gwen's vocals are sweet on this and Eve adds some clout.


        'Luxurious' is more melodic and allows Gwen to show some vocal restraint, a touching and moving song with lingering lyrics. 'Cool' is like the title, a breezy and effortless number with a melody so light it could burst at any moment.


        I know people like it, but 'Hollaback Girl' is just too shouty and annoying. I find this grating and not musical enough.


        A very different sound from No Doubt, Gwen's solo stuff showed she could try her hand at different styles. Her vocals are in fine form and there are plenty of high points on the album to please former fans and newcomers alike


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          24.11.2008 17:42
          Very helpful
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          A fairly solid and consistant pop record from the No Doubt frontlady

          No Doubt are one of the most inventive and creative bands of all time and definitely one of my favourite acts. I was very excited when I read that the band's frontwoman Gwen Stefani was embarking on a solo career though sadly she doesn't really take any of the qualities that made me like No Doubt's music so much with her onto her first solo record 'Love, Angel, Music, Baby'. The record takes its name from the four mysterious Japanese girls that are prone to following Gwen everywhere as apparently she has named them Love, Angel, Music and Baby.

          Gwen approaches her solo album by brabbing hold of top producer Dallas Austin and also recruiting songwriter Linda Perry and of course Pharrell Williams who is one of the producers on 'Hollaback Girl.

          The album in essence is a blend of catchy pop, mellow ballads and some hideous RNB that is clearly just an attempt to appeal to the RNB orientated market of America. Gwen does have a rather quirky style as demonstrated in the lyrics to opening track and hit single 'What You Waiting For'. I love the way the track flows and just makes you want to dance. It's pop at its best and sets a good tone for the rest of the record. Whilst 'Rich Girl' and 'Hollaback Girl' are catchy in themselves I don't really like them as much as some of the more poppier efforts though give credit to Gwen for creating a record brimming with diversity.

          'Rich Girl' features rapper Eve and she sort of throws the song off balance as Gwen provides a perfect atmosphere for the track by herself. 'Hollaback Girl' is reminiscent of some form of playground chant and despite all your inhibitions you'll find yourself humming along to the track in no time. 'Cool' and 'The Real Thing' are the more mellow, laid back tracks on the record and both are great lyrically and musically. The intro to 'The Real Thing' is a tad drawn out but the song gives me shivers everytime I hear it as I get pulled into the hypnotic chorus and special effects used on the track that create an almost underwater atmosphere. I

          t's also nice to see Gwen's softer side as some of the songs are rather brash. Two of the worst tracks on the record are in succession to each other. 'Luxurious' is like a spoonful of gluttony repeated a thousand times over. The song is too rich and repetitive and just plods along into Blandsville whilst Gwen's homage to her Japanese entourage 'Harajuku Girls' is just as awful with faint traces of the singalong vibe of 'Hollaback Girl' present but with none of the punch of that song to keep your interest.

          Despite the one or two poor RNB tracks that bring the tone of the album down the record is actually a strong pop offering and there's definitely hints of early Madonna in both Gwen's vocals and the tone of tracks like 'Cool' and 'Crash'. The record is unique in the fact that it relies heavily on 80s sounding music but injects a modern touch to each individual song.

          Whilst nothing compared to her groundbreaking records with No Doubt 'Love, Angel, Music, Baby' is still a pretty strong venture into the solo career world for Gwen Stefani and well worth checking out.

          Complete Tracklisting:

          01 What You Waiting For
          02 Rich Girl [Ft Eve]
          03 Hollaback Girl
          04 Cool
          05 Bubble Pop Electric [Ft Johnny Vulture]
          06 Luxurious
          07 Harajuku Girls
          08 Crash
          09 The Real Thing
          10 Serious
          11 Danger Zone
          12 Long Way To Go [Ft Andre 3000]


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            27.08.2008 12:11
            Very helpful



            A mixed collection but worth checking out

            Gwen Stefani started off in a band called No Doubt where she first rose to fame. In 2004 Gwen decided to release her first solo album called Love Angel Music Baby which is the album I am going to review. She has become famous for several reasons and is known as a fashion trendsetter, she has her own unique style. The cover of this album has a definite Japanese influence throughout with a slight gothic side to it in some photos. Personally I think she looks fabulous in the pictures and looks sexy but not in a really obvious way and it's not sleazy. I am going to review this album and give each track a rating out of 5.

            1. What You Waiting for? (3.41) 5/5

            It starts off like you are in her concert and people are cheering. Gwen starts off singing slowly but then the beat kicks her with people talking. It has a brilliant beat which gets you dancing straight away. The electric guitars are playing throughout with a computerised vibe to it. Gwen's voice is quite high pitched throughout which gives it an edgy feel to it. The song is about herself having a great time and great family. She wondered what she was waiting for she had to take a chance and get a track out. The song is full of energy and has a positive energy to it making you think you can do anything.

            2. Rich Girl - featuring Eve (3.56) 5/5

            Naaa naan naa naa naan naa naa naa this is how this song starts and it gets your attention straight off. This song has a r'n'b vibe to it, its another song that you could get up and dance to. I love the background music with the piano playing throughout as well as a simple beat with a drum kit. In the middle of it Eve raps, which I just, love I think it makes the song even better to mix it up a little. The song is about being rich and not having to worry about a man trying to buy your love. That would mean you could find true love, as you wouldn't have to worry about money.

            3. Hollback Girl (3.19) 2/5

            This song starts off like she is singing to a march and the beat keeps going like you could march to it. To be honest this song is ok but it can get annoying after a while as it just sounds like Gwen is winging the way she is singing it. I couldn't listen to this song over and over as it just gets so annoying. The song is about her not being a hollaback girl and she is fed up of them talking shit. She is going to square up to them. Near the end it is quite random and she sings this shit is banana's B.A.N.A.NA.S. over and over its rather strange. Not one of my personal favourite's really in fact it can become a really annoying song the more you hear it.

            4. Cool (3.09) 4/5

            She has slowed it down in this song but still has a rock vibe to it with a slow dreamy beat but the guitar is still playing in the background. I like Gwen singing in this song and it is slower so you get to hear her voice better. It is the type of song, which you find yourself swaying along to singing along to the chorus. It sounds to me that the song is about an old boyfriend whom she is no longer with and now has found the love of her life but she is still friends with her ex. She is happy she is friends with them and they have found someone else and can still be cool with each other's company.

            5. Bubble Pop Electric - Johnny Vulture (3.42) 3/5

            It sounds like bubbles are popping throughout this song and it is very 80's to me. It has a nice beat to it and is fast paced which you could sing and dance along to. Gwen talks through the middle and a lot through the song. The song is about her talking about meeting her boyfriend and you hear their conversation she wants to give him her love. I have to say this song is unique and different.

            6. Luxurious (4.24) 3/5

            It has been slowed down again and is very dreamy and sounds like someone is speaking in French at the start. The song is about working hard every day and night but now they are getting the benefits and are getting luxurious. It is an average song and wouldn't really get your attention that much to be honest I think it is an album filler.

            7. Harajuku Girls (4.51) 3/5
            The start of this song sounds like traditional Japanese music I think some girls are speaking in Japanese. The song is relaxed and a song which you could chill out to. Gwen is singing about how she loves the Harajuku girl's style and how they are so unique.

            8. Crash (4.06) 3/5

            Another 80's era style song with the type of background music that was used then. The start sounds like a car is reversing. It is a mediocre song, which is different than other songs, but to be honest I am not sure what it is about. From what I can work out it is about liking a boy racing and how his racing has impressed her lots.

            9. The Real Thing (4.11) 4/5

            A slower song again which is probably in my opinion one of better slower songs. It does speed up as you get through the song slightly. I think Gwen gets to show off her voice in this song. You will find yourself singing along to the chorus, as it is catchy. It is about even though this person isn't perfect they love them and it is the real thing.

            10. Serious (4.48) 4/5

            Starts off with violins playing which gives you an idea that this song is serious as it gives it a dramatic edge to it. Then it goes into a fast beat, which you could dance to. I really like the chorus in this song as it gets your attention. It is about her being serious in love with someone. It is quite a light hearted song and I like it.

            11. Danger Zone (3.37) 3/5

            Back to rock and roll and this seems a light hearted but darker song. It is about someone not telling her their dark secrets. She is telling them that they need to tell her everything to make things clear to her. I love the chorus is sounds like sirens are going off and extremely dramatic. It is the type song which will have you tapping your feet up to.

            12. Long Way To Go - performed by Gwen Stefani and Andre 3000 (4.49) 3/5

            Most of this song is Gwen and Andre rapping together. It is a fast paced song and has a nice beat. It is about how two people have got together and are different colours and other people have a problem with this. The message is that people need to upgrade and there is no colour to love and everyone is equal. I think is has a lovely message to it.

            13. The Real Thing (3.38) 3/5

            This is a different version of the previous track I have talked about with the same title (Track 9). It really is a slower version and more dreamy. To be honest it is more boring and I would rather the first one. I think this definitely is an album filler.

            14. What You Waiting For (4.06) 2/5

            Another album filler it is a different version of track one without the words. To be honest I find this really annoying and feel that the words should be there. It is a more chilled out version of the song with trumpets playing.


            I think this album is real mixed with some fantastic tracks and some not so good ones. Overall I would give this album a 4 out of 5 for the reason that the really good tracks make up for the bad ones. It is not an album I would listen to all the time I feel that you have to be in a certain mood to listen to Gwen's style of music. I do feel that her music is unique and fun. I think that this album is worth while buying at £4.98 (on amazon).


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              02.07.2008 21:09
              Very helpful



              'Love. Angel. Music. Baby.' is a fun album I'd personally highly recommend investing in.

              Released in late 2004, 'Love. Angel. Music. Baby.' is the debut solo release from Gwen Stefani. The album consists of thirteen tracks and this therefore provides for over 50 minutes of music. It's a bubbly dance/pop album with which the voice of Gwen Stefani is incredibly well put across. The electronic instrumental sound is strong here, the vocal approach taken by Gwen Stefani also is excellent and always here the female artist has much to offer. Every track on this album is upbeat and energetic, it's a far cry from the music of No Doubt but is I feel equally excellently executed.

              The album begins with 'What You Waiting For?' and never here is there ever a dull moment. From start to finish this album is full of fun and excitement. The choruses are incredibly well put across and the verses also are simply brilliant. 'What You Waiting For', 'Bubble Pop Electric', and 'Rich Girl' are my absolute favourites from this album and the tracks with which I feel the Gwen Stefani solo sound is best put across. 'What You Waiting For' has an incredibly bouncy feel, the chorus is excellent, and vocally here the sound created by Gwen Stefani is absolutely exceptional. The music is fast paced, frantic, and always the sound created is full of fun. This one provides the album with the perfect opening track and as the album unfolds the music is always full of excitement.

              One track I'm not so keen on from this album is that of 'Hollaback Girl'; the track is just a little too repetitive and absolutely does my head in. 'Cool' follows it on the album however and the excellence of the Gwen Stefani sound is once more resumed. 'Bubble Pop Electric' is by far my favourite track from this album and never do I tire of hearing it. It's a super fun piece of music, highly energetic and packed full of fun. The digitally produced instrumental sound is brilliant here, the drumbeats are particularly effective and Gwen Stefani's voice over the top of this just sounds stunning. It's a fine presentation of pop music, an incredible track and one that I personally have listened to on many an occasion over the years.

              I'm not sure what it is about 'Rich Girl' that makes it stand out so strongly to me, I definitely do love it however and perhaps it's the lyrical use that I'm so fond of here. The lyrics really are incredibly well sung by Gwen Stefani, it's a fun track and the lyrics just make me laugh. Gwen Stefani sings here that 'I'd have all the money in the world if I was a wealthy girl', I just find the placing of the word 'if' more than a little amusing; quite clearly Gwen Stefani is a wealthy 'girl', she doesn't quite have all the money in the world but she's certainly extremely well off.

              This is a fun album of music from Gwen Stefani, it's not exactly going to change the world or anything like that but a number of tracks most definitely feature here that are supremely fun to listen to. It's an upbeat album of dance pop, a finely constructed album of music and one which I personally greatly enjoy listening to. This is not the best album ever produced, it is however a lot of fun to listen to and if you're after a bit of energetic pop fun then you can't really go far wrong with this. 'Love. Angel. Music. Baby.' can currently be found at Amazon.co.uk for the mere price of £4.98 and I personally would highly recommend investing in this fine album of pop music from the highly talented solo artist that is Gwen Stefani.


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                24.12.2005 02:11
                Very helpful



                There is No Doubt that you will enjoy this album.

                Love, Angel, Music, Baby

                (This is a review that was originaly posted on epinions.com on Nov 29 '04 found at http://www.epinions.com/content_163391180420 (also found in associatedcontent.com) were I write also by the pen name of zenmachado)

                All hail the Queen. Sitting at the highest position, we find Gwen Stefani ready to take her place in this land we call pop.(Maybe she should be called the Princes of Pop) Regardless of what you call her. You can definitely call her an entertainer. The greatest thing you can say about "Love, Angel, Music, Baby" is the fact that it is simply and irresistibly entertaining music. Sure the lyrics are words that most jr. high kids could paste together, but this is more about entertainment value than mental enlightenment. More monopoly than chess.

                80's Dance kind of Funky Music

                A collage of music is what we get in "Love,Angel,Music,Baby"
                mixing in rap, rock, pop, and a furry of funky electronic music. High expectations you would have when you hear that she is collaborating with the likes of Dr.Dre, The Neptunes, Linda Perry and Andre 3000. We find no disappointment. This album is all about shaking and moving. Dance music at its best. You don't get bombarded with a dozen songs that all sound alike or almost share identical attributes. Here we find many songs that are good for, similar as well as different reasons. Making this not only a good listen, but also a musical experience.

                The Words in the Music

                Through the whole c.d. you find that the lyrics are rather simple. Not very shall we say.. Intellectual or showing high intelligence. (Not that she is showing low-intelligence) From her early days in No Doubt where she was a teen, to her later years in her 30's she still lyrically sounds the same. As if she had not matured fully to change her style of delivering her message. That is the down note in this album. Yet, for the type it is, your really not looking for mentally altering life changing music. If you're like me you're hoping to get out of this, fun non-thinking but still enjoying music. That, you do find in this c.d.

                The Side Stuff

                Before we start analyzing each song lets analyze the "side stuff". First, I love the cover. The cover shows Gwen Stefani's individualism as well as the fact that she is one super hot chick. (Yes.. I've been seduced by Gwen's platinum white hair, milky white skin, and bodacious hips.) Their is about three other pictures in the case, that shown her pleasantly visual extremities. The album also holds the lyrics inside. A nice little extra where you can come to find out for yourself what each song is about. Also, it holds some Wonderland and Japanese inspired pictures.

                Love,Angel,Music,Baby by Gwen Stefani

                1. What You Waiting For? (G.Stefani/L.Perry)
                Produced by: Nellee Hooper

                This song was the perfect single. Filled with originality that will prod at people's curiosity. Filled with dance beats and a catchy chorus it gets stuck in your mind. It is a song that speaks about the fact that now she stands alone. What are you waiting for? she asks her self. Telling her self to take the chance for she might grow. Here we find a real sex symbol growing. For in this song she expresses her self in a way that she does not in No Doubt albums. With a liberating sensual vocalism.

                2. Rich Girl featuring Eve

                This is one of my fav. songs in this album. The beats and electronic melodies are addictive and seductive. Dr. Dre did an awesome job producing this song. This song is about the love she has for her "Baby". How all the riches in the world would mean nothing with out his love. Eve is a nice rap induced flavor that makes the song authentic and real. Eve has a small part but enough to do what she needs to do.

                3. Hollaback Girl (g.Stefani/P.Williams/C.Hugo)

                This is the Neptune's produced song. Another great set of beats and superbly catchy chorus. The beats and vocals sound as if it was inspired by Queen. Somewhat reminiscent of "We Will Rock You". The concept of the song was lost on me, yet it's still fun and delicious.

                4. Cool (G.Stefani/D.Austin)

                This song I imagine is about her former boy friend and how after all they have been trough they can still hang around each other. The fact that now as she puts it: "I know were cool" This is a nice mellow song. That throws back to 80's slow mellow music.

                5. Bubble Pop Electric featuring Johnny Vulture

                This song is produced by Johnny Vulture a.k.a. Andre 3000. This a 50's style song. A concept where Johnny and Gwen go out in a date. Gwen sings and talks in a 50's way, really sounding splendid. Erotic and exciting this song is electrically sound driven and exciting. This is another song were the ultimate meaning was lost on me but I was having too much fun as I listened to notice.

                6. Luxurious produced by: Nelle Hooper and Tony Kanal

                This is a slow song that rides on an empty chorus. It is somewhat uninspired to me. A bit redundant as she speaks once again about money and how its nothing like that love from her "baby". This song is the only song I did not like.

                7. Harajuku Girls produced by: Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis

                This is just drenched with the fact that she loves Japanese harajuku girls style. Great emphasis on how she loves their visual style. (Fashion) It looses you a bit in its over indulgence but it has enough oomph to keep your attention.

                8. Crash produced by Tony Kanal

                Fast dance beats with a sensual motion. It is a trip and a half. Now this is more like the 80's music that I remember listening to in the 90's. (Since I was born in 1982) This song makes you wish that most the songs in this c.d. were like this one.

                9. The Real Thing produced by Nelle Hooper

                Another song about her "Babe" this speaks about hmmm how their love is.. lest see... the real thing. It is another song that is reminiscent of the eighties. It also reminds me much of The Corrs. What I hate is the fact that it also reminds of Jennifer Lopez's "Waiting for tonight" (AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!) But this song is better. So don't be afraid.

                10. Serious produced by Tony Kanal

                Another dance hit here. This song has a great feel and a music melodic touch that send you on a trip. It makes you want to move. Sounds a little like Madonna and then on the other hand it doesn't. This song is about her and her lover's love, being serious. This song is seriously good.

                11. Danger Zone produced by Nelle Hooper and Dallas Austin

                Fast pace and sensually provocative song. The best thing about this song is how it shifts from one melodic motion to another. It goes from fast to slow in a nano second. Love this song causes the chorus is infectious and well catchy. I would not mind living in her danger zone. I mean this song.

                12. Long Way To Go performed by G. Stefani and Andre3000

                Out of all the song in "Love,Angel,Music,Baby" this is by far my favorite. This song speaks about how there still is this race barrier that separates people. If all men are made equal than why can't black and white date? This song is bold and speaks about a serious issue in a serious way. I was surprised to find this song in this c.d. I was pleasantly surprised. It is a mature song that has the musical maturity of Andre3000 to go with it. It is quite splendid in delivering its message. My fav. line is "What is the color of music?"

                What You Waiting For?

                Really there is nothing that you should be waiting for. The wait is done and here we have a decent freshmen album from Gwen Stefani. Finally being the only voice in the room, she has shown us that she is a voice worth listening to. Making us dance and giving us music that we can hear in the car, with out having to pay much attention. There is No Doubt that you will enjoy this album. Here we have love that is being transferred by an angel, making music for her baby.

                by David Machado



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                  27.09.2005 22:57
                  Very helpful



                  Some good and bad songs, but bad ones win. I'd give this album a 2.5/5.

                  I must say I'm sorry I bought this...that's all. I mean, it has some good music, but the rest is crap!

                  Here are some recommended songs:

                  a.-What You Waiting For: Very fun and hectic, great to sing loud and wake up all your neighborhood.

                  b.-Rich Girl: This one is a cover from some Argentinean singer named "el violinista en el tejado". Also very good and fun, features an Eve's rap.

                  c.-Hollaback Girl: This one sounds like performed by your school's band, very sing-along and fun, with an sticky chorus.

                  d.-Bubble, Pop, Electric: This is another, fun-lyric, hectic song, great to make you laugh, as the lyrics seem to tell a story about a weird first date. Very fun.

                  e.-Luxurious: This is the only recommendable slow song in the album, as it is not your usual ballad. Yes, it talks about love...love to money and luxurious life that is!!! Some remarkable features of the song are the French whispers along the whole track, and Gwen's imitation, of the cash machine's sound: Cha-ching!!! Good song!

                  Now here you have the most awful songs:

                  a.- Cool: Another ballad, this one with a lot of techno effects, and boring to death.

                  b.-The Real Thing: Awful in every way, awful lyrics, boring, and just not good.

                  c.-Serious: This one starts, with an totally unnecessary classical music part, which remains through the whole song. Boring and annoying. The worst song.

                  d.-Danger Zone: This one is very repetitive, to the point of getting annoying. Too many computer and techno effects screwed the song.

                  The rest of the songs, like "Long Way To Go" or "Crash" are average, you decide if you like them or not.

                  After all, this album is average. It has some good and bad songs, but bad ones win the battle. Too bad for Gwen.

                  If you have anything to tell me, please email me at mervinch@hotmail.com. Or, if you have one, please add me to your Messenger contacts, I'll be often online. Thanks for reading this, please leave any comment you want!!!


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                    23.08.2005 23:24



                    A couple of good tracks but not worth it

                    When No doubt split and Gwen Stefani went solo, the whole world expected more of the same. Indeed in the debut single "What You Waiting For?", she displayed the talents that made her famous with her previous band.

                    Sadly though, the rest of the album is pretty sub-standard with "The Real Thing" being the only other track which partcularly stands out.

                    Fans of No Doubt will be dissapointed, as it doesnt live up to her musical past. For those of you who are relatively new to Gwen's music, the best of No Doubt album would be a better choice, before "Love Angel Music Baby".


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                      26.07.2005 17:27
                      Not Helpful
                      1 Comment



                      good album plenty of songs to sing to

                      Hi there,

                      Another great album from Gwen Stefani with her newest releases,this album includes " What are you waiting for, rich girl and my most favourite Hollaback Girl,

                      Again it is a great album she has done and i highly recommend it if you are a fan of her previous work.

                      She has done fantastically well to go solo and do so well as she was in a group for over 10years and has earnt this review
                      she has also done duets including "Eve".

                      Hope this is helpful
                      thankyou for your time


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                    • Product Details

                      Disc #1 Tracklisting
                      1 What You Waiting For?
                      2 Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani, Eve
                      3 Hollaback Girl
                      4 Cool
                      5 Bubble Pop Electric - Gwen Stefani, Johnny Vulture
                      6 Luxurious
                      7 Harajuku Girls
                      8 Crash
                      9 The Real Thing
                      10 Serious
                      11 Danger Zone
                      12 Long Way To Go - Gwen Stefani, Andre 3000
                      13 The Real Thing
                      14 What You Waiting For?

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