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Love It When I Feel Like This - The Twang

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Genre: Pop / Artist: The Twang / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2007-06-04 at B-Unique/ Polydor

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    3 Reviews
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      04.05.2010 00:29
      Very helpful



      top debut from a top band

      The Twang are a five piece band from the Midlands and debut album, 'Love It When I Feel Like This', was released back in June 2007. The album contains ten tracks and has a running time of 43.27 minutes, which I think is ideal as you get value for money but without 'the filler'.

      It's difficult to describe the genre of music that The Twang fall into, and that's probably a good thing as it proves they have an original style. Some would categorise them as indie, due largely to the raw British vocal, but their music has also been compared to that of the 'baggy' era whereby mainly 'Mad'chester bands such as the Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses ruled the roost.

      Both genres definitely appear to have influenced the band, aswell as elements of rock, dance and pop which also exist frequently throughout. 'Push The Ghosts' even samples the melody line from Salt N Pepa classic 'Push It'. So you see, the album is a mixed bag when it comes to musical influence and style, but this only adds to it's incredible quality.

      The opening track, 'Ice Cream Sundae' could have easily been anthem of the Summer three years ago and, for me, it probably was. A feel-good must for festival goers 2007! You expect such an uplifting track would be hard to follow, but when the guitar riff to hit single 'Wide Awake' kicks in, you remember exactly why you bought the album and, from there on out, 'Love It When I Feel Like This' fails to disappoint.

      Every song that follows holds individual quality, whether it be the tongue-in-cheek swipe at the awful bloke next door (as in 'The Neighbour'), or the more serious exploration of vulnerability, infidelity and overall intensity that exists in many relationships, whether that be between partners or, indeed, the inner 'Self'. Kinda deep for a bunch of working class Brummies eh?! Well, this of course is only my interpretation, but it is fair to say, there's an equal level of charm and wit that could bring out that cocky swagger that lives in us all!

      Highlights for me personally are 'Either Way', my favourite single of theirs so far, where Etheridge lyrically pours his heart out; "I was at me wit's end pulling my hair out, I'd just about had enough.
      And all I needed was a hug and that little bit of love".
      When I first heard this song it was as if it spoke to me, so open and truthful. Utter brilliance.

      Other particular favourites are the two closing tracks, the first being 'Got Me Sussed'. It's opening melodic bassline twinned with the vulnerable lyrical content gives me goose-pimples EVERY time.

      Last, but far from least, 'Cloudy Room' which definitely has the most 'psychadelic' feel as you completely lose yourself from start to finish. The lyrics describe a typical young twenty-something's Friday night out; pubs, clubs, booze and drugs. (Think 'Human Traffic-The Musical'!) There is a middle section where the pace, instrumentation and overall 'feel' switches. I think this has been done to audibly portray pre and post intoxication and it works perfectly as one sound merges seamlessly into another.

      One small qualm is with the actual album sleeve, as it doesn't contain any lyrics, just abstract photographs which isn't really my thing. However, I don't think this justifies taking away a full star....does it?!

      Anyway, as you have probably guessed this is one of my favourite albums and, dare I say it.....one of the best debut's since Definitely Maybe? I will leave you to decide :)

      Thanks for reading! Nat xxx


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        15.04.2008 21:41
        Very helpful




        Its not very often that when I hear a song for the first time on the radio that I normally like it, songs normally have to grow on me, however when I first heard The Twangs Wide Awake on Radio One, I instantly liked it and made everyone in the office be quiet so I could find out who the artist was as I hadn't got a clue as quite a few new British bands were appearing and it could have been any one of them, but it wasn't, it was The Twang.

        I'm also not the sort of person that purchases an album after only hearing one song, however with the Twang, I purchased the album after probably hearing the song only twice. I thought this new band were fantastic, later realising that they weren't a new band at all, they had actually been formed since 2004 and didn't actually have their break until 2006. I still hadn't heard of them until around September time last year and became instantly pulled in to their Indie style music, with great beats and lyrics that quite a lot of us can possibly associate ourselves with.

        The Twang, are five male artists from Birmingham making it big in 2007, with a great album under their belt and have achieved the title of Peoples Band of 2007. They have recently gone public with what festivals they will be playing this year, after having a successful tour last year. I will certainly be attending V as I missed the tour last year.

        The album itself is fantastic, consisting of 11 tracks, which all remind me of English films for some reason and some of the tracks would be great to use on an English Film Soundtrack.

        Track Listing

        1. Ice Cream Sundae
        2. Wide Awake
        3. Neighbour
        4. Either Way
        5. Push the Ghosts
        6. Reap What You Sow
        7. Loosely Dancing
        8. 2 Lovers
        9. Don't Wait Up
        10. Got Me Sussed
        11. Cloudy Room

        There is not a bad track on this album at all, however can imagine it not being to everyones taste, quite a few explicit lyrics and basically they are more than likely singing songs that are sung from experience, we have all been rebels at some point throughout our lives, they just go to the extreme and have shared those experiences with everyone. Every song is related to living the highlife and basically the life of a rock star.

        My favourite song on the album has got to be Wide Awake by far, its the first song that i had heard and instantly like and no much how much I hear it, i never dislike it. All the songs are shouted rather than sung, although they are from Birmingham, the accent I can't hear.

        All I can say is fantastic album and roll on V Festival.


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        23.06.2007 11:58
        Very helpful



        Debut album from Birmingham's The Twang

        When I first heard the debut single from Birmingham’s The Twang on Radio 1 I wasn’t too sure if it was really going to be my kind of thing. Over the last few months though they have really grown on me and for that reason I took a gamble on the bands debut album, Love It When I Feel Like This. While something about the band had always appealed it took me listening to a few tracks on their myspace page to really convince me to give them a try and with that I bought the album.

        The bands sound really reminds me of a lot of bands from the early 90’s and in particular the likes of The Happy Mondays and the whole 90’s Manchester sound. They’ve taken a very Indie sound and amalgamated it with a touch of dance music to create a very unique sound. In particular tracks like “Ice Cream Sundae” and “Cloudy Room” seem to really have a sound that’s very unique to the band. The influences from the early 90’s within their music seems like it might spark a resurgence of this sort of musical approach.

        While the music seems to be coming straight out of the 90’s influenced musical scene, the lyrics take their inspiration from a far more modern time. There are definite hints within the bands lyrics of fellow Birmingham band The Streets and combining that sort of lyrical approach with a solid Indie sound seems to work very well for them. In fact the album seems to draw on influences from just about every Indie band from The Happy Mondays to The Arctic Monkeys. The sound works for me though and it’s the reason why The Twang’s album is quickly becoming one of my favourites of the year so far.

        A lot of new bands really seem to be lacking real musical ability at the moment with so many pre processed pop acts being sprung on us. Another aspect of The Twang that really appealed to me was how well crafted the musical element of the album was put together. The drums, keyboards and guitars all blend together well and instead of sounding over produced and weak it creates quite a distinctively strong sound. The musical part of the album comes together well and this blend of Indie with a sort of soft, dance like groove really works well.

        It is quite a strong album lyrically as well. The mixture of influences on the band seem to be reflected in the bands lyrics. There is a hint of the Streets about it all and while I’m not their biggest fan it works in this context. In lead singer Phil Etheridge they have a singer who really fits in well with the sound the band are going with. Ok the lyrics aren’t ground breaking but they work well and with the combination of Etheridge’s vocals and lyrics it gives The Twang a sound that is really rather catchy and will appeal to quite a wide ranging audience.

        Obviously when I bought the album I had heard a couple of singles and had been incredibly impressed by “Either Way”. What the rest of the album would hold proved to be a really pleasant surprise. I had worried that I was picking up an album with a few good tracks and not a whole lot else. From the opening bars of “Ice Cream Sundae”, it was obvious that I wouldn’t be disappointed by the album at all. It starts off nice and slow but when the track really starts it sets the tone and pace of the whole album. In fact I think it’s fair to say this is going to be one of my favourite tracks this summer.

        It surprised me by how consistently good this album is for a debut effort. There are a few tracks that really stand out but on the whole it’s a pretty solid album from start to finish. There are some very clever tracks on this and funnily enough my favourite two are the track that starts it all and the one that finishes the album off, “Cloudy Room”. It’s clearly a song about drugs and club culture that is very much in a Street’s vein but it works incredibly well and gives a good indication of just how good The Twang actually are.

        Overall the debut album from Birmingham’s The Twang is an album I would recommend, especially for the summer. It is filled with mellow, tracks that will sound fantastic on a gloriously sunny days this summer. It is a good BBQ album, but unlike a number of Indie bands around at the moment I think The Twang will very much have a huge market appeal. You don’t have to be into Indie or dance to like this album, in fact I think if you like pop music in general then this album and band will be one with a huge amount of appeal to you.

        Amazon: £8.98
        Amazon Marketplace: £7.70


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Ice Cream Sundae
        2 Wide Awake
        3 The Neighbour
        4 Either Way
        5 Push The Ghosts
        6 Reap What You Sow
        7 Loosely Dancing
        8 Two Lovers
        9 Don't Wait Up
        10 Got Me Sussed
        11 Cloudy Room
        12 Website Link

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