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M!ssundaztood - P!nk

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21 Reviews
  • miss phone calls when listening to track! hee hee!
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    21 Reviews
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      23.10.2013 18:21
      Very helpful



      Fab album

      M!zzundaztood is P!nk's second album and was released back in 2001. It has a totally different sound to her first R'n'B sounding album and P!nk wanted to showcase her abilities to write songs as well as to sing. P!nk's genre changed from the ever popular R'n'B to a more pop rock type genre and it was a good move as this album is her best selling one to date.

      The album has a variety of different sounds on it, from slower soulful songs to ones you want to get up and dance to. Although it is quite diverse, it flows really well and you don't feel like you are going from one extreme to the other. It has been well thought out and executed.

      1. M!ssundaztood - 3:36 - The album is named after this first track on the album. I personally don't feel like this song represents the album well, the backing of the song is good but it just feels like it's quite repetitive and gets boring towards the end.

      2. Don't let me get me - 3:31 - This is a cracker of a song, I always sing along at the top of my voice when this song comes on. It's got a good sound to it with guitars and a rocky vibe but at the same time it feels quite lively despite the lyrics not saying that.

      3. Just like a pill - 3:57 - This was a huge hit when it was released and rightly so, it is an insight into P!nk when she had an addiction as a teenager. The chorus is catchy and the words relate to the sound of the song well.

      4. Get the party started - 3:11 - The pop rock genre that P!nk wanted to have definitely shows through on this track as it has a slight rocky vibe but at the same time has a dancy type feel to it. It's definitely a song to get up and dance to.

      5. Respect - 3:25 - This is one of the songs I'm not quite sure about. P!nks vocal abilities aren't shown that well and she tends to talk through a lot of it as it has a rap vibe, one of the weaker songs on the album.

      6. 18 Wheeler - 3:44 - I love the meaning behind this track, the lyrics go on about being pushed around by a guy but nothing is going to knock her down. I love the overall sound of the track and it definitely has a rocky feel.

      7. Family Portrait - 4:56 - This track talks about something that is quite common in today's society, family's splitting up and the effects it has, splitting up holidays and the such. The song really shows the great voice that P!nk has and has an amazing overall sound.

      8. Misery - 4:33 - This track has a different sound to the rest of the album, it's slowed right down and has a jazzy, blues type sound to it. P!nk sings the lyrics like she means them and her voice comes across really good.

      9. Dear diary - 3:29 - I'm not too keen on this song, P!nk's voice sounds like she's got a bit of a throat infection! The overall beat is ok and it has an ok sound but the rest of the songs on the album are amazing and this just doesn't match up to that.

      10. Eventually - 3:34 - This song has a basic background sound with drums and guitar but it means P!nk's voice shines ahead of the actual sound from the instruments and I think it has a great overall sound. It's another slow song but still great all the same.

      11. Lonely girl - 4:21 - The pop rock feeling of the album comes back with this track, although it is quite basic like the previous track it sounds more intense and beefy.

      12. Numb - 3:06 - Another rocky type track here, this one is all about bad relationships and how it makes you feel, P!nk has sung about it previously on the album but this track has a different sound to it so it doesn't feel like you are listening to songs about the same thing all of the time.

      13. Gone to California - 4:34 - This song is definitely different from the rest of the album, it's very slow throughout both verse and chorus but again, it showcases P!nk's voice well.

      14. My Vietnam - 5:19 - The last song on the track and another brilliant one showing off P!nk's singing abilities. The backing music is quiet to allow P!nk's voice to shine through, it's a belter.

      I'm quite surprised after listening to this album for the first time in a couple of years that I can still remember the words to a lot of the songs. I don't have the greatest memory and I'm not that good with remembering lyrics so this definitely shows how memorable P!nk's songs really are. A lot of the songs on the album are still listenable now and it's one I will keep in the car until I get bored of it, I don't think that will happen for a while though.

      Although this album is so old, it still fits with the popular music of today and isn't one you get embarrassed to be caught listening to. It has a mixture of different genres and P!nk's singing abilities get put to the test with a variety of different songs. I think this album rightfully shot her to fame as she is a brilliant artist and has a very versatile voice. I'd definitely recommend this album.


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        29.08.2009 13:06
        Very helpful



        A great album

        M!ssundaztood by Pink

        Pink is an American singer whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore who first became famous in 2000 and released her best selling album to date M!ssundaztood in 2001. This album contains some of her best songs and most widely known. There was a lot of pressure for this album to well as it was her first album, and with sales hitting 1.8 million in the UK alone, I think it is fair to say it was a tremendous success. From this album four singles were released, more were going to be but Pink decided not to and take a break.

        I must admit I really like Pink, mainly because of her good songs and catchy lyrics but also she remind me somewhat of when I was younger singing these songs with my sister. Since then our music tastes have grown slightly apart but pink has remained an artist we have always liked.


        This is the first track on the album which is unsurprising looking at the title. This song has an upbeat backing to it which helps the song flow well. The vocals are clear but not her best, I think pink could have possible sung this track a little better. The lyrics are fairly catchy and follow coherently. My favourite lyrics from this song are:

        "And its my name I know, I say it loud cuz im
        Really proud"

        I would give this track 7.5/10.

        Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0abBUcCIe28

        **Don't Let Me Get Me**

        This was the second single released from this album in March 2002. It reached number six in the UK. The backing is slightly more complex than usually see with Pink with a varying rhythm and melody. The lyrics are catchy and clear. The lyrics are a contrast to the beat because the beat is upbeat and lively whereas although the lyrics are lively they are actually quite sad and discuss the pressures of life. I like all the lyrics in this song, I choose these two lines but the whole set of lyrics are great.

        "Everyday I fight a war against the mirror
        I can't take the person starin' back at me"

        I would give this track 9.5/10, I really do like it!

        The original version of the song is not available in the UK on youtube due to copyright issues, however itunes will give a brief sample if you are interested.

        **Just Like A Pill**

        Just Like A Pill was the third single released from this album. It proved to be very popular in the UK as it became her first number one in the UK. This song is about bad relationships but also has an underlying theme about drug abuse. As a result the lyrics may not be suitable for everyone especially people who may be offended by them or for young children. I really like this song as the lyrics are very good and the whole tune is catchy. My favourite lines in this song (probably due to my interest in medicine!) are:

        "I can't stay on your life support, there's a shortage in the switch,
        I can't stay on your morphine, cuz its making me itch"

        I would give this song 9/10.

        Again there is no youtube link for this single due to copyright issues.

        **Get The Party Started**

        This song was actually written by Linda Perry but she decided the song was not really suited to her and so Pink sang it. This song is fairly upbeat compared to many of her songs. There is a constant drum beat making it a danceable song and upbeat. There are also electric guitar feature in it making it slightly different to many of her songs on this album.

        This song hit number two in the UK which was fairly good and hit number one or two all round the world, unfortunately Shakira's amazing hit Wherever, whenever was released at the same times which beat this song to number one in several countries. I don't think this is one of pinks best songs compared to others but it does grow on you over time. At first I didn't really like it however after listening to it a couple of times I changed my mind.

        The lyrics are fairly repetitive and so easily memorable which I think is perfect for this type of song. The lyrics are clear and clean. My favourite lyrics from this song are the opening few lines which start:

        "Get this party started on a Saturday night,
        Everbody's waiting for me to arrive,
        Sending out the message to all of my friends,
        We'll be looking flashy in my Mercedes Benz."

        I think overall I would give this track 7/10.

        As this song was also released as a single there is no valid youtube link available in the UK.


        This song is a different style to the other songs on this album. This song is more upbeat and pink raps/speaks the versus rather than sings them. Her vocals are not that great in this song and she has the ability to do a lot better than this. The lyrics describe respect for women, however in my personal opinion I do not think the lyrics are that catchy or interesting. In my opinion the best lines of this song are in the verse.

        "Let 'em know it ain't easy

        I don't like this song that much so I would only give it 4/10. I think by Pinks standards her other songs are a lot better.

        Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rc6ZakyelI&feature=related

        **18 Wheeler**

        I like this song, it has a Pink thing about it. I sat here for a while wondering what exactly I meant by the "Pink" thing, and I have come to the conclusion that it's the sad, but not overly sad, lyrics, steady beat however it doesn't make you feel sad like some depressive songs do. I think the reason for this is that the opening lines are "You can't get me down" however I think this is also the general pink feeling.

        The lyrics basically say you can do anything to me and I won't get down, perhaps this is why you get such a strange mix of feelings when listening to this song. Her voice is really good in this song, the versus are sung very well, better than the choruses. The lyrics in this are slightly less catchy than her normal songs but they are full of meaning. Although not totally clean the lyrics are not that explicit. My favourite lyrics in this song are,

        "You can push me out the window
        I'll just get back up"

        I think I would give this song 8/10.

        Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qVBzn-MyIo&feature=related

        **Family Portrait**

        This song was her fourth and final single which was released from the album Missundaztood. This song got to number 11 in the UK, which I find very surprising as I love this song a lot. The song addresses the issues of a family being torn apart my a divorce and is told from the eyes of a child who is stuck in the middle. Her vocals in this song are beautiful, she sings the song very well and the sadness and despair comes across so well.

        The lyrics are beautiful. They portray so well how a child feels when a family is being torn apart and they feel as though it is their fault. The lyrics are sad however are full of meaning. Perhaps the reason I like this song so much is because it was one of the few things that me and my sister feel connected back then. Although my parents did not divorce the song describes the normal family arguments which every child can relate to. I love all the lyrics in this song but two of the lines which I particularly connect with are ,

        "Daddy please stop yellin, I can't stand the sound,
        Make mamma stop cryin, cuz I need you around"

        I think this song is amazing, which you have probably guessed so I would give it 10/10 without hesitation.

        Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6WAgXbYYgE&feature=related


        This song is quite slow compared to the others and could be said to be in the Blues genre. The song is about how you feel when someone you love leaves you and the heartache which you feel. The lyrics in this song are quite repetitive but they are quite good and fit very well. Pinks vocals in this song are very good and she expresses the feel of this song very well.

        "Oh! And oh misery! Oh misery!
        Tell me why does my heart make a fool of me"

        This song is a nice change compared to the others. I think I would give this song a 7/10.

        Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlAtrY2zkso&feature=related

        **Dear Diary**

        This track is about all the bad things that happen in life and how you are unable to tell other people your secrets for fear of them being told. The only person she can tell is her diary, hence the title dear diary. This track is fairly typical of Pink with a slow and simple drum rhythm in the background. The electric guitar over the top plays the tune which Pink sings along to. Her vocals are good in this song as they are strong and express the tone of the song well.

        The lyrics of this song are unsurprisingly quite depressing as they are about secrets of the bad things she has done. The lyrics almost convey that she has come to a dead end and has nowhere left to go. They are catchy lyrics as they are fairly repetitive. I think the lyrics that convey the sort of song this is are,

        "I've got a guardian angel tattooed on my shoulder
        She's been watching over me"

        I like this song however it is quite repetitive which I think brings down the quality of the song. I would give this song 6.5/10.

        Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykTs8Z0YE4Y&feature=related


        The backing to this song is basically a constant drum beat with an electric guitar playing a simple tune over the top. Pinks voice comes out strong with the backing and the tune of the song is sung out clearly. This song like many of the others is slow and sad. The lyrics are original and although the theme is common between many of her songs Pink still manages to make each song individual. My favourite lyrics in this song are:

        "Shame on you if you fool once
        Shame on me if you fool me twice"

        I would give this song 8/10 as I think the lyrics are good and Pink sings it very well.

        Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNAULenDIY4&feature=related

        **Lonely girl**

        As the title suggests this song is also a sad song about now knowing who you actually are. There isn't much to say about the instrumental backing to this song as it is fairly plain and the usual pink steady drum beat etc. I would say her vocals are pretty average in this song, she hasn't gone out of her ability range and it is a comfortable song for her to sing. However if you take time to listen to the lyrics in this song, you realise that they are actually quite meaningful.

        "I'm lookin' for a way to become
        The person that I dreamt of when I was sixteen"

        I would give this song 7/10.

        Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXn5ooXBIiM&feature=related


        This song is about relationships and a messy one at that. This song pretty much shows how a relationship should not be and how you become accustomed to being hurt. The backing is different to the others because the beat and liveliness of the tune changes throughout the tune making the song different to the others even though the theme of sadness is the same as many other songs. Her vocals are good in this song and they accompanied well by the backing. The lyrics are quite repetitive and I think let the song down slightly because if they were slightly better this would be an awesome track. My favourite lyrics in this song are

        "Like the coldest winter, I am frozen from you
        I was weak before now you made me so numb"

        Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmDLZFi6xTk&feature=related

        **Gone to California**

        This song is actually very meaningful. I think it portrays an image of California, not necessarily accurately, very well. The backing is simple and steady and does not distract you from the lyrics. There is even a trumpet solo in the middle which is played beautifully and reflects the mood of the song so well. The vocals are really good in this song and are even used as a backing to the trumpet solo. The lyrics are also very good, they are original and not repetitive. I think the following lyrics are very meaningful in today's society,

        "Have you heard the news today?
        A woman in north philly is mourning
        The bullet took another son away"

        I would give this song a 9.5/10 and I think it is an underappreciated song.

        Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihfr7tXv6s8&feature=related

        **My Vietnam**

        This song is titled as such because Pink sings about the Vietnam she is facing, life. The backing I a typical Pink song, it is unimportant and not significant or advance in any way. Her vocals are not that strong in this song, and in my opinion she is capable of better than how she sings this song. The lyrics are quite good, however I do think they are a little repetitive. My favourite lyrics in this song are:

        "Never like school that much, they tried to teach
        Me better
        But I just wasnt hearing it because I thought I
        Was already pretty clever"

        I would give this song 5.5/10.

        Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWUdH_iQ4h4&feature=related

        **Catch 22**

        The final track on this album. This song is actually quite clever it is half spoken and half sung. The part that is spoken is basically various things that are said throughout a flight. The part that is sung are still related to lying but not o directly. The beat is fairly lively but very steady throughout. Her vocals are not great in this song, firstly only half the song is sung and to be honest the bits that are sung are fairly plain and simple and are repeated throughout the song. However it does seem as though this song was just made to be the closing song to the album. The lyrics are ok, fairly repetitive. I think this song is a good closing song, nothing too big or special just an average fairly unnoticeable song. My favourite lyrics in this song are the following because I think it sums up what most people would like!

        "You wanna have your cake
        And you wanna eat it too"

        I would give this song 6/10.

        The youtube link for this song is not the same as the others however I think it seems to be the same quality as the actual song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqBCavigo8c


        I think this album is great. There are so many great songs on the album in my opinion which I hope I have portrayed in my review. It is difficult to get bored of Pink which is always great especially when you invest hard earned money into it! Even though one or two tracks are a bit boring the majority of the songs are really good. The average album doesn't have this many good songs on so definitely worth investing in. Even though the album is fairly old, I still think it is one of those classic albums which are worth investing in. I bought this album from Woolworths (sniff) many years ago back in 2002 for £9.99. However it is now available on amazon for £4.98 so worth the money if you are a Pink fan.

        Thanks for reading.


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          05.08.2009 11:32
          Very helpful



          A really varied album

          Well, this was the first Pink album I ever bought and it brings back a lot of memories of those angsty times at 6th form college!

          This album shows a rockier side to Pink which (although I didn't know it at the time) was a change from her previous RnB persona. I'd never really heard of her when she released her first album. If I remember rightly, this is the CD that made her a star.

          Here's a track-by-track review of this CD:

          1. Get The Party Started - This is a great dance song with a cool beat. It was all over the music channels and played in loads of bars and clubs while I was at college. A great song to dance to.

          2. 18 Wheeler - A relaxed, upbeat, positive song about getting up after you've been knocked down.

          3. M!ssundaztood - A bit of a weird one: it's got a strong beat but Pink's random grunts at the end are a bit offputting!

          4. Dear Diary - A quiet song, not one of the best but there are some strong lyrics.

          5. Eventually - A sad song, presumably about Pink's experiences of being famous and having loads of shallow people around her.

          6. Numb - One of the best songs on the album IMO, very strong, shouty and rocky.

          7. Just Like A Pill - Another rocky song with a great melody.

          8. Family Portrait - This isn't my favourite song music-wise, but the lyrics are really heartfelt and hats off to Pink for dealing with a tough subject.

          9. Misery (w/Steven Tyler) - I usually skip this song to be honest - it's impressive that Pink got someone like Steven Tyler to sing on her album but it's quite a slow song and I find it quite boring.

          10. Respect (w/Scratch) - No idea who Scratch is, but this song's pretty catchy, and Pink's not bad at rapping.

          11. Don't Let Me Get Me - My favourite song on the album and one of my favourite Pink songs ever. I only wish it was longer! A really good rocky song with a great melody. Fab anthem for angsty teens!

          12. Gone To California - I'm not too keen on this song either, it's a bit slow and dull and I usually skip it.

          13. Lonely Girl (w/Linda Perry) - Another of my favourites. When Linda Perry's involved you know it's going to be good.

          14. My Vietnam - This song has a really strong beat and is very powerful. An unusual subject for a song on an album aimed at teenagers, but it works.

          15. Catch 22 (bonus track) - Pink's impersonation of an air hostess is a bit random, and the song's not great, but hey, it's a bonus track so it doesn't really matter.

          This album is impressive for showcasing Pink's ability to do different types of music: pop, rock, RnB, dance and even rap. I used to listen to it all the time and she became one of my favourite artists. She's come a long way since then but it's really interesting to go back to this album and see when she started to take a more rockier direction. If you're a Pink fan but only own her newer albums, take a chance and give this a listen.


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          08.07.2009 08:27
          Very helpful



          Lyrically brilliant though sometimes lacking in terms of musical quality

          P!nk is one of those popstars that just doesn't give a f***. It's hard to believe that it's almost a decade since this bright and feisty star burst onto the scene. She may not be reinventing music as we know it but she has a raw talent and a very outlandish and crazy attitude and personality that shine through into her songs and in my opinion, she is one of the best singers around at the moment and miles ahead of all her shallow, looks orientated peers.

          It wasn't always an easy ride for the singer though. Her debut record released two years prior to this had a much more RnB led sound to it as that's what most people adopt to make it big in her home country of America.

          However, P!nk was unhappy with her sound and refused to become another pop puppet and rebelled when working on her follow up album 'M!ssundaztood'. Despite the awful spelling in the title, P!nk created a record that would become one of the best global sellers of 2002 and launch her in the spotlight where she has stayed for the past seven years delivering three more albums and a huge array of diverse and brilliant songs. Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes fame has a strong presence on the songs here whilst top producer Dallas Austin also has a hand in some of the album's stronger moments.

          It's easy to still see the RnB roots attached to a small portion of 'M!ssundaztood', but a large amount of the songs on the album are very pop-rock orientated which paves the way for the sound P!nk has adopted for her career. There's also a lot of issues and trauma being let out here in very angsty and angry songs. It seems P!nk had a lot to deal with at the time and this album is a perfect excuse for her to confront her troubled youth and inner demons. 'Don't Let Me Get Me' is a wonderful example of this. It has a very retro sounding beat to it and despite it's fun and fresh pop-rock sounding chorus, the lyrics are exceptionally deep and will most likely touch anybody who listens. We've all felt like we're fighting ourselves and we're going to lose and we've all had moments where we've wished we could be somebody else.

          P!nk creates a song that has a very dark atmosphere but fun music to not make it too morbid. This isn't true of 'Family Portrait' though. A dark and sad story of a family been broken apart. P!nk is very emotive on this RnB fueled number. It's one of the most passionate and deepest moments on the record and you can almost hear the pleading in P!nk's voice when she sings the chorus.

          Opening song 'M!ssundazood' has a typical and generic RnB beat thumping along in the background. However, it's a much more mellow and laid back song as P!nk lays the foundations for what this record is actually all about. Her vocals sound so different here than they do on other tracks. Almost relaxed and rather bored compared to her usual angsty and emotive stance.

          'Just Like A Pill' is my favourite track here. The line 'been trying to call the nurse again, but she's being a little bitch', has nothing to do with that I swear! I just found the track to be very true of a situation I'd gone through. P!nk uses the metaphor of drug addiction for a dangerous relationship and the track has that almost retro feel to it that 'Don't Let Me Get Me' also possesses.

          'Get The Party Started' is possibly the most known track from this album. It also stands out as it sounds completely different to anything else on the CD and indeed anything P!nk has done since. As much as I find it's rather upbeat and energetic music catchy and exciting, the song itself just doesn't seem to suit P!nk. It has the attitude but it lacks that certain something that makes her songs worth listening to over and over. Her vocals sound very robotic and almost like you're hearing the song from underwater. It's a creative and fine piece of music but not something I would go back to.

          Other songs like '18 Wheeler' have a very catchy hook that makes you want to get up and dance but P!nk carries the songs a lot better than 'Get The Party Started'. Lyrically it's not as strong as other songs but it still has a buzz to it that makes you keep wanting more.

          I feared that P!nk was slipping into the traditional trap of filling the end of the album with ballads and such. 'Dear Diary' has a rather upbeat melody flowing along in the background though the song itself is anything but. It doesn't really have a typical structure as it plays just like a diary entry itself.
          P!nk's voice sounds far away and I don't really like that effect when listening to the track as it takes away the impact of what she's singing. Final track 'My Vietnam' is another of these moments but is at least a solid ending to the song covering topics such as war and world hunger.

          Sadly the last few songs all started to sound the same and my worst fears had been confirmed. It was a very different sound for P!nk and is not something she does often. You can feel her vulnerability and the lyrics are still outstanding particulary on 'Lonely Girl' but the music itself sounds very washed out and bland, like it's just been randomly thrown together without a lot of thought going into it. Things pick up with the very moody and rock fueled song that is 'Numb'. It cripples your senses and just leaves you speechless. There is a lot of pain in the song but that is masked by the ferocious music that just seems to get stormier and stormier as the song progresses.

          Sadly P!nk's very strong and adamant start to 'M!ssundaztood' ends with a lot of songs that are a tad out of character. The majority of these still sound fabulous and work well together but it feels as if the album would be better on shuffle so you weren't bombarded with them all at once.

          This is P!nk, just starting out. It's clear she has a lot to get off her plate and the perfectly crafted songs here do that just fine. Her vocals are a bit inconsistant and the production sounds very dated listening to it now, seven years on. A lot of the songs haven't really aged well and sound rather cheesy and weird to listen to when you think of the ambitious and outrageous star we have in our midst now who delivers hits like 'So What' for instance. However, 'M!ssundazood', is a perfect pillar for P!nk's career. It shows artistic development from her previous album and even more so from this record to those that follow. The songs here are deep and meaningful but also really great to listen to and P!nk has combined just the right amount of rockier, uptempo numbers with slower moments to produce a very strong record. It's probably only second in her back catalogue to 'I'm Not Dead' and well deserves a listen or two.


          01 - M!ssundaztood
          02 - Don't Let Me Get Me
          03 - Just Like A Pill
          04 - Get The Party Started
          05 - Respect
          06 - 18 Wheeler
          07 - Family Portrait
          08 - Misery
          09 - Dear Diary
          10 - Eventually
          11 - Lonely Girl
          12 - Numb
          13 - Gone To California
          14 - My Vietnam


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            13.04.2009 16:18
            Very helpful



            An album definitely worth owning

            === Who is Pink? ===

            Pink (or P!nk) is the stage name of two-time Grammy award winning American singer-songwriter Alecia Beth Moore who after gaining prominence in 2000 has had continued success around the world. Pink's music fits into many different genres including Rock, Pop and R&B and generally her albums consist of a mixture of musical types. Her songs have also appeared in numerous films, including Princess Diaries and Moulin Rouge and she herself has also made movie appearances.

            === Her Albums ===

            Up to date Pink has released five studio albums: Can't Take Me Home (2000), Missundaztood (2001), Try This (2003), I'm Not Dead (2006) and Funhouse (2008). Can't Take Me Home is classified as having an R&B sound but Pink wanted to perform the type of music she liked and so the rest of her albums have a more consistent Rock-Pop sound.

            === Missundaztood ===

            Missundaztood was the album that saw Pink take more control over the music that she created and therefore the tracks on this album highlight the sound that she herself wished to portray. The album was a worldwide success peaking at number 6 in the US and number 2 in the UK. Most of the songs on the album tell stories close to Pink's heart or at least one that are very prominent to society and therefore have the ability to have a large impact on the listening audience. Four of the fifteen songs on the album were released as singles with one reaching the top spot in the UK charts.

            This album comes complete with a small 10 page booklet, which contains a couple of pictures of Pink plus the lyrics to all of the songs on the album. I must say however that the lyrics can be a bit difficult to read as some of them are printed in pink font on a black or brown background and because the font is small this can make it a little uneasy for the eyes.

            === Track Listing ===

            1. Get The Party Started
            2. 18 Wheeler
            3. Missundaztood
            4. Dear Diary
            5. Eventually
            6. Numb
            7. Just Like A Pill
            8. Family Portrait
            9. Misery featuring Steven Tyler
            10. Respect featuring Scratch
            11. Don't Let Me Get Me
            12. Gone to California
            13. Lonely Girl featuring Linda Perry
            14. My Vietnam
            15. Catch-22

            === Track Breakdown ===

            This track was the first single release from the album and peaked at number 2 in the UK charts. The song has a strong rock-pop feel from the start and extremely catchy lyrics. The vocal style of the track is also quite unique and gives the song a bit of an edge.
            'Get this party started on a Saturday night
            Everybody's waiting for me to arrive
            Sending out a message to all of my friends
            We'll be looking flashy in my Mercedes Benz'

            TWO - 18 WHEELER
            This song has a very strong beat from the outset and once again the lyrics are rather catchy and off the cuff like in the previous track. There is though a couple of points in the track were swear words are only just cut. The vocals are however more harmonising than before and this mix really adds something to the song as a whole.
            'You can push me out the window
            I'll just get back up
            You can run over we with your 18 wheeler truck
            And I won't give a f***'

            This track begins with a steady beat but no other backing sound, this enables Pink to show off her voice on a plain background and I must admit it sounds rather good. The catchy backing track then filter in and out throughout the song and adds another dimension to the voice being shown off. At moments however I must say that the voice seems to sound better with the accompaniment. Furthermore the somewhat grunting and talking at the end of the track isn't particularly appealing. The lyrics for the track are also reasonable and tell a decent story of being misunderstood.
            'There's a voice I am hearing
            Saying it's alright
            I was taken for granted
            But it's all good'

            FOUR - DEAR DIARY
            This track has a more sombre feel to it than the previous ones despite the steady beat. The song is also the first one that tells a solid story from the start to the beginning. If you listen to the words closely you get a real feeling for the emotion behind the written (or sung) words.
            'I've been down every road'
            You could go
            I've made some bad choices
            As you know'

            FIVE - EVENTUALLY
            This track is another one with a more sombre and emotional feel to it like the last track. The harmonising in this track however is much better in my opinion and the emotion within the lyrics comes through from the outset. This in itself makes the song more personnel to the artist and allows the story inside to filter through.
            'Surrounded by familiar faces with no name
            None of them know me
            Or want to share my pain
            They only wish to bask in my light
            Then fade away'

            SIX - NUMB
            This song sees a return to the heavier rock style of track that the start of the album saw. The track still has a story within it but I must admit that it is harder to understand because of the punctuating backing track and the sections of whispered lyrics.
            'At times I would push my feelings aside to let you feel
            I'm novocaine I'm numb and nothings real
            Like the coldest winter
            I am frozen from you'

            SEVEN - JUST LIKE A PILL
            Just Like a Pill tells the story of Pink's drug addiction as a teenage and was the third single release from the album. The track did exceptionally well and became Pink's first number one single in the UK. The track has a steady and direct beat but the harmonies within the chorus are what stand out the most. The emotion that is transferred through the verse lyrics in also very impressive.
            'I haven't moved from the spot where you left me
            It must be a bad trip
            All of the other pills were different
            Maybe I should get some help'

            This track tells the story the effect of arguments and divorce on the children within the family. The track was released as the fourth single from the album and peaked at number eleven in the UK charts although I personally think it should have done much better. The track like most of the others on the album has a strong and steady beat. The vocals themselves are very strong and the harmonised chorus is wonderful with a rather unique sound. The lyrics themselves are sublime in my opinion and overall the track is strong enough to rival Just Like A Pill.
            'In our family portrait
            We look pretty happy
            Let's play pretend, let's act like it
            Comes naturally
            I don't want to have to split the holidays
            I don't want to addresses'

            From the outset this track has a more R&B feel than any of the other on the album and the style of the song really suits this. Pink and Tyler harmonise together very well throughout the track and seem to compliment and contrast each other perfectly.
            'Misery... Misery
            Tell me why does my heart make a fool out of me
            Seems it's my destiny
            For love to cause me misery'

            I must admit that the start of this song is a little strange and the rap style of the song doesn't in my opinion suit the song. Once the track moves into a more harmonising style however it is much more effective in my opinion and becomes rather enjoyable to listen to. Unfortunately however the spoken sections just ruin the song for me.
            'hey ladies, yeah?
            Let 'em know it ain't easy

            ELEVEN - DON'T LET ME GET ME
            Don't Let Me Get Me was the second single release from this album and peaked at number 8 in the UK charts. I must admit that I really do like this song and the story that it is telling. In fact this song is probably my favourite song on the album and I can't understand why it didn't do better in the charts. The harmonies throughout are exceptionally song and the overall feel of the song is quite up beat despite the downtrodden message of the lyrics.
            'Everyday I fight a war against the mirror
            Can't take the person staring back at me
            I'm a hazard to myself
            Don't let me get me
            I'm my own worst enemy'

            This track has a completely different feel and sound to all of the other tracks on the album. It starts of with some near spoken lyrics and then moves into a still near spoken chorus, although harmonies do move. I must say however that all though I am not generally a fan of this type of song I don't mind this track at all, as the story it tells makes up for the spoken sections.
            'Everybody's dying
            Have you heard the news today?
            A woman in north Philly is mourning
            The bullet took another son away'

            The steady beat with an infiltration of guitar sections makes the backing track for this track quite effective. This combined with some rather lovely harmonised sections, the contrasting voice of Linda Perry and a strong set of lyrics makes this track a real pleasure to listen to.
            'Do you even know how you are?
            I'm still trying to find
            A borrowed dream or a superstar?
            Everybody wants to be
            Is life good to you, or is it bad?
            I can't tell anymore'

            This is another of my favourite tracks on the album simply because of the story that the lyrics tell. Furthermore the limited backing track allows some rather unique vocals to come through. In my opinion Pink really shows is in this track that she is both an exceptional songwriter and singer.
            'This is my Vietnam
            I'm at war
            Life keeps on dropping bombs
            And I keep score'

            FIFTEEN - CATCH-22
            This song is rather humorous in my opinion and the lyrics do make me titter a little bit. I must say now however that some people will be rather taken by the language used within it, which at times really doesn't seem necessary. The song starts and ends as if Pink is an airline stewardess and sections in-between verses reinstate this adding dimension to the track. The chorus to the track is very catchy in my opinion and the harmonies are solid. The verses however aren't as consistent and the spoken style makes another return.
            'Here we go
            We're jumping off the wings
            We're going round in circles
            It's a Catch 22'

            On the whole this album is an exceptionally strong one for Pink and definitely one that is wroth listening to. I will admit that there are a couple of songs that I would class as weak links but the rest of the tracks are definitely worth a place on your I-Pod.


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              13.09.2008 18:59
              Very helpful



              Just not up to the level that her most recent two albums are. x

              I started off this review with very high hopes. I had not listened to the CD before all the way through, I knew quite a few of the tracks and listened to them a lot on my Ipod, however this review didn't turn out as well as I thought, here's why:

              Who is Pink?

              Pink is an American singer/songwriter, who is most famous for tracks like Get The Party Started, Who Knew and Feel Good Time. She is also famous for her pink hair, which she died when she first came up with her stage name Pink. Her real name is Alicia Moore. This is the second album out of four, this is my opinion:

              The Album

              The tracks listings:

              Track 1- Get The Party Started

              This is very poppy, which is weird for Pink really. However this is one of her best known songs. It's the first track released off this album and never made it to number one, but it shot Pink to fame. This track is brilliant, nothing amazing with the lyrics and her vocals are not as powerful as other tracks; however it's a great dance track that everyone remembers, and really this is what sells.

              This is a lot like the old Pink and you never really see it again after M!ssundastood, it's quite a teen effort almost, it doesn't seem to have the maturity that her other songs did, however that can't take it away from the fact that a lot of people love this track, it ticks all of the right boxes, it makes you want to get up and dance, it's good lyrically, it's great vocally, but for me, it's just a bit too immature and has never been a favourite of mine.
              Memorable Lyrics: "Get this party started on a Saturday night
              Everybody's waitin for me to arrive
              Sendin' out the message to all of my friends
              We'll be lookin flashy in my Mercedes Benz
              I got lotsa style, got my gold diamond rings
              I can go for miles if you know what I mean
              I'm comin' up so you better you better get this party started
              I'm comin' up so you better you better get this party started"
              Rating: 7/10 (Some people's favourites but as a big fan of Pink's most recent work, it's a bit too juvenile)

              Track 2- 18 Wheeler

              Only Pink could sing a song like this and pull it off. It's not brilliantly sung, it's not got the best lyrics however it's still a nice song to listen to. Her voice is very smooth and soft in the verses and it actually works a lot better than I thought it would, I think I was a bit skeptic about someone singing a song called 18 Wheeler, but I really enjoyed it.

              I may have enjoyed this song, but there's nothing special here, I cannot help but compare this album to her latest two albums 'Try This' and 'I'm Not Dead' which had some fantastic songs and what was amazing about them was not only her vocals but her lyrics as well. This track is just a bit too poppy for my liking and doesn't have the rock tone underneath like a lot Pink tracks have.

              All together though so far, I've been slightly disappointed. I know I'm reviewing the CD's slightly backwards, but I do think so far with these two tracks, she started off quite weak.

              Memorable Lyrics: "You can push me out the window
              I'll just get back up
              You can run over me with your 18 wheeler truck
              And I won't give a fuck
              You can hang me like a slave
              I'll go underground
              You can run over me with your 18 wheeler but
              You can't keep me down, down, down, down"

              Rating: 7/10 (A good track, better than I expected but could have been so much better)

              Track 3- M!ssundastood

              Awful, this is the title track, and I actually have to admit I don't remember ever hearing it before and I can see why. Who the hell is singing this track cause you'd never guess that it's Pink. Where are her husky vocals? Where are the amazing lyrics? Where is the great production? Everything falls of the window of this song.

              I'm a big fan of Pink's big voice, which always sounds unique, however on this track there's nothing special about her voice, not even in little places, it's so juvenile sounding and it just never seems to work. The instruments just make it worse and don't work alongside her voice.

              A very poor song which shocked me as I thought Pink would have delivered from the start. Near the end she gives some stupid grunts and this just makes the song even stupid. Not worth listening too at all.

              Memorable Lyrics: "But you don't in my luxuries
              And its me, I know I know my name
              Cuz I say it proud
              Everything I want I always do
              Lookin' for the right track
              Always on the wrong track
              But all you're catchin' are these tracks that I'm
              layin' down for you"

              Rating: 1/10 (Not as bad as other artists, but an awful song for Pink)

              Track 4- Dear Diary

              I have no idea what's going on with this album so far, I rated Get The Party started quite low because I was expected so much better as I know they are coming but I think we're going to have to listen to some awful songs before we get to them.

              She seems to be pulling her voice back, there's no let loose, she doesn't even get to her powerful voice at all in the whole song. The lyrics are nice, I'll give this song that, and the lyrics do make it better, however I was expecting so much more from this album and so far she hasn't delivered.

              The song is not a stand out, I'm sure I've listened to this album before, but I have no recollection of ever hearing this song before, it's very unmemorable and there's no real 'Pink' signature on the song. No attitude, no amazing vocals. Just good lyrics.

              Memorable Lyrics: "Dear, dear diary, I want to tell my secrets
              Cuz you're the only one that I know who'll keep
              Dear, dear diary, I want to tell my secrets
              I know you'll keep them, and this is what I've

              Rating: 5/10 (An okay song, not unlistenable as M!ssundastood was, but still awful vocals compared to other tracks)

              Track 5- Eventually

              The vocals on this track are so much better than the other tracks previously. However and it's a big however, this is not a good song. It's an okay song. Pink attempts the first ballad of the album and it doesn't really work, the music doesn't go well with her voice and you always feel she's pulling back with her vocals.

              The song is very slow and calm and you just feel like your missing something, which you are. There's no power here, it's an okay listenable song, but there's nothing that the lot of us have come to expect from Pink.

              It's an alright song, there's nothing special; you cannot say her voice isn't good on this track but it's not amazing and not as powerful as I would have liked. I think the music is just awful alongside her music as well. Again this track reminds me slightly of something Christina Aguerlia would produce, not the brilliance that is Pink.

              Memorable Lyrics: "Surrounded by familiar faces without names
              None of them know me or want to share my pain
              And they only wish to bask in my light, then fade

              Rating: 5/10 (Another okay song, nothing special, her vocals are better than some but not brilliant)

              Track 6- Numb

              Just another good song, nothing too special, another disappointing track. This is a rock number, however nothing seems to fit into place. Her vocals aren't as good as we all know they are and I think the instrumentals just work against her and not for her.

              The production of this track is awful, it becomes a very unlistenable track and just a bit too aggressive for my liking. I think with Pink you always seem to expect something special from her and so far on the album there has been nothing, none of the stuff that we expect from her, and I think most people who have just brought the CD would have stopped at this point and turned it off, however I myself know what's about to come, so I'm ignoring all of these 'bad' songs and just going straight for track 7.

              Overall this track is pretty boring, unmemorable and just plain boring, nothing special, not rocky enough and just doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the album.

              Memorable Lyrics: "I was weak before now you made me so numb
              I can't feel much for you anymore
              I gave you my all, my baby
              I'm numb, numb, numb"

              Rating: 4/10 (Another awful track, nothing seems to work well together, even the lyrics are that magnificent)

              Track 7- Just Like A Pill

              The best track on the album so far, I think Pink's vocals aren't up to her best, however it's a brilliant song. I had to make a powerpoint presentation back for GCSE's about drugs and the effects and I used this in the background and it worked perfectly. I think the strong point about this song is definitely the lyrics and the way that Pink delivers them. Not in a strong and powerful way, but with so much emotion you really find yourself listening.

              This is not as rocky as I would have liked, I think it would have been better a bit louder and for Pink to let loose a bit, however this slow track about someone that hurts her and again she's using metaphors in the way of saying he's just like a pill, he's not making her better, and he keeps making her ill. I think the lyrics are strong and really make this track what it is.

              This is probably one of my favourite tracks from Pink, I think it's powerful, despite me not thinking that her vocals are amazing. I'm struggling to put this bit into words, I think that this is the type of song that could have only have been sung by Pink and this is the reason why people love it so much. There's a lot of attitude in the song, and this is what most of us have come to know as Pink.

              This track is a lot better than the last 6 tracks; I think it is so much better than Get The Party Started, well worth checking out.
              Memorable Lyrics: "I'm lyin' here on the floor where you left me
              I think I took too much
              I'm crying here, what have you done?
              I thought it would be fun, I can't stay on your life support, there's a
              shortage in the switch,
              I can't stay on your morphine, cuz its making me
              I said I tried to call the nurse again but shes
              being a little b***h,
              I think I'll get outta here, where I can"
              Rating: 9/10 (The first very strong track on the album, the lyrics are just amazing and delivered with such emotion)

              Track 8- Family Portrait

              The strongest track on the album by far and the one that I have been waiting for. Pink changes her vocals and is not as powerful as I would have liked, but it works perfectly for this song. The song is about Pink living through her parents divorce and Pink wanting them to resolve their problems and become a family again.

              I think this track really touches anyone who has witnessed their parents go through a divorce and Pink manages to appeal to everyone whose had this problem. It appeals to me and I think the reason is, is because the honesty within Pink's voice and in the lyrics. I think this must have been a difficult song for her to write, but it's so moving and so real that you can't help but fall in love with it.

              This is the vocals I'm talking about, we haven't got to witness them throughout the whole album so far, she manages to put every ounce of emotion into her vocals and delivers this amazing performance. The production of this song is brilliant, the instrumentals are not too powerful, the beat is very strong and works very well with Pink's voice and the song. It provides a great base for the song and it's one that you'll remember.

              I think the song is one of the best she's ever done, I once heard it done acoustically on Radio One's Live Lounge and I have to say it was just amazing. Pink's vocals were raw and it worked so much better than this and that's really saying something. An amazing and inspiring track.
              Memorable Lyrics: "You fight about money, bout me and my brother
              And this I come home to, this is my shelter
              It ain't easy growin up in World War III
              Never knowin what love could be, you'll see
              I don't want love to destroy me like it has done
              my family"
              Rating: 10/10 (The best track so far on the album, very poignant lyrics and very emotional lyrics, brilliantly delivered by Pink)

              Track 9- Misery

              I think this one would have been a high rate just for the fact that the god that is Steven Tyler's vocals appear on this track. This song is a lot slower and a bit more jazzier than Pink's other tracks and it's a delight to listen. Two of the huskiest voice's in rock join together and I don't think there's been a duet with a man and a woman that's worked as well as this.

              A very strong song and I think Pink's vocals really pick up after Family Portrait and her vocals are just so raw and pure on this track and work so well alongside Tyler whose of course brilliant as always. The song does have a very strong jazz/blues beat to it, which is different material for both Pink and Steve Tyler, however they pull it off so well.

              This track is seriously gorgeous, not only are the vocals amazing, the lyrics are brilliant as are all of the instruments in the background, they accentuate Pink and Steven Tyler's vocals and really make this song what it is.

              I think this is a great addition to the album, very bluesy song which is different for the both of them, but I think their vocals are just right for each other. They both have quite husky and raw voices and it works so well when they come together in the chorus. The track is one of the best on the album and I myself had never even heard of this track before. It does remind me slightly of another song, especially when they're going into the chorus, I hear 'When a man loves a woman' instead of what they are about to say.

              It's not as good as Family Portrait, however it's still getting the same rate as it can be nothing less than a 10/10

              Memorable Lyrics: "Shadows are fallin' all over town
              Another night and these blues got me down
              Oh, misery! I sure could use some company
              Since he's been gone I ain't been the same
              I carry the weight like an old ball and chain
              Guess its all meant to be
              For love to cause me misery"

              Rating: 10/10 (Not as good as Family Portrait but still amazing)

              Track 10- Respect

              I really didn't think I would like this song and I don't think it's as good as the previous two, but damn is Pink a good rapper. Never expected that. This is not a copy of Respect by Aretha, it's a completely different track all together, even from all of Pink's work. She manages to hold her vocals and the lyrics are brilliant as usual.

              I think this track is one of the best on the album and I'm pleasantly surprised that I liked it, it's a very different and unique song from Pink, she goes down a road that she never covers again, I can see why, it may be a very good song, but it's not Pink kind of music, it works but not as well as her other tracks.

              Overall this was a very good track, I think as soon as I heard it I was dreading writing this part of the review as I thought, what a crap song this is, but now it's so much better.
              Memorable Lyrics: "Pick up lines like "What's your sign" won't get
              you anyplace
              When me and all my girls go walking down the
              It seems we can't go anywhere without a car that
              goes "Beep-beep"
              Rating: 8/10 (A very good rap track, Pink pulls it off)

              Track 11- Don't Let Me Get Me

              I adore this song, I think even more than Family Portrait. I've seen many different names for this track, I always thought it was called 'Hazard To Myself' but learnt when I brought the album it's called Don't Let me Get Me.

              An awesome song, I think what makes this song so brilliant is the lyrics. Very poignant and very clever lyrics, she's talking about not liking who you are and wanting to be someone else. Very good lyrics and they're memorable lyrics. Even after hearing them once, you remember at least one part of the song, most people always remember the chorus, but I love the start to this song, very good lyrics and her vocals are very strong here.

              This is very much a teen angst song and perfect for me, I could listen to it over and over again, I think however the reason it didn't get 11/10 is because I found the ending disappointing when the start was so brilliant. It starts with a great guitar intro and then the guitar playing a few chords for each line that she sings and then the drums hit in.

              The lyrics and her vocals make this song very catchy; you'll always find yourself singing along, a very good song, one that I think a lot of people would have heard before.

              Memorable Lyrics: "Everyday I fight a war against the mirror, I can't take the person staring back at me, I'm a hazard to myself, Don't let me get me, I'm not own worst enemy, It's bad when you annoy yourself, so irritating, don't wanna be my friend no more, I wanna be someone else"

              Rating: 10/10 (Another very strong track, I think it would be better than Family Portrait if... the ending was as good as the start. It just doesn't end like I would have wanted it too)

              Track 12- Gone To California

              One of the weaker tracks on the album, but still a very nice track. This is a very slow track and doesn't really go anywhere. Pink is singing about she's going to California to live in the summer sun. It's not a fun track to listen to like the previous ones, but it's just an okay track.

              I think this is the sort of track that you'd skip if you were listening to it, after the likes of Don't Let Me Get Me and Family Portrait you really expected the album to get better but it really doesn't. It feels like you've been slightly let down after those brilliant tracks and I'm sure that some people like it, but it really doesn't fit in with the rest of the style.

              Another bum track after a great list of songs, I really thought this album was beginning to look up, until this song, a very boring track and none of Pink's attitude within it.

              Memorable Lyrics: "I'm goin' to California
              To live in the summer sun
              The streets are made of silver
              I'm like a rabbit on the run"

              Rating: 5/10 (A very boring track, nothing great about it)

              Track 13- Lonely Girl

              A step up from Gone To California, it's listenable and Pink's vocals are very nice in it, but it's not Pink's music. It's like she's attempting to do something like Who Knew but it never really does work.

              This song features Linda Perry who I know helped Pink write some of the songs, I think the chorus is the best bit on the song. Quite memorable and that is why it's got a good rate. I think without the chorus with Linda Perry's voice really makes this song good, I don't think without it, I would be writing a good review about it.

              Pink's voice and Perry's voice are great in the chorus, Perry is asking questions and Pink is answering them. A very clever song, one that works so well with the beat and the lyrics. I don't think it's the best on the album, but it's definitely not the weakest.
              Memorable Lyrics: "Do you even know who you are?
              I guess I'm tryin' to find
              A borrowed dream or a superstar?
              I want to be a star
              Is life good to you or is it bad?
              I can't tell anymore
              Do you even know what you have?"
              Rating: 8/10 (An okay song, with a brilliant chorus. Pink's vocals are very strong in this track)

              Track 14- My Vietnam

              For those of you that read my other review on 'I'm Not Dead', Pink and her father who was a Vietnam war vet produced a song together and I think this is one of the earlier versions of what her father taught her and how she acts because of it. She talks about what her soldier father taught her.

              I don't think her vocals are up to par on this track, they sound a little winy and they don't really go with the acoustic guitar, awful production, I just think it's quite an unlistenable song and just a disappointment.

              I don't think song really goes anywhere, it doesn't get worse, it just stays as this boring and unmemorable song, which has a good introuduction with the sounds of bombs falling, but that's about it. Nothing special here at all.

              Memorable Lyrics: "Daddy was a soldier he taught me about freedom
              Peace and all the great things that we take
              advantage of"

              Rating: 3/10 (Nothing special, a disappointing track)

              Track 15- Catch 22

              The track starts off with Pink pretending to be an air hostess. I think by this time, I'm just so disappointed with the album that I wasn't really prepared for anything and you don't get anything.

              This track is another RnB track and it's much better than the previous track, but still there's nothing really special. It's got a bit more attitude than some of the other songs, but doesn't have Pink's amazing vocals and the lyrics aren't brilliant.

              It's just the story of the album; you don't really need to expect much, which is a great shame as her next two albums are fantastic.

              Rating: 6/10 (A good song, better than some, but still nothing special here)

              My Opinion

              I had never listened to this album all the way through before, it was so cheap that I just brought it, took the songs I liked and put them onto my Ipod and then left the CD in my CD stand. I never really paid any attention to it like I did I'm Not Dead.

              I've actually never regretted doing a review before, but this one I wish I hadn't have written, as my opinion of Pink and her music has changed completely. I know I have done these reviews slightly backwards. I first reviewed her most recent effort 'I'm Not Dead' and then 'Try This' which were both magnificent CD's full of some amazing music, however this album only has a few stand out tracks and they are not as good as the one's she produces later on.

              When I first listened to this album, I knew all of the good songs except Misery where she duets with Steven Tyler, and I think the rest just fail in comparison. None of them have the edge that the songs on I'm Not Dead or Try This have, Pink is all about the attitude but no where is the attitude, even the brilliant songs on the album, don't have the same attitude and same powerful voice that Pink is all about.

              I found this CD to be quite disappointing, which is why I sort of regret writing this review, it's made me realise what I thought would be a brilliant album, isn't and is quite disappointing and full of just okay ish songs.

              I've never heard a Pink song before, where I found in unlistenable until this album, but the likes of M!ssundastood and Gone To California are quite painful to listen to, none of the music works very well together in these tracks, it works against her voice and not with it. They're not brilliantly produced, it all seems like she rushed to get the album out.

              One of the things I always associate with Pink is fantastic lyrics, she's got some great lyrics, especially with the likes of Don't Let Me Get Me, but I think even the weaker songs on I'm Not Dead have better lyrics than that.

              The whole album just seems juvenile, I know she was only 21/22 when she released this album, but I really expected more maturity in the songs and for it not too be so commercial and poppy.

              She did release some brilliant songs off this album; the likes of Don't Let Me Get Me and Family Portrait really stick out. Don't Let Me Get Me is a personal favourite, I love the lyrics, and will always sing along when it's on. It's all about teenage angst and this really sticks out for me. I have heard better renditions of this song that what Pink produced as I don't think it's her best vocally. She seems to pull back a lot on her vocals and it would work a lot more if she sung it like she sung I'm Not Dead. I love the way she talks about other celebrities and compares herself to them. Brilliant and very unique lyrics.

              I was very disappointed by a lot of the tracks on the album, I really expected a lot more, I'm not a fan of RnB music which her first album Can't Take You Home is apparently filled with and I'm not a fan of poppy music, which is what this album is filled with. I think however it's good that she shows that she get's better with time. Try This wasn't as good as I'm Not Dead, so I can only imagine how brilliant her album out later this year is going to be.

              Her Vocals

              Poor, I think in about 3 songs you really hear her proper powerful voice and this is still pulled back, I think with Pink you always expect a powerful voice and with this album you don't get this.

              The Lyrics

              Good lyrics, Pink's a fantastic writer, no taking that away from her, hwoever they're no where near as good as some of the other's produced. The best on the album has to be Don't Let Me Get Me, and I think the poorest written songs on I'm Not Dead is a lot better than this. They're just okay.

              The Tracks

              If you're a fan of Pink then have a look for these tracks:

              Get The Party Started
              Family Portrait
              Don't Let Me Get Me

              These are the only ones on the album really worth listening too, there's nothing special about these tracks, there not as good as a lot of the ones of the other albums, but they are stand out tracks on this album.

              Overall- Should You Buy The Album

              No. Spend your money on Try This and I'm Not Dead which is filled with unique vocal talents and unique tracks, M!ssundastood really doesn't have any of this, it's just a disappointing listen. I'm sure a lot of you already have listened to the four I have mentioned, if not check out the links below and have a look, but stay well away from this album. Very likely I will be selling this CD as soon as I can, as it's really not a great addition to my collection.

              YouTube Links

              http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=rTlWqW6fSYc : Get The Party Started
              http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=qx10ZrVeKBk&feature=related : Don't Let Me Get Me (Great video)
              http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=NaEkohQWhOk : Misery feat Steven Tyler
              http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_Kwu8kanyFw : Family Portrait


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                23.08.2008 17:24
                Very helpful



                Missunderstood - Pink

                M!ssundaztood - Pink

                Now I don't remember getting this CD, my wife denies buying it and my son says 'yeh right, as if'.

                So how it got to us is a mystery, but as I am converting (still) my CD's to iTunes I thought I may as well give it a listen, especially as I recognise some of the songs. Released 2001.

                I'm really not sure what I would call this....pop? pop-rock? Pop-punk?

                ~~~The Tracks~~~
                1. Get the Party Started
                A single hit, quite up, catchy, fun, okay, bit girl power for me 6/10.

                2. 18 Wheeler
                Soft rock, a la Sheryl Crow, decent tune, good voice, but boring as hell. 2/10.

                3. M!ssundaztood
                Hip hop back beat synth style, then she tries to sing/rap over the beat, it is just wrong, does not work at all. Then a minute or so in she begins to rap less and sing more and music comes in, bass guitar, bit of trumpet, piano. The same verse and chorus over and over, just builds in more music as it progresses, okay. 6/10.

                4. Dear Diary
                Nice guitar riff opening, feels good, then a sultry, sexy, almost whispering Pink comes in, good start. It gets better, she is clearly talking to her diary. Reminds me a bit of 'All Saints' style R&B, yet has clear individuality to it. I actually quite like this. 7/10.

                5. Eventually
                Strong bass and drums start with a few organ chords thrown in...almost like the intro to 'Whiter shade of pale'...(this chord structure continues throughout as an undertone, quite clever), then we hear another side to her voice, strong, sultry, controlled, mature, very soulful, jazzy and bluesy. Angsty ballad of a song. She is much better suited to this style of singing than the punky pop. 8/10.

                6. Numb
                Strange little start, back to the whisper rap, then gets a bit rocky.....been trying to think who she reminds me of.....Hazel O'Connor.....don't like this, never really takes off. 2/10.

                7. Just like a Pill
                I remember this coming out, I liked it then and still do. Very Sheryl Crow again, or alanis Morisette and also reminds me of 4 Non Blondes, which comes as no surprise as they helped produce this CD. I do like this, good mix of light, touch in the music and quite heavy lyrics, really works. I also like the almost 80's prog rock chorus, 8/10.

                8. Family Portrait
                Best song of the album, by far, great video too if you get a chance to watch it. Big bass and drum backing, few violins coming in and out. More importantly her voice is very strong and believable singing a quite heart rending song. The ending where she is singing/crying almost is quite magnificent, really, it is, and it always surprises me just how good it is. 10/10.

                9. Misery, featuring Steven Tyler
                Steven Tyler of Aerosmith? Yes!, blimey. Starts all soulful and bluesy and she actually sings a bit like Aretha, honestly, quite surprising...then Tyler comes in and does a verse all bluesy....honestly, suspend belief and listen to this, it really is very good, she can sing, and they should do more of these duets.....the guitar at the end and 'shoop, shoop' really, really work, becomes almost gospel and her final vocal solo, great voice, in fact, stunning. 9/10.

                10. Respect, featuring Scratch
                Haven't got a clue who is scratch is and don't wanna know, what a useless cliché of a song. 1/10.

                11. Don't Let Me Get Me
                Oh please, this is a complete rip off of female soft rock, could be Sheryl Crow, Shania Twain or anyone else, certainly not individual, not unpleasant, but damn boring. 2/10.

                12. Gone to California
                Synthesizer backing intro with a strong reverb vocal....has a very 70's soul/funk feel but she does not quite pull it off, close, but no trophy, the sax' solo pulls up the rating for me somewhat. 6/10.

                13. Lonely Girl, featuring Linda Perry
                Interesting intro, nice drum work, she sings this well, she is good at angsty stuff. Little bit formulaic and 'expected' but okay. 5/10.

                14. My Vietnam
                Very unexpected to find a song, even a title like this on this album. Really good use of drums and sound effects as the intro builds, then a nice repetitive use of guitar chords. The song is not about Vietnam, more about her life angst and her upbringing, dunno how much is true, but this is the 2nd such song on the CD...not as good as family portrait. 7/10.

                15. Catch-22, bonus track
                Not one for me....bonus? no thanks, too much like track 1. 2/10.

                The pink cd cover and the picture of her do the CD no justice.

                There are a lot of naff tracks on this CD, and yet....and yet, there are some stunning tracks that, if you did not have pre conceived notions about her, you would be hard pressed not to like. I have transferred tracks; 5, 7, 8, and 9 to my iTunes library. Worth getting if you can buy for less than £3 (you can).

                Still don't know who bought it in our house, but I am happy to confess if needed.

                Surprised of Barnsley!


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                  11.04.2005 21:12
                  Very helpful



                  *** P!nk History ***

                  P!NK is a US singer who was born and brought up in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Born on 8th September 1979 this will make Pink 25 going on 26 this year. Pink’s real name is Alicia Moore, but she prefers to be called Pink. The nickname Pink isn’t originally to do with her hair colour but actually comes from her cousins and uncles who used to call it her when she was younger as she used to get really embarrassed and go very Pink! Pink spells her nickname as P!NK rather then pink, I have no idea why, she probably just likes it that way!

                  Pink has been writing songs since a young age and is well known for her rebellious streak and in her earlier days her muscley image! Pinks songs are based on her real life and events that have actually happened, she was once asked by a magazine why she does this and she replied with something along the lines of, anyone can write a song without meaning or a “pop” song, but these songs have personal meaning to her which enables her to perform them to a higher standard! I would class Pinks music as somewhere between R ‘n’ B and Pop (but defiantly not cheesy pop!)

                  *** M!ssundaztood ***

                  Ok, so on with the album review. The Pink album I have chosen to review is titled M!ssundaztood! There she goes replacing the ‘I’ with a ‘!’ again! M!ssundaztood is Pinks second album to be released, her first was ‘Can’t Take Me Home’ and her third is ‘Try This’

                  On Missundaztood there are 14 tracks, and out of the 14 I would say there are only about 4 that I really don’t like. I will go through the tracks and explain my reasons why I do or don’t like the track and give you a little information about each song too.

                  Track One: Missundaztood: This song starts off with a really catchy beat, which continues in the background throughout the song. In this song the lyrics suggest Pink is trying to tell you that she’s not actually the person you might think she is and people often get the wrong impression about her and she’s not as complicated as people may think, she is simply Missundaztood!

                  “ I might be the way
                  Everybody likes to say,
                  I know whatcha thinking about me”

                  “When I’m happy I am sad
                  But everything’s good,
                  It’s not that complicated,
                  I’m just misundastood”

                  Track Two: Don’t Let Me Get Me: This song is a lively song, the drums and guitars in it sound really good and make this a great song to turn up really load and sing really out of tune to! (I do that with most songs anyway!) The song is about Pink being a hazard to herself and hating herself. In the song she sings about how she doesn’t like being compared to Britney Spears and she would like to have a day in the life of someone else.

                  “Everyday I fight a war against the mirror,
                  Can’t take the person staring back at me,
                  Cause I’m a hazard to myself,
                  Don’t let me get me,
                  I’m my own worst enemy,
                  It’s bad when you annoy yourself”

                  Track Three: Just Like A Pill: This song was released as a single. I would describe this song as quite laid back and cool, it’s not very lively, but then it’s not a slow song either! The lyrics of this song suggest Pink is singing about taking drugs/pills but she took too much and is singing about the effects they are having and how she wants to run and get away. There are some lyrics that suggest she may be referring to a person comparing the effects the person has on her to the effects a pill has on her.

                  “And I swear you’re just like a pill,
                  Instead of making me better,
                  You keep making me ill,
                  You keep making me ill.”

                  Track Four: Get The Party Started: This song was the first song off this album to be released as a single. I think this song is fantastic! It has a really good tune and is great for turning up really loud to chill out to! The video for it is also good! The lyrics to this song are as the title suggests about getting a party started! She is telling someone she is on her way so they better get the party started as she is ready to get her groove on!

                  “I’m coming up so you better get this party started,
                  I’m coming up so you better get this party started,
                  Get this party started on a Saturday night,
                  Everybody’s waiting for me to arrive,
                  Sending out the message to all of my friends,
                  We’ll be looking flashy in my Mercedes Benz”

                  Track Five: Respect (featuring Scratch): This is another really good song, it is completely different to all the other songs on the album. This is more of a rap song, Pink even describes the song as a rap song in the first few words of the song! The song is about how Pink thinks boys should show respect for girls and how they’re not going to get her for free!

                  “Hey ladies, yeah?
                  Let ‘em know it ain’t easy,
                  Lets come together,
                  Hey sistas, yeah,
                  It’s time to be greedy,
                  Nothin’ good comes for free.”

                  Track Six: 18 Wheeler: This song is another quite laid back, but not slow song. In the song Pink is saying that she wont let someone treat her bad or take advantage of her and it makes no difference how hard they do try to hurt her, she will still come out better. I think this song is great I like to put it on after I’ve had a bad day or I’m feeling a bit down as this song will make me feel better about things and get on with things.

                  “You can push me out a window,
                  I’ll just get back up,
                  You can run over me with your 18 wheeler truck,
                  And I wont give a F***,
                  You can hang me like a slave,
                  I’ll go underground,
                  You can run over me with your 18 wheeler but,
                  You can’t keep me down.”

                  Track Seven: Family Portrait: This was released as a single. I like this song even though it is considerably slower than previous tracks. I like it because I think this song has feeling and meaning, and Pink sings this song in a way that sort of touches you! The song is about Pink growing up, her family breaking up and how she would just like them all to get back together and everything to go back to how it used to be.

                  “It aint easy growin up in WW3,
                  Never knowin’ what love could be,
                  You’ll see, I don’t want love to destroy me,
                  Like it has my family,
                  Can we work it out,
                  Can we be a family,
                  I promise I’ll be better,
                  Mommy I’ll do anything.”

                  Track Eight: Misery (featuring Steven Tyler): This is where the album goes downhill! This song IS miserable! It is slow and generally depressing! The song is about how Pink feels lonely with the blues and could do with a bit of company after she has been hurt by love.

                  “Oh misery… I sure could use some company,
                  Since he’s been gone I ain’t been the same,
                  I carry the weight like an old ball and chain,
                  Guess it’s all meant to be… for love to cause me misery”

                  Track Nine: Dear Diary: This song is another slow one, not quite as slow as misery, but still slow enough to class as boring! The song itself is about how much Pink wants to tell her secrets, but she knows that her diary is the only one who will keep them safe, but then she obviously decides to tell everyone as the song is about her secrets! It is worded as though she is talking to her diary and telling it all her secrets.

                  “Dear dear diary,
                  I wanna tell my secrets,
                  Cause you’re the only one,
                  That I know will keep them.
                  Dear dear diary,
                  I wanna tell my secrets,
                  I know that you’ll keep them,
                  So this is what I’ve done…”

                  Track Ten: Eventually: Another slow one! Another boring one! This song is about Pink being played and fooled around. The song goes into her feelings and how the person who has played her will get their comeuppance eventually.

                  “I drank your poison,
                  Cause you told me it’s wine,
                  Shame on you if you fooled me once,
                  Shame on me if you fooled me twice,
                  I didn’t know the price,
                  You’ll get yours eventually.”

                  Track Eleven: Lonely Girl (Featuring Linda Perry): By this point in the album you will have probably turned off or skipped back to the beginning, unless you are listening in hope of some more lively or a little bit more upbeat songs. If you are still listening then you will know that this song isn’t much of an improvement on the lat couple! It is ever so slightly livelier but nothing worth getting excited about. The song is about feeling lonely and all the feelings experienced with being lonely. The words to the song do have meaning just like the others, don’t get me wrong… I do think these are fantastic songs lyric wise, they are thought provoking but the downside to them is as I have mentioned many times they are slow and boring!

                  “All of my memories,
                  Good and bad that’s passed,
                  Didn’t even take the time to realise,
                  Staring at the cracks in the walls,
                  Cause I’m waiting for it all to come to an end,
                  Still I curl up right under the bed,
                  Cause it’s takin’ over my head,
                  All over again.”

                  Track Twelve: Numb: Woohoo a lively song! Well livelyish! I quite like this song, it’s not one of my favourites but I wouldn’t turn it off! The song is about Pinks feelings towards someone, how there are actually no feelings there anymore and how she this is making her feel very numb inside.

                  “ Like the coldest winter,
                  I am frozen from you,
                  I was weak before now you made me,
                  So numb I don’t feel much for you anymore,
                  I gave you my all my baby,
                  I’m numb, numb, numb.”

                  Track Thirteen: Gone To California: Back to the slower style songs again. The song is about how Pink wants to go far away from her hometown as her world is falling apart around her. Again I’m not keen on the tempo of this song, but the words are thought provoking and meaningful.

                  “Everybody’s dying,
                  Have you heard the news today?
                  A woman in North Philly is mourning,
                  The bullet took another son away,
                  I’m going to California,
                  I’m going far, far away.”

                  Track Fourteen: My Vietnam: Finally the last song on the album. I know that makes it sound like I don’t like the album, but I do really, it’s just the last few songs I don’t like. This Song is again slowish and boring unless you like thought provoking songs. The song is about Pink’s Vietnam and her battle though life. In the song there are hints towards her rebellious times as she was growing up.

                  “Never liked school that much,
                  They tried to teach me better,
                  But I just wasn’t hearing it,
                  Because I thought I was already clever.

                  Right then, that’s all the tracks on the album.

                  *** How Can You Recognise This Album? ***

                  The album comes in a regular CD case, you know the sort… plastic, opens up and has a nice shiny disc inside! The front of the case has a picture of Pink lying across the front with the wording ‘Pink’ and ‘Missundaztood’ above and beneath her picture. The back of the case has track listings on it along with another picture of Pink underneath them.

                  Inside the case is the CD. Mine was silver with a picture of Pink printed on it in pink! I think this is pretty much a standard design for the album. The inside sleeve pulls out and contains all the words to all the songs so you can have a good ole sing along! It also contains some pictures of Pink and the back page is full of Pinks thank-you's and messages to people who have helped her in her career and with the album.

                  *** My Opinion ***

                  My own opinion of this album is, it is a fantastic album with just a few tracks I personally am not too keen on, but even these tracks are a very high quality. You can tell from listening to Pink’s songs that she is a very talented young girl and she puts a lot of passion and effort into her music and all her songs are wrote from the heart. The words in all her songs are to me very thought provoking. The last few songs I don’t particularly like, as I am more of a pop type of gal! However I would recommend anyone to buy this album as overall there is something on here for everyone.

                  Thanks for reading!


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                    18.03.2003 21:51
                    Very helpful



                    While Britney merely sings about loving rock and roll, Pink really shows what it?s like to actually be rock and roll. Her new album, M!ssundaztod, sows off the hardcore edge to Pink?s personality which was previously suppressed in her first effort, ?Can?t take me home.? Gone are the R&B, men bashing lyrics, as to is the pink hair ? in come the guitar driven, angst ridden, screwed up family songs and newly cropped Mohawk. -------------------- The Background -------------------- Real name Alecia Moore, this 23-year old burst onto the music scene back in 1999 with her first single ?There you go.? Her subsequent 2 single releases managed to climb into charts all across the globe while her debut album claimed the prestigious platinum status. In 2000 she teamed up with Mya, Lil? Kim and Christina Aguilera for a re-working of the classic ?Lady Marmalade.? A little touch of magic from ever-present Missy Elliot and Pink scored her first ever number one and countless awards along with it. ------------------ The album ------------------ But while Lil? Kim and Mya went into near obscurity and Christina lost all her clothes, Pink enlisted the help of former 4 non blondes singer, Linda Perry, and set to making her second album with the intention of making her record sound like what she wanted and not what her record company felt was safe marketing. With the obvious influence of Linda Perry, ?M!ssundaztood? takes the steps towards the same kind of rock/pop ballads that Bon Jovi did, and apparently still do. With th opening eponymous track, Pink confronts those strict R&B followers who feel betrayed by the change in music style and the beard stroking rock journos who are tentative to let the former pop miss into their ?serious? world. With the line ?It?s not that complicated, I?m just misunderstood,? it seems we all have no clue about Pink at all. But by the next track, ?Don?t let me get me,? we get a clearer insight into the
                    life of Alecia More. The lines, ?Tired of bein? compared, to damn Britney Sears? which caused a commotion even before the album was released, shows how the singer is desperate to be separated from the overabundance of dancing blondes that grace the stage of CD:UK every week. The track ?Get the party started?, her first single of the album and also Pink?s first solo number one, perfectly bridges the gap from her last album to this one. Although a solid dance song it shows a progression from Pink MK1. The first real introduction of Pink MK2 isn?t really shown until she hits us with the track ?Just like a pill.? The softly sung first lines build up to the full out scream of ?I swear you?re just like a pill, ?stead of making me better, you keep makin? me ill.? With the backing of her new band, this song live I a show stopper, ad despite the fact that the record company were wary of the new direction, this song gave Pink her second solo number one, proving her pop audience have embraced the change. Pink?s rap debut occurs on the track ?Respect?, and although sounding slightly corny with a hark back to the 80s turntable craze, the vocals blend soundly with the music and she is able to carry it off, although I don?t think Eminem need worry too much! The track ?Family portrait? is a heart felt ballad where Pink goes through the pain she felt due to her parent?s divorce. The reality of the song makes you almost uncomfortable at times, with the searing vocals and the chorus of children singing in the final verses. This song, along with ?Misery? and ?Dear diary? show a more personal side of Pink that has rarely been seen. ?Misery? is a duet with Aerosmith front-man Steven Tyler which presents a more soulful feel to the album, while ?Dear diary? introduces the quiet part of the album, no more getting the party started. The track ?Numb? is quite a surprise. A surprise that the eternal widow Courtney Love hasn?t sued Pink for her blatant rip
                    off of Nirvana?s ?smells like teen spirit.? The final song ?My Vietnam? begins with the sounds of bombs exploding nd helicopters flying overhead. It was inspired by Pink?s father who was a Vietnam veteran and incorporates many themes into the lyrics. But with a very promising start and build-up to the record, it perhaps isn?t the finale you would have hoped for. Verdict ? 4/5 A great first step in making Pink more rock than pop but still room for improvement.


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                      28.01.2003 21:02
                      Very helpful



                      I have to take my daughter to school every week day, then it's on to work for me. Every morning I drive while my daughter takes the control of the car cassette, I like all sorts of music ranging from punk to hard rock and I usually get my daughter to tape her C.Ds for me to listen to whilst I'm driving. Pink- Missundaztood is one of the tapes she did for me. On the C.D are a few tracks that are quite well known, Just like a pill, Get the party started, Catch 22, Don't let me get me and Family Portrait. These are my favorites and I love Just like a pill, it's my favorite track on the C.D. I especially like the video as well which can be seen on MTV. I think the clothes Pink wears are brilliant, they remind me of when I was a punk. Get the party started is great for listening to when your getting ready to go out, it picks you up and gets you in the mood for a night out. Family Portrait on the other hand is a stark reminder that all families are not perfect, I think some of us can relate to this track as it's hard growing up without a father, the music is powerful and the lyrics are deep. The video to this is also very good. Catch 22 is a very catchy tune and the music is upbeat and gets you singing along. Pink's music is a bit like punk rock music, then it was all about expression and speaking your mind. The punk rock attitude seems to have been adopted by a lot of new bands and rappers, instead of churning out soppy love songs like Westlife or David Sneddon, I think Pink has the ability to make people realise that there are other things to be sung about. Don't let me get me is also my favorite and I can relate to the words of this song too. It's a catchy get up and sing along to track, I usually blast this one out whilst driving along. The other tracks are Wheeler, Missundaztood, Dear Diary, Eventually, Numb, Misery, Respect, Gone to California, Lonely girl and Vietman. Al
                      though some of these are slow ballards, I like the lyrics to most of the songs. Pink has a really amazing voice with a wide range of octives, a sort of vibrant gritty sound, which will impress the words she's singing into your mind. On the whole this C.D is very enjoyable, lively songs, powerful lyrics and they are sung by a brilliant artist who can get herself noticed. I'm not too keen on Vietnam or going to California, but there?s hardly a C.D I have had where I like all the tracks. This C.D cost my daughter 12.99 in Woolworths and has been worth every penny, it gets it's share of play time in the car along with Eminem, Limp Bizkit, Sum41, Puddle of Mud, Tenatious D and Black Sabbath. I enjoy Pink's music and will be buying other C.D's by her. If you haven't already given this a listen to the go ahead and give it a go, I bet you'll like it.


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                        07.12.2002 17:58
                        Very helpful



                        M!ssundaztood is Pink's second album. There are 2 editions of the album, a standard edition and one with an extra track and enhanced CD features. I will be reviewing the Special Edition CD. On the CD are 15 tracks and the album includes 'Get The Party Stated', 'don't Let Me Get Me', 'Just Like A Pill' and her new single 'Family Portrait'. The enhanced section shows lyrics of both 'Get The Party Started' and 'Just Like A Pill'. It also includes a photo gallery. This album is much more 'rockier' and shows Pink's raw talent. The album contains many different styles of song and each have a personal meaning. The fantastic 'Family Portrait' which is released Monday 9 December 2002 is very sentimental and has the meaning of staying together for the children. When I first bought the album, I didn't know what to expect from Pink, her earlier songs was not my type of music, but I bought it because I liked the tracks 'Get The Party Started' and 'Just Like A Pill'. On first listening to it, I must admit I did not like many of the songs on it. After getting used to the 'feel' of the album I started to enjoy it and there is not one song that I now do not like. The album has had many awards including (I think) best album at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2002. It is no doubt the best album I have bought in 2002. On the album there are also a few duets, inlcuding 'Misery' featuring Steven Tyler, 'Respect' featuring Scratch and 'Lonley Girl' featuring Linda Perry. Althoguh the album is outstanding, the music will not suit some. I reccomend that fans of her first few songs rush out and buy the album - if you have not already! If you only slightly like one or two of the songs that she has released you may not like the whole album. The album has been in the Top 10 of the album charts in the UK since it was first relea
                        sed. 'M!ssundaztood' has done extremley well. On another review of the album, it says that the album is the right length. On seeing this I agree, the album is not too long or too short and has enough songs to make you feel 'satisfied'. In my opinion, P!NK has definitley come along way since her first songs and debut album.


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                        25.11.2002 03:55
                        Very helpful



                        Pink! Not white, not red, (duh i hear you say) As i learn in graphics this is a mixed sign of love and purity. NO it aint, this is just all out vibrance. The first album i saw as a letdown so i gave that one a miss, and a good friend of mine (also on dooyoo) created an album for me by means of KaZaA media desktop, the new album M!sundaztood, combined with the released singles of the old album Cant Take Me Home. Being more of a Punk and Rock fan i didn't really listen to this album very often, until the time came, in my music class i was to choose a song to sing as a solo piece for my recording in GCSE. Going through all my female solo albums i finally rested upon Pink. I listened to every single track (nope thats a lie, i couldn't bring my self to listen to : Going to California, i really cannot stand that song, to my likings it is the bearing of depression) This was a few weeks back and since then i have been frequently listening to the album (not just for my project work) but because i like it, i think it is very original and Pink has outdone herself. Looking at a few other opinions, i havent found all too many people who agree with me, there are far more on the downside of things. If you are reading up before purchasing the album my advice to you is : Download a product such as KaZaA / Grokster / Napster, or whatever you like, if not, plonk yourself infront of the music channels for a while. But whatever you do ALWAYS find atleast 3 tracks on an album that you like BEFORE you buy it. Only rarely can you buy an album without doing this and still love it (unless you happen to be like my good friend Holly and be stinking rich, in which case wahey go and drown yourself in music, i know i would) If you liked Pink before you are guaranteed to fall for this album instantly it is Pink really showing her true colours (pardon the pun i swear that was not intended) and her individuality shines out in her singing. None of th
                        is Britney or Christina crap. (Speaking of which i happen to think Christina is making a better comeback than she made of her start...but thats a different op) So like i say if you were thinking of buying this album i advise you to listen to a few tracks before making a purchase you could possibly regret. (that is my advise to any album actually!) Oh by the way, the track i will be recording is 'Misery' wish me luck ;-)


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                          11.10.2002 17:38



                          after the success of her debut album, 'can't take me home', you would have thought P!nk would have brought out another album of the same genre-rnb/soul. depsite having some brilliant tracks on her first album, she only released, most girls,there u go and the annoying you make me sick(the only song i hate off the album) she then dissappeared for a while. i was looking on www.play.com one day to see if she was ever gonna come back into the limelite, and low and behold, there was her album, awaiting release date, M!ssundaztood! i wrote down the tracks and downloaded most of them to see if i'd like it before i brought it. i wasnt totally sure, but i thought, i'll give it a go! i purchased it off the internet, so i had it before any of my mates or anyone i know at all, come to think of it!! i loved it, it was a totally new, slighlty more angry style of music, but i found myself thinking, she is so talented!! it was a brave venture for her to make, and she could have just as easily have been slated altogether and lost all her fans for this career-make/braek move, but shes pulled it off!! misery, with steven tyler is brillinat, sultry and smoothe! repsect is a little annoying, but infectious family portarait is excellent and shows what depth she has as a person and artist lonel;y girl is sad when you consider the lyrics, she really feels lonely and messed up, is what i got from it. overall, i'd say BUY IT!! its jst brilliant!!!!!


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                            04.10.2002 18:35



                            • "miss phone calls when listening to track! hee hee!"

                            Great Groove! Love It! Gives me insparation In my Music Promotion! - Advantages: Dancin' & makin' me feel good!, Fab tracks! , Brill production! - Disadvantages: High Blood Pressure coz of Sleeve Cover....GGGGGRRRROWL!!!!, Makes me wanna party instead of work!, miss phone calls when listening to track! hee hee!


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                            07.09.2002 04:50



                            NOw this is a CD that I could listen to (and have) for hours on end and not get bored of. I must be honest, I didnt think much of her older music, but I know when I love a song; its when I wind down the windows in my car, and turn the radio up full blast and sing my head off!! When my throat is hoarse then I know Iv found a good song, and this is exactly what happened when I hear 'Don't Let Me Get Me'. Now that was a top song, and hands up anyone who can relate to any line in the song!!! So, after singing myself hoarse, I decided to go and spend my well earned cash on the album, now I hate doing this as when Ive done this before, the rest of the album, apart from the one single, has been pants, but Pinks' M!ssundaztood is fantastic. I keep on trying to guess which will be her next single and tried to narrow them down, but to be honest every single track could be a strong contender. I personally love 'Family Portrait' as it moved me to tears, but I dont think that it would do taht well in the charts as people would end up crying!!! If you buy just one album, buy the Pink one as I can garentee that you will be addicted to at least one song. It has soemthing for everyone from the pop lover to the Marilyn Masson wanna be!! So, wind your windows down and blast Pink - M!ssundaztood!!!


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                          • Product Details

                            Disc #1 Tracklisting
                            1 M!issundaztood
                            2 Don't Let Me Get Me
                            3 Just Like a Pill
                            4 Get the Party Started
                            5 Respect - Pink, Scratch
                            6 18 Wheeler
                            7 Family Portrait
                            8 Misery - Pink, Steven Tyler
                            9 Dear Diary
                            10 Eventually
                            11 Lonely Girl - Linda Perry, Pink
                            12 Numb
                            13 Gone to California
                            14 My Vietnam

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