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Miles Away - Miles Away

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Modern Punk / Artist: Miles Away / Audio CD released 2005-07-11 at Bridge Nine

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    Your dooyooMiles Miles

    1 Review
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      20.03.2007 20:17
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      I would not even consider this album if you don't like any heavier forms of punk.

      I first came across Miles Away through one song - Worlds Apart. I had this in a compilation of many other hardcore tracks, but I found that this consistently stood out. Under the strength of that song alone I purchased Miles Away debut album titled... um.... Miles Away.

      Miles Away are a fast paced, energetic hardcore band, from Perth Australia. Influenced by the likes of Champion and Gorilla Biscuits. They released their debut under hardcore label Bridge Nine Records (International) and Common Bond Records (Australia).

      They have been described as one of the hardest working bands in the Australian hardcore scene and actually made Australia aware there actually was a Perth hardcore scene.

      This album isn't the 'official' debut album as it collects tracks taken from two EPs 'Make it count' and 'State of Affairs' - a split CD that featured 5 Aussie bands.

      ---The Band---

      Nick Horsnell - Vocals
      Cam Jose - Guitar
      Steve Hopperton - Bass
      Adam Crowe - Guitar
      Chris Unsworth - Drums


      Worlds Apart (2.27) - so this is the track that got me into the band. Well it's very catchy song. Quick guitars intro, before shooting straight into the lyrics, which are fired off quickly with a gang sing along giving off the main message. Great, great song. "I'd like nothing more than to trust your words/ I'd like nothing more than to trust/ but the truth is we're worlds apart"

      So it Begins (1.35) - quick track, which with a quick drum roll starts off, and the lyrics are shouted straight out. "Nothing Compares!" nice short track

      Turn Your Back (2.30) - takes us on a story of friendship, where somewhere has turned there back on their friends and done something that's betrayed them in some way. "You sold us out for the last time". Shouty sing-along chorus with loud rampaging guitars to close the song off.

      As One (2.04) - this tracks fills up the album, very forgetful and merges into the next track really. Which is weird, as they sound very similar. The guitars and drums tear through this making this song a dull mess.

      The Betrayal (2.36) - Like the last track the drum work and guitars sound the same. Listening to the lyrics it's quite ironic (whether deliberate or not) but the chorus goes "I won't dwell" on you, yet it keeps being mention, so he is 'dwelling' on them. Ok little track.

      This Heart (3.12) - longest track on the album and it drags too. Loud tearing guitar, all sounds familiar to the other tracks though, so gives nothing new to give you any interest in this song.

      Die Alone (3.06) - finally the album begins to pick up a bit, long metal style intro. Here we get a melodic hardcore tune. Bit more interesting than the last three tracks.

      Holding on (2.31) - has an energetic aggressive lyric style, the drums crack away, while the guitars hold onto the tune, breakdown the pace ever so often so the crowd can cool off a bit.

      Sinking Ships (2.25) - is an energetic track, which to me would have been a great closing track, especially when the closing lyrics are "I just can't wait until the very end, until my last breath". It took a while for me to get into this track... but now I have, I have to say I love it. If only more tracks displayed the same passion and energy this track does.

      You Lose (1.16) - this track closes up the album with a mean guitar intro, before the pace is picked up and the vocals are laid out, sort of just plonked out in front of you. "And when it f**king ends, you lose... f**k you". This is great closer - so fierce and quick.

      Total album time 23 minutes and 45 seconds.

      Best tracks "Worlds Apart" and "Sinking Ships"

      ---Album Artwork---

      Layout is generic hardcore album artwork, picture of a hardcore show with crowd really into it on the cover. Back cover same you get a shot of the three guys on guitars getting into it. Inside cover has group mug shot of the entire band. Inside you have the technical details/band members; this is followed by the lyrics, with numerous photos through the booklet. Final page has the Thank You's.

      ---Overall Opinion---

      The album is overall all a pretty enjoyable listen, however they're not a band I find myself too into and I don't have any interest in getting their next album. How can I say the music didn't speak to me? Does that sound pretentious? It just all seemed a bit too generic hardcore with nothing 'special' that stood out to keep me into this band. No lyrics that reached me, with standard guitar and drumming, and vocals that are just blurted out.

      If you want to get into hardcore then I'd recommend Over My Dead Body or Comeback Kid to start with, or even better go back to the 80's and check out the likes of Black Flag, Minor Threat and The Dead Kennedy's.

      The album can be bought very cheap of Amazon marketplace sellers.



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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Worlds Apart
      2 So It Begins
      3 Turn Your Back
      4 As One
      5 Betrayal
      6 This Heart
      7 Die Alone
      8 Holding On
      9 Sinking Ships
      10 You Lose

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