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Monkey Business - Black Eyed Peas

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    4 Reviews
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      17.06.2009 15:05
      Very helpful



      Great album

      Monkey Business is the Black Eyed Peas 2nd album as a complete group (including Fergie) and was released in 2005, if you liked the Elephunk album the chances are youll love this album. Its a hip hop and rap album and is really funky and fun, and as a Black Eyed Peas fan I recommend it 100%.

      You can buy Monkey Business in most good music shops for around £5, though I am sure if you shopped around online you could get it much cheaper.

      The track listing for this album is:
      1.) Pump It
      2.) Dont Phunk With My Heart
      3.) My Style- feat Justin Timberlake
      4.) Dont Lie
      5.) My Humps
      6.) Like That
      7.) Dum Diddly- feat Dante Santiago
      8.) Feel It
      9.) Gone Going
      10.) They Dont Want Music
      11.) Disco Club
      12.) Bebot
      13.) Ba Bump
      14.) Audio Delite at Low Fedility
      15.) Union
      16.) Do What You Want
      17.) If You Want Love

      Favourite Tracks
      Dont Phunk With My Heart
      This song done well when it was released in the charts and was quite popular at the time, it is an upbeat song about not messing with a girls heart, and how to watch out for players on a night out.

      My Humps
      This song was very very popular when it was released and did well in the charts, it is a fun, sexy and confident song about ladies bodys. This is a great song to get up to on a night out and have a dance.

      They Dont Want Music
      This is a song about how the world dont want real music anymore, all they want is boom boom. I like this song as there are lots of different instruments in it, yet it still has the funky feeling to it that Black Eyed Peas are famous for.

      This is a great album and I recommend it to anyone who likes the same genre of music. Its well worth the money spent on it and there are some great songs on it.


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      19.02.2009 05:04
      Very helpful



      The labum Monkey Business

      The next artist that I would discuss is the Black Eyed Peas and their album Monkey Business. The group is consist of 4 members, namely Will-I-Am, Fergie, the only girl in the group, Taboo, and the Filipino pride Apl. The group was formed 2003, that was the time Fergie was already with them, there are some changes before she came with the group. There genre is pop/hip-hop/danceable sound, Will-i-Am gave the name to the group, he got the inspiration of naming them from The Red Hot Chili Pepper" . The group gain worldwide fame to the song "Where is the Love", the song features Justin Timberlake, and the song is in included in there first major hit album Elephunk. The album is a hit in Australia, UK and of course in the Philippines, and also in the album are the songs "Shut Up" "Hey mama" and " Let's Get Retarded", and with those hit the album went Platinum in U.S and in U.K.

      Their next album "Monkey Business" is also a big hit, and I will just discuss some of my favorite track to make it just short and simple.

      Pump it
      A fast song that will make you dance and will make you get tired, but you will surely enjoy. The music is very energetic and you will surely enjoy it specially if you play it loud, its a good song in the morning if you feel lazy in the morning.

      Don't Phunk with my Heart
      This is the first single of the album, a good single to start a new album, for me its different approach from the first album. It has a funny video, its about a game that the 3 guy members competed.

      Don't Lie
      This song is about lying, just what the tittle says..LOL No, seriously its about why does a person lie to someone they love, and the consequence of his lie.

      My Humps
      Of course famous of Fergie's Humps, its about a woman's asset which is her "booty". A song about a sexiness, I think the song used Fergie's advantage, for being sexy and pretty.

      This is my favorite one, because Apl sung this song, Apl is my "kababayan" , we came from the same country, Philippines. The song in English means "girl". I think you can compare the word into a hip hop slang, mainly the song is about Filipina beauties and the other qualities that we have.

      I just kept my review simple and short, I hope I gave relevant information about the group and the album. I hope the group will last in the music industry, their songs are just about having fun and I think that' what music is to entertain us and to have fun with it,


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        07.02.2009 17:03
        Very helpful
        1 Comment




        The followup to the grand album 'Elephunk' was always going to be hard to follow up, luckily this was a strong comeback and boasted some killer singles.

        Who are they:

        US hip hop act, who comprise Fergie, Will I Am, aka Will Adams. They make commercially friendly music and often rely on Fergie's powerful voice for choruses while Will provides rap sections

        On this album:

        Getting off to a bold start with the furious 'Pump It', a rocky affair which samples 'Misirlou' and will have you itching to shake your stuff on the dancefloor. The energy in this song is amazing. 'Don't Phunk With My Heart' is a catchy number with great drum beats and sexy vocals from fergie as she orders you not to mess with her heart.
        On a more summery tip is 'Don't Lie' which has a wonderful breezy melody and luxurious sounding vocals.

        Weaker songs:

        I was not lit up by 'Bebot' which is burid in the middle of this, the vocals are adequate yet the tne does not stay with you and it creates minimal impact.

        Verdict: A strong followup with beefy production, blending funk, r and b, hip hop and pop to great effect. Recommended listening


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          06.09.2008 12:59
          Very helpful



          Black Eyed Peas, album number 2, current line up.

          The Black Eyed Peas - Monkey Business.

          The Black Eyed peas are a four piece outfit consisting of the originally named:


          They hail from L.A. and I have to say that though they are usually described as a hip hop band, they have massive funk, soul, R&B and even jazz influences.

          You only have to look at the band line up that consists of a horn section, piano, guitar, drums and electronics experts to realise that they are quite eclectic. Then when you watch the video's you see that they are also all pretty talented dancers too in a very cool breakdance, come acid jazz style.

          The Black Eyed peas had a massive album hit in 2003 with 'Elephunk'. This album 'Monkey Business' is that tricky 2nd album, with the current group line up, with an awful lot expected of the outfit. Not least that any album part produced by Timbalake comes with expectations.

          So, did they pull it off?

          10 million album sales plus, Worldwide suggests they did (not to mention singles sales), so let's have a look/listen at the tracks.

          ~~~The Tracks~~~

          1 Pump It
          Brilliant guitar riff start that could have come straight from a Tarantino film. Then we get a really funky entrance with the vocals and a nice clapping backing rhythm. The chorus comes with a nice bit of trumpet and an almost Spanish/Mexican feel, which I guess is as they come from Cali'. We get a bit of rapping, a bit of Fergies vocals and a bit of group harmony. It is almost like they use this track to introduce themselves and it is quite a statement. Excellent opener. 9/10.

          2. Don't Phunk With My Heart
          There is but one beat gap between track 1 & 2, and I like that, a nice vocal intro from Fergie that leads into a nice drum based backing that she then sings quite R&B style over, then in Comes Will I Am with a nice piece of smooth hip hop style sing/talk. I love their eclectic style, they use anything that works, even using the sound of horse hoofs at one point. Ultra cool rhymes too. 9/10.

          3. My Style, (featuring Justin Timberlake)
          Old 'trousersnake' makes an appearance in this very funk based tune. Though truth be know it does not make a huge difference. When Timberlake sings in most tracks it is easy to tell, here he just blends well within this really energetic, pumping track. The bass and drums really make you feel like you wanna dance (and I don't dance!). Again we get a Spanish influence. 9/10.

          4. Don't Lie
          What an interesting start, an almost old swing band intro, then some really nice hip hop call and response between male and female vocalist. The lyrics are actually sublime. The chorus is very R & B. We get to hear the range of Fergies vocal range too. This track has funk influences (like a lot of this album) but also some gospel like vocals. This is a really accomplished piece of music, I love it. 9.5/10.

          5. My Humps, Includes hidden track "So Real"
          Spanish trumpet start, then a really bass laden beat and a hip hop vocal from Fergie. Big hit as a single and it would/does appeal to a wide audience, but not me. This is a bit 'cheap' from them to be honest. Cheap and immature. The 'hidden track' is actually a lovely piece of piano playing very smooth jazz style at the end of the track, and some smooth vocals that accompany this. It is better than the main track. together as a track. 7/10.

          6. Like That (featuring Q-Tip, Cee-Lo, Talib Kweli and John Legend)
          No just the fact that Talib Kweli and John Legend feature on this track gives it some legs. Again we have an almost big band swing opening and this stays as a quiet backing that gets hip hopped, and you can tell the old school 'scratchers' have been at work. And again the swing vocals, that are also soul like come in too. This track is very, very clever, but almost too clever for the majority of listeners. That is not meant to be patronising, it's just that they have tried a bit too hard, with far too many styles and influences. 7/10.

          7. Dum Diddly (featuring Dante Santiago)
          Very Latin feel again, but a lot of reggae/dance hall too. I happen to like this a lot. Incredible use of different instruments, voices, beats and rythms. This lot are really, really goodmusically and have had a ball working this song out, it shines. 9/10.

          8. Feel It
          Unremitting soul funk from the off, loads of early Jacksons influences, big 70's funk backing, horns, bass guitar, very cool hook. Nice funky vocals too. It is songs like this that almost show the history of jazz to soul to funk to hip hop. I love this, not to everyones taste. 9/10.

          9. Gone Going (featuring Jack Johnson)
          The track of the album, mainly because it is so different. Firstly it is slower, secondly it is much more acoustically based. Thirdly and most importantly, it tells a story, that of a singer who gets corrupted by fame and money and loses his 'soul'. 10/10, without a doubt.

          10. They Don't Want Music (featuring James Brown)
          It's got James Brown it's got horns, it's got guitar riffs....then it has references to John Coltrane, how can I not like this. Funk, funk, funk, then some hip hop and....more funk. Love it, get on down, another 10/10.

          11. Disco Club
          Awww, after the last track, this is a bit of a cheap shot, hip hop at it's 'chaviest'. 3/10.

          12. Bebot
          Not sure about this, love the drum/clap start, the bass that adds to it, played loud this makes the heart shudder, literally. We then get a Philipino (Spanish) rap which is okay but not great, the song never seems to take off like the other tracks, just seems to be on a loop. 5/10.

          13. Ba Bump
          Funky start, very dance orientated which is okay but again, not sure it really takes off, seems a bit disjointed for me, nice enough but for die hard fans really. 5/10.

          14. Audio Delite at Low Fidelity, Includes hidden track "Change."
          Big drum n bass start then a quite quiet hip hop vocal that is a bit too slow, bit too quiet. Some nice use of trumpet and horns, in the distance. It is almost like the 2nd half of this album is starting to 'wind down' there is a definite smooth jazz feel to this, and an 'evening' feel. Good track, but I do like their energetic stuff a bit more. The 'hidden track', again is just a tag on at the end. Don't like it much. 6/10 together.

          15. Union (featuring Sting)
          Blimey, trousersnake, kweli, Johnson and now Sting...well basically the backing track to this song is 'Englishman in New York'....great sax samples. Actually this is quite a good song, nice lyrics, hip hop over Sting, well I never. Love it when Sting comes in, it really does work well. 9/10.

          Bonus tracks
          Do What You Want (International Bonus Track)
          No need for this track, it does not add that much to the album, nice groovy funky track but not very strong. 5/10.

          If You Want Love (Ireland, UK)
          Big funk bass guitar start, then a nice use of piano scales, whole group vocal harmonies, hip hop from Mr. I am, nice lyrics, nice music, actually a quite nice 'rounding off' to teh album. 7/10.

          ~~~~Final Thoughts~~~~
          This is a very strong album featuring some pretty good 'guests'. To me it is more funk based than the first album which was more hip hop influenced, despite the album title.

          This really showcases the musical influences and talents of the group.

          The CD insert is great and includes things like the 'rider' that the group insist on back stage.

          The album is almost too cool, I love it.


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