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More - Tamia

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    2 Reviews
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      02.01.2009 22:15
      Very helpful



      Tamia at her best.

      First heard of 'More' when I heard the remix of Tamia's 'Into You' featuring Fabolous.

      I already had Tamia's two previous albums, her debut album 'Tamia' from 1998 which I still like a lot and this had the original 'Into You' track; then there was 'Nu Day' in 2000 which had 'Can't Go for that' with Missy if you remember hearing that track... and then she did not release another album for a while till this one in 2004.

      The 'Into You' remix was such a hit and it is one of my best tracks on this album. A combination of Tamia's lovely voice and vocals in the RnB chorus and intervals and Fabolous' cool and funky rap hiphop style making a catchy tune that many enjoyed and still do... She couldn't have chosen a better come back track.

      I love many of the tracks on this album 'Officially Missing You', 'Still', 'Smile' which is such a 'cute' song with really great lyrics and yet could make you weepy too; so take a good listen to it...

      'So I put on my makeup, put a smile on my face..and if anyone asks me, everything is ok...
      I'm laughing, coz no one knows that the joke is on me! But I'm dying inside with my pride and the smile on my face'....

      This album has got some upbeat tracks which create a good blend and mix with the love songs/ballads; 'Questions' sounds quite unique and is in between slow and upbeat - love the background which has an interesting soundtrack and beats, the lyrics are those that a number of listeners can relate to.

      'Poetry' is another one that is rather unique and sounds so fantastic. With a good harmony in the background, lyrics, lyrics, lyrics...; her voice sounds really beautiful combined with the simple background in the verses followed by the huge chorus which sounds like there's a huge choir joining in.

      There's a number of other artists on this album too; with 'Red Cafe' on the 'On My Way' track, 'Mr Cool' features Mario Winans and Gerald Levert on 'Close To You'.

      Another great album from Tamia, definitely better than 'Nu Day', the one before this one showing she has grown as an artist and she can also sing in different styles with various artists.

      Definitely one of the top female RnB artists and in her own league where ballads are concerned..

      ©marina321 Dooyoo January 2009; Ciao.com January 2009; Ciao.co.uk January 2009


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      11.12.2005 14:34
      Very helpful



      The third release from American r n b star Tamia.

      Tamia is a relatively old artist with regard to the music scene, having released her first album “Tamia” in 1998 and her second album “A Nu Day” back in 2001. Her second album “More” was released back in 2004 and has only found limited success in the UK despite her being a great singer. Tamia’s sound is classically a mixture of cool, low key r n b with a hint of pop added for good measure. However in this album we see her verging slightly more on the soulful side of music with some great attempts at soul. If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing than Ashanti or Alicia Keyes or something similar to Faith Evans then look no further than Tamia.

      On My Way

      This is the opening track on the album and starts with a cool and funky r n b beat to it, it’s an uplifting song. It’s supposed to be a remix to her song “It’s a Party” which features on the soundtrack to the film Honey but sadly doesn’t quite live up to the original in my opinion. This song was initially intended as a club / r n b song in a sense but sadly it doesn’t quite make it, I doubt it’ll be a really big hit when and if it is released within the club scene. It’s possibly not the strongest opening song to have on an album but it does show off her voice in a good sense in that she can adapt her voice which is normally quite sultry and sexy to other genres. Red Café also features on this song which adds a little variety to it.

      “I gotta escape this poverty, I gotta find a new reality, don’t try and stop me boy, I’m on my way.”


      This is the album title track and is brilliant; it’s got a catchy beat reminiscent of something that would be typical of Jennifer Lopez and her low key girl power. It’s got quite a relaxed beat to it despite being what I would call an up-tempo song. It’s typically about how someone can change once they make money or rather how money can change people – in this instance how a man pays her less attention now he has more money. An honest song to be wrote by a pop star that obviously has made money so I’ll respect her for that. There’s also a guest appearance by Freck the Billionaire (no I’ve never heard of him either) with a short rap towards the end of the song that again serves to break it up and add a little variety.

      “I wanna go back to the day I loved you more, when you had no money, more, used to say I loved you more, baby all I need is more time and more mind.”

      Officially Missing You

      Possibly my favourite song and one that’s found huge success when it was released in the USA back in 2004 as the first single from this album. It’s a typical love ballad with backing provided solely by a Spanish guitar which makes for beautiful music. Her voice is sultry and sweet at the same time in this song, almost bare in a sense but purely angelic sounding. Out of the first three songs on the album this is the one best suited to her voice and the one that’s been the biggest hit for her so far but has yet to establish her as a true household name in the music industry. The lyrics are truly moving and very emotive, my favourite track on the album.

      “I thought that from this heartache I could escape, but I’ve fronted it long enough to know, there ain’t no way, and today I’m officially missing you.”


      This record was produced by Jermaine Dupri who in the past has produced some brilliant hits for r n b artists. It’s a mixture of r n b and pop with quite a smooth backing to it, despite being a typical love song the beat does remain incessant throughout. It’s a tribute to her husband which is sweet in some ways, sickly in others but it fits the mood of the album and shows off her voice to its true capacity and extent.

      “Still, feels like the first time we met, that I kissed and I told you I loved you, we still run around like teenagers, even though we are grown and married with kids.”


      This returns to a slightly more upbeat field after the latter two songs and one that was produced partly by R Kelly. It was chosen as her second single from the album and although it is an improvement on the first song it’s not the best that the album boasts which is a shame. There’s also an annoying water dropping effect throughout the song which is meant to symbolise tear droppings but fails slightly. This song is all about questioning a man’s love which is quite a poignant dilemma faced by most people.

      “Please tell me what do you think it could be, headache, tired, or cheating on me? Said I’m tired of this up and down mystery, please answer questions from one, two three.”


      This song has a slight jazz feel to it which is rather refreshing after the typical r n b mixed with pop sound of the previous tracks on the album. Her husband also features within this track on the backing music which is really good on this track. All the tracks have relatively quiet or limited backing music, presumably to show off Tamia’s voice to its full extent but this one has slightly more backing in the form of guitars and keyboards. The song is basically concerned with her wanting her man to come home to whisper sweet nothings in her ear.

      “Tell me all the things that I long to hear, baby you gotta whisper sweet nothings in my ear, and let me know that you feel the way I do.”

      I’m Yours Lately

      This track really livens the album up, an upbeat and up-tempo song is a welcome change to the previous mood of the album in my opinion. There’s much more bass to this song than there has been to any of the previous ones and it’s got a much more sexy and seductive feel to it.

      “I’m yours lately, boy you got me feeling so crazy, the drums are crazy, I know that he knows that I know that he’s feeling this.”

      Into You

      This is a song that featured quite heavily over here in England back in summer 2004 and is one that most people may have heard on the radio. It’s a duet with Fabolous and is basically a remix of her initial track “So Into You.” However it’s been remixed, a better beat has been added and an introduction rap. Ashanti was originally asked to sing Tamia’s part in this track but I’m glad it was Tamia in the end, she suits it perfectly. Her lyrics however are intoxicating in this, sultry as in the previous track with a cheeky sound to them as well. It’s an r n b love song in a sense, a brilliant one at that as well.

      “I really like what you’ve done to me, I can’t really explain it, I’m so into you.”


      The ninth track on the album and one that was wrote by the artist Babyface, it’s got a classic feel to it that sounds reminiscent of something produced by the Honeyz a good few years ago now. It’s about being heartbroken after a relationship failed and how she puts on a smile so no can see her heartbreak, no doubt a concept that most of us will feel at some point and one so simple that it’s hard to see that no other song has grasped it so well in the past. It’s a beautiful ballad again and Tamia once again shows off the power of her voice as well as the range.

      “So I put on my make up, put a smile on my face, and if anyone asks me, everything is okay, I’m laughing cos no one knows the joke is on me, cos I’m dying inside.”


      This has been rated by music magazines in the past as one of the best tracks on the album and in terms of her voice’s potential I’d defiantly have to agree. There’s a soulful element to this song and it allows her voice to just soar effortlessly over chords. It’s full of emotion and passion, a song that will really get into your bones. The concept is basically her asking her man to make everything into poetry, presumably the language of love and also how poetry can make everything alright.

      “Kisses of raindrops wash away the pain, each stroke is a journey on a long train to a new destination… make it like poetry poetry poetry, everything wrong you see make it alright.”

      Mr Cool

      The last up-tempo track on the album is in the form of a duet with Mario Winans who was also responsible for producing the song. It’s quite a catchy track with a good bass line throughout it with a regular handclap to keep the beat going which is often used in Mario Winans work. Their voices work really well together and there’s evident sexual chemistry or some sort of spark coming through the music. In one word this song is certainly as sleek as they come, it’s polished and perfect.

      “Here we are right now my baby, saw you standing in the crowd just waiting, for me to call you out and take this to another level baby.”

      Close To You

      This is a duet with Gerald Levert and is the cover of The Carpenters classic “They Long To Be Close To You.” Not a typical song that I’d have picked for her to cover as it certainly is a classic and one that’s hard to make your own. Gerald’s voice suits the track perfectly as he’s got a emotional and also mournful sound to his voice, personally I’m not convinced her voice is ideal for this role. It’s slightly too floaty and in a sense she puts a little too much effort into the track, it may have sounded better had she kept it simple. However on the whole it is a soulful, emotive and calming production of the classic track.

      “That is why all the guys in town, follow you, all around, just like me, they long to be, close to you.”

      Why Not Why

      The second track on the album to have received input from Mario Winans as it was actually produced by him. There’s a foreign vibe to this track with a Middle Eastern feel to it from the string plucking and calming clicking that goes on throughout the track. The majority of Tamia’s songs have very little backing to them, her voice always shines through but in this track there’s an even split between the backing music and her voice which adds a little variety to the album. Tamia’s voice is soothing in this track with a quiet kind of serenity to it which suits the concept for the track – her man doesn’t need to ask questions as her love will always be there and is forever.

      “You don’t have to question me cos I’m in love with you, why would you ever worry bout it, I wouldn’t want to be without you.”


      This is a gospel song with strong references to Jesus and religion throughout which may not be to everyone’s taste. However it shows how adept her voice is at suiting different genres of song. Arguably not the best track on the album in my opinion but it’s an okay one to finish with.

      “Tomorrow, I’ll give my life tomorrow, I thought about today, but so much easier to say, tomorrow, I’ll promise you tomorrow, better choose the lord today, for tomorrow very well might be today.”

      My Opinion

      I think that this is a great collection of songs, in comparison to her previous albums this is clearly the best one with the most mature sounding tracks when viewed collectively. However there are a few weak links in the listing of tracks but that might just be my taste of music. Sadly she’s not yet a household name even in America really and even less so over in England where she’s had very little coverage. The problem Tamia now faces is that due to her 4 year break from the music scene there’s been multiple new introductions in the form of younger and hipper stars which may not prevent her from fully establishing herself.

      What is good on the album is that she’s co-wrote several of the songs herself including Whispers and Why Ask Why which adds a slightly personal touch to it. She’s created an album that has a mixture of songs, a couple of upbeat ones, a couple of ballads and a few others thrown in for a good mix. Her voice is wonderful; it soars effortlessly and adapts itself to any type of note or song which is perhaps something that could rival any of this generation’s r n b stars. However if she’s to establish herself as a household name then in my opinion, she’s left it a little late.

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